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Deep Secret

Author : Diana Wynne Jones
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Rupert Venables is a Magid. It's a Magid's job to oversee what goes on in the vast Multiverse. Actually, Rupert is really only a junior Magid. But he's got a king-sized problem. Rupert's territory includes Earth and the Empire of Korfyros. When his mentor dies Rupert must find a replacement. But there are hundreds of candidates. How is he supposed to choose? And interviewing each one could take forever. Unless... What if he could round them all up in one place? Simple! At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Deep Secret

Author : Berlie Doherty
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Grace put out her hand, almost touching the mirror. Her image did the same. 'There's another world in there.' 'We could float in and out of it.' Deep in a Derbyshire valley live two girls, twins, so alike they seem like one person, even their family can't tell them apart. But tragedy is waiting. When the valley is sold to be flooded for a huge dam, the villagers are forced to leave their homes. Deep secrets are uncovered. New characters enter their lives and desires, love and grief come to the surface.

Deep Secret Deep Deliverance

Author : Dr. D. K. Olukoya
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Deep Secret Deep Deliverance Do you have knowledge of what is called deliverance? Do you want to be delivered from any remnant of shackles or yokes? Do you want to grow in your knowledge of deliverance? If your answer to the questions above is yes, then this is the book you have been waiting for. It is written by a divinely endowed authority in the subject. By the time you have gone through this book, you will agree that you have got the value for your money.

Deep Sky Companions The Secret Deep

Author : Stephen James O'Meara
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In this fresh list, Stephen James O'Meara presents 109 new objects for stargazers to observe. The Secret Deep list contains many exceptional objects, including a planetary nebula whose last thermal pulse produced a circumstellar shell similar to the one expected in the final days of our Sun's life; a piece of the only supernova remnant known visible to the unaided eye; the flattest galaxy known; the largest edge-on galaxy in the heavens; the brightest quasar; and the companion star to one of the first black hole candidates ever discovered. Each object is accompanied by beautiful photographs and sketches, original finder charts, visual histories and up-to-date astrophysical information to enrich the observing experience. Featuring galaxies, clusters and nebulae not covered in other Deep-Sky Companions books, this is a wonderful addition to the series and an essential guide for any deep-sky observer.

Deep Secrets

Author : Niobe Way
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ÒBoys are emotionally illiterate and donÕt want intimate friendships.Ó In this empirically grounded challenge to our stereotypes about boys and men, Niobe Way reveals the intense intimacy among teenage boys especially during early and middle adolescence. Boys not only share their deepest secrets and feelings with their closest male friends, they claim that without them they would go Òwacko.Ó Yet as boys become men, they become distrustful, lose these friendships, and feel isolated and alone. Drawing from hundreds of interviews conducted throughout adolescence with black, Latino, white, and Asian American boys, Deep Secrets reveals the ways in which we have been telling ourselves a false story about boys, friendships, and human nature. BoysÕ descriptions of their male friendships sound more like Òsomething out of Love Story than Lord of the Flies.Ó Yet in late adolescence, boys feel they have to Òman upÓ by becoming stoic and independent. Vulnerable emotions and intimate friendships are for girls and gay men. ÒNo homoÓ becomes their mantra. These findings are alarming, given what we know about links between friendships and health, and even longevity. Rather than a Òboy crisis,Ó Way argues that boys are experiencing a Òcrisis of connectionÓ because they live in a culture where human needs and capacities are given a sex (female) and a sexuality (gay), and thus discouraged for those who are neither. Way argues that the solution lies with exposing the inaccuracies of our gender stereotypes and fostering these critical relationships and fundamental human skills.

Deep Secrets of the Enemy

Author : Dr. D. K. Olukoya
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There are secrets to everything. There are secrets the enemy does not want you to have. Uncovered serpent is a powerless serpent. The author unmasks the enemy.

The Deeper Secret

Author : Annemarie Postma
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Is there really "a secret" that will unlock our happiness? If we wish for something very hard and express enough gratitude, will it actually become ours? Millions of people think so. But there is an even deeper truth than the "law of attraction" covered in the best-selling The Secret: there are TWELVE laws of creation. This passionately persuasive book explains exactly what these twelve laws are, how we can harness them, and how we can use our own powerful system of creation to create miracles of joy and fulfillment every day. Annemarie Postma proves to be a true healer of our inner anguish who can provide us with the tools and skills to awaken our precious life force.

I Married a Preacher with Deep Dark Secrets

Author : Caroline Ellis
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"This book is an eye opener to every women blindly expecting they along can change any man; a must read." Pastor Cynthia Joan Dunbar, Holy Temple Easton, PA "It's Caroline's painful past that has allowed her to progress and transition from victim to victor. She is a resounding voice for women and men whose lives are plagued by the devastating and destructive effects of sexual sin." Pastor Mark Parrott, Sr. This book openly and explicitly discusses one woman's shock and pain after marrying the man she loved. Her world turned upside down and became a living nightmare when she became faced with the truth; she married a pastor living with the "deep dark secret" of homosexuality. She lived with depression, suicidal tendencies and anger while he lived his secret life on the "down low." Caroline unashamedly discusses her fight to overcome the embarrassment and confusion she suffered at the hands of her husband. She honors God through her testimony reminding us our God is a healer and deliverer no matter the crisis. Her faith and trust deeply abound in the Lord Jesus Christ. Take a walk with her through this book. You will feel the pain, feel the shame and experience the victory!

The Secret of the Lord How to Have a Deeper and More Meaningful Relationship With God

Author : Shane Callahan
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The Secret of the Lord will reveal to you what most people spend their entire lives searching for. Safety and love is something every person needs in their life, and it can be attained through knowing God. The Secret of the Lord will show you how to find a close and personal relationship with God himself and be able to improve the quality of your life through interaction with the source of all life. Whether you profess to believe in God or not this book will take you to a deeper level. It's time to throw out formulas and find relationship.

The Secret Energy of Your Body

Author : Dr. Irina Webster
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In this book Dr Irina Webster reveals that energy is the root of body and mind. We all consist of and surround by an energy field. When energy flows through the body properly, you are in a state of health. When there is an energetic disturbance in the body, a disease state is created. Illnesses manifest in the body’s energy field before they manifest in the physical body. And healing occurs in the energy field before it becomes apparent in the physical body. So, how can we heal ourselves and our life? You’ll get the answers reading “The Secret Energy of Your Body. An Intuitive Guide to Healing, Health and Wellness.” Dr Irina Webster is a medical doctor who is also an intuitive healer. She is the creator of Intuitive Healing Power – an educational program for health professionals and caregivers in regards to intuitive healing and medical intuition. Her on-line classes and seminars “How to Become an Intuitive Healer” are very popular amongst the health oriented community. Dr Irina’s teaching helps people to activate their own Intuitive Healing Power. Dr Irina dedicates herself to assisting others to heal and empower their body and soul.