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Erz hltextanalyse German language Edition

Author : Meinhard Mair
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This comprehensive and systematic text book provides teachers and students alike with a profound, yet concise reference for the analysis of narrative texts. It provides appropriate and differentiated terminological and methodological tools to all the questions that arise when analyzing a narrative text. An advantage of this textbook is that the narrative theory models and concepts are presented in understandable and operational analytical categories and parameters and illustrated by tables and matrices to help make the sophisticated analysis easier to understand and memorize. Exemplary model analyses are provided to present and test the performance of this method.This book is valuable not only to literary scholars but is also suitable to teachers and students.Lehrende und Studierende, die einen Erzähltext analysieren wollen, finden in diesem umfassenden, systematischen, profunden und zugleich übersichtlichen Lehrbuch und Nachschlagewerk ein geeignetes und differenziertes terminologisches und methodisches Instrumentarium, um alle Fragen, die bei der Analyse eines Erzähltextes auftauchen, beantworten zu können. Ein Vorzug des vorliegenden Handbuches besteht darin, dass die erzähltheoretischen Modelle und Konzepte in verständliche und operative analytische Kategorien und Parameter umgesetzt und durch Tabellen, Matrizen und graphische Darstellung veranschaulicht werden, um die anspruchsvollen analytischen Raster besser fass- und memorierbar zu machen. In exemplarischen Musteranalysen wird die Leistungsfähigkeit der vorliegenden Erzähltextanalyse erprobt. Das Buch wendet sich nicht nur an Literaturwissenschaftler, sondern ist auch für Lehrkräfte und Schüler geeignet

The Novel in Anglo German Context

Author : Susanne Stark
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The Novel in Anglo-German Context focuses on cross-currents and affinities between fiction written in English and fiction written in German, and the thirty-one contributors to this volume cover authors from the eighteenth century to the present day. The essays collected in this book approach the theme of Anglo-German cultural cross-fertilisation from a number of different angles. These include the reception and translation of foreign authors, the examination of exile writers, the comparative exploration of aspects which are crucial to both German, Austrian or Swiss and British or Irish novelists at a given point in time, the fictional depiction of the respective other culture, Anglo-German images in the novel, as well as the role of the novel in the curricula of German and British secondary education. The topics chosen by the contributors offer stimulating views on a wide range of subject areas, and the volume is essential reading for anyone with a broad interest in Anglo-Irish, German, Austrian and Swiss literature, the development of fiction as well as Anglo-German literary and cultural relations.

An Encyclopedia of German Women Writers 1900 1933

Author : Brian Keith-Smith
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In Ten Volumes, with three supplementary volumes Anthology with biographical and bibliographical notes, and portraits where obtainable. Writers have been represented by works that either reveal their development in one genre, or by a cross-section of works from different genres, or by a group of works on one topic. Occasionally a much longer work is included to highlight neglected or unknown areas. Notes and biographies in English, original texts in German.

The Graph of Sex and the German Text

Author : Lynne Tatlock
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Federal Register

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Jews in German Literature Since 1945

Author : Pl O'Dochartaigh
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This volume contains some 46 essays on various aspects of contemporary German-Jewish literature. The approaches are diverse, reflecting the international origins of the contributors, who are based in seventeen different countries. Holocaust literature is just one theme in this context; others are memory, identity, Christian-Jewish relations, anti-Zionism, la belle juive, and more. Prose, poetry and drama are all represented, and there is a major debate on the controversial attempt to stage Fassbinder's Der Müll, die Stadt und der Todin 1985. The overall approach of the volume is an inclusive one. In his introduction, the editor calls for a reappraisal of the terms of German-Jewish discourse away from the notion of 'Germans' and 'Jews' and towards the idea that both Jews and non-Jews, all of them Germans, have contributed to the corpus of 'German-Jewish literature'.

German Prose Fiction

Author : St. Louis Public Library
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Australian and New Zealand Studies in German language and literature

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Benedikte Naubert 1756 1819 and Her Relations to English Culture

Author : Hilary Brown
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The eighteenth century saw the first significant phase of cultural interchange between Britain and Germany. This study examines the part played in this process by women writers, who were entering the literary world in large numbers for the first time. It asks whether women - as readers, translators, and authors - were particularly receptive to the work of other women, and whether a cross-cultural female literary tradition emerged during the period. The study offers a detailed case-study of the German writer Benedikte Naubert, now known for her collection of fairy-tales but also a prolific novelist. It looks first at Naubert's engagement with English literature, that is to say at her numerous translations of English novels, and at the ways in which Anglophilia influenced the production of her own fiction. It establishes how Naubert's interest in England and English literature was related to her position as a woman writer. It then examines the reception of her novels and stories in Britain, questioning how far the response to her texts can be linked to issues of gender. Naubert's work is compared throughout to that of other women writers, and the study thus sheds new light on the extent to which cross-cultural interchange influenced the development of women's writing in both countries.

German books in print

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