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Deleuze and Research Methodologies

Author : Rebecca Coleman
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Shows how Deleuze's philosophy is shaking up research in the humanities and social sciences. Deleuzian thinking is having a significant impact on research practices in the Social Sciences not least because one of its key implications is the demand to break down the false divide between theory and practice. This book brings together international academics from a range of Social Science and Humanities disciplines to reflect on how Deleuze's philosophy is opening up and shaping methodologies and practices of empirical research.

Post Qualitative Research and Innovative Methodologies

Author : Matthew K E Thomas
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This book explores the possibilities of the relationships between theory and method as enacted in post-qualitative research. The contributors, based in Australia, Canada, the UK and USA, use theory and method to disrupt established traditions and create new and alternative possibilities for research in identity, agency, power, social justice, space, materiality, and other transformations. Using examples of recent and highly innovative research practices which meaningfully challenge taken-for-granted assumptions in education and social science, the editors and contributors open new ground for other ways of thinking about doing research in these fields. Major theoretical perspectives explored and applied include: posthumanism, poststructuralism, feminist theory, ecofeminism, new materialism, SF, and critical theory and the theorists drawn on include: Karen Barad, Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari, Mikhail Bakhtin, Donna Haraway, Michel Foucault, Judith Butler, Rosie Braidotti, Anna Tsing and Stacy Alaimo.

Musical Encounters with Deleuze and Guattari

Author : Pirkko Moisala
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This is the first volume to mobilize encounters between the work of Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari and the rich developments in cultural studies of music and sound. The book takes seriously the intellectual and political challenge that the process philosophy of Deleuze and Guattari poses for previous understandings of music as permanent objects and primarily discursive texts. By elaborating on the concepts of Deleuze and Guattari in innovative ways, the chapters of the book demonstrate how musical and sonic practices and expressions can be reconsidered as instances of becoming, actors in assemblages, and actualizations of virtual tendencies. The collection pushes notions of music and sound beyond such long-term paradigms as identity thinking, the privileging of signification, and the centrality of the human subject. The chapters of the volume bring a range of new topics and methodological approaches in contact with Deleuze and Guattari. These span from movement improvisation, jazz and western art music studies, sound and performance art and reality TV talent shows to deaf musicians and indigenous music. The book also highlights such fresh ways of doing analysis and shaping the methodological tools of music and sound studies that are enabled by Deleuze and Guattari's philosophy. Their philosophy, too, gains renewed capacities and potential when responding to ethnographic, cultural, ethnomusicological, participatory, aesthetic, new materialist, feminist and queer perspectives to music and sound.

Decentering the Researcher in Intimate Scholarship

Author : Kathryn Strom
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This book explores posthuman and multiplistic theories and concepts to decenter the researcher in intimate research. Also featured are conversations with posthuman scholars such as Rosi Braidotti, who highlight the possibilities and challenges of decentering the researcher as a practice of social justice research.

Deleuze and Race

Author : Arun Saldanha
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The first collection of essays on the Deleuzian study of race. An international and multidisciplinary team of scholars inaugurates this field with this wide-ranging and evocative array of case studies.

Deleuze and Sex

Author : Frida Beckman
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This collection of essays offers a fresh and new philosophical approach to the study of sex and sexuality as practicein the philosophy of Deleuze.

Deleuze and Film

Author : David Martin-Jones
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Engages Deleuze's philosophy with a range of popular films and explores the degree to which a film's popularity impacts upon its ability to 'think' (in the manner that Deleuze described in relation to examples of the art of film in his Cinema books), and

Deleuze and Law

Author : Laurent de Sutter
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This collection of 13 essays offers insights into Gilles Deleuze's philosophy of law which experiments with new forms of politics, economics and society.

Reconceptualizing Qualitative Research

Author : Mirka Koro-Ljungberg
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Reconceptualizing Qualitative Research: Methodologies without Methodology calls for qualitative research that is complex, situational, theoretically situated, and yet productive. Author Mirka Koro-Ljungberg challenges ideas about data, research design, and researcher responsibility that are often taken for granted, provoking readers to rethink beliefs, paradigms, processes, and methodological frameworks. Written in a clear, conversational style, the book compels readers to think about qualitative research differently—often in creative ways—and to continuously question existing narratives and dogmas.

