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Developing the Expertise of Primary and Elementary Classroom Teachers

Author : Tony Eaude
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Developing the Expertise of Primary and Elementary Classroom Teachers challenges many current assumptions about primary education. Tony Eaude uses international research and the experiences of teachers at different career phases to indicate that primary classroom teachers with a high level of expertise adopt a wide repertoire of strategies and a flexible, reciprocal and intuitive approach to planning, assessment and teaching. He explores why a deep understanding of how young children learn, the ability to create an inclusive environment, relationships of care and trust and teachers who are attuned to children are essential. Eaude argues that to develop qualities such as confidence and resilience, to exercise informed intuition and to create a robust professional identity, many constraints on manifesting expertise, some of which are emotional, some more structural, must be overcome. Drawing on the research on professional learning, Eaude shows that these abilities and qualities are learned over time, through regular, sustained, contextualised opportunities, relating theory and practice, with the years soon after qualification particularly significant. He highlights that the professional knowledge and judgement required in complex, changing situations is acquired and refined mainly through guided practice and experience backed by reflection and engagement with research. The need for supportive professional learning communities and for policy which encourages primary classroom teachers' enthusiasm, creativity and willingness to innovate is emphasised and an enriched apprenticeship model – using a variety of processes, including observation of other teachers, practice, mentoring, case studies and discussion – is advocated.

Developing Teacher Expertise

Author : Margaret Sangster
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What are the issues that education raises for you? Beyond the technical skills and knowledge aspects of education, teachers and student teachers face questions which challenge their beliefs and approaches to their teaching and learning. This book contains a series of short articles each of which encourage you to reflect on your own practice and challenge your beliefs about how and what you teach. Questions explored include: When does inclusion become exclusion for the rest of the class? Do interactive whiteboards support or reduce creativity in the classroom? Is drama a luxury in the primary classroom? Should we be teaching other languages to children under seven? Learning outside the classroom, is it worth it? What makes a reflective practitioner? Essential reading for those training to teach children aged between 3 and 11, as well as practicing teachers looking to develop their practice.

The Effects of Targeted Professional Development on Elementary Teachers and English Language Learners

Author : Wendy M. Nagle
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Building Skills for Effective Primary Teaching

Author : Rachael Paige
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A completely new book covering the key skills of primary teaching, it supports trainee teachers to understand the complex nature of effective learning and teaching in primary schools.

Research Trends in Mathematics Teacher Education

Author : Jane-Jane Lo
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Research on the preparation and continued development of mathematics teachers is becoming an increasingly important subset of mathematics education research. Such research explores the attributes, knowledge, skills and beliefs of mathematics teachers as well as methods for assessing and developing these critical aspects of teachers and influences on teaching. Research Trends in Mathematics Teacher Education focuses on three major themes in current mathematics teacher education research: mathematical knowledge for teaching, teacher beliefs and identities, and tools and techniques to support teacher learning. Through careful reports of individual research studies and cross-study syntheses of the state of research in these areas, the book provides insights into teachers’ learning processes and how these processes can be harnessed to develop effective teachers. Chapters investigate bedrock skills needed for working with primary and secondary learners (writing relevant problems, planning lessons, being attentive to student learning) and illustrate how knowledge can be accessed, assessed, and nurtured over the course of a teaching career. Commentaries provide context for current research while identifying areas deserving future study. Included among the topics: Teachers’ curricular knowledge Teachers’ personal and classroom mathematics Teachers’ learning journeys toward reasoning and sense-making Teachers’ transitions in noticing Teachers’ uses of a learning trajectory as a tool for mathematics lesson planning A unique and timely set of perspectives on the professional development of mathematics teachers at all stages of their careers, Research Trends in Mathematics Teacher Education brings clarity and practical advice to researchers as well as practitioners in this increasingly critical arena.

The Professional Education and Development of Teachers of Mathematics

Author : Ruhama Even
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The premise of the 15th ICMI Study is that teachers are key to students' opportunities to learn mathematics. What teachers of mathematics know, care about, and do is a product of their experiences and socialization, together with the impact of their professional education. The Professional Education and Development of Teachers of Mathematics assembles important new international work- development, research, theory and practice - concerning the professional education of teachers of mathematics. As it examines critical areas to reveal what is known and what significant questions and problems warrant collective attention, the volume also contributes to the strengthening of the international community of mathematics educators. The Professional Education and Development of Teachers of Mathematics is of interest to the mathematics education community as well as to other researchers, practitioners and policy makers concerned with the professional education of teachers.

