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Dinosaur Eggs and Babies

Author : Kenneth Carpenter
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In the last two decades the study of dinosaur eggs and babies has proved a very profitable area of dinosaur research. This book is solely devoted to this topic and reviews our present state of knowledge in this area of paleontology.

The Complete Dinosaur

Author : James Orville Farlow
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The complete book about Dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Systematics

Author : Kenneth Carpenter
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In recent years dinosaurs have captured the attention of the public at an unprecedented level. At the heart of this resurgence in popular interest is an increased level of research activity, much of which is innovative in the field of paleontology. For instance, whereas earlier paleontological studies emphasized basic morphologic description and taxonomic classification, modern studies attempt to examine the role and nature of dinosaurs as living animals. More than ever before, we understand how these extinct species functioned, behaved, interacted with each other and the environment, and evolved. Nevertheless, these studies rely on certain basic building blocks of knowledge, including facts about dinosaur anatomy and taxonomic relationships. One of the purposes of this volume is to unravel some of the problems surrounding dinosaur systematics and to increase our understanding of dinosaurs as a biological species. Dinosaur Systematics presents a current overview of dinosaur systematics using various examples to explore what is a species in a dinosaur, what separates genders in dinosaurs, what morphological changes occur with maturation of a species, and what morphological variations occur within a species.


Author : Dougal Dixon
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Provides information about dinosaurs, including when they lived, how they moved, where their fossils have been found, and how scientists have learned about them.

Dinosaur Dioramas to Cut and Assemble

Author : Matthew Kalmenoff
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Contains artwork of dinosaurs and plants to cut out and use to make dioramas of the Cretaceous and Jurassic Periods of the Mesozoic Era. Also contains text about dinosaurs

Dinosaur Provincial Park

Author : Philip J. Currie
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"This comprehensive history of a remarkable window into the history of the earth will be required reading for everyone interested in the life of the past."--BOOK JACKET.

Dinosaur Origami

Author : Duy Nguyen
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Includes instructions and symbols for various folds and lines for creating origami dinosaurs, such as the brontosaurus, tyrannosaurus, and ankylosaurus.

Awesome Dinosaur Jokes for Kids

Author : Bob Phillips
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Collects jokes about dinosaurs, as well as those told from a dinosaur's point of view.

Dinosaur Scientist

Author : Thom Holmes
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"Explores the science of and careers in paleontology using several examples of real-life scientists"--Provided by publisher.

The Dinosaur Films of Ray Harryhausen

Author : Roy P. Webber
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Ray Harryhausens animated creatures sparkled with predatory alertness and subtle quirks of behavior that stamped each with a distinct and memorable personality. His use of stop-motion animation a method of animating movable models and puppets brought dinosaurs and monsters to life on the silver screen. Many animators and special effects wizards, like Phil Tippett of Jurassic Park and Jim Aupperle of Planet of Dinosaurs who are still working on prehistoric-based films, openly credit Ray Harryhausen as having influenced their careers. His films are famous for being among the very best of the genre. The first chapter of this book chronicles Harryhausens for mative years and work on numerous 16mm experiments, beginning with his viewing of King Kong in 1933. The next four chapters cover his four feature-length dinosaur films, The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms, The Animal World, One Million Years B.C. and The Valley of Gwangi. These chapters provide extensive information about all aspects of the staging of their stop-motion content and many additional facets of the overall production process. The paleontological accuracy of his saurians from a modern perspective is also examined. A chapter on his work and experiences in the 1970s and beyond discusses potential dinosaur projects, as well as The Golden Voyage of Sinbad, which is not a saurian film, but does include the bat-winged homunculus. An appendix covers a number ofdinosaur-related films that Harryhausen had a hand in.

Dinosaur Tracks and Other Fossil Footprints of Europe

Author : Martin Lockley
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The long and distinguished tradition of tracking dinosaurs and other extinct animals in Europe dates back to the 1830s. Yet this venerable tradition of scientific activity cannot compare in magnitude and scope with the unprecedented spate of discovery and documentation of the last few years. Now, following on the heels of his Dinosaur Tracks and Other Fossil Footprints of the Western United States, Martin Lockley teams up with Christian Meyer to present an up to date synthesis of the recent findings in the field of European fossil footprints. Drawing extensively on their own research results from studies in Britain, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, and elsewhere, the authors create a dynamic picture of mammal, reptile, bird, and amphibian "track-makers" throughout more than 300 million years of vertebrate evolution, placed in the context of Europe's changing ancient environments. Beginning with an introduction to tracking and a history of the European tracking tradition, Dinosaur Tracks and Other Fossil Footprints of Europe then charts a broad path of evolutionary proliferation from the proto-dinosaurs of the Early Triassic period to the dinosaurs' decline and disappearance in the Upper Cretaceous. The survey continues into the age of mammals and birds, ending with the cave art of our Paleolithic ancestors.

The Dinosaur Chase

Author : Hugh Price
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Little Dinosaur is trapped in a hole with Big Dinosaur just outside waiting for him to come out.

The Handy Dinosaur Answer Book

Author : Patricia Barnes-Svarney
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Featuring more than 600 questions about dinosaurs—such as What dinosaurs are thought to have evolved into birds? Did dinosaurs travel in herds? and Where and what is the Dinosaur Freeway?—this fun-filled fact-book provides a wealth of information on the lives and habits of these astonishing creatures. From the Tyrannosaurus rex to the Stegosaurus, the guide profiles numerous species, chronicling their time on earth and exploring their roles in archaeological expeditions and museums today. Delightful and intriguing, this comprehensive record includes the debates still surrounding the origins and fate of these creatures that dominated the earth for millions of years but seemed to disappear in the blink of an eye.

The Wonders of God s World Dinosaur Activity Book

Author : Earl Snellenberger
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Educational and entertaining, the Activity Book includes mazes, puzzles, word finds, games, and other skill challenges. Create your own dinosaur mini-movies, solve 15 challenging tangram puzzles, and more! Dozens of hands-on and skill-building activities are included for a variety of age levels. Learn the history of dinosaur discoveries and about the lives of these incredible creatures created on Day 5 and Day 6 of the Creation Week.

The Great Dinosaur Controversy

Author : Keith M. Parsons
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Essays explore the various controversies surrounding dinosaurs, covering such topics as the differences between dinosaurs and today's creatures, what caused the demise of dinosaurs, and if birds are descendants of dinosaurs.

Siri Dinosaur Tyrannosaurus Rex

Author :
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The Great Dinosaur Hunters and Their Discoveries

Author : Edwin Harris Colbert
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A survey of the noted paleontologists who have uncovered and studied dinosaur fossils including information on their findings

A Living Dinosaur

Author : Roy P. MacKal
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Rock with the Dinosaurs

Author : Lois Linder
File Size : 79.74 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Includes complete reproducible script and song lyrics; short speaking part for up to 30 students. Also includes a complete study unit, with activities, that culminates in a musical performance.

Famous Dinosaurs of Africa

Author : Anusuya Chinsamy-Turan
File Size : 20.86 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Vivid, realistic illustrations by a world-renowned dinosaur artist accompany the informative, accessible text presented in bite size blocks; this all-ages book includes instructions for four simple hands-on projects