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Dielectric Properties of Wood and Wood Based Materials

Author : Grigoriy I. Torgovnikov
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Provided here is a comprehensive treatise on all aspects of dielectric properties of wood and wood products. The topics covered include: Interaction between electromagnetic field and wood. - Wood composition and dielectric properties of its components. - Measurement of dielectric parameters of wood.- Dielectric properties of oven-dry wood. - Dielectric properties of moist wood. - Effect of different kinds of treatment on dielectric properties of wood. - Dielectric properties of bark. - Dielectric properties of wood-based materials. - Recommendations for determination of dielectric parameters of wood based materials and for their use in calculations. Several appendices comprise reference data onthe dielectric characteristics of wood and wood-based materials in the wide range of frequencies, temperatures, and moisture content.

Dielectric Properties of Wood and Wood Based Materials

Author : Grigoriy I Torgovnikov
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Delamination in Wood Wood Products and Wood Based Composites

Author : Voichita Bucur
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In the last quarter century, delamination has come to mean more than just a failure in adhesion between layers of bonded composite plies that might affect their load-bearing capacity. Ever-increasing computer power has meant that we can now detect and analyze delamination between, for example, cell walls in solid wood. This fast-moving and critically important field of study is covered in a book that provides everyone from manufacturers to research scientists the state of the art in wood delamination studies. Divided into three sections, the book first details the general aspects of the subject, from basic information including terminology, to the theoretical basis for the evaluation of delamination. A settled terminology in this subject area is a first key goal of the book, as the terms which describe delamination in wood and wood-based composites are numerous and often confusing. The second section examines different and highly specialized methods for delamination detection such as confocal laser scanning microscopy, light microscopy, scanning electron microscopy and ultrasonics. Ways in which NDE (non-destructive evaluation) can be employed to detect and locate defects are also covered. The book’s final section focuses on the practical aspects of this defect in a wide range of wood products covering the spectrum from trees, logs, laminated panels and glued laminated timbers to parquet floors. Intended as a primary reference, this book covers everything from the microscopic, anatomical level of delamination within solid wood sections to an examination of the interface of wood and its surface coatings. It provides readers with the perspective of industry as well as laboratory and is thus a highly practical sourcebook for wood engineers working in manufacturing as well as a comprehensively referenced text for materials scientists wrestling with the theory underlying the subject.

Advances in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Author : Zahriladha Zakaria
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Biomass Chars Elaboration Characterization and Applications

Author : Mejdi Jeguirim
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This book is a printed edition of the Special Issue "Biomass Chars: Elaboration, Characterization and Applications" that was published in Energies

Handbook of Dielectric and Thermal Properties of Materials at Microwave Frequencies

Author : Vyacheslav V. Komarov
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The application of microwave energy for thermal processing of different materials and substances is a rapidly growing trend in modern science and engineering. In fact, optimal design work involving microwaves is impossible without solid knowledge of the properties of these materials. Here's a practical reference that collects essential data on the dielectric and thermal properties of microwaveable materials, saving you countless hours on projects in a wide range of areas, including microwave design and heating, applied electrodynamics, food science, and medical technology. This unique book provides hard-to-find information on complex dielectric permittivity of media at industrial, scientific, and medical frequencies (430 MHz, 915MHz, 2.45GHz, 5.8 GHz, and 24.125GHz). Written by a leading expert in the field, this authoritative book does an exceptional job at presenting critical data on various materials and explaining what their key characteristics are concerning microwaves.

In Situ Assessment of Structural Timber

Author : Bohumil Kasal
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Wood is one of the most intriguing structural materials and the only one that is truly renewable. Along with stone, wood is the oldest structural material on the planet and has been extensively used throughout human history. Due to its aesthetical value and positive environmental impact, wood has experienced a renaissance in construction. As a biodegradable, hygroscopic, non-isotropic material, wood presents special challenges for a professional and requires through knowledge ranging from biology to continuum mechanics. This state-of-the-art report reflects the current knowledge in the area of in situ assessment of the physical and mechanical properties of wood structures. Nondestructive, semi-destructive and destructive methods are described in a systematic manner where technology, equipment and limitations are discussed. Some of the discussed methods are used in other materials such as masonry and concrete. Most of the methods, however, are specific to wood and special qualifications are required to understand and apply these methods effectively. Existing methods are constantly improved and new methods are being developed. This report includes methods that are used in practice or have shown significant promise and have a body of knowledge that supports statements made in this report. This is a useable tool for professionals, researchers, educators and students

Microwave and Radio Frequency Technologies in Agriculture

Author : Graham Brodie
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Humanity’s ability to produce enough food is mostly due to adoption of new methods and technologies by the agricultural industries as they became available. New information, communication and high speed processing and precision agriculture technologies have the potential to transform the agricultural industry. These technologies incorporate radio-frequency and microwave radiation into their systems. This book presents an overview of how these technologies are being used in agricultural systems. The main purpose of the book is to provide a glimpse of what is possible and encourage practitioners in the engineering and agricultural industries to explore how radio-frequency and microwave systems might further enhance the agricultural industry. The authors have extensive experience in agricultural and microwave engineering, instrumentation and communication systems.

