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Defending Christian Zionism

Author : David Pawson
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Has God brought the Jewish people back to Palestine? How can both Jews and Christians be God's chosen people? How many covenants are there in the Bible? Do all Christian Zionists accept dispensational teaching? Does the God of Israel ever change his promises? These are some of the questions that must be faced in the light of current attacks on Christian Zionism by some evangelical writers. David Pawson believes that Christians need very clear biblical understanding before making political pronouncements about conflict in the Middle East.

Christian Zionism

Author : Faydra L. Shapiro
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Christian Zionism has received no small amount of criticism from observers who take issue with the movement's pro-Israel politics or its theology. What if we listened seriously to what Christian Zionists and Jewish partners said about Jews, Judaism, and Israel? Christian Zionism is a vibrant contemporary movement that--agree or disagree--has more than just political implications. Christian Zionism has also brought an unprecedented number of Jews and Christians into contact and dialogue, in houses of worship, community centers, rallies, and, of course, in Israel. As such, Christian Zionism is a useful case that allows us to think about contemporary Jewish-Christian relations in new ways. While some would argue that this is really "just" about pro-Israel alliance building, Christian Zionism: Navigating the Jewish-Christian Border shows how this movement significantly engages basic questions of identity and the borders between Judaism and Christianity. Christian Zionism serves as one chapter in the history of two religious communities--and the fraught relationships between them--facing together the globalized world of the twenty-first century.

The New Christian Zionism

Author : Gerald R. McDermott
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Can a theological case be made from Scripture that Israel still has a claim to the Promised Land? Christian Zionism is often seen as the offspring of premillennial dispensationalism. But the historical roots of Christian Zionism came long before the rise of the Plymouth Brethren and John Nelson Darby. In fact, the authors of The New Christian Zionism contend that the biblical and theological connections between covenant and land are nearly as close in the New Testament as in the Old. Written with academic rigor by experts in the field, this book proposes that Zionism can be defended historically, theologically, politically and morally. While this does not sanctify every policy and practice of the current Israeli government, the authors include recommendations for how twenty-first-century Christian theology should rethink its understanding of both ancient and contemporary Israel, the Bible and Christian theology more broadly. This provocative volume proposes a place for Christian Zionism in an integrated biblical vision.

The Case for Zionism

Author : Thomas Ice
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The modern state of Israel has been a nation for almost 70 years. When she was formed and fought her early wars of existence, most Bible-believing Christians believed there was a real connection with what was going on in the Middle East and Bible prophecy that predicts an end-time return of the Jews to their land. While support for Israel remains high in most evangelical communities, we are seeing the beginning of a decline, especially among younger evangelicals, who question whether modern Israel really relates to end-time Bible prophecy. The Case for Zionism attempts to bring together biblical, historical, and legal arguments for the legitimacy of the startup nation known as Israel as it: Explains controversies such as antisemitism and Replacement Theology Details the biblical and legal rights of Modern Israel Explores the prophetic nature and future of Israel. In this presentation, Thomas Ice answers many of the contemporary arguments being used by both secular and religious communities to undermine what he believes is the hand of God at work in our own day.

Political Violence in Judaism Christianity and Islam

Author : Jonathan Fine
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Religious political violence is by no means a new phenomenon, yet there are critical differences between the various historical instances of such violence and its more current permutations. Since the mid-1970s, religious fundamentalist movements have been seeking to influence world order by participating in local political systems. For example, Islamic fundamentalism is at the heart of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the Christian fundamental right wing has seen a resurgence in Europe, and Jewish fundamentalism is behind the actions of Meir Kahane’s Kach movement and the settler movement. The shift in recent years from secular to religious political violence necessitates a reevaluation of contemporary political violence and of the concept of religious violence. This text analyzes the evolution of religious political violence, in both historical and contemporary perspectives. Since religious political violent events are usually associated with the term “terrorism,” the book first analyzes the origins of this controversial term and its religious manifestations. It then outlines and highlights the differences between secular and religious political violence, on ideological, strategic, and tactical levels before comparing the concept of Holy War in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Lastly, it shows how modern radical monotheistic religious groups interpret and manipulate their religious sources and ideas to advocate their political agendas, including the practice of violence. A unique comparative study of religious political violence across Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, this text features many international case studies from the Crusades to the Arab Spring.

