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Digital Storytelling

Author : Joe Lambert
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Listen deeply. Tell stories. This is the mantra of the Center for Digital Storytelling (CDS) in Berkeley California, which, since 1998 has worked with nearly 1,000 organizations around the world and trained more than 15,000 people in the art of digital storytelling. In this revised and updated edition of the CDS's popular guide to digital storytelling, co-founder Joe Lambert details the history and methods of digital storytelling practices. Using a "7 Steps" approach, Lambert helps storytellers identify the fundamentals of dynamic digital storytelling--from seeing the story, assembling it, and sharing it. As in the last edition, readers of the fourth edition will also find new explorations of the applications of digital storytelling and updated appendices that provide resources for budding digital storytellers, including information about past and present CDS-affiliated projects and place-based storytelling, a narrative-based approach to understanding experience and landscape. A companion website further brings the entire storytelling process to life. Over the years, the CDS's work has transformed the way that community activists, educators, health and human services agencies, business professionals, and artists think about story, media, culture, and the power of personal voice in creating change. For those who yearn to tell multimedia stories, Digital Storytelling is the place to begin.

Digital Storytelling

Author : Carolyn Handler Miller
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The first professional book to explore and analyze digital storytelling across interactive media and genres this book examines how digital storytelling draws on classic narrative techniques and utilizes interactive digital technologies to create today's entertainment. Digital Storytelling explains key strategies for conveying narrative through digital technologies, based on personal experience and numerous case studies, providing project managers, interactive content designers, and writers with the tools necessary for planning a successful interactive project, including ideas for product development and conceptualization. Detailed planning processes for all types of interactive projects are discussed, including videogames, massively multiplayer online games, the Internet, interactive TV, cross-media productions, smart toys, virtual reality, immersive environments, wireless devices, kiosks, and DVDs. The book also covers topics such as: structure, characters and emotions; tackling projects for children; finding work and staying employed; and more. Miller has written Digital Storytelling for the professional and the student, and details what interactive content developers and project managers need to know in a clear, enthusiastic manner. *Covers case studies, providing numerous ideas for creating and managing engrossing, interactive entertainment products from development to production *Explains the uses of digital storytelling for both entertainment and entertainment blends -- projects that teach, inform, and promote *Takes an international approach to digital entertainment, exploring ground-breaking projects in Asia, Africa and Europe as well as in North America

The New Digital Storytelling

Author : Bryan Alexander
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This book surveys the many ways of telling stories with digital technology, including blogging, gaming, social media, podcasts, and Web video. * Provides a bibliography listing sources consulted * Contains an index of key words and concepts from the text

Digital Storytelling Mediatized Stories

Author : Knut Lundby
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Recent years have seen amateur personal stories, focusing on «me», flourish on social networking sites and in digital storytelling workshops. The resulting digital stories could be called «mediatized stories». This book deals with these self-representational stories, aiming to understand the transformations in the age-old practice of storytelling that have become possible with the new, digital media. Its approach is interdisciplinary, exploring how the mediation or mediatization processes of digital storytelling can be grasped and offering a sociological perspective of media studies and a socio-cultural take of the educational sciences. Aesthetic and literary perspectives on narration as well as questioning from an informatics perspective are also included.

Digital Storytelling

Author : Shilo T. McClean
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How digital visual effects in film can be used to support storytelling: a guide for scriptwriters and students. Computer-generated effects are often blamed for bad Hollywood movies. Yet when a critic complains that "technology swamps storytelling" (in a review of Van Helsing, calling it "an example of everything that is wrong with Hollywood computer-generated effects movies"), it says more about the weakness of the story than the strength of the technology. In Digital Storytelling, Shilo McClean shows how digital visual effects can be a tool of storytelling in film, adding narrative power as do sound, color, and "experimental" camera angles—other innovative film technologies that were once criticized for being distractions from the story. It is time, she says, to rethink the function of digital visual effects. Effects artists say—contrary to the critics—that effects always derive from story. Digital effects are a part of production, not post-production; they are becoming part of the story development process. Digital Storytelling is grounded in filmmaking, the scriptwriting process in particular. McClean considers crucial questions about digital visual effects—whether they undermine classical storytelling structure, if they always call attention to themselves, whether their use is limited to certain genres—and looks at contemporary films (including a chapter-long analysis of Steven Spielberg's use of computer-generated effects) and contemporary film theory to find the answers. McClean argues that to consider digital visual effects as simply contributing the "wow" factor underestimates them. They are, she writes, the legitimate inheritors of film storycraft.

Digital Storytelling in the Classroom

Author : Jason Ohler
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Provides information on integrating digital storytelling into curriculum design.

Story Circle

Author : John Hartley
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Story Circle is the first collection ever devoted to acomprehensive international study of the digital storytellingmovement, exploring subjects of central importance on the emergentand ever-shifting digital landscape. Covers consumer-generated content, memory grids, the digitalstorytelling youth movement, participatory public history, audiencereception, videoblogging and microdocumentary Pinpoints who is telling what stories where, on what terms, andwhat they look and sound like Explores the boundaries of digital storytelling from China andBrazil to Western Europe and Australia

Mediating Multiculturalism

Author : Daniella Trimboli
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Using digital storytelling--a new media genre that began in California in the late 1990s and that proliferated across 'the West' in the 2000s--as a site of analysis, this book asks, 'What is done in the name of the everyday?' Like everyday multiculturalism, digital storytelling is promoted as an accessible, enabling, and ordinary phenomenon that represents cultural experience more accurately than official sites. As such, the genre frequently houses stories of migration, community, and ethnic and racial differences. In turn, digital story collections often act as digital monuments or repositories of multiculturalism, giving a digital life to narratives of migration, cultural difference, and national belonging. This is evidenced in one of the world's largest public collections of digital stories, found in the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) and referenced throughout this book. Using examples from this collection and pointing to comparable ones in the UK and North America, this book investigates how notions of the everyday become a channel through which certain long-standing discourses of race get redeployed in multicultural nations. What can digital storytelling teach us about the status and future of multiculturalism in these societies? Can digital storytelling re-mediate multiculturalism in new, progressive ways?

