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Developing Successful Global Strategies for Marketing Luxury Brands

Author : Mosca, Fabrizio
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In recent times, the advent of new technologies, the concerns about sustainability, and the new tastes of the youngest generations of luxury consumers have affected the traditional dynamics of the luxury goods markets. These emerging issues have caused significant changes in the marketing of luxury goods. Sustainable development is not a new practice in the luxury market but is of increasing importance. The real challenge is for luxury companies to overcome the residual corporate social responsibility perspective to embrace a real integration of environmental, ethical, and social concerns into the corporate strategy. Integrated output and sustainable processes, the introduction of non-financial reporting as operational practice, and a new orientation to circular economy practices are emerging issues that still today request for a deeper exploration both on the academic and managerial point of view. Digitalization is another relevant issue that is reshaping the business model of luxury companies. Big data, blockchain, omnichannel experience, and digital customer experience represent the main digital challenges that luxury brand companies are facing nowadays. Luxury brands must keep up with these digital demands and sustainability concerns to maintain their position in the global market. Developing Successful Global Strategies for Marketing Luxury Brands upgrades the most relevant theoretical frameworks and empirical research about the marketing of luxury goods. This book is focused on contemporary issues affecting luxury industries such as digital transformation (blockchain, big data, analytics, innovation processes), sustainable development, changes in luxury consumers’ behavior, integration between physical and online channels, and the development of social media marketing strategies. Chapters will cover areas of marketing, management, buyer behavior, and international business, creating a multidisciplinary approach for this book. This book is ideal for scholars, local government agencies and public bodies, managers, luxury business owners, along with practitioners, stakeholders, researchers, academicians, and students who are interested in emerging issues affecting the luxury market, such as sustainability and digital transformation.

Global Marketing Strategies for the Promotion of Luxury Goods

Author : Mosca, Fabrizio
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Vast markets for high-symbolic-value goods serve as an expansive worldwide arena where luxury brands and products compete for consumer attention. As global luxury markets have grown and continue to grow, uncovering successful methods for maintaining brand image and consumer desire is critical to the success of high-end brands. Global Marketing Strategies for the Promotion of Luxury Goods explores the latest promotional trends, business models, and challenges within the luxury goods market. Focusing on strategies for achieving competitive advantage, new market development, as well as the role of the media in luxury brand building, this timely reference publication is designed for use by business professionals, researchers, and graduate-level students.

Research Anthology on Developing Socially Responsible Businesses

Author : Management Association, Information Resources
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In today’s world of global change, it has never been more critical for businesses to adapt their strategies, management styles, and policies to match that of the surrounding environment. Consumers are increasingly becoming more aware of the impact that businesses and product consumption have on environmental health. Thus, businesses have had to alter their production workflows to better suit a more environmentally conscious customer base. As society faces numerous issues related to the environment, health, poverty, and social justice, the need for socially responsible businesses is crucial to develop and improve the overall landscape of the business field. The Research Anthology on Developing Socially Responsible Businesses discusses the best practices, challenges, opportunities, and benefits of creating socially responsible businesses and provides a context of why these business models are needed. This essential text also considers how society has changed over time and how businesses must adjust their ideals and practices in order to survive in a changing world. Covering a range of topics such as accountability, environmental issues, and human rights, this major reference work is ideal for business owners, managers, policymakers, academicians, researchers, scholars, practitioners, instructors, and students.

