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Demystifying Climate Models

Author : Andrew Gettelman
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This book demystifies the models we use to simulate present and future climates, allowing readers to better understand how to use climate model results. In order to predict the future trajectory of the Earth’s climate, climate-system simulation models are necessary. When and how do we trust climate model predictions? The book offers a framework for answering this question. It provides readers with a basic primer on climate and climate change, and offers non-technical explanations for how climate models are constructed, why they are uncertain, and what level of confidence we should place in them. It presents current results and the key uncertainties concerning them. Uncertainty is not a weakness but understanding uncertainty is a strength and a key part of using any model, including climate models. Case studies of how climate model output has been used and how it might be used in the future are provided. The ultimate goal of this book is to promote a better understanding of the structure and uncertainties of climate models among users, including scientists, engineers and policymakers.

Demystifying Climate Risk Volume II

Author : Carole LeBlanc
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This book is a distillation of the First Annual International Technical Workshop on Climate Risk held in 2016 in Wells, Maine, USA. It is organized into four major themes, namely: the Montreal Protocol; industry and infrastructure concerns; sustainability and strategic planning; and climate science and informing business risk. The volume’s premise is that, long before the 2015 Paris Agreement, many professionals from diverse fields were working to solve the problems of human-caused climate change. The 1987 Montreal Protocol is now in support of a key emission reduction goal of the Agreement. It was time for the seasoned leaders who implement the Protocol, the world’s most successful treaty for atmospheric protection, to share their knowledge and wisdom with the next generation before that expertise was lost. The purpose of bringing these communities of practice together is to leverage the many successes to date to inspire future innovations through ‘lessons learned’; ensure that new or updated regulations are timely communicated and economically executed; and identify opportunities for related sustainable development.

Demystifying the Model Minority

Author : Karen Kurotsuchi Inkelas
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Model Minority Myth Revisited

Author : Guofang Li
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This is the first in the book series on educational research sponsored by Chinese American Educational Research and Development Association (CAERDA,

Demystifying Baldrige

Author : Donald C. Fisher
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Demystifying Architectural Research

Author : Flora Samuel
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This practical, hands on introduction guides you through the basics of undertaking research in day-to-day architectural practice helping you to exploit the growing opportunities on offer. It explores how developing a research specialism can improve the quality of your projects, help to define your brand and generate new channels of revenue with innovative services for clients. The text is divided into four sections focussing on different types of Architecture Research Practice; commercial, cultural, social and technology. Each section includes a series of inspiring case studies written by practitioners themselves on the way in which research benefits their business as well as an essay by an expert which sets these projects in their methodological context. In this way the book highlights the broad spectrum of research being undertaken and the practical implications for the practice and their projects. This is designed for architects and practices who want to develop a clear specialism that adds brand value and will enable them to access new funding streams as well as students of architecture who are getting to grips with architectural research.

Racial Attitudes and Asian Pacific Americans

Author : Karen Kurotsuchi Inkelas
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This study examines the complex sources and implications of the racial attitudes of Asian Pacific American (APA) college students, who, as one of the fastest growing demographics in higher education enrollments, play an increasingly significant role in campus race relations.

Demystifying Artificial intelligence

Author : Prashant Kikani
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Learn AI & Machine Learning from the first principles. KEY FEATURES ● Explore how different industries are using AI and ML for diverse use-cases. ● Learn core concepts of Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and NLP in an easy and intuitive manner. ● Cutting-edge coverage on use of ML for business products and services. ● Explore how different companies are monetizing AI and ML technologies. ● Learn how you can start your own journey in the AI field from scratch. DESCRIPTION AI and machine learning (ML) are probably the most fascinating technologies of the 21st century. AI is literally in every industry now. From medical to climate change, education to sport, finance to entertainment, AI is disrupting every industry as we know. So, the basic knowledge of AI/ML becomes mandatory for everyone. This book is your first step to start the journey in this field. Along with basic concepts of fields, like machine learning, deep learning and NLP, we will also explore how big companies are using these technologies to deliver greater user experience and earning millions of dollars in profit. Also, we will see how the owners of small- or medium-sized businesses can leverage and integrate these technologies with their products and services. Leveraging AI and ML can become that competitive moat which can differentiate the product from others. In this book, you will learn the root concepts of AI/ML and how these inanimate machines can actually become smarter than the humans at a few tasks, and how companies are using AI and how you can leverage AI to earn profits. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN ● Core concepts of data science, machine learning, deep learning and NLP in simple and intuitive words. ● How you can leverage and integrate AI technologies in your business to differentiate your product in the market. ● The limitations of traditional non-tech businesses and how AI can bridge those gaps to increase revenues and decrease costs. ● How AI can help companies in launching new products, improving existing ones and automating mundane processes. ● Explore how big tech companies are using AI to automate different tasks and providing unique product experiences to their users. WHO THIS BOOK IS FOR This book is for anyone who is curious about this fascinating technology and how it really works at its core. It is also beneficial to those who want to start their career in AI/ ML. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Introduction 2. Going deeper in ML concepts 3. Business perspective of AI 4. How to get started and pitfalls to avoid