Digital Storytelling

Author : Kay Teehan
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Digital Storytelling is a tool that was created to integrate the newest technology in the classroom. It has proven to be a powerful tool indeed. It is said that the reason for its power lies with the type of students we teach each day in our schools. Students today are multi-taskers, creative, and visual learners. They have grown up in a world of multimedia and respond to audio-visual in positive ways. Given the opportunity to tell their stories using digital storytelling models, they are transformed into self-motivated information consumers. Our job, as educators, becomes one of utilizing their natural gravitation to technology to fit our purposes of teaching state and national standards.

Digital Social Work

Author : Lauri Goldkind
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"In a digitally powered society, social workers, are challenged to embrace new interventions and enhance existing strategies in order to effectively promote social justice. The cases in this volume present engaging examples of technology tools in use across micro, mezzo and macro practice, illuminating the knowledge, skills, and values required of those who practice social work 2.0"--Provided by publisher.

Digital Storytelling with PowerPoint

Author : Mark Standley
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Fostering Community Through Digital Storytelling

Author : Anne M. Fields
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Learn the "how-tos" of creating digital stories, the challenges of building a digital storytelling program, and the benefits of creating partnerships across campus.

The 21st Century Classroom Digital Storytelling

Author :
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Digital Storytelling with IMovie

Author : Mark Standley
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Using Digital Storytelling for Intermediate Japanese Language Learning

Author : Asuka Nakagawa
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Technologies for Interactive Digital Storytelling and Entertainment

Author : Stefan Göbel
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the Third International Conference on Technologies for Interactive Digital Storytelling and Entertainment, TIDSE 2006, held in Darmstadt, Germany in December 2006. It contains 37 papers that cover a broad spectrum, from conceptual ideas, theories, and technological questions, to best practice examples in the different storytelling application domains, with a focus on entertainment and games.

Digital Storytelling Applied Theatre Youth

Author : Megan Alrutz
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Digital Storytelling, Applied Theatre, & Youth argues that theatre artists must re-imagine how and why they facilitate performance practices with young people. Rapid globalization and advances in media and technology continue to change the ways that people engage with and understand the world around them. Drawing on pedagogical, aesthetic, and theoretical threads of applied theatre and media practices, this book presents practitioners, scholars, and educators with innovative approaches to devising and performing digital stories. This book offers the first comprehensive examination of digital storytelling as an applied theatre practice. Alrutz explores how participatory and mediated performance practices can engage the wisdom and experience of youth; build knowledge about self, others and society; and invite dialogue and deliberation with audiences. In doing so, she theorizes digital storytelling as a site of possibility for critical and relational practices, feminist performance pedagogies, and alliance building with young people.

Digital Storytelling in the Classroom

Author : Jason B. Ohler
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A must-read for incorporating digital literacy into your classroom! Equip your students with essential 21st-century media literacy skills, as they read, write, speak, and create art within the context of digital storytelling, and reach deeper understandings in all areas of the curriculum! In this second edition, both novice and technologically adept K-12 educators will find: Practical techniques to combine storytelling with curriculum content Tips for exploring effective storytelling principles through emerging digital media as well as via traditional literacy skills in reading, writing, speaking, and art Visual aids and video clips that illustrate best practices in media composition

The Instructional Value of Digital Storytelling

Author : Patricia McGee
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Although storytelling has been recognized as an effective instructional strategy for some time, most educators are not informed about how to communicate a story that supports learning—particularly when using digital media. The Instructional Value of Digital Storytelling provides a broad overview of the concepts and traditions of storytelling and prepares professors, workplace trainers, and instructional designers to tell stories through 21st century media platforms, providing the skills critical to communication, lifelong learning, and professional success. Using clear and concise language, The Instructional Value of Digital Storytelling explains how and why storytelling can be used as a contemporary instructional method, particularly through social media, mobile technologies, and knowledge-based systems. Examples from different sectors and disciplines illustrate how and why effective digital stories are designed with learning theory in mind. Applications of storytelling in context are provided for diverse settings within higher education as well as both formal and informal adult learning contexts.

Digital Storytelling in Health and Social Policy

Author : Nicole Matthews
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As digital life stories continue to assume more and more significance across a range of institutions, so too does their potential to bring into focus once marginalised and neglected voices. Breaking new ground by reframing multimedia life stories as a resource for education, public health, and policy, this book challenges policymakers, professionals, and researchers to reimagine how they find out about and respond to people’s daily lives and experiences of health, disability, and well-being. The book develops theoretical, methodological, and practical resources for listening to digital stories through a series of carefully selected international case studies, from dementia care education to campaigns in the UN to ban cluster munitions. The case studies explore and illuminate different ways that digital stories have – and have not – been listened to in the past. The authors expose the great potential as well as the complexity of using powerful personal stories in practice. Together, the case studies highlight that processes of listening to, learning from, and making use of digital stories involve unavoidable processes of reinterpretation, recontextualisation, and translation which have significant ethical and political implications for storytellers, listeners, and society. In mapping and theorising the movement of stories into new contexts of policy and practice, the book offers a critical lens on the widely celebrated democratising potential of digital storytelling and its capacity to amplify marginalised voices. Digital Storytelling in Health and Social Policy develops an authoritative and original re-conceptualisation of digital life stories and their use for social justice ends, and will be important reading for researchers and practitioners from a range of backgrounds, including social policy, digital media, communication, education, disability, and public health.