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Dhofar Doppleganger

Author : George B. Randle
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The bulk of the action is taking place in that Jewel of the Arabian Peninsular, The Sultanate of Oman. Once again the Middle East is plagued with conflict as yet another would be Dictator tries to plunge the region into war in an attempt to shut off the taps on Western Oil supplies thereby achieving his goal of becoming the prime leader of the Region. Alister Murray a successful Architect is dragged into the dangerous game when he discovers an identical twin brother he did not know existed. The initial action takes place in Dofar, the Southern province of The Sultanate of Oman when Alistair Murray returns to Salalah to complete the design of next phase of the International Airport. While on a night out at the Airforce base he comes face to face with the identical twin he did not know existed. Within days of meeting for the first time the brothers are thrown into the dangerous world of International Politics and Terrorism. Tom Grant, Alistairs brother is in the army and a member of the Elite Regiment, the SAS. He has stumbled across a plot to overthrow the Sultan and replace him with an Islamic Fundamentalist figurehead, manipulated by a power hungry Iranian cleric, hell bent of shutting off the supply of oil to the Western World. Wounded in an ambush Tom is unable to continue with his mission and Alister is persuaded to take his place to track down the perpetrators of the plot. The journey through the Middle East places not only Alister, but also his fiancee in great danger. The action flows rapidly between Oman, Cyprus, Lebanon, Israel, Iran, and Iraq where Alister confronts the power and seemingly unlimited wealth of International Terrorist Groups. The action also follows Tom and Caroline to London where they too face up to the men in Gray Suites prepared to use international terrorism to achieve their ends, The three finally return to Oman for the show down. The final confrontation is not achieved before the brothers learn of another potential threat to world Peace, but then that's in 1990 and another tale&&

Sapphostudien zu ausgew hlten Fragmenten

Author : Luca Benelli
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Publication of the author's doctoral thesis, Universitèat Kèoln, 2014.