The Rise of Positive Luxury

Author : Wided Batat
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Offering a holistic approach to positive luxury, this comprehensive book provides a novel framework grounded in the new paradigm of Transformative Luxury Research (TLR) stream. TLR helps luxury businesses and researchers develop in-depth knowledge about the mechanisms and factors that shape the future of positive luxury thinking and doing while promoting collective and individual well-being outcomes, social justice, eco-friendly practices, and sustainable growth, involving various stakeholders, communities, and institutions across developed and developing countries. Through a wide range of empirical, methodological, and theoretical contributions, examining the social, environmental, organizational, political, and cultural issues in responsible luxury marketing, this book explores the relationship between luxury consumption, production, and well-being outcomes. It offers a comprehensive overview of how luxury businesses can transform their practices and thus play an active role in promoting positive luxury within the industry and beyond along with enhancing their competitiveness, innovation, and profitability. The idea of well-being outcomes and sustainable growth, as applied in the TLR agenda, calls for synergistic theoretical and practical approaches. The content of this book, through different exciting chapters, will generate novel ideas to promote positive luxury business models leading luxury firms to transform their practices by advancing the current understanding of ethical and responsible business practices, which contribute to individual and collective well-being within the luxury field.

Handbook of Research on Future Policies and Strategies for Nation Branding

Author : Pistikou, Victoria
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By taking corporate marketing concepts and applying it to countries, “nation branding” is a way for these regions to enhance their reputations and project a desired image for international recognition. New modes of publicity and marketing geared towards geographic location fall into this category, leading nation branding to have vast benefits for the economics and societies of countries. New marketing strategies have emerged and are being adopted to consequently brand countries with this purpose of economic growth. By studying these emerging strategies and methods, nations can best develop a desired brand and reputation to foster growth and prosperity. The Handbook of Research on Future Policies and Strategies for Nation Branding discusses how exactly nation branding works to benefit the function and mission of these nations along with showing how nation branding can be used as a strategic asset for the redesign of economic, political, and social characteristics of a country. The chapters outline the given situation of nations and the nature and implications of the brand that is required, measure branding inference, and propose future steps for nation branding. This book is a critical reference source for brand managers, tourism professionals, marketers, advertisers, government officials, travel agencies, academicians, researchers, and students working in the fields of international relations, economics, social sciences, business studies, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

Advanced Digital Marketing Strategies in a Data Driven Era

Author : Saura, Jose Ramon
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In the last decade, the use of data sciences in the digital marketing environment has increased. Digital marketing has transformed how companies communicate with their customers around the world. The increase in the use of social networks and how users communicate with companies on the internet has given rise to new business models based on the bidirectionality of communication between companies and internet users. Digital marketing, new business models, data-driven approaches, online advertising campaigns, and other digital strategies have gathered user opinions and comments through this new online channel. In this way, companies are beginning to see the digital ecosystem as not only the present but also the future. However, despite these advances, relevant evidence on the measures to improve the management of data sciences in digital marketing remains scarce. Advanced Digital Marketing Strategies in a Data-Driven Era contains high-quality research that presents a holistic overview of the main applications of data sciences to digital marketing and generates insights related to the creation of innovative data mining and knowledge discovery techniques applied to traditional and digital marketing strategies. The book analyzes how companies are adopting these new data-driven methods and how these strategies influence digital marketing. Discussing topics such as digital strategies, social media marketing, big data, marketing analytics, and data sciences, this book is essential for marketers, digital marketers, advertisers, brand managers, managers, executives, social media analysts, IT specialists, data scientists, students, researchers, and academicians in the field.

Blockchain Technology and Applications for Digital Marketing

Author : Bansal, Rohit
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Blockchain is a digital, decentralized technology that is continually growing and making quite a mark in digital marketing. Blockchain has brought a drastic change to technology in the last few years, and it is referred to as distributed ledger technology (DLT), which makes the historical backdrop of any computerized resource unalterable and straightforward using decentralization and cryptographic hashing. Blockchain is transforming digital marketing by removing companies’ abilities to pull data from customers without also offering to reimburse them for its value. Marketers can leverage the technology’s positive attributes that customers are searching for in today’s digital landscape, both in transparency and data protection. In terms of digital marketing, blockchain is one of the most important topics for its applications in the marketing field. Blockchain Technology and Applications for Digital Marketing provides insights on blockchain technology and its applications in digital marketing. This book grants a comprehensive understanding of how this technology is functioning within modern marketing and how it can influence the future of the digital marketing industry. The chapters cover the applications of blockchain, benefits and challenges, disruptive innovations in digital marketing, privacy and security concerns, and the recent trends of blockchain in digital marketing. It is ideally intended for marketers, advertisers, brand managers, executives, managers, IT specialists and consultants, researchers, businesses, practitioners, stakeholders, academicians, and students interested in blockchain technology and its role in digital marketing.