The Routledge International Handbook of Research on Dialogic Education

Author : Neil Mercer
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The Routledge International Handbook of Research on Dialogic Education provides a comprehensive overview of the main ideas and themes that make up the exciting and diverse field of Dialogic Education. With contributions from the world’s leading researchers, it describes underpinning theoretical approaches, debates, methodologies, evidence of impact, how Dialogic Education relates to different areas of the curriculum and ways in which work in this field responds to the profound educational challenges of our time. The handbook is divided into seven sections, covering: The theory of Dialogic Education Classroom dialogue Dialogue, teachers and professional development Dialogic Education for literacy and language Dialogic Education and digital technology Dialogic Education in science and mathematics Dialogic Education for transformative purposes Expertly written and researched, the handbook marks the coming of age of Dialogic Education as an important and distinctive area of applied educational research. Featuring chapters from authors working in different educational contexts around the world, the handbook is of international relevance and provides an invaluable resource for researchers and students concerned with the study of educational dialogue and allied areas of socio-cultural research. It will interest students on PhD programmes in Education Faculties, Master's level courses in Education and postgraduate teacher-training courses. The accounts of results achieved by high-impact research projects around the world will also be very valuable for policy makers and practitioners.

Teacher Education Concepts Methodologies Tools and Applications

Author : Management Association, Information Resources
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Educators play a significant role in the intellectual and social development of children and young adults. Next-generation teachers can only be as strong as their own educational foundation which serves to cultivate their knowledge of the learning process, uncover best practices in the field of education, and employ leadership abilities that will inspire students of all ages. Teacher Education: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications explores the current state of pre-service teacher programs as well as continuing education initiatives for in-service educators. Emphasizing the growing role of technology in teacher skill development and training as well as key teaching methods and pedagogical developments, this multi-volume work compiles research essential to higher education professionals and administrators, educational software developers, and researchers studying pre-service and in-service teacher training.

Primary English Extending Knowledge in Practice

Author : David Wray
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Still the biggest concern for many on initial teacher training courses is the acquisition of subject knowledge and the ability to translate that into effective teaching. This book addresses this - building on the core subject knowledge covered in the Achieving QTS series and relating it to classroom practice. It supports trainees in extending and deepening their knowledge of English and demonstrating how to apply it to planning and implementing lessons. Practical and up-to-date teaching examples are used to clearly contextualize subject knowledge. A clear focus on classroom practice helps trainees to build confidence and develop their own teaching strategies.

Music 7 11

Author : Sarah Hennessy
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Music is an area of the curriculum about which teachers often feel apprehensive. This book attempts to dispel the myth that to teach music effectively a teacher has to be an accomplished musician. It provides the opportunity to develop the subject knowledge and understanding which will lead to greater confidence in teaching enjoyable and appropriate music lessons. It does this by encouraging practical engagement with the subject through making and listening to music, reflecting on experiences and sharing views. The activities and teaching approaches relate to both Key Stages One and Two.

Primary Mathematics and the Developing Professional

Author : Alison Millett
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Abstract. This introduction sets the scene for the remainder of the book by considering first the international context of widespread concern about the improvement of numeracy skills. This is related to reform movements in the United Kingdom, the United States and other countries aimed at modernising primary (elementary) school mathematics curricula. A detailed account is given of the National Numeracy Strategy in England, a systemic government-imposed response to concern about standards implemented in 1999/2000. This includes a discussion of the alternative meanings of numeracy. An earlier initiative sponsored by a United Kingdom charitable trust reacting to concern about primary numeracy was the Leverhulme Numeracy Research Programme. This large-scale longitudinal study and linked set of case-study projects, focusing on reasons for low attainment, took place during 1997-2002. This book, and each other in the same series, is based on results of that research. The timescale fortuitously enabled the research team to also report on some effects of the systemic reform in the National Numeracy Strategy. 1. THE INTERNATIONAL CONTEXT In many countries, there are recurring periods of national concern about the low standards of calculation skills shown by children in primary (elementary) schools. Recently, these concerns have become more urgent and more political with the publication of international comparisons of mathematical achievement, first at secondary and more recently at primary level (e. g. Lapointe, Mead, & Askew 1992; Mullis et al. , 1997).