Christian Zionism

Author : Stephen Sizer
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"The term 'Zionism' was first coined in the late nineteenth century, and referred to the movement for the return of the Jewish people to an assured and secure homeland in Palestine, Ironically, this vision was largely nurtured and shaped by Christians long before it received widespread Jewish support. The origins of 'Christian Zionism' lie within nineteenth-century British premillennial sectarianism, but by the early twentieth century it had become a predominantly American dispensational movement, and pervasive within all main evangelical denominations. The contemporary Christian Zionism movement emerged after the 'Six Day War' in Israel in 1967, and it has had a significant influence on attitudes towards the ongoing Palestinian-Israeli conflict in the Middle East." "Evangelicals are increasingly polarized over whether Christian Zionism is biblical and orthodox or unbiblical and cultic. Stephen Sizer provides a thorough examination of the historical development, variant forms, theological emphases and political implications of Christian Zionism. His informative survey is interwoven with critical assessment that repudiates both nationalistic Zionism and anti-Semitism."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Evangelicals and Israel

Author : Stephen Spector
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Arguing that the reasons evangelical Christians support Israel is for more complicated reasons than preparing for the Second Coming, this text examines Christian Zionism and the ways that religion and politics converge in American evangelicals' love and support for Israel and the Jewish people.

Nationhood Providence and Witness

Author : Carys Moseley
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This book argues that problems with recognizing the State of Israel lie at the heart of approaches to nationhood and unease over nationalism in modern Protestant theology, as well as modern social theory. Three interrelated themes are explored. The first is the connection between a theologian's attitude to recognizing Israel and their approach to the providential place of nations in the divine economy. Following from this, the argument is made that theologians' handling of both modern and ancient Israel is mirrored profoundly in the question of recognition and ethical treatment of the nations to which they belong, along with neighboring nations. The third theme is how social theory, represented by certain key figures, has handled the same issues. Four major theologians are discussed: Reinhold Niebuhr, Rowan Williams, John Milbank, and Karl Barth. Alongside them are placed social theorists and scholars of religion and nationalism, including Mark Juergensmeyer, Philip Jenkins, Anthony Smith, and Adrian Hastings. In the process, debates over the relationship between theology and social theory are reconfigured in concrete terms around the challenge of recognition of the State of Israel as well as stateless nations.

The One state Solution

Author : Virginia Tilley
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The one-state solution demonstrates that Israeli settlements have already encroached on the occupied territory of the West Bank and Gaza Strip to the extent that any Palestinian state in those areas is unviable. It reveals the irreversible impact of Israel's settlement grid by summarising its physical, demographic, financial and political dimensions. Virginia Q.Tilley explains why we should assume that this grid will not be withdrawn - or its expansion reversed - by reviewing the role of the key political actors: the Israeli government, the United States, the Arab states, and the European Union. Finally the book addresses the daunting obstacles to a one-state solution - including major revision of the Zionist dream but also Palestinian and other regional resistance - and offers some ideas about how these obstacles might be addressed.

Israel Palestine

Author : Craig Michael Nielsen
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Read Craig Michael Nielsen's well-researched book and weep for Israel and weep for your persecuted fellow Christians in Palestine. We must stop defending the radically anti-Christian Zionist movement. It's not anti-Semitic to oppose Israel's genocide of Palestinians. It's anti-Christian to accept it. Find out how wrong we have been about Israel. Then demand that the U.S. stop funding the Palestinian Holocaust. It's the Christian thing to do. - Peter Mead, U.S. Editor & Journalist

Moynihan s Moment

Author : Gil Troy
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A critical look at American Ambassador to the UN Daniel Patrick Moynihan's valiant stand against its 1975 declaration of Zionism as a form of racism shows just how much — and how little — Moynihan's moment accomplished, and how relevant it remains today.


Author : Emanuel L. Paparella
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The essays in this book are the distillation of years of reflection, writing, lecturing and active participation in the ongoing debate on the cultural identity of the European Union, the vicissitudes of the transatlantic dialogue, the envisioning of new social paradigms, the building of more solid and more relevant bridges of understanding between two continents that have a common Western humanistic tradition albeit synthesized to other cultures in America. While the approach is personal, it remains interdisciplinary and holistic throughout, rooted in the poetic philosophy of history of Giambattista Vico and encompassing literature, philosophy, myth, linguistics and political science, on the edge of boundaries between the historical grand narrative, the religious and even the quotidian and the anecdotal. These thirty essays trace the origins of Western Civilization and the synthesis of Humanism and Christianity that is the Renaissance, but also, Janus-like face, they look forward to a new Renaissance and humanistic synthesis yet to be envisioned and forged, that will dare to be both old and new, that will encompass the poetical as well as the rational without losing sight of the universality of our common humanity. The journey may be long arduous but it has already begun some sixty years ago. Moreover, these essays will appeal especially to those readers who are perplexed at the loss of humanistic modes of thought in our post-modern technological society. A book sure to stimulate the intellect and the imagination of its readers. They are given to understand from the outset that Europe, more than a geographical political reality, is an evolving idea, and it is her destiny to live or die as such. The readers will be provided with a Vichian chart to assist them in intellectually navigating and journey on this unique idea called Europa.

