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Designing the Internet of Things

Author : Adrian McEwen
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Take your idea from concept to production with this unique guide Whether it's called physical computing, ubiquitous computing, or the Internet of Things, it's a hot topic in technology: how to channel your inner Steve Jobs and successfully combine hardware, embedded software, web services, electronics, and cool design to create cutting-edge devices that are fun, interactive, and practical. If you'd like to create the next must-have product, this unique book is the perfect place to start. Both a creative and practical primer, it explores the platforms you can use to develop hardware or software, discusses design concepts that will make your products eye-catching and appealing, and shows you ways to scale up from a single prototype to mass production. Helps software engineers, web designers, product designers, and electronics engineers start designing products using the Internet-of-Things approach Explains how to combine sensors, servos, robotics, Arduino chips, and more with various networks or the Internet, to create interactive, cutting-edge devices Provides an overview of the necessary steps to take your idea from concept through production If you'd like to design for the future, Designing the Internet of Things is a great place to start.

Internet Web Design

Author : Ramesh Bangia
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Internet Technology and Web Design

Author : Isrd
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Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office

Author :
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Designing Connected Products

Author : Claire Rowland
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Networked thermostats, fitness monitors, and door locks show that the Internet of Things can (and will) enable new ways for people to interact with the world around them. But designing connected products for consumers brings new challenges beyond conventional software UI and interaction design. This book provides experienced UX designers and technologists with a clear and practical roadmap for approaching consumer product strategy and design in this novel market. By drawing on the best of current design practice and academic research, Designing Connected Products delivers sound advice for working with cross-device interactions and the complex ecosystems inherent in IoT technology.

Resources in Education

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Designing Embedded Internet Devices

Author : Dan Eisenreich
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Embedded internet and internet appliances are the focus of great attention in the computing industry, as they are seen as the future of computing. The design of such devices presents many technical challenges. This book is the first guide available that describes how to design internet access and communications capabilities into embedded systems. It takes an integrated hardware/software approach using the Java programming language and industry-standard microcontrollers. Numerous illustrations and code examples enliven the text. This book shows how to build various sensors and control devices that connect to the TINI interfaces, explains how to write programs that control them in Java, and then ties them all together in practical applications. Included is a discussion on how these technologies work, where to get detailed specifications, and ideas for the reader to pursue beyond the book. The first guide to designing internet access and communications capabilities into embedded systems Takes an integrated hardware/software approach using the Java programming language an industry-standard

The Internet Trainer s Guide

Author : Diane Kovacs
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The Internet Trainer's Guide Diane K. Kovacs The Internet is the latest word in information resources for business, education, and home users alike. But so far, very little has been written about teaching others how to use the Internet efficiently and cost effectively. Until Now. Diane Kovacs, an experienced Internet end-user trainer, provides a step by step, lesson-by-lesson guide to the design and implementation of an Internet training course. The Internet Trainer's Guide is packed full of practical information for Internet trainers. Kovacs outlines techniques to help instructors assess the baseline knowledge and skills of their students and tailor instruction to suit their needs. She also discusses a broad variety of teaching methods-seminars, lectures, and hands-on labs-with detailed guidance on the time required for each method, the anticipated instructional outcomes, and the technological requirements. The text also delves into the features of the Internet that today's students want and need to learn. This includes the complete range of Internet information resources-e-mail, Telnet, FTP, Gopher, and the World Wide Web; and the latest search and retrieval tools, including Archie and Veronica, and Web search tools, including WebCrawler Ö With a sample workbook and handouts for beginning and intermediate users. The Internet Trainer's Guide offers the comprehensive solution that today's Internet trainers need.

Designing Systems for Internet Commerce

Author : G. Winfield Treese
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Thanks to advances in Internet commerce, every enterprise--even the smallest home-based business--now has the power to create a global presence. Each day, more businesses are drawn to the promise of increased access to customers, combined with dramatic cost reductions. However, consumer expectations and demands seem to increase daily. The major challenge in building successful Internet commerce sites continues to be how to use Internet technology most effectively to deliver added value to customers. Written by two of the leading authorities in the field of Internet commerce, Designing Systems for Internet Commerce, Second Edition , explores the core issues surrounding the construction of successful Internet commerce systems. It provides a solid foundation, focusing on best practices and approaches for Internet architecture and design. This significant new edition reflects lessons learned since the late 1990s, explaining how and why essential technologies and commerce issues have evolved and how those changes have resulted in a new era for commerce systems. Topics covered include: Extensible markup language (XML) The evolution of shopping carts and order management Integration with enterprise applications Development of reliable and scalable systems Mobile and wireless systems and technologies Designing Systems for Internet Commerce is your key to building a commerce site that will meet your business needs and satisfy demanding customers. With a focus on problem solving, the authors share their mastery with you as they explore the major challenges and obstacles related to Internet commerce architecture and strategy. This comprehensive coverage includes: Core Internet business strategy Retail and B2B systems Information commerce business models with case studies Functional architecture Implementation strategies, such as outsourcing, custom development, packaged applications, project management, 7x24 operation, and multiorganization operation The building blocks of Internet commerce, including media and application integration, sessions and cookies, object technology, and application servers Proven strategies for system design Creating and managing content Essential considerations in cryptography and system security Payment systems and transaction processing 0201760355B08262002


Author : Michael T. Goodrich
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Market_Desc: · Computer Programmers· Software Engineers· Scientists Special Features: · Addresses the issue of the implementation of data structures and algorithms· Covers Cryptology, FFTs, Parallel algorithms, and NP-completeness About The Book: This text addresses the often neglected issue of how to actually implement data structures and algorithms. The title Algorithm Engineering reflects the authors' approach that designing and implementing algorithms takes more than just the theory of algorithms. It also involves engineering design principles, such as abstract data types, object-orient design patterns, and software use and robustness issues.

