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Diaspora Merchants in the Black Sea

Author : Vasilēs A. Kardasēs
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Presented here for the first time in English, this richly detailed study--based on British, French, Greek, and Russian archival sources--tells the story of the powerful Greek trading houses that competed successfully with North America to feed the industrializing population of Western Europe. Vassilis Kardasis presents this commercial history by charting the rise of Greek merchant houses to a position of dominance over the export of trade in Russian grain. Though the Greeks would eventually cede their dominance to the competition of cheaper American grain in the second half of the nineteenth century, their influence was felt in the transformation of Southern Russia to productive agricultural land and the formation of large Black Sea port cities which would eventually encourage massive immigration. Diaspora Merchants in the Black Sea fills an important gap in our understanding of the role of the diasporic Greek community in southern Russian history, the history of Greek maritime activity, and ultimately the history of economic relations between Eastern and Western Europe.

Greek Diaspora and Migration since 1700

Author : Dimitris Tziovas
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The Greek diaspora is one of the paradigmatic historical diasporas. Though some trace its origins to ancient Greek colonies, it is really a more modern phenomenon. Diaspora, exile and immigration represent three successive phases in Modern Greek history and they are useful vantage points from which to analyse changes in Greek society, politics and culture over the last three centuries. Embracing a wide range of case studies, this volume charts the role of territorial displacements as social and cultural agents from the eighteenth century to the present day and examines their impact on communities, politics, institutional attitudes and culture. By studying migratory trends the aim is to map out the transformation of Greece from a largely homogenous society with a high proportion of emigrants to a more diverse society inundated by immigrants after the end of the Cold War. The originality of this book lies in the bringing together of diaspora, exile and immigration and its focus on developments both inside and outside Greece.

Merchant Colonies in the Early Modern Period

Author : Victor N Zakharov
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Merchant colonies were a significant factor for economic growth in Europe during the early modern period. The essays in this collection look at merchant colonies across Europe, assessing their function, legal status, interaction with local traders and assimilation into their host countries.

Europe and the Black Sea Region

Author : Dominik Gutmeyr
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When the scientific study of the Black Sea Region began in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, initially commissioned by adjacent powers such as the Habsburg and the Russian empires, this terra incognita was not yet considered part of Europe. The eighteen chapters of this volume show a broad range of thematic foci and theoretical approaches - the result of the enormous richness of the European macrocosm and the BSR. The microcosms of the many different case studies under scrutiny, however, demonstrate the historical dimension of exchange between the allegedly opposite poles of `East' and `West' and underscore the importance of mutual influences in the development of Europe and the BSR.

Creating Global Shipping

Author : Gelina Harlaftis
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This study of shipping makes visible a sector that has led European economic growth for centuries, yet rarely appears in business or economic histories.

Homelands and Diasporas

Author : Minna Rozen
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The Greek and Jewish diasporas are the most significant diasporas of Western civilisation. "Homelands and Diasporas" is the first book to explore the similarities and differences between these two experiences. In the process it sheds fascinating light on their fundamental importance for both Greek and Jewish societies. The authors examine Greek and Jewish diasporas throughout history, from classical and Biblical times to the present, and all over the world - in Greece, the Balkans, Turkey, Russia, the Near and Middle East, Spain and the US. They analyse the very nature of diaspora, examining both the Greek concept of noble expansion and the Jewish idea of enforced exile, and analyse community structures as well as social and religious networks, combining Scriptural analysis with cultural and political history. Diaspora is a difficult and emotive concept but "Homelands and Diasporas" offers a balanced and perceptive guide to the connected histories of these two peoples away from their homelands.

The Profit of the Earth

Author : Courtney Fullilove
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While there is enormous public interest in biodiversity, food sourcing, and sustainable agriculture, romantic attachments to heirloom seeds and family farms have provoked misleading fantasies of an unrecoverable agrarian past. The reality, as Courtney Fullilove shows, is that seeds are inherently political objects transformed by the ways they are gathered, preserved, distributed, regenerated, and improved. In The Profit of the Earth, Fullilove unearths the history of American agricultural development and of seeds as tools and talismans put in its service. Organized into three thematic parts, The Profit of the Earth is a narrative history of the collection, circulation, and preservation of seeds. Fullilove begins with the political economy of agricultural improvement, recovering the efforts of the US Patent Office and the nascent US Department of Agriculture to import seeds and cuttings for free distribution to American farmers. She then turns to immigrant agricultural knowledge, exploring how public and private institutions attempting to boost midwestern wheat yields drew on the resources of willing and unwilling settlers. Last, she explores the impact of these cereal monocultures on biocultural diversity, chronicling a fin-de-siècle Ohio pharmacist’s attempt to source Purple Coneflower from the diminishing prairie. Through these captivating narratives of improvisation, appropriation, and loss, Fullilove explores contradictions between ideologies of property rights and common use that persist in national and international development—ultimately challenging readers to rethink fantasies of global agriculture’s past and future.

