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Different Lives

Author : Hans Renders
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Internationally acclaimed biographies are mostly written by Anglophone biographers. How does biography function as a public genre in the rest of the world? Different Lives offers a global perspective on the biographical tradition by seventeen scholars of fifteen different countries.

Different Minds Different Lives

Author : M. H. He
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Collision One Story Four Different Lives

Author : A. Scott Miller
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A. Scott Miller weaves biblical scripture and imaginative narrative into an exciting story of dramatic collision. The fast pace storytelling takes a snapshot of four very different lives.

Were Early Modern Lives Different

Author : Andrew Hadfield
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Should we assume that people who lived some time ago were quite similar to us or should we assume that they need to be thought of as alien beings with whom we have little in common? This specially commissioned collection explores this important issue through an analysis of the lives and work of a number of significant early modern writers. Shakespeare is analysed in a number of essays as authors ask whether we can learn anything about his life from reading the Sonnets and Hamlet. Other essays explore the first substantial autobiography in English, that of the musician and poet, Thomas Wythorne (1528-96); the representation of the self in Holbein’s great painting, The Ambassadors; whether we have a window into men's and women's souls when we read their intimate personal correspondence; and whether modern studies that wish to recapture the intentions and inner thoughts of early modern people who left writings behind are valuable aids to interpreting the past. This book was originally published as a special issue of Textual Practice.

Separate Lives

Author : Kathryn Flett
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Your partner of ten years, and the father of your children, receives a text. You happen to see it. 'Start living a different kind of life ... P :-) xxx'. You don't know anyone with the initial P, so what's with the smiley face and the kisses? Narrated by Susie, her partner Alex and the mysterious 'P', Separate Lives is an achingly funny, moving and honest portrayal of marriage and adultery. These characters are never less than totally human. You'll have met people like them. They might even be you.

Different Lives Different Fates

Author : Angela Mee Ing Yong
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Separate Lives

Author : Pankaj Bhattacharyya
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No, Q was not a mere coincidence. Kajal felt a rapid pining for Q to see his work. He urgently needed her to. He was finally ready. Q..That night when I gave her the name, she had no voice or eyes or ears. She wasnt even an animal. She was just an object. A motif that defined a clan. Three individuals resolute minded Doctor, seemingly self-assured relationship-hopper Q and Kajal, an academic failure with growing-up ghosts are thrown into a tryst with circumstances, and layer by layer, they discover themselves more than they unravel each other. As fate leads Kajals life to intertwine with Qs in a way that both find their spaces in the world, Doctor is forced to face brutal realities of his own inadequacies, sending his life spiraling downward into darkness while still seeking the truth. Set in a palpable backdrop of northeast India and London, the non-linear narrative builds minor culminations while rippling to a climax that surprises and leaves a mixed after-taste. Separate Lives weaves the compelling tale of three everyday individuals as their distinct pasts, presents and futures collide, even as chance is the simultaneous protagonist and antagonist.

Separate Lives

Author : Rhonda Strehlow
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Auctioneer Honor Horton is able to channel the past lives of her clients. Now working with Dr. Carson Ankerson, she catches glimpses of his past relationship with his best friend's wife, Rachel. However, getting entangled in Dr. Ankerson story may pose a threat to Honor's own future when she finds herself in bed with her client. Is it because of the rift with her boyfriend, Dustin, or is she channeling Rachel? Will Honor and Dustin be able to survive the havoc their indiscretions wreaked on their relationship?

Two Separate Lives One Singular Purpose

Author : Peter W. Deveaux-Isaacs Sr.
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The authors passion is history, and this volume fulfills a lifelong quest to tell the story of his mothers long and intricate relationship with a world class athlete and sports and entertainment icon, Mr. Charles Charlie Major, Sr. Written in personal and biographical style, the story captures the heroic journeys of these two ordinary Bahamians, and their singular vision in founding the Nassau Stadium, The Bahamas major sports entertainment mecca for almost half century. It charts Charlie Majors college years at St. Bonaventure College, New York and his phenomenal rise to international prominence as a record holder in the high jump in the 1920s. And, it relates an anthological account of Willamae Deveauxs impressive culinary and managerial resume, and her love and fidelity to her family and church. In brief, the book is a tribute to the lives of these heroes, whose great accomplishments believe their humble beginnings. It is a story of love, friendship and commitment, and an inspiration to all.

The several lives of Chester Himes

Author :
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The Writings of Chester Himes are colored by a fascinating blend of hatred and tenderness, of hard-boiled realism and generous idealism. His life was complex, his relationships complicated. How did this gifted son of a respectable southern black family become a juvenile delinquent? How did he acquire self-esteem and a new sense of identity by writing short stories while in the Ohio state penitentiary? Drawn from his letters, notebooks, memoirs, and fiction, this straightforward account of Himes's varied, episodic life attempts to trace the origins of his significant literary gift. It details the socioeconomic, familial, and cultural background that fed his ambivalent views on race in America. His Deep South childhood, his adolescence in the Midwest, his young manhood in prison, his years as a menial laborer, his struggle as an author in California and New York City, and finally his glory days as an expatriate and celebrity in France and Spain are plumbed deeply for their effects upon his creative urges and his works. In his native country Himes is recalled more as the author of successful detective novels such as Cotton Comes to Harlem than as a practitioner of the art of fiction. In France and Spain, his adopted countries, he is regarded as a literary master. This critical biography is the bittersweet story of a troubled man who found salvation in writing.