The Religious Right

Author : Glenn H. Utter
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Examines Christian conservatives' role in American life and politics, in a work featuring biographical profiles, survey data, primary documents, and a directory of organizations that support and oppose the religious right.

Facts for Action

Author :
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Torah and Zionism

Author : Anonymous
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Does the Torah require Jews to live in Israel? Does the Torah require even yeshiva students to serve in the Israeli army?

Transforming the Center Eroding the Margins

Author : Dagmar C. G. Lorenz
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Transforming the Center, Eroding the Marginsis a collection ofcritical articles about recent and contemporary German literaturedesigned to stimulate discussion about German-speaking culture from thepoint of view of diversity. The combination of broad historicalapproaches and detailed textual analyses made it possible to present inthis volume a spectrum of identities and positions within theGerman-speaking sphere, and sometimes even within the work of a singleauthor. Examining the works of German-speaking authors of differentbackgrounds and countries of residence from many different points ofview shows that the very concept of a unified "German Culture" is aconstruct.Because of the increasing visibility of various ethnic,religious, cultural, and economic groups -- including migrant workers,exiles, and immigrants -- multiculturalism and cultural diversity inCentral Europe have received considerable attention in public debatesince the disintegration of the Eastern bloc and the fall of the BerlinWall. Yet neither cultural diversity nor the gender issues examinedthroughout the volume are recent phenomena. Upon closer scrutiny thenotions of center and margin are shown to have origins in the nineteenthcentury and before.The articles in this volume, distinct in theirapproaches and each one concerned with specific situations, reveal anongoing decline of mainstream discourse: the erosion of the cultural"center," and a strengthening of what continues to be referred to as"marginal." The literary and intellectual production of groups that areseen as marginal is becoming ever more compelling and visible, as isdocumented in Transforming the Center, Eroding the Margins.

American Jewry and the Oslo Years

Author : N. Rubin
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The Oslo Process of September 1993 to January 2001 ultimately brought about a permanent break in American Judaism's traditional wall-to-wall support for any Israeli government. Drawing on extensive new sources, Rubin analyzes what this meant for the American and Israeli Jewish communities—critical constituencies in past and future negotiations.

The Zionist Illusion

Author : Haim Ben-Asher
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This internal critique of Zionism challenges three notions: that the Jews are a nation; that exile is the main cause of their past suffering, and that Jewish history is made solely in Israel. Zionism is an illusion because it has failed to ‘normalize’ the Jewish condition. In particular, it has not eliminated anti-Semitism, but rather cultivates it in order to keep Jews within the fold.Once independent, the State of Israel emptied the Middle East and North Africa of their Jewish populations and prevented large numbers of Soviet Jews from settling in North America, or anywhere else but Israel. Now the target is France, but French Jews, though massively Zionist, are reluctant to emigrate. Israel, it seems, cannot thrive and prosper without draining the Diaspora of its finances, its youth – indeed its very identity.Israeli control of Jerusalem has not brought the Messianic age any closer. Rabbis used to worry that the Holocaust could mean that God abrogated His covenant with the Jews. Israel’s victory in 1967 convinced them that the covenant still holds. The Holocaust has, however, encouraged Jewish paganism, as Jews adulate power and define themselves purely as an ethnic group: Hitlerjuden. The State of Israel claims to be the culmination of Jewish history, but its leaders insist that we are still in the rut of 1938.The State of Israel is perfectly capable of defending itself and has no need of solidarity rallies in the Diaspora. Zionism allows the Jewish establishment to retain power, but reduces the Diaspora to a subordinate role. Yet Judaism was born and developed in exile. If Jews divest themselves of their siege mentality, Judaism can become a university for adults, without examinations or tuition fees, open to all.

The British National Bibliography

Author : Arthur James Wells
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Author :
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