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Security Challenges and Management in Modern Nigeria

Author : Ayodeji Olukoju
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This collection of essays explores the critical and fluid nature of security challenges that have plagued Nigeria since colonial times. Insecurity in diverse forms remains the bane of growth and progressive development in the country, and has the capability to derail a society no matter how sophisticated. What has generated insecurity at the macro- and micro-levels? How has insecurity been tackled? Why have security challenges escalated particularly in the post-independence period? What lessons could be learnt from the way security matters have been (mis)handled in the past? This volume presents chapters on the historical roots and antecedents of security challenges, and considers the nexus between the economy, political leadership and development, and its impacts on security in modern Nigeria. It also explores the effectiveness of the strategies employed to address security challenges, and discusses why some security challenges have lingered.

The Report Nigeria 2010

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Global Entertainment Media

Author : Anne Cooper-Chen
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Global Entertainment Media offers a unique perspective on entertainment media worldwide. As one of the first comprehensive books to address entertainment mass media worldwide, it addresses students as TV watchers and takes them to new places, both geographically and intellectually. Editor Anne Cooper-Chen has gathered an international group of scholars to explore such concepts as psychology, gratifications, and effects of media entertainment and its relation to national cultures, as well as to discuss the business of international TV trade by transnational media corporations. In this volume, experts discuss the content, audiences, and cultural and legal aspects of their respective countries, all of which are major TV markets. The country-specific chapters draw on the individual insights, expertise, and currency of 10 resident authors. Contributions represent every hemisphere of the globe, offering detailed examinations of media entertainment in United Kingdom, Germany, Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, India, Japan, China, Brazil, and Mexico. The two concluding chapters provide cross-national case studies that look at familiar TV experiences--The Olympics and the "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" show--in global and novel ways. Global Entertainment Media is intended for students in international media, comparative media, cross-cultural communication, and television studies, and it also has much to offer scholars and researchers in entertainment media.

Entertainment education for Health Behaviour Change

Author : Chima E. Onuekwe
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Entertainment-education methods have been used for centuries to impart knowledge, traditions, and moral guidance. Today, researchers are discovering the power of entertainment-education strategies to affect the outcomes of socio-political and economic development programmes including health and education. Entertainment-education for Health Behaviour Change: Issues and Perspectives in Africa is a collection of essays from some of the leading scholars in entertainment-education, including writers from South Africa, Nigeria, and the United States. Chapters cover a wide range of application and strategies for entertainment-education, from mass media campaigns to participatory communication for behaviour change in health interventions including polio eradication and HIV/AIDS. Through reviews of past programmes and discussions of areas of potential research, these scholars highlight an emerging approach that is set to change health education and behaviour change strategies around the world. Peer Reviewers Professor Lucia Dura of the University of Texas at El Paso, USA; John Riber of Media Development International, Tanzania; Dr. Akashorun Lekkan, Lagos State University, Ojo, Nigeria; Dr. Julita C. Maradzika, Health Promotion specialist, University of Zimbabwe; Dr. Chinyere Okam, Theatre for Development specialist; and Dr. Okidu Onjefu, Development Communication specialist, Caleb University, Lagos, Nigeria.

The Report Nigeria 2013

Author : Oxford Business Group
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As the single most populous nation in Africa, Nigeria recently overtook South Africa as the largest economy on the continent. Natural resources, oil and gas in particular, comprise the country’s single largest revenue-earner but the 170m person economy also has seen significant activity in recent years into the industrial, financial, telecoms and – as of 2013 – power sectors. Hydrocarbons reserves have traditionally attracted the vast majority of domestic and foreign investment in Nigeria. Oil production capacity has remained at roughly 2.5m barrels per day (bpd) since the start of 2000, although output fell to 2.2m bpd on average in 2012. Still, the country has long operated below its true potential and government efforts in recent years have sought to increase local value addition, by boosting refining capacity and minimising theft and bunkering. The country’s banking sector has been through a significant shake-up as well, resulting in a far healthier and more robust financial industry, while reforms in the telecoms and agricultural sectors have strengthened medium-term prospects.

Agricultural Extension in Nigeria

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Nigeria Vision 20 2020

Author : Nigeria. National Planning Commission
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Author : Michael Chima Ekenyerengozi
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Nigerian Information and Communications Technology Handbook 2005

Author : Compumetrics Solutio Staff
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This volume revises and updates the 2003 handbook on the ICT sector in Nigeria. It is a timely publication as Nigeria moves from being a country overwhelmingly dependent on oil, to a multi-product economy, with ICTs now representing US$1.3bn per annum. There is still however a dearth of data and information on the nature, characteristics and need to track the progress and dynamics of the industry.

Historical Development of Tax System in the Western State of Nigeria 1957 58 to 1973 74

Author : C. S. Ola
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Approved Estimates of Imo State of Nigeria

Author : Imo State (Nigeria)
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The Development of Dramatic Troupes in Benin Nigeria

Author : Ademola Iyi-Eweka
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The Nigerian Journal of Development Studies

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Nigerian Journal of Gender and Development

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Ethnic Unions and Rural Development in Eastern Nigeria

Author : Chukwuemeka B. Nwachukwu
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New Times

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The Origin and Development of Television Broadcasting in Nigeria

Author : Michael Imarauhi Egbon Ariyo
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Recurrent and Capital Estimates of the Government of Benue State of Nigeria

Author : Benue State (Nigeria)
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Estimates of the Government of Borno State of Nigeria

Author : Borno State (Nigeria)
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Broadcasting and Politics in Nigeria 1963 2003

Author : Ray A. Udeajah
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