Management and Marketing for Improved Competitiveness and Performance in the Healthcare Sector

Author : Santos, José Duarte
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The healthcare sector has never been under as much pressure as it is today. This pressure has motivated organizations to reinvent themselves, forcing management and marketing to take a more active role. Due to this reinvention, organizations must incorporate a stronger culture of management and marketing orientation that allows companies to define their course, optimize their resources, communicate with their stakeholders more efficiently, and encourage customers to become more involved with the company. This need is particularly urgent in the healthcare sector, as its weight in the economy has grown recently and it must prepare for economic recovery. Management and Marketing for Improved Competitiveness and Performance in the Healthcare Sector provides knowledge and skills to apply management and marketing on strategic, tactical, and operational aspects with an emphasis on the healthcare industry. Various aspects of management and marketing, such as operations management, quality management, human resources, brand management, and digital marketing, are discussed. The book is ideal for management and marketing academics, their students (undergraduate/graduate programs), researchers, managers, advertisers, healthcare organizations, hospital boards, pharmaceutical representatives, and marketers who need to optimize the potential of management marketing applied in the healthcare industry.

Non Fungible Tokens NFTs

Author : Andrea Sestino
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This book focuses on the relevance of non-fungible token-based products in the current hyper-digitalized and hyper-connected world. Connecting the new NFTs’ technologies with academic literature on marketing, the authors highlight future research streams as well as strategies and factors that marketers and managers can use to promote this new type of product. Starting with an overview of the nature and increasing importance of NFTs in marketing, the authors extensively examine the blockchain technology that underlies this new innovation along with its applications. Specifically, by reviewing the existing literature on NFTs, the authors explain the emerging topics and business opportunities offered by NFTs for intellectual property protection, development of new lifestyles, and forms of entertainment. The second part of the book investigates NFTs in three different contexts: art, music, and fashion. By exploring the key behavioral variables that underlie consumers’ intentions to purchase NFT-based products (i.e., materialism, status consumption orientation, innovativeness), the authors discuss the various implications for advertising and marketing strategies in such industries. Offering a state-of-the-art look at this new technology, this book presents a guide for scholars and anyone looking for an understanding of NFTs and the opportunities they present. With a preface by Russell Belk.

Big Data Analytics for Improved Accuracy Efficiency and Decision Making in Digital Marketing

Author : Singh, Amandeep
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The availability of big data, low-cost commodity hardware, and new information management and analytic software have produced a unique moment in the history of data analysis. The convergence of these trends means that we have the capabilities required to analyze astonishing data sets quickly and cost-effectively for the first time in history. They represent a genuine leap forward and a clear opportunity to realize enormous gains in terms of efficiency, productivity, revenue, and profitability especially in digital marketing. Data plays a huge role in understanding valuable insights about target demographics and customer preferences. From every interaction with technology, regardless of whether it is active or passive, we are creating new data that can describe us. If analyzed correctly, these data points can explain a lot about our behavior, personalities, and life events. Companies can leverage these insights for product improvements, business strategy, and marketing campaigns to cater to the target customers. Big Data Analytics for Improved Accuracy, Efficiency, and Decision Making in Digital Marketing aids understanding of big data in terms of digital marketing for meaningful analysis of information that can improve marketing efforts and strategies using the latest digital techniques. The chapters cover a wide array of essential marketing topics and techniques, including search engine marketing, consumer behavior, social media marketing, online advertising, and how they interact with big data. This book is essential for professionals and researchers working in the field of analytics, data, and digital marketing, along with marketers, advertisers, brand managers, social media specialists, managers, sales professionals, practitioners, researchers, academicians, and students looking for the latest information on how big data is being used in digital marketing strategies.