The Journal of Environment Development

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Asia Africa Growth Corridor

Author : Sachin Chaturvedi
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This book is a rich addition to the existing knowledge on models of development partnership among developing countries. Unlike the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), which exclusively focuses on physical infrastructure development with a strong financing component by China, the Asia–Africa Growth Corridor (AAGC) envisages a holistic approach toward development partnership based on the spirit of triangular cooperation, demystifying the donor-recipient model of development cooperation. By integrating four distinct pillars of cooperation – connectivity and physical infrastructure, capacity building and skill development, development cooperation projects, and people-to-people and business-to-business partnerships – the book provides a succinct account of how a demand-driven people-centric model of engagement among Asian and African countries could help achieve inclusive and sustainable development without creating any fatal dependence on specific countries or institutions for external funding. In sixteen chapters, the book covers various theoretical, analytical, and policy discussions with respect to the concept and modalities of the growth corridor approach under the free, open, and inclusive Indo-Pacific; potential opportunities and challenges in economic sectors and fields like agriculture, manufacturing, trade and investment, urbanization, industrialization, human resource development, and the blue economy; social sector priorities including health, education, skill development, disaster management, and women’s participation; and policy issues relating to trade facilitation, the identification of joint projects, modalities and instruments of project execution, and related aspects. The book offers a valuable resource for students and research scholars working in the fields of development economics, development cooperation, international political economy, and international economic relations. It also serves as a handbook for governments and policymakers on issues concerning the suitability of development projects, sources of and innovations in financing, implementation and execution challenges, private sector involvement, and so on.

Population Dynamics and Climate Change

Author : José Miguel Guzmán
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This book broadens and deepens understanding of a wide range of population-climate change linkages. Incorporating population dynamics into research, policymaking and advocacy around climate change is critical for understanding trajectory of global greenhouse gas emissions, for developing and implementing adaptation plans and thus for global and national efforts to curtail this threat. The papers in this volume provide a substantive and methodological guide to the current state of knowledge on issues such as population growth and size and emissions; population vulnerability and adaptation linked to health, gender disparities and children; migration and urbanization; and the data and analytical needs for the next stages of policy-relevant research.

Current Geographical Publications

Author : University of Wisconsin--Milwaukee. Library
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Current Geographical Publications (CGP) is a non-profit service to the scholarly community initiated in 1938 by the American Geographical Society of New York. Beginning in 2006, the format changed to include the tables of contents of current geographical journals. The journal titles listed link to web pages or PDF scans of the current issue's contents.

Models and Concepts for T D HRD Academic Programs

Author :
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Mastering the Credit Processing Mechanism in Mauritius

Author : Indranarain Ramlall
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This book focuses on the credit processing mechanism used in Mauritius. It is widely known that Mauritius uses an inherently bank-based financial system; however, many people are oblivious to the credit processing mechanism in operation. This book addresses such a lack of understanding. It will appeal to a wide range of readers, such as credit officers, managers, new recruits, anyone involved in credit processing, university graduates enrolling in banking courses, and borrowers wishing to know how their credit requests are being processed, as well as anyone interested in furthering their understanding of credit processing. In a nutshell, this book serves as a background source of information in view of mastering the whole gamut of credit processing in Mauritius.

Geographic Information Systems and Environmental Modeling

Author : Keith C. Clarke
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This book provides readers with the most comprehensive and authoritative treatment of the topic available. Topics covered include modeling frameworks, paradigms and approaches; model development, calibration and validation; dynamic systems modeling and four-dimensional GIS; and more. Includes case studies in GIS/EM. This book is intended for readers interested in advanced Geographic Information Systems, Spatial Data Processing, or Environmental Modeling.

Bellagio Publishing Network Newsletter

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An occasional publication concerning publishing and book development in the Third World.

Business Periodicals Index

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Dissertation Abstracts International

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Braving the Elements

Author : David Laskin
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A study of American weather explains how volatile and violent weather has shaped American culture, from ancient times to the present, detailing the history of weather prediction, the storms that have ravaged the landscape, and more

Journal of Education

Author : Thomas Williams Bicknell
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