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Seven Dimensions of Faith

Author : Rodwell Jacha
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The people who will do exploits in this world are those who will discover what faith is and what faith can do. The Bible is clear in stating that without faith it is impossible to please God. If we develop our faith we will eliminate a whole lot of problems in our personal lives, churches, communities, families, schools and industries. Just as man has to go through physical development, so is spiritual development important. As the body matures, so must one¿s spirit mature. I pray this book will be a motivation, a challenge and a source of encouragement to get you to fully achieve your goals. Your future is certainly more exiting than what it is now. There is still more to discover and pass on to the next generation.

Dimensions of Faith Esoteric Viewpoint

Author : Imtiyaz Dewji
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This book is an intensive look into hidden aspects of faith with lens of heart, mind, intellect, knowledge, history, scriptures and human dimensions as well as, human soul.

Dimensions of Faith

Author : Steve Donaldson
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In Dimensions of Faith, cognitive scientist Steve Donaldson takes readers on a journey from the world of assumptions, set minds, widely varying beliefs, and popular misconceptions to an understanding of the true essence and role of faith as the natural and inevitable product of brains. Using numerous illustrations and examples, Donaldson shows how faith is necessitated by a variety of unavoidable limitations, exposes the myth of a divide between faith and critical thinking, provides practical advice for crafting coherent beliefs, and explains why there can never be such a place as Factland. Along the way he takes a special look at religious faith - evaluating its attributes, exploring its relation to other manifestations of faith, investigating whether God has done his job well enough to warrant the faith placed in him, and pondering how truth seekers can sometimes end up in very different places.

The Jesus Fractal

Author : Elizabeth Frykberg
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With breathtaking sweep and insight, Rev. Frykberg reveals the genius of divine creation, human community, and a strategy for progress in personal character. This book will not just fascinate you. It will change you for the good. Dan Meyer Senior Pastor, Christ Church of Oak Brook Author of Witness Essentials and Leadership Essentials Humankind created in God’s image replicates the pattern of love and oneness in which the Trinity exists. But humans in time distort the pattern. In loving response, God sends Jesus to show us what a life of love looks like revealing the relational pattern by which it may be restored in us. This relational pattern is what Dr. Frykberg calls The Jesus Fractal, a uniquely fresh perspective on individual, spiritual growth and the Spirit of Christ working to recreate us in the image of God. Dr. Frykberg presents the seven dimensions of The Jesus Fractal with biblical foundation, personal applications, cross cultural implications for ministry, contemporary illustrations and engaging stories that will edify and challenge both the babe in Christ and the experienced spiritual guide. The seven dimensions are: Hearing and Experiencing the Word of God Following in Community Desiring to Do God’s Will Being Humbled in Faith Graced by God’s Love Empowered in the Spirit Sent into the World

The 5 Dimensions of Faith

Author : Pastor Sam Yeanay
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The 5 Dimensions of Faith is a detail teaching on Faith and what makes it different from Believing. Many Christians are confused and frustrated today because they lack the understanding of what faith is and what believing is. In this book, you will learn the 5 Dimensions of Faith in clear details like no one ever told the church. You will also learn how to grow you faith to become great faith. You will also know why a lot of Christians have little faith and some weak faith and how to change the two into strong and great faith. Because of miss understanding on the subject of faith, some Christians don't even like to hear about it, even when they enter into book stores, they never think about getting book that teaches about faith. If they do, perhaps it will be the last book they will ask for. But the Bible says you cannot please God without faith. The Bible also teaches that the just shall live by faith. We all know that without physical food the body can function, in the same way, without faith your spirit can not function properly. We are to live on faith like we do with physical food, otherwise we will find it difficult to grow spiritually and to put the devil where he belongs-under our feet. The Bible says that faith comes by hearing. Hearing what? Of course the word of God. Jesus says man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. To live on the word means to live on faith.After reading this book in its entirety, your faith will grow beyond you could ever imaging. You will know that live is controlled from the spirit and not from the natural and faith is the middle man between the spirit realm and the physical world. With the knowledge you will acquire, you can change anything. And you can all things through Christ which strengths you.

Trinity of Faith

Author : Calvin King
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Where do you put your trust?

Dimensions of Faith

Author : William Breyfogel Kimmel
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Selections from writings of eleven major thinkers, including Kierkegaard, K. Barth, N. Berdyaev, R. Niebuhr, and P. Tillich.

Religion and Doctor Who

Author : Andrew Crome
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Doctor Who has always contained a rich current of religious themes and ideas. In its very first episode it asked how humans rationalize the seemingly supernatural, as two snooping schoolteachers refused to accept that the TARDIS was real. More recently it has toyed with the mystery of Doctor's real name, perhaps an echo of ancient religions and rituals in which knowledge of the secret name of a god, angel or demon was thought to grant a mortal power over the entity. But why does Doctor Who intersect with religion so often, and what do such instances tell us about the society that produces the show and the viewers who engage with it? The writers of Religion and Doctor Who: Time and Relative Dimensions in Faith attempt to answer these questions through an in-depth analysis of the various treatments of religion throughout every era of the show's history. While the majority of chapters focus on the television show Doctor Who, the authors also look at audios, novels, and the response of fandom. Their analyses--all written in an accessible but academically thorough style--reveal that examining religion in a long-running series such as Doctor Who can contribute to a number of key debates within faith communities and religious history. Most importantly, it provides another way of looking at why Doctor Who continues to inspire, to engage, and to excite generations of passionate fans, whatever their position on faith. The contributors are drawn from the UK, the USA, and Australia, and their approaches are similarly diverse. Chapters have been written by film scholars and sociologists; theologians and historians; rhetoricians, philosophers and anthropologists. Some write from the perspective of a particular faith or belief; others write from the perspective of no religious belief. All, however, demonstrate a solid knowledge of and affection for the brilliance of Doctor Who.