New Philosophy of Social Conflict

Author : Leonard C. Hawes
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A New Philosophy of Social Conflict joins in the contemporary conflict resolution and transitional justice debates by contributing a Deleuze-Guattarian reading of the post-genocide justice and reconciliation experiment in Rwanda -the Gacaca courts. In doing so, Hawes addresses two significant problems for which the work of Deleuze and Guattari provides invaluable insight: how to live ethically with the consequences of conflict and trauma and how to negotiate the chaos of living through trauma, in ways that create self-organizing, discursive processes for resolving and reconciling these ontological dilemmas in life-affirming ways. Hawes draws on Deleuze-Guattarian thinking to create new concepts that enable us to think more productively and to live more ethically in a world increasingly characterized by sociocultural trauma and conflict, and to imagine alternative ways of resolving and reconciling trauma and conflict.

Feminist Posthumanisms New Materialisms and Education

Author : Jessica Ringrose
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This edited collection is a careful assemblage of papers that have contributed to the maturing field within education studies that works with the feminist implications of the theories and methodologies of posthumanism and new materialism – what we have also called elsewhere ‘PhEmaterialism’. The generative questions for this collection are: what if we locate education in doing and becoming rather than being? And, how does associating education with matter, multiplicity and relationality change how we think about agency, ontology and epistemology? This collection foregrounds cutting edge educational research that works to trouble the binaries between theory and methodology. It demonstrates new forms of feminist ethics and response-ability in research practices, and offers some coherence to this new area of research. This volume will provide a vital reference text for educational researchers and scholars interested in this burgeoning area of theoretically informed methodology and methodologically informed theory. The chapters in this book were originally published as articles in Taylor & Francis journals.

Deleuze and the Body

Author : Laura Guillaume
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This book will be important reading for those with an interest in Deleuze, but also in performance arts, film, and contemporary culture.

Aberrant Nuptials

Author : Paulo de Assis
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Unique focus on the relation between artistic research and the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze Aberrant Nuptials explores the diversity and richness of the interactions between artistic research and Deleuze studies. “Aberrant nuptials” is the expression Gilles Deleuze uses to refer to productive encounters between systems characterised by fundamental difference. More than imitation, representation, or reproduction, these encounters foster creative flows of energy, generating new material configurations and intensive experiences. Within different understandings of artistic research, the contributors to this book—architects, composers, film-makers, painters, performers, philosophers, sculptors, and writers—map current practices at the intersection between music, art, and philosophy, contributing to an expansion of horizons and methodologies. Written by established Deleuze scholars who have been working on interferences between art and philosophy, and by musicians and artists who have been reflecting Deleuzian and Post-Deleuzian discourses in their artworks, this volume reflects the current relevance of artistic research and Deleuze studies for the arts.

Audience Research Methodologies

Author : Geoffroy Patriarche
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The transformations of people’s relations to media content, technologies and institutions raise new methodological challenges and opportunities for audience research. This edited volume aims at contributing to the development of the repertoire of methods and methodologies for audience research by reviewing and exemplifying approaches that have been stimulated by the changing conditions and practices of audiences. The contributions address a range of issues and approaches related to the diversification, integration and triangulation of methods for audience research, to the gap between the researched and the researchers, to the study of online social networks, and to the opportunities brought about by Web 2.0 technologies as research tools.

Writing with Deleuze in the Academy

Author : Stewart Riddle
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In this book, authors working with Deleuzean theories in educational research in Australia and the United Kingdom grapple with how the academic-writing machine might become less contained and bounded, and instead be used to free impulses to generate different creations and connections. The authors experiment with forms of writing that challenge the boundaries of academic language, moving beyond the strictures of the scientific method that governs and controls what works and what counts to make language vibrate with a new intensity. The authors construct monstrous creations, full of vitality and fervor, hybrid texts, part academic part creative assemblages, almost-but-perhaps-not-quite recognisable as research. Stories that blur the lines between true and untrue, re-presentation and invention. The contributors to this book hope that something might happen in its reading; that some new connections might be made, but also acknowledge the contingency of the encounter between text and reader, and the impossibility of presuming to know what may be.