Microwave Imaging Methods and Applications

Author : Matteo Pastorino
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Microwave Imaging Methods and Applications provides practitioners and researchers with a complete overview of the latest and most important noninvasive and nondestructive techniques for inspecting structures and bodies by using microwaves. Placing emphasis on applications, the book considers many areas, from medical imaging and security… to industrial engineering and subsurface prospection. For each application, readers are presented with the objectives of the inspection and related challenges. Moreover, this groundbreaking resource details computational methods that can be used to solve inverse problems related to specific applications. Including clear examples or the most significant practical results, this forward-looking reference focuses on systems that have been recently developed. Professionals gain the knowledge needed to compare imaging methods used in different applications and develop new uses of imaging apparatuses and systems.

Wood and Fiber Science

Author :
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Electromagnetic Mixing Formulas and Applications

Author : A. H. Sihvola
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This book covers the homogenization principles and mixing rules for determining the macroscopic dielectric and magnetic properties of different types of media. Sihvola (electromagnetics, Helsinki U. of Technology, Finland) discusses subjects such as the characteristic differences between a mixture and its parts, and ways that mixing results are applied to different materials in geophysics and biology. Distributed by INSPEC. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Advancement in Sensing Technology

Author : Subhas Chandra Mukhopadhyay
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The book presents the recent advancements in the area of sensors and sensing technology, specifically in environmental monitoring, structural health monitoring, dielectric, magnetic, electrochemical, ultrasonic, microfluidic, flow, surface acoustic wave, gas, cloud computing and bio-medical. This book will be useful to a variety of readers, namely, Master and PhD degree students, researchers, practitioners, working on sensors and sensing technology. The book will provide an opportunity of a dedicated and a deep approach in order to improve their knowledge in this specific field.

PRO 8 1st International RILEM Symposium on Timber Engineering

Author : Lars Boström
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Sensing Technology Current Status and Future Trends I

Author : Alex Mason
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This book is written for academic and industry professionals working in the field of sensing, instrumentation and related fields, and is positioned to give a snapshot of the current state of the art in sensing technology, particularly from the applied perspective. The book is intended to give a broad overview of the latest developments, in addition to discussing the process through which researchers go through in order to develop sensors, or related systems, which will become more widespread in the future.

Biocomposite Materials

Author : Mohamed Thariq Hameed Sultan
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Dielectric Properties of Wood and Hardboard

Author : William L. James
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Thermo Hydro Mechanical Wood Processing

Author : Parvis Navi
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Describing the history and state-of-the-art of the thermo-hydrous manipulation of wood, this book provides either a desk reference or a field manual of wood science. It examines the polymeric components of wood and its multilevel hierarchical structure that confer its unique general-purpose character and faculty for transformation. Exceeding all other material in its capacity to deform under controlled conditions and for a proscribed outcome, wood, under thermo-hydrous conditions, permits a multitude of industrial processes. Discussing the processes at work and the industrial applications, this book is a must for all interested in the manipulation of wood.

Engineering Applications of Neural Networks

Author : Lazaros S. Iliadis
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The two-volume set IFIP AICT 363 and 364 constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Engineering Applications of Neural Networks, EANN 2011, and the 7th IFIP WG 12.5 International Conference, AIAI 2011, held jointly in Corfu, Greece, in September 2011. The 52 revised full papers and 28 revised short papers presented together with 31 workshop papers were carefully reviewed and selected from 150 submissions. The first volume includes the papers that were accepted for presentation at the EANN 2011 conference. They are organized in topical sections on computer vision and robotics, self organizing maps, classification/pattern recognition, financial and management applications of AI, fuzzy systems, support vector machines, learning and novel algorithms, reinforcement and radial basis function ANN, machine learning, evolutionary genetic algorithms optimization, Web applications of ANN, spiking ANN, feature extraction minimization, medical applications of AI, environmental and earth applications of AI, multi layer ANN, and bioinformatics. The volume also contains the accepted papers from the Workshop on Applications of Soft Computing to Telecommunication (ASCOTE 2011), the Workshop on Computational Intelligence Applications in Bioinformatics (CIAB 2011), and the Second Workshop on Informatics and Intelligent Systems Applications for Quality of Life Information Services (ISQLIS 2011).

Comparative Wood Anatomy

Author : Sherwin Carlquist
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This second edition has been completely revised and has incorporated significant changes that have occurred in wood anatomy over the past years. "This book is recommended to all who are interested in a modern, stimulating, competent, and well illustrated work." (Holzforschung).

Juvenile Wood in Forest Trees

Author : Bruce J. Zobel
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The trend in forestry is toward shorter rotations and more complete utiliza tion of trees. The reasons are: (1) financial pressures to obtain rapid returns on the forestry investment made possible by an earlier harvest; (2) enforced harvest of young plantations to maintain a continuing supply of cellulose for mills where wood shortages are experienced; (3) thinning young plantations, both because they were planted too densely initially and because thinning is done where long rotation quality trees are the forestry goal; (4) more intensive utilization is being done using tops and small diameter trees; and (5) there is interest in using young (juvenile) wood for special products because of its unique characteristics and the development of new technologies. The largest present-day source of conifer juvenile wood is from thinnings of plantations where millions of hectares of pine were planted too densely. Because of the better growth rate resulting from improved silviculture and good genetic stock, plantations will need to be thinned heavily. As a result of this trend, young wood makes up an increasingly larger proportion of the total conifer wood supply each year. Large amounts of juvenile wood from hard woods are also currently available, especially in the tropics and subtropics, because of the fast growth rate of the species used, which results in shorter rotations and ess~ntially all juvenile wood.