Increase Our Faith

Author : Claude Houde
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Head Heart and Hands

Author : Dennis P. Hollinger
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As Christians, we are to love God with all of our being--heart, mind, soul and strength. But many of us tend to overemphasize one aspect or another, and as a result, our faith becomes imbalanced. Ethicist Dennis P. Hollinger shows us how to link our intellect, emotions and desire so we can reunite our Christian thought, passion and action.

I Can Walk on Water

Author : Stephen Horton
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The protagonist, Fire captain Max Bond, is an upstanding, well-respected and competent Fire Officer in the San Tana Fire Department. He works at fire station-4, one of San Tana's busiest, and commands Truck-4 and it's crew of four. Life in the firehouse for Max and his crew is both humorous and provocative, and the emergency calls they respond to are thrilling and bizarre. Max recently met the woman of his dreams, the gorgeous Rachel, and the two are inseparably entwined in a loving relationship. Rachel is an intelligent and stunningly beautiful woman. The antagonist, Fernando, is a violent and reviled criminal defense attorney, and Rachel's ex- boyfriend. Fernando refuses to accept their breakup and desperately wants her back. His mindset is that if he can't have her, no one else will either. He will stop at nothing to get Rachel back. Max and Rachel are soon to depart on a romantic holiday at the exotic resort of Bahia Del Mar in the Caribbean. They're looking forward to a relaxing and romantic holiday, sunning, funning, and making love on secluded, white sandy beaches. During the vacation Max plans to ask Rachel to marry him. Fernando has other plans for the happy couple, and what happens to Max and Rachel in Bahia Del Mar is a horrific act of perverted revenge. The unspeakable event leads the very stable, responsible, and law abiding Max to perpetrate a final act of revenge, one that will completely alter his life and personality. The reader will be drawn into the story by the love, sex, violence, murder and intrigue within. The story promises to keep the reader turning pages to find out what happens next.

Applied Faith 101

Author : Melvin Barnett
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Have you ever questioned the depth, width and height of your faith? Perhaps you have wondered if there was more to your Christian Faith than you might be experiencing. Ever since the Fall of Man, God has used Faith as a conduit to Speak to, Save, and Provide for His most prized creation - You! But do you really understand your Faith? Many Christians today limit their faith to a Salvation experience only. Beloved ALL God has for you in this life, as well as your acceptance into His Kingdom, is through YOUR FAITH. In this book, Melvin Barnett invites you to journey with him as he explores the obvious, as well as the hidden, dimensions of our Christian faith. You will receive powerful insight to help measure the volume of your faith as well as discern areas where it needs to expand. Embark on a journey that takes YOUR FAITH from the creation of Man to this present hour. You will gain rich scriptural knowledge, and at the same time discover powerful Biblical Principles of Faith that are waiting to be unleashed and enjoyed in Your life. On this journey you will learn to discover God's perfect will for your Life. You will gain insight into Grace, Purpose and Fulfillment in your life, all the while learning to avoid or overcome spiritual attack, self inflicted suffering, personal attacks and fear. This book's simple approach to understanding faith, as well as applying it, will benefit any Christian in their present understanding of God's Word. Whether you are searching for Divine guidance at home, at church, with your family, friends, or even at work, you are sure to benefit from this refreshing look at Faith.

Heaven is Closer Than You Think

Author : Bill Meaker
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7 Dimensions of the Supernatural Realm