The Dark Precursor

Author : Paulo de Assis
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Deleuze’s and Guattari’s philosophy in the field of artistic research Gilles Deleuze’s intriguing concept of the dark precursor refers to intensive processes of energetic flows passing between fields of different potentials. Fleetingly used in Difference and Repetition, it remained underexplored in Deleuze’s subsequent work. In this collection of essays numerous contributors offer perspectives on Deleuze’s concept of the dark precursor as it affects artistic research, providing a wide-ranging panorama on the intersection between music, art, philosophy, and scholarship. The forty-eight chapters in this publication present a kaleidoscopic view of different fields of knowledge and artistic practices, exposing for the first time the diversity and richness of a world situated between artistic research and the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari. Within different understandings of artistic research, the authors—composers, architects, performers, philosophers, sculptors, film-makers, painters, writers, and activists—map practices and invent concepts, contributing to a creative expansion of horizons, materials, and methodologies. Contributors VOLUME 1: Paulo de Assis, Arno Böhler, Edward Campbell, Diego Castro-Magas, Pascale Criton, Zornitsa Dimitrova, Lois Fitch, Mike Fletcher, Paolo Galli, Lindsay Gianoukas, Keir GoGwilt, Oleg Lebedev, Jimmie LeBlanc, Nicolas Marty, Frédéric Mathevet, Vincent Meelberg, Catarina Pombo Nabais, Tero Nauha, Gabriel Paiuk, Martin Scherzinger, Einar Torfi Einarsson, Steve Tromans, Toshiya Ueno, Susanne Valerie, Audronė Žukauskaitė VOLUME 2: Éric Alliez, Manola Antonioli, Jūratė Baranova, Zsuzsa Baross, Anna Barseghian, Ian Buchanan, Elena del Río, Luis de Miranda, Lucia D’Errico, Lilija Duoblienė, Adreis Echzehn, Jae Emerling, Verina Gfader, Ronny Hardliz, Rahma Khazam, Stefan Kristensen, Erin Manning, John Miers, Elfie Miklautz, Marc Ngui, Andreia Oliveira, Federica Pallaver, Andrej Radman, Felix Rebolledo, Anne Sauvagnargues, Janae Sholtz, Mhairi Vari, Mick Wilson, Elisabet Yanagisawa

Practice Methodologies in Education Research

Author : Julianne Lynch
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Practice Methodologies in Education Research offers a fresh approach to researching practice in education. Addressing a major gap in research methodology scholarship, it highlights how integral practice theory is to the transformational agendas of education research, introducing a theory of activist practice methodologies informed by expansive theories of practice. With contributions from leading education researchers drawn from across the world, the book confronts onto-epistemological dilemmas for doing research that arise from taking practice theory seriously, including the theories of Bourdieu, de Certeau, Deleuze, Haraway, Latour, Taylor, and Vygotsky. A defining feature of the chapters is their activist axiologies and their experimental approach to researching practice in education, in fields as diverse as educational leadership, schooling, higher education, adult and workplace education and training, professional practice, and informal learning. Practice Methodologies in Education is essential reading for education academics and postgraduates engaged in critical research using practice theory.

Rethinking Gendered Regulations and Resistances in Education

Author : Jessica Ringrose
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Rethinking Gendered Regulations and Resistances in Education highlights key debates on the theme of ‘regulation and resistance’, focusing on some of the most pressing contemporary issues in the field of gender and education today. It underlines the need for educational research to attend to historical and psychosocial specificity, chart local complexity and global disparity, de-colonise our Euro-western-centered gender analysis, and consistently engage with the economic and policy domains of education as researchers and practitioners, if we are to effectively tackle the diversity and complexity of gender equality issues in education. Chapters in this collection showcase some of the varied and wide-ranging theoretical approaches at play in current gender and education scholarship, and raise questions about the types of research methods that can open up new ways of documenting processes of social and subjective struggle and transformation in education. It stimulates important thinking about what has been, what is and what can be, as we face the future of gender and educational engagement, struggle and debate. This book was originally published as a special issue of Gender and Education.

Research Methods in Environmental Law

Author : Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos
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This timely Handbook brings innovative, free-thinking and radical approaches to research methods in environmental law. With a comprehensive approach it brings together key concepts such as sustainability, climate change, activism, education and Actor-Network Theory. It considers how the Anthropocene subjects environmental law to critique, and to the needs of the variety of bodies, human and non-human, that require its protection. This much-needed book provides a theoretically informed analysis of methodological approaches in the discipline, such as constitutional analysis, rights-based approaches, spatial/geographical analysis, immersive methodologies and autoethnography, which will aid in the practical critique and re-imagining of Environmental Law.

Deleuze and Collaborative Writing

Author : Jonathan Wyatt
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This book is a passionate engagement with Gilles Deleuze and collaborative writing, in which four writers explore together the insights that Deleuze has contributed to the topic. This powerful and complex text, which will appeal to scholars within qualitative inquiry, investigates the question of how we might begin to write, together, on what Deleuze would call an immanent plane of composition. On such a Deleuzian plane, or plateau, the writers seek to bond with Deleuze, to open up with him a new stream of thought and of being.