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Destroyer of the Gods

Author : Larry W. Hurtado
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Christianity helped destroy one world and create another.--Anthony Smart "Vigilae Christianae"

Hindu Gods and Goddesses

Author : Walter Hazen
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This packet introduces your students to the oldest organized religion in the world: Hinduism. They will learn in detail about several of the Hindu dieties, such as Vishnu, Krishna, Siva, and more. In addition to valuable historical and practical information, this packet provides review questions, questions for discussion, key word lists, and an answer key. These features facilitate student assimilation of the fundamentals of a religion practiced by an estimated 781 million people around the globe. Whether your objective is a comprehensive study of Hinduism or a simple overview, this packet affords you the opportunity to easily accomplish either one. You will be delighted to observe your students' growing understanding of the rich culture and history of a religion believed to date back to prehistoric times.

The Journey of the Dialectic Knowing God Volume 3

Author : Anthony E. Mansueto
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No discipline has been more uniformly derided for a longer period than metaphysics. Of the ancient and medieval sciences now in disrepute, even astrology and alchemy get better press. The most devastating--and currently the most influential--attack on metaphysics has come from a broad spectrum of thinkers including Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Heidegger, Arendt, Levinas, Derrida, and Milbank, who have argued that metaphysics is the root of modern nihilism and totalitarianism. Anthony Mansueto puts this claim to the test, developing a historical sociology of metaphysics that analyzes the social basis and political valence of metaphysical systems. Mansueto does this globally and cross-culturally, engaging not only the Hellenic tradition and its extension into medieval Christendom and Dar-al-Islam, but also the Indian and Chinese traditions. Specifically, Mansueto argues that far from representing the roots of nihilism or modern state terror, metaphysics emerges (and continues to be necessary) as a way to ground meaning and value in societies--especially in market societies in which these have become problematic. Metaphysics tends to restrain exploitation and to encourage the redirection of surplus toward activities that promote development of human capacities. Knowing God: The Journey of the Dialectic concludes with an outline of a new dialectical metaphysics that reconciles a Buddhist metaphysics of interdependence in the Hua-yen tradition with a historicized metaphysics of Esse, yielding results that look startlingly like the dao xue, or neo-Confucianism of Song China. Mansueto shows how such a metaphysics can ground meaning and value while answering postmodern concerns to safeguard difference.

The Gods and Religions of Ancient and Modern Times

Author : De Robigne Mortimer Bennett
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The Transhumanism Handbook

Author : Newton Lee
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Modern humanity with some 5,000 years of recorded history has been experiencing growing pains, with no end in sight. It is high time for humanity to grow up and to transcend itself by embracing transhumanism. Transhumanism offers the most inclusive ideology for all ethnicities and races, the religious and the atheists, conservatives and liberals, the young and the old regardless of socioeconomic status, gender identity, or any other individual qualities. This book expounds on contemporary views and practical advice from more than 70 transhumanists. Astronaut Neil Armstrong said on the Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969, “One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.” Transhumanism is the next logical step in the evolution of humankind, and it is the existential solution to the long-term survival of the human race.

Guest is God

Author : Drew Thomases
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Every year, the Indian pilgrimage town of Pushkar sees its population of 20,000 swell by two million visitors. Since the 1970s, Pushkar, which is located about 250 miles southwest of the capital of New Delhi, has received considerable attention from international tourists. Originally hippies and backpackers, today's visitors now come from a wide range of social positions. To locals, though, Pushkar is more than just a gathering place for pilgrims and tourists: it is where Brahma, the creator god, made his home; it is where Hindus should feel blessed to stay, if only for a short time; and it is where locals would feel lucky to be reborn, if only as a pigeon. In short, it is their paradise. But even paradise needs upkeep. In Guest is God, Drew Thomases uses ethnographic fieldwork to explore the massive enterprise of building heaven on earth. The articulation of sacred space necessarily works alongside economic changes brought on by tourism and globalization. Here the contours of what actually constitutes paradise are redrawn by developments in, and the agents of, tourism. And as paradise is made and remade, people in Pushkar help to create a brand of Hindu religion that is tailored to its local surroundings while also engaging global ideas. The goal, then, becomes to show how religion and tourism can be mutually constitutive.

A Million and One Gods

Author : Page duBois
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As A Million and One Gods shows, polytheism is considered a scandalous presence in societies oriented to Jewish, Christian, and Muslim beliefs. Yet it persists, even in the West, perhaps because polytheism corresponds to unconscious needs and deeply held values of tolerance, diversity, and equality that are central to civilized societies.

The Mahabharata

Author :
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The Greatest Story Ever Told Dispute over land and kingdom may lie at the heart of this story of war between cousins—the Pandavas and the Kouravas—but the Mahabharata is about conflicts of dharma. These conflicts are immense and various, singular and commonplace. Throughout the epic, characters face them with no clear indications of what is right and what is wrong; there are no absolute answers. Thus every possible human emotion features in the Mahabharata, the reason the epic continues to hold sway over our imagination. In this superb and widely acclaimed translation of the complete Mahabharata, Bibek Debroy takes us on a great journey with incredible ease.

The Hymns of the Atharva veda

Author : Ralph Thomas Hotchkin Griffith
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The Forty Faces of God

Author : Dwayne Velasquez
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In The Forty Faces of God, I take you through scriptures that show you the characters of our God relating to the number 40 with the revelation of numbers. Numbers have strong meaning in the kingdom of God.We are destroyed by our lack of knowledge, and that knowledge is of God. For example, the number 6 means to destroy the works of the devil. David had a six hundred-man army, and the Star of David had six points, and what did David do? He destroyed the enemies of Israel. Chapter 6 of Ephesians tells us how to destroy the fiery attacks of the enemy. The number 40 means spiritual maturity and the more we know God, the more we mature. After you read this book, you will know God in a much better way, which will make you a much better disciple of Jesus—make you much stronger in your walk and display of the power God in your life in this evil and perverse world.Dwayne Anthony Velasquez Hill was born April 9, 1964, in the Abraham Lincoln Courts Housing Projects on the west side of San Antonio—a gang-and-drug-saturated neighborhood. From his childhood he witnessed violence, murder, and drug dealing. At seventeen, he joined the US Navy after graduation. After the Navy, he abused alcohol and drugs and became a murderous-minded person until he met his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. In and out of jail and twice in prison, the Lord started to teach Dwayne his way in those lonely prison cells, and he became a teacher of the gospel there in the jails and prisons. Now being fully persuaded of his purpose, Dwayne now goes into the prisons teaching and preaching the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.