Designing of pre stressed concrete with an internet based software

Author : Michael Kollinger
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Inhaltsangabe:Abstract: The increasing interest in the Internet of the recent years results in a growing number of users as well as improved network infrastructure, quality and performance. This is the basis for a new kind of software, which is running via the Internet. That means the software is installed an a server connected to the Internet and accessed and executed by a remote client. Such Internet based software provides several benefits. Once distributed by a server, Internet based software is available world-wide and depending on its implementation it can be executed without previous installation on the client machine. Further software updates and patches are not distributed to the users any more. Only the server has to be updated and the new version is available to all users immediately. For commercial use it is not necessary that customers buy the software any more, they download and pay only the module they need or they pay just for every access with the server application. It is also possible to place a high-performance or application specific computer at the server side and provide computation time for special tasks to the users. Inhaltsverzeichnis:Table of Contents: Abstract1 Chapter 1: Introduction1 Chapter 2: Project Objective1 Chapter 3: Methodology2 3.1An Overview of TCP/IP Protocols and the Internet2 3.1.1Definition of Internet2 3.1.2What is TCP/IP?2 3.1.3The TCP/IP Protocol Architecture2 3.1.4The Network Interface Layer2 3.1.5The Internet Layer2 3.1.6The Transport Layer Protocol (TCP)3 3.1.7The TCP/IP Application Layer3 3.1.8TCP/IP Paket3 3.1.9TCP/IP Transport Diagram4 3.2What are Ports?4 3.3What is a Socket?4 3.4Programming Languages5 3.4.1Advantages of Java5 is Distributed6 is Interpreted6 is Architecture Neutral and Portable6 3.4.2Advantages of C++6 is High Performanced6 is Platform independent with QT7 is a popular Language7 is a powerful Language7 3.4.3Solution of our Task7 Chapter 4: Detail Description of the Program8 4.1Class Overview of the Program8 4.1.1UML Illustration of the Java Client8 4.1.2Detail Descriptionof the Java Client8 Class8 Class10 Class10 Class10 Class11 4.1.3UML Illustration of the QT Server11 4.1.4Detail Descriptionof the QT Server12 [...]

Designing Quality of Service Solutions for the Enterprise

Author : Eric D. Siegel
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The complete guide for planning and implementing Quality of Service for enterprise networks Can you guarantee that mission-critical data gets through your network no matter how busy the network is? With such services as videoconferencing, voice over IP, and real-time video competing for bandwidth against transaction processing and Web surfing, it's more important than ever to ensure that network resources are allocated appropriately. Written by an expert in the field, this hands-on guide will help you determine if you should utilize Quality of Service (QoS) solutions in your network. From choosing the best plan and products for your network to building and implementing QoS, you'll find all the information you'll need to keep your network running smoothly. To help you decide if QoS is right for your network, this book covers: * Factors behind the recent interest in QoS, Class of Service (CoS), and policy-based networking * End-user and enterprise-wide requirements * Specialized QoS requirements of real-time speech and video, client/server processing, and protocols * Basic technologies used to provide QoS solutions * The latest information on QoS solutions, including: Overprovisioning, Isolation, LAN QoS, Frame Relay, ATM and MPOA, IP Type of Service and Filtering, IP Integrated Services and RSVP, IP Differentiated Services, Traffic Shaping, and QoS Policy Management and Measurement The companion Web site at features: * Microsoft PowerPoint presentations of each chapter's material * Updated information for each chapter * Updated references for all chapters, with links to relevant sites

MCSE Windows 2000 Designing Exam Guide

Author : Harry M. Brelsford
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This guide includes exam preparation pointers which highlight actual exam topics, and practice test questions in each chapter which test the reader's understanding of exam objectives. A fully searchable electronic book on CD expedites study and research.

Designing Web Usability

Author : Jakob Nielsen
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A guide to designing for the Web critiques existing Web sites, suggests simple solutions for improving site usability, and offers advice on writing for the Web

Design Applied Arts Index

Author :
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Proceedings of the Annual Conference

Author : Pennsylvania Association of Two-Year Colleges
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Trust Security and Perceived Risk Models for Designing Internet Banking

Author : Ahmed Massoud Alsuwiey Massoud
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Web Technology Design

Author : C. Xavier
File Size : 20.38 MB
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This Book Deals With All The Technologies Used In The Design Of Services Over The Web. It Begins With The Principles And Concepts Used In Internet And Worldwide Web. Html Is Explained In Two Chapters. Since Frames And Forms Are Vital Components In Interactive Web Pages, A Separate Chapter Is Dedicated With Several Examples. Javascript, The Popular Scripting Language Used In Client Side Data Validation Is Then Explained With Adequate Object Oriented Style. The Server Side Code Is Explained With Jsp.The Whole Of Jsp Is Explained And Illustrated Using Several Examples. Jsp Is Used With Jdbc For Accessing Databases. Java Database Connectivity Is Given Due Importance And Simple Web Applications Have Been Developed. Java Servlet Is Fully Explained With Several Examples. Four Minor Projects On Design And Application Are Given In The Last Four Chapters. These Projects Are Fully Explained According To The Software Development Life Cycle. The Complete Set Of Design Documents, Code And Testing Strategies Are Explained. This Book Will Serve As A Complete Textbook For Various Graduate And Postgraduate Courses.

DCN Designing Cisco Networks

Author : Thomas M. Thomas
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Big market--the demand for Cisco-certified professionals has never been higher. Contains more than 200 practice exam questions and answers--ideal for certification candidates. Multi purpose--covers CCIE exam course topics for exam prep as well as useful on-the-job notes. Bonus FastTrak Express testing engine on CD-ROM.


Author : Xavier
File Size : 60.44 MB
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