Dental Malpractice

Global Perspectives


Author: Alexzander A. A. Asea,Bob Leipzig,Khalid Al-Borhan,Punit Kaur

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319563022

Category: Medical

Page: 163

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This book provides concise, up-to-date reviews on critical issues in dental malpractice, when the treatment delivered falls below the acceptable standard of care, with serious consequences. Readers will find detailed and thought-provoking analyses of a wide range of topics, including conceptual aspects, malpractice in specific dental disciplines, malpractice in relation to oral and general health, and the ethics of scientific research in dentistry and self-marketing by dental surgeons. The chapters on malpractice in individual disciplines cover dentoalveolar surgery, implantology, prosthodontics, restorative dentistry, pediatric dentistry, and oral pathology. The authors are leaders and experts in the field of dentistry from across the world, guaranteeing a truly global perspective. This important reference book will be a must-read for undergraduate and postgraduate dental scholars, dentists in clinical practice, hospital administrators, ethicists, economists, attorneys, and legal scholars.

Medical Malpractice and Compensation in Global Perspective


Author: Ken Oliphant,Richard W. Wright

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 3110270234

Category: Law

Page: 591

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The papers in this collection are drawn from a symposium held in Vienna in December 2010. Organised by the Institute for European Tort Law and the Chicago-Kent Law Review, in collaboration with the European Centre of Tort and Insurance Law, the conference drew together legal experts from 14 national or regional systems across six continents. Medical malpractice and compensation for medical injuries are issues which regularly create tension and innovation in national legal systems but the analysis of these areas is often limited to national audiences. This study examines the issues in a uniquely global context, demonstrating the breadth of approaches currently taken around the world and revealing key areas of tension and the likely direction of future developments. Wherever possible, the analysis is supported by reference to empirical data. The 14 legal systems covered in the collection are Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Poland, Scandinavia, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States. A general comparative introduction completes the collection.

Dental Malpractice

Legal and Medical Handbook


Author: Norman L. Schafler

Publisher: Aspen Publishers

ISBN: 9780471139713

Category: Law

Page: 1040

View: 4508

Written by an attorney-dentist, this three-volume reference is a complete guide to understanding and preparing a dental malpractice case. The author, through the use of photographs, diagrams and other reports, explains various procedures and treatments performed by dentists. The text analyzes the standards of care and case evaluation with a step-by-step guide to case preparation from drafting pleadings and discovery to selecting expert witnesses to settlement and trial. Sample complaints, interrogatories, and questionnaires are included.

International Perspectives on Consumers' Access to Justice


Author: Charles E. F. Rickett,Thomas G. W. Telfer

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781139436823

Category: Law

Page: N.A

View: 5001

Consumer protection law in the age of globalisation poses new challenges for policy-makers. This book highlights the difficulties of framing regulatory responses to the problem of consumers' access to justice in the new international economy. The growth of international consumer transactions in the wake of technological change and the globalisation of markets suggests that governments can no longer develop consumer protection law in isolation from the international legal arena. Leading scholars consider the broader theme of access to justice from socio-legal, law and economics perspectives. Topics include standard form contracts, the legal challenges posed by mass infections (such as mad-cow disease and CJD), ombudsman schemes, class actions, alternative dispute resolution, consumer bankruptcy, conflict of laws, and cross-border transactions. This book demonstrates that advancing and achieving access to justice for consumers proves to be a challenging, and sometimes elusive, task.

Understanding Sales, Leases, and Licenses in a Global Perspective


Author: Michael Rustad

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781594600975

Category: Law

Page: 544

View: 5486

"This book analyzes the full range of complex legal issues that arise from domestic and international sales, leases and licenses. The author outlines preventive law tactics and planning strategies for all important aspects of domestic and cross-border sales, leases and licenses. The concepts of international contract law are illustrated through the activities of a hypothetical import/export company. The use of the hypothetical teaches practical as well as doctrinal principles of domestic and international contract law. This book uses practical examples and explanations to compare and contrast UCC Article 2 with CISG but also places licensing and leases in a global context. The book is divided into three parts so that individual instructors may select particular subjects which they wish to cover, in the order of their choosing. Each chapter provides helpful hints, practice points and practice problems in an accessible format.This comparative commercial law book is the first to provide extensive coverage of procedural, cultural and localization issues in cross-border commerce. The book is appropriate for a course in international contract law, sales and leases, or comparative commercial law."

International Perspectives on Student Behavior

What We Can Learn


Author: Charles J. Russo, Ed.D., J.D., Panzer Chair in Education, University of Dayton,Izak Oosthuizen,Charl C. Wolhuter

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 1475814844

Category: Education

Page: 112

View: 7497

The second volume of companion books on comparative student discipline identifies the best practices in dealing with student misconduct, on six continents, in a legally sound manner.

Ethical Perspectives

Sexual Boundary Issues and the Chiropractic Paradigm


Author: Michael J. Stahl,Stephen M. Foreman

Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

ISBN: 9780781755412

Category: Medical

Page: 126

View: 1988

This easy-to-read manual is a succinct discussion of sexual boundary issues for chiropractors and chiropractic students. The goals of this book are to make chiropractors familiar with sexual boundary issues, to help educators teach students about the topic, and to provide a resource for members of regulatory boards. Real life examples of ethical boundaries provide the reader with a clear understanding of issues that may arise.

Dentistry in the 21st century

a global perspective : proceedings of the International Symposium on Dentistry in the 21st Century, Berlin, September 10, 1989


Author: Richard J. Simonsen

Publisher: Quintessence Pub Co


Category: Medical

Page: 262

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