Migration, Memory, and Diversity

Germany from 1945 to the Present


Author: Cornelia Wilhelm

Publisher: Berghahn Books

ISBN: 1785333283

Category: Social Science

Page: 366

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Within Germany, policies and cultural attitudes toward migrants have been profoundly shaped by the difficult legacies of the Second World War and its aftermath. This wide-ranging volume explores the complex history of migration and diversity in Germany from 1945 to today, showing how conceptions of “otherness” developed while memories of the Nazi era were still fresh, and identifying the continuities and transformations they exhibited through the Cold War and reunification. It provides invaluable context for understanding contemporary Germany’s unique role within regional politics at a time when an unprecedented influx of immigrants and refugees present the European community with a significant challenge.

Theatre in the Context of the Yugoslav Wars


Author: Jana Dolečki,Senad Halilbašić,Stefan Hulfeld

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 331998893X

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 339

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This book assembles texts by renowned academics and theatre artists who were professionally active during the wars in former Yugoslavia. It examines examples of how various forms of theatre and performance reacted to the conflicts in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, and Kosovo while they were ongoing. It explores state-funded National Theatre activities between escapism and denial, the theatre aesthetics of protest and resistance, and symptomatic shifts and transformations in the production of theatre under wartime circumstances, both in theory and in practice. In addition, it looks beyond the period of conflict itself, examining the aftermath of war in contemporary theatre and performance, such as by considering Ivan Vidić’s war trauma plays, the art campaigns of the international feminist organization Women in Black, and Peter Handke’s play Voyage by Dugout. The introduction explores correlations between the contributions and initiates a reflection on the further development of the research field. Overall, the volume provides new perspectives and previously unpublished research in the fields of theory and historiography of theatre, as well as Southeast European Studies.

Rightwing Populism

An Element of Neodemocracy


Author: Klaus von Beyme

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3030031772

Category: Political Science

Page: 103

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This book, written by a prominent German political scientist and specialist for political theory and comparative government, analyses right-wing populism as a topical theme of postmodern party systems in Europe and the United States.

The Dark Side of Nation-States

Ethnic Cleansing in Modern Europe


Author: Philipp Ther

Publisher: Berghahn Books

ISBN: 1782383034

Category: Political Science

Page: 288

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Why was there such a far-reaching consensus concerning the utopian goal of national homogeneity in the first half of the twentieth century? Ethnic cleansing is analyzed here as a result of the formation of democratic nation-states, the international order based on them, and European modernity in general. Almost all mass-scale population removals were rationally and precisely organized and carried out in cold blood, with revenge, hatred and other strong emotions playing only a minor role. This book not only considers the majority of population removals which occurred in Eastern Europe, but is also an encompassing, comparative study including Western Europe, interrogating the motivations of Western statesmen and their involvement in large-scale population removals. It also reaches beyond the European continent and considers the reverberations of colonial rule and ethnic cleansing in the former British colonies.

East Central Europe at a Glance

People - Cultures - Developments


Author: Marija Wakounig,Ferdinand Kühnel

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 3643910460


Page: 310

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The Centers for Austrian and Central European Studies, founded by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science, and Research play an important role for the Austrian and international scientific community since the 1970s. Their tasks are to promote studies on Austrian and Central Europe in their host nations as well as to offer Austrian and Central European students the opportunity to conduct research abroad and to get in touch with the local scientific community. This anthology contains reports on the activities of the Centers in the Academic Year 2015/2016 and papers of their most promising PhD-students.

Nationalstaat, Nationalismus und Militär


Author: International Congress of Military History 32, 2006, Potsdam,Winfried Heinemann,Deutsche Kommission für Militärgeschichte

Publisher: N.A


Category: Civil-military relations

Page: 566

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