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Author : DK
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Engaging and entertaining reference guide about dinosaurs - perfect for younger readers. From the Tyrannosaurus striding through the rainforest to the Brachiosaurus reaching for food in the tree tops Eyewitness Dinosaur reveals all the fascinating facts about these amazing creatures. Discover all about the terrifying world of dinosaurs with big, bold pictures, interesting fact boxes and tips from the experts, Eyewitness Dinosaur will show you how the T-Rex hunted for its prey, why the Triceratops had a horned face and the reasons why they no longer exist today. Packed with all the essential information from the previous edition Eyewitness Dinosaur is now more interactive and colourful than ever with new infographics, statistics, facts and timelines making the book more engaging. Great for projects or for homework help this exciting guide reveals everything you ever wanted to know about dinosaurs!


Author : David Lambert
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Packed with facts and written in an accessible style Eye Wonders are the perfect educational start for young children. Dramatic atmospheric photography provides a wealth of visual information.

Awesome Dinosaur Jokes for Kids

Author : Bob Phillips
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Collects jokes about dinosaurs, as well as those told from a dinosaur's point of view.

Dinosaur Scientist

Author : Thom Holmes
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"Explores the science of and careers in paleontology using several examples of real-life scientists"--Provided by publisher.

Dinosaur Imagery

Author : John J. Lanzendorf
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The art of natural history is often both compelling and emotive, as well as emblematic of society's view of the world. This art reflects the messages that scientists hope to send to a general audience as a part of their effort to influence how public funds are spent in support of science. The art is the medium AND the message. The public fascination over dinosaurs has been fueled by images that eloquently illustrate current scientific theories about dinosaur behavior, physiology, locomotion, and reproduction. The evidence for many of these theories is very good. The art of dinosaur depiction is firmly rooted in the processes of scientific inquiry. Because the paintings and sculptures that illustrate dinosaur science are so powerful, collectors vie for this art paying top dollar to acquire it and display it. One of the largest personal collections is held by John Lanzendorf--over 100 superlative paintings and drawings, 40 significant sculptures (bronze), many other small pieces, drawings, figurines, action figures, and more. Artists represented in this unparalleled collection are the best illustrators, painters, sculptors and movie-magicians. Key Features * Art from the John Lanzendorf collection - the world's best * Contributions from 20 leading paleontologists - each have written a short commentary on a certain piece of art * Eye-pleasing layout - full pages of art are complemented by an accompanying page of commentary

The Cleveland Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry

Author : William Lee Stokes
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The Ultimate Dinosaur

Author : Roberg Silverberg
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What were the dinosaurs? What was the world like in which they lived? What ended their 150-million-year reign? What if they had survived? The World of Dinosaurs Revealed A collaboration to excite the mind and dazzle the eye, probing such mysteries as: • Where the first dinosaurs appeared and how they evolved • How the giant sauropods lived and reared their young • Hunting strategies among the predators • Migratory habits and family life of the dinosaurs • Possible causes of extinction and much more... An extraordinary new look at the prehistoric life of the dinosaurs by some of the world’s foremost paleontologists, dinosaur illustrators, and visionary authors. This unique collaboration produces a spectacular tour of the world of the dinosaurs with vivid pictures, fascinating new ideas and thought-provoking tales by a dozen respected dreamers.

The Greatest Dinosaur Ever

Author : Brenda Z. Guiberson
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Which dinosaur was the greatest? Was it the tallest, the biggest, the strongest, the smartest, the weirdest, the fastest, or the smallest? Or was it the oldest bird, the best parent, the one with the best night vision, the best armor, or the longest tail spikes? In this picture book from Brenda Z. Guiberson, fascinating facts and spectacular illustrations will inspire young readers to choose their own favorite dinosaurs!

Doug the Dinosaur Bully

Author : Donna Adderhold
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Doug the Dinosaur Bully is a story about a dinosaur who bullies other dinosaurs in his school. One dinosaur in particular, named Tommy gets bullied by Doug almost every day. A new student named Liz starts school at the Dinosaur Elementary School and befriends Tommy. Together, they help Doug realize that bullying is not the right thing to do. Read to find out what Doug learns and how in the end he becomes friends with Tommy, Liz, and the other dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Dances

Author : Jane Yolen
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Jane Yolen's poems and Bruce Degen's humorous illustrations have dinosaurs dancing through time as these funny poems move from Triassic to Cretacious to Jurassic time periods.