Author : Apostle Frequency Revelator
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In this publication, Apostle Frequency Revelator explores the divine revelation of the 7 Universal dimensions of the supernatural realm which believers can progress through in their spiritual journey or voyage of exploration of the greater depths of the spirit realm. It is worth exploring the divine truth that Faith is the first dimension of the supernatural realm, the Anointing is the second dimension and the Mantle is the third dimension. So, in order to tap into the higher realms of supernatural, one has to step out or be catapulted from the realm of faith (first dimension) through the realm of the anointing (second dimension) into the realm of the mantle (third dimension). The grand entrance into the realm of the anointing is through faith. Faith is the ever empowering awareness of the invisible world and its realities. Faith is the currency of Heaven and functions as an antenna whose frequency is being tuned to the spiritual waves that come directly from the Throne room of Heaven. Although faith is a lower plane in the realm of God and a starting point for all humanity endeavouring to reach the realm of eternity, faith is what introduces you to the anointing and accentuates an avenue for the glory of God to be manifested. The anointing is the divine impartation of God's supernatural abilities and traits upon an available and yielded vessel in order to undertake delegated divine tasks efficiently and effectively. The solidification and build-up of the anointing will usher you into another higher dimension called the mantle, which is an emblem of God's manifest presence in the natural realm and functions as a spiritual covering that rests upon an individual in order to exercise a heightened degree of authority or dominion over a territory. The Presence is the fourth dimension of the supernatural, the Miraculous is the fifth dimension and the Glory is the sixth dimension while Love is the 7th and highest dimension, coined as the God Dimension. As we continue to progress heavenward in the spirit realm, you can be catapulted from the presence (Fourth Dimension), into the miraculous arena (fifth dimension) and from the miraculous domain into the Glory realm until you are thrust into the (Love) God dimension which is the 7th and highest Dimension of the supernatural. The presence represents a radiation or refection of God's glory. The presence is not the glory but the radiation or refection of that glory. It is a signal that God is in the house. On the other hand, the miraculous is an incredible happening, occurrence or unusual manifestation that takes place in the natural realm as a result of a sudden divine intervention of God in the affairs of humanity to the extent that it cannot be fathomed or comprehended by human reasoning and intellectual ability. The glory is a tangible and visible supernatural manifestation of the fullness or totality of God from the realm of the spirit into the realm of the physical. It is the intrinsic essence of who God is characterised or manifested by His nature, character, being, attributes or virtues. While the anointing is given to an individual for service to complete specific tasks, the glory is given for elevation or promotion in the spirit. The anointing is what breeds the glory because the anointing causes one to execute tasks and brings them to perfect completion which would then entitle one to be in a position to receive the glory. The anointing is given to bring the glory of God into manifestation. You get to see the glory of God through the anointing because the anointing is what connects you to the glory of God. In our journey in the spirit dimension, there is a realm which a man can be catapulted into which marks the highest level of spiritual contact with God. It is called the seventh dimension. That realm is the realm of love. It is a realm of perfection. It is a dimension in which God Himself lives, breathes and operates.

Faith and Social Ministry

Author : James D. Davidson
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The Secular Faith Controversy

Author : Edward Ian Bailey
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When God disappears from a secular society, religious beliefs surface in other non-religious sectors of society, e.g. sport as religion. Edward Bailey argues that within and beneath everyday practices of non-religious pursuits lie hidden religious-ethical assumptions that mostly go unnoticed, that is, i.e. implicit rather than explicit. In this volume Bailey sets out what is meant by 'implicit religion, ' and proposes a methodology for studying implicit religion and how it can encourage greater understanding between secular and religious spheres.

The Spiritual Dimension

Author : John Cottingham
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The Spiritual Dimension offers a new model for the philosophy of religion, bringing together emotional and intellectual aspects of our human experience, and embracing practical as well as theoretical concerns. It shows how a religious worldview is best understood not as an isolated set of doctrines, but as intimately related to spiritual praxis and to the search for self-understanding and moral growth. It argues that the religious quest requires a certain emotional openness, but can be pursued without sacrificing our philosophical integrity. Touching on many important debates in contemporary philosophy and theology, but accessible to general readers, The Spiritual Dimension covers a range of central topics in the philosophy of religion, including scientific cosmology and the problem of evil; ethical theory and the objectivity of goodness; psychoanalytic thought, self-discovery and virtue; the multi-layered nature of religious discourse; and the relation between faith and evidence.

Catholics Schools and Faith education

Author : Jerome Vallabaraj
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Facets of Faith and Science

Author : Jitse M. van der Meer
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This fourth volume of Facets of Faith and Science focuses on how to interpret God's action in nature and surveys recent thought on divine agency, proposes a new understanding of double agency, and addresses the relation of divine action and omniscience to natural causation, randomness and evolutionary theory. Chapters Include: Recent Thoughts on Divine Agency; The Dressage Ring and the Ballroom: Loci of Double Agency; The Law of Nature and the Nature of God; Randomness, Omniscience, and Divine Action; Theism, Christianity, and the Grand Evolutionary Story; On Craig's Defense of the Kalam Cosmological Argument; Demarcation and Design; Transcendent Causes and Computational Miracles; Design, Chance, and Necessity in Recent Science and Philosophy; Religious Apologetics and the Transmutation of Knowledge: Was a Chemico-Theology Possible in Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Century Britain?; Natural Theology and a Christian Witness in Chemistry and Physics; The Gulf between Design and Descent: Charles Darwin's Rejection of As a Gray's Apologia; Chiasmic Cosmology and The Same Old Story: Two Lutheran Approaches to Natural Theology; Faith and Science in Biblical Perspective: Human Responsibility before God; Copernicanism and the Bible in Early Modern Science; An Interactive Theory of the Relation between Science and Scripture; A Reformational Look at the Authority of Scripture; Natural Science and Scriptural Revelation; The Exodus and Jericho: Interpretation and Belief in Biblical Geography and Archaeology; Galileo and the History of Hermenutics; Creation and Separation. Co-published with The Pascal Centre for Advanced Studies in Faith and Science.

Dimensions of Orthodox Judaism

Author : Reuven P. Bulka
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