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Defeat and Memory

Author : J. Macleod
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The legacy of defeat in war reverberates through private and collective memory and remains a sub-text in international relations and political discourse. This book examines the manner in which a series of military defeats have been understood and remembered by individuals and societies in the era of modern industrialised warfare.

Storms Never Know Defeat

Author : Chaman Lal
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Commemoration volume on Pāsha, Panjabi poet; includes his poetic works and contributed articles on his works.

Under the Shadow of Defeat

Author : K. Varley
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Based on extensive archival research, this book is the first wide-ranging analysis of how memories of the Franco-Prussian War shaped French political culture and identities. Examining war remembrance as an emerging mass phenomenon in Europe, it sheds new light on the relationship between memories and the emergence of new concepts of the nation.

The Long Defeat

Author : Akiko Hashimoto
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In The Long Defeat, Akiko Hashimoto explores the stakes of war memory in Japan after its catastrophic defeat in World War II, showing how and why defeat has become an indelible part of national collective life, especially in recent decades. Divisive war memories lie at the root of the contentious politics surrounding Japan's pacifist constitution and remilitarization, and fuel the escalating frictions in East Asia known collectively as Japan's "history problem." Drawing on ethnography, interviews, and a wealth of popular memory data, this book identifies three preoccupations - national belonging, healing, and justice - in Japan's discourses of defeat. Hashimoto uncovers the key war memory narratives that are shaping Japan's choices - nationalism, pacifism, or reconciliation - for addressing the rising international tensions and finally overcoming its dark history.

Remembering Defeat

Author : Andrew Wolpert
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Encompassing rhetorical analysis, trauma studies, and recent scholarship on identity, memory, and law, Wolpert's study sheds new light on a pivotal period in Athens' history.

Museums of Communism

Author : Stephen M. Norris
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How did communities come to terms with the collapse of communism? In order to guide the wider narrative, many former communist countries constructed museums dedicated to chronicling their experiences. Museums of Communism explores the complicated intersection of history, commemoration, and victimization made evident in these museums constructed after 1991. While contributors from a diverse range of fields explore various museums and include nearly 90 photographs, a common denominator emerges: rather than focusing on artifacts and historical documents, these museums often privilege memories and stories. In doing so, the museums shift attention from experiences of guilt or collaboration to narratives of shared victimization under communist rule. As editor Stephen M. Norris demonstrates, these museums are often problematic at best and revisionist at worst. From occupation museums in the Baltic States to memorial museums in Ukraine, former secret police prisons in Romania, and nostalgic museums of everyday life in Russia, the sites considered offer new ways of understanding the challenges of separating memory and myth.

D Day in History and Memory

Author : Michael Dolski
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Over the past sixty-five years, the Allied invasion of Northwestern France in June 1944, known as D-Day, has come to stand as something more than a major battle. The assault itself formed a vital component of Allied victory in the Second World War. D-Day developed into a sign and symbol; as a word it carries with it a series of ideas and associations that have come to symbolize different things to different people and nations. As such, the commemorative activities linked to the battle offer a window for viewing the various belligerents in their postwar years. This book examines the commonalities and differences in national collective memories of D-Day. Chapters cover the main forces on the day of battle, including the United States, Great Britain, Canada, France and Germany. In addition, a chapter on Russian memory of the invasion explores other views of the battle. The overall thrust of the book shows that memories of the past vary over time, link to present-day needs, and also still have a clear national and cultural specificity. These memories arise in a multitude of locations such as film, books, monuments, anniversary celebrations, and news media representations.

Mnemotechny Or Art of Memory

Author : Pliny Miles
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Memory Superpowers

Author : Nelson Dellis
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A fun and highly practical guide to helping kids achieve remarkable memorization skills The Memory Thief wants to steal your memories! Luckily, Nelson, the Memory Champ, is on hand to guide you through the Forest of Forgettable Names and around the Great Word Pyramids. Nelson will help readers escape the Pirates of the Periodic Table and journey through the Himalayan Memory Palace. The quest for an infallible memory will culminate on the Number Trek to finally defeat the Memory Thief once and for all. Guided by national memory champion Nelson Dellis, readers will learn the tricks and secrets to remembering everything from the world capitals to the elements of the periodic table to speeches and soliloquies—and even enjoy themselves in the process!