Oceanic Histories

Author : David Armitage
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Oceanic Histories is the first comprehensive account of world history focused not on the land but viewed through the 70% of the Earth's surface covered by water. Leading historians trace the history of the Indian, Pacific, and Atlantic Oceans and seas, from the Arctic and the Baltic to the South China Sea and the Sea of Japan/Korea's East Sea, over the longue durée. Individual chapters trace the histories and the historiographies of the various oceanic regions, with special attention given to the histories of circulation and particularity, the links between human and non-human history and the connections and comparisons between parts of the World Ocean. Showcasing oceanic history as a field with a long past and a vibrant future, these authoritative surveys, original arguments and guides to research make this volume an indispensable resource for students and scholars alike.

Russia and the Making of Modern Greek Identity 1821 1844

Author : Lucien J. Frary
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How do the Greeks of today relate to their Classical and Byzantine past? What role does religion play in Greek life? How did the outside world contribute to the making of modern Greece? These are some of the questions probed in this lively exploration of modern Greek identity. Based on a wealth of unpublished Russian documents and Greek historical sources, the book illuminates the connection between religion, politics, and the past in modern Greek nationhood aswell as the development of Russian foreign policy in the Balkans. Well-illustrated and exciting to read, the book lays the groundwork for a broader understanding of nineteenth-century Russian foreignpolicy and religious enterprise in the Balkans and Middle East while providing readers with a nuanced appreciation of the relationship between religion, nationalism, and state-building.

The Same But Different

Author : Jessica V. Roitman
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Using cutting-edge theory regarding trade networks and diaspora, this book offers an innovative analysis of Sephardic merchants in 17th c. Amsterdam’s trade. Challenging views that Sephardic success stemmed from endogamous business relationships, it shows that Sephardic merchants traded with non-Sephardim.

New Directions in Mediterranean Maritime History

Author : Gelina Harlaftis
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This study seeks to correct the underrepresentation of Mediterranean maritime history in academic publications, in attempt to understand the multi-cultural and multi-ethnic environment in which maritime activity takes place, by compiling ten essays from maritime historians concerning Spain, France, Italy, Malta, Slovenia, Greece, Turkey, and Israel. The aim of the collection is to provide an insight into Mediterranean maritime history to those who could not previously access such information due to language barriers or difficulty securing non-English publications; some of the essays have translated into English specifically for this publication. The majority of the essays concern the Early Modern period, and the remainder concern the contemporary.

Centres and Peripheries in Banking

Author : Even Lange
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This volume presents a broad investigation into the relationship between the centre and the periphery in banking. Focusing on the historical development of financial markets, from their emergence in the early modern period to today's global financial and capital markets, the chapters investigate how local, national and international relationships have affected and helped shape the banking industry over three-hundred years. This wide-ranging discussion in time and place is provided by a group of international experts, encompassing bankers, economists, economic historians and historians, and will be of interest to all those with a scholarly or professional interest in the development of financial institutions.

The Cultures of Italian Migration

Author : Graziella Parati
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The Cultures of Italian Migration allows the adjective "Italian" to qualify people's movements along diverse trajectories and temporal dimensions. Discussions on migrations to and from Italy meet in that discursive space where critical concepts like"home," "identity," "subjectivity," and "otherness" eschew stereotyping. This volume demonstrates that interpretations of old migrations are necessary in order to talk about contemporary Italy. New migrations trace new non linear paths in the definitionof a multicultural Italy whose roots are unmistakably present throughout the centuries. Some of these essays concentrate on topics that are historically long-term, such as emigration from Italy to the Americas and southern Pacific Ocean. Others focus on the more contemporary phenomena of immigration to Italy from other parts of the world, including Africa. This collection ultimately offers an invitation to seek out new and different modes of analyzing the migratory act.