Resources in Education

Author :
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Examining Aspects of Linguistic Knowledge of Anglophone Primary School Teachers of North West Province of Cameroon in Relation to Children s Literacy Achievement

Author : Mary Njang Ghong
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Literacy is an important phenomenon in all societies today. Nations around the world put in a great deal of effort and allocate a lot of funding for educational purposes to improve literacy rates of children and to help them to become literate citizens so that they can function better in society. Studies of teacher education in the United States have shown that many of the in-service teachers lack the basic foundation of linguistic constructs needed to improve literacy skills in elementary classrooms. Further, it has been shown that students who were taught by teachers with a linguistic background performed better on reading, writing, and spelling skills than those children who were taught by teachers without such a linguistic background. These studies have recommended better teacher training programs that incorporate classes to specifically teach linguistic constructs. However, there are various factors that may affect literacy development in school children, such as family background and number of books available at home. The majority of these studies have been conducted in the United States and what is true for the U.S. may not be true for other countries. The purpose of this study is to examine the linguistic knowledge of elementary classroom teachers and how it impacts children's achievement in literacy skills in the North West region of Cameroon where English is the predominant language of instruction in schools. Data were collected from 100 primary school teachers and 200 third grade children from the rural and urban regions, then analyzed using independent t-tests at a 0.05 level of significance. Overall the teachers exemplified a lack of linguistic knowledge; however, when comparing rural to urban, the urban teacher's linguistic knowledge was significantly higher. Similarly, the children's results also revealed a higher performance rate from the urban children. Based on the results it is recommended that teacher preparatory programs should foster content and pedagogic expertise and include essential features in literacy instruction. The quality of teachers teaching in the primary schools is important and the Ministry of National Education in Cameroon should ensure a better teacher education program that can prepare confident and knowledgeable teachers.

Developing Active Learning in the Primary Classroom

Author : Anitra Vickery
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Establishing an effective learning environment in the classroom requires a clear understanding of different teaching strategies that make children active participants in their own learning. This book explores a range of philosophies and strategies to develop active learning in primary education. It balances theory with practice to provide evidence-based guidance and suggestions for use in the classroom. Key topics include: Creating a supportive learning environment Developing the questioning skills of teachers and children Learning through assessment Developing thinking skills through curriculum subjects Active learning in early years education Philosophy for Children (P4C) Frameworks to promote thinking This is essential reading for professional studies modules on primary initial teacher education courses, including university-based (PGCE, PGDE, BA QTS, BEd), school-based (SCITT, School Direct) and employment-based routes into teaching. It also serves as a handbook for schools that are developing their approaches to active learning. Anitra Vickery works as senior lecturer in primary mathematics education and the Professional Studies Coordinator at Bath Spa University.

Building Skills for Effective Primary Teaching

Author : Rachael Paige
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This books supports primary trainees to understand the complex nature of effective learning and teaching in primary schools. It explores the key skills required, helping trainees begin use them in their teaching, reflect on their development of these skills (with their mentors) and evaluate their impact on learning. This book supports and challenges primary trainee teachers and their mentors (both school based and university/SCITT based) by offering a range of approaches, strategies and perspectives to aspects of primary teaching. This new edition: · Includes practical guidance for building resilience · Explores the latest teaching approaches being trialed in schools · Supports trainees to work with their in school mentor

Research in Education

Author :
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Science 7 11

Author : Clive Carre
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As one of the core areas of the curriculum, science provides particular challenges, especially to teachers working at the top end of the elementary school range. Science 7-11 invites science teachers working with preteens to examine their practice in the light of current research findings. Clive Carre and Carrie Ovens, both experienced primary teachers themselves, ask what teachers really need to know both about their subject and about their students in order to teach


Author : Misa Kayama
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This book examines how the concept of disability is starting to take root in the Japanese school system, and what the implications are for parents, teachers, policy makers, and other stakeholders.

Cases of Successful Literacy Teachers

Author : Jan Lacina
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Using teaching vignettes, cases for exploration, and research in the field, this text provides preservice and inservice teachers with effective, research-based literacy strategies they can use to improve their practice to best serve students from diverse backgrounds. The cases—based in urban, rural, and suburban settings—help teachers make connections between classroom challenges and the research literature that can help them to become problem solvers and reflective practitioners.

Teacher Education and the Development of Democratic Citizenship in Europe

Author : Andrea Raiker
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This book uses international collaboration between nine European countries to explore how teacher education systems across Europe perceive and act upon devolving democracy and democratic citizenship. Understanding these countries’ cultural approaches to individual and national priorities in education is essential in perceiving similarities and differences in the meaning of ‘democracy’. The book offers debate on the prospects for teacher education and the development of democratic citizenship in Europe based on historical, political, economic and cultural contexts and the Council of Europe’s (CoE) competences for democratic citizenship. With critical analysis and evaluation around the common theme of teacher education and its role in developing democratic citizenship, the book provides awareness and understanding of how teacher education responds to the Council of Europe’s (CoE) conceptual model of competences for democratic culture. 20 competences categorized as Values, Attitudes, Skills, and Knowledge and Critical Understanding are defined so they can be taught to enable learners to practice them in their daily lives as democratic citizens. This book will be of key interest to academics, researchers and post-graduate students in the fields of teacher education, educational policy and politics, and citizenship education.