Mnemonics applied to the acquisition of knowledge or the art of memory In parts Second edition

Author : Robert PIKE (of Boston, Mass., and PIKE (William C.))
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Adoption Memory and Cold War Greece

Author : Gonda Van Steen
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This book presents a committed quest to unravel and document the postwar adoption networks that placed more than 3,000 Greek children in the United States, in a movement accelerated by the aftermath of the Greek Civil War and by the new conditions of the global Cold War. Greek-to-American adoptions and, regrettably, also their transactions and transgressions, provided the blueprint for the first large-scale international adoptions, well before these became a mass phenomenon typically associated with Asian children. The story of these Greek postwar and Cold War adoptions, whose procedures ranged from legal to highly irregular, has never been told or analyzed before. Adoption, Memory, and Cold War Greece answers the important questions: How did these adoptions from Greece happen? Was there any money involved? Humanitarian rescue or kid pro quo? Or both? With sympathy and perseverance, Gonda Van Steen has filled a decades-long gap in our understanding, and provided essential information to the hundreds of adoptees and their descendants whose lives are still affected today.

The Tablet of Memory Shewing Every Memorable Event in History from the Earliest Period to the Year 1792 With an Exact Chronology of Painters Eminent Men c Eighth Edition

Author : Philip LUCKOMBE
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History as an Art of Memory

Author : Patrick H. Hutton
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Hutton considers the ideas of philosophers, poets, and historians to seek outthe roots of fact as mere recollection.

In Memory

Author : Isaac Wheeler Avery
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The Law Journal Reports

Author : Henry D. Barton
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In Memory of Samuel Campbell

Author :
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The Godly Man a Sermon on Ps Xii 1 in Memory of the Rev J P Malleson Preached March 21 1869 To which is Added a Short Memoir by His Son W T Malleson

Author : James Martineau
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Forging the Collective Memory

Author : Keith M. Wilson
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When studying the origins of the First World War, scholars have relied heavily on the series of key diplomatic documents published by the governments of both the defeated and the victorious powers in the 1920s and 1930s. However, this volume shows that these volumes, rather than dealing objectively with the past, were used by the different governments to project an interpretation of the origins of the Great War that was more palatable to them and their country than the truth might have been. In revealing policies that influenced the publication of the documents, the relationships between the commissioning governments, their officials, and the historians involved, this collection serves as a warning that even seemingly objective sources have to be used with caution in historical research.

War Nation Memory

Author : Keith Crawford
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The Second World War stands as the most devastating and destructive global conflict in human history. More than 60 nations representing 1.7 billion people or three quarters of the world's population were consumed by its horror. Not surprisingly, therefore, World War II stands as a landmark episode in history education throughout the world and its prominent place in school history textbooks is almost guaranteed. As this book demonstrates, however, the stories that nations choose to tell their young about World War II do not represent a universally accepted "truth" about events during the war. Rather, wartime narratives contained in school textbooks typically are selected to instil in the young a sense of national pride, common identify, and shared collective memory. To understand this process War, Nation, Memory describes and evaluates school history textbooks from many nations deeply affected by World War II including China, France, Germany, Japan, USA, and the United Kingdom. It critically examines the very different and complex perspectives offered in many nations and analyses the ways in which textbooks commonly serve as instruments of socialisation and, in some cases, propaganda. Above all, War, Nation, Memory demonstrates that far from containing "neutral" knowledge, history textbooks prove fascinating cultural artefacts consciously shaped and legitimated by powerful ideological, cultural, and sociopolitical forces dominant in the present.

In Memory of Jedd P C Cottrill

Author :
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