Gendered Stereotypes and Female Entrepreneurship in Southern Europe 1700 1900

Author : Polly Thanailaki
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This book addresses issues that remain under-researched by feminist historians. They pertain to female economic contribution in specific geographical areas and countries such as Greece, Italy, a number of regions of France, Greek-speaking regions in the Ottoman-ruled Macedonia, and two countries in the Balkans: Romania and Bulgaria. Additionally, it compares and contrasts female economic agency in the above regions which is a field that hitherto lacks thorough study. Polly Thanailaki explores female contribution to the finances of their family and to the economy of their country and how they interlaced in a transnational historical setting, further exploring social norms and trading practices in these regions. The methodology is based on the study of original printed sources such as archives, newspapers, and journals of the period, along with secondary sources of literature. The book addresses the nexus of gender, economy, and society covering a broad spectrum of gender studies, economic history and social history in time and in geographic space.

Across the Danube Southeastern Europeans and Their Travelling Identities 17th 19th C

Author :
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The Danube has always been a border and a bridge. Between the 17th and the 19th centuries, commercial networks were formed between the Ottoman Empire and Central and Eastern Europe creating diaspora communities and connecting the Mediterranean, the Black Sea, and the Continental world of commerce.

Entrepreneurship in Theory and History

Author : Y. Cassis
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In the study of entrepreneurship there has been little interaction between economic theory and history. For the first time a single volume combines analyses of leading specialists from both disciplines. It examines the ways theory and historical evidence can be linked, how economic theory can contribute to improving the historical interpretation of entrepreneurship, and significant thematic aspects of the history of entrepreneurship. Conceptual analyses are fused with historical archive-based work, reflecting the current state of the art and new directions in research.

Entrepreneurial Marketing

Author : Zubin Sethna
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Marketing and Entrepreneurship have, until quite recently, remained two quite independent scholarly domains. In 2002, Morris et al. provided a definition of Entrepreneurial Marketing as, "an integrative construct for conceptualising marketing in an era of change, complexity, chaos, contradiction, and diminishing resources, and one that will manifest itself differently as companies age and grow. It fuses key aspects of recent developments in marketing thought and practice with those in the entrepreneurship area into one comprehensive construct."

Maritime History at the Crossroads

Author : Frank Broeze
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This volume seeks to critically review the contemporary state of maritime historiography, as it stands at the volume's publication date of 1995. The volume is comprised of thirteen essays, each focused on the recent research into the maritime concerns of a particular geographical location, listed as follows: Australia; Canada; China; Denmark; Germany; Greece; Ibero-America; India; the Netherlands; the Ottoman Empire; Spain; the United States; and a final chapter concerning historians and maritime labour in Britain, Australia, and New Zealand. One concern made evident by the collection is the lack of stable identity and cohesive aims within maritime history, the subject holds many conflicting definitions and concepts. The purpose of this volume is to explore the recent developments in maritime history, plus the growth of scholarly interest, to provide a 'beacon and stimulus for future work' and to clearly direct and define maritime historiography toward a solid position in the field of history.

Mediterranean Wooden Shipbuilding

Author : Apostolos Delis
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In Mediterranean Wooden Shipbuilding Apostolos Delis analyses the wooden shipbuilding industry of the port of Syros, an important maritime and commercial crossroad in the nineteenth century eastern Mediterranean.

Trading with the Ottomans

Author : Despina Vlami
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Arguably, trade is the engine of history, and the acceleration in what you mightcall 'globalism' from the beginning of the last millennium has been driven by communities interacting with each other through commerce and exchange. The Ottoman empire was a trading partner for the rest of the world, and therefore the key link between the west and the middle east in the fifteenth to nineteenth centuries. much academic attention has been given to the east india Company, but less well known is the Levant Company, which had the exclusive right to trade with the Ottoman empire from 1581 to 1825. The Levant Company exported British manufacturing, colonial goods and raw materials, and imported silk, cotton, spices, currants and other Levantine goods. it set up 'factories' (trading establishments) across Ottoman lands and hired consuls, company employees and agents from among its members, as well as foreign tradesmen and locals. here, despina vlami outlines the relationship between the Ottoman empire and the Levant Company, and traces the company's last glimpses of prosperity combined with slump periods and tension, as both the Ottoman and the British empire faced significant change and war. she points out that the growth of 'free' trade and the end of protectionism coincided with modernisation and reforms, and while doing so, provides a new lens through which to view the decline of the Ottoman world.