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Deep Brain Stimulation

Author : Shilpa Chitnis
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"Tremor is an involuntary movement characterized by a rhythmic oscillation about a fixed point or trajectory. It can be classified based on its clinical features or underlying cause. Tremor was the first approved indication for DBS in the U.S. We now have almost three decades of experience of tremor treatment with DBS. Essential tremor (ET) is the most frequent movement disorder occurring at a frequency of about 5 times that of PD. ET commonly has an autosomal dominant transmission pattern with incomplete penetrance, therefore sporadic cases are not at all uncommon. In ET, most patients suffer from tremor of the hands and arms; approximately 40% suffer from head and 20% from voice tremor. The majority of candidates for functional neurosurgery belong to the ET subgroup which is commonly characterized by severe action or postural tremor that impairs function and quality of life to the extent that the risks, costs and inconvenience of DBS treatment are justified. Unilateral procedures (targeting the thalamus contralateral to the dominant and/or most affected hand) are commonly performed, though bilateral procedures should be considered when limb tremor is severe bilaterally, or when head, voice, or trunk tremors cause significant disability"--

Twenty Things to Know about Deep Brain Stimulation

Author : Erwin B. Montgomery, Jr.
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Twenty Things to Know About Deep Brain Stimulation is an extensive and in-depth critical analysis of the field of Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) from what many may consider a revolutionary perspective. This book demonstrates the unique nature and incredible promise of DBS and shows how it is unparalleled as a therapeutic intervention. Dr. Montgomery provides an epistemic analysis of the presuppositions, assumptions and fallacies underlying current clinical understanding of DBS as well as the physiology and pathophysiology affected by DBS. Reviews of the safety and efficacy for a number of conditions, patient selections and issues in the post-operative management are also included. Given the revolutionary potential and the complexity of DBS in an ever changing healthcare delivery context, the ethics of DBS are discussed in detail.

Deep Brain Stimulation Management

Author : William J. Marks, Jr
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Essential reference guide for clinicians working with DBS patients, fully revised throughout with new chapters on epilepsy and psychiatric disorders.

Index Medicus

Author :
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Surgical Management of Pain

Author : Kim Burchiel
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This text for clinicians and scientists addresses the area of surgery devoted to the treatment of pain. In addition to material on surgical procedures, the 80 contributions by leading international experts include material on the medical aspects of pain, (anatomy, physiology, pharmacology of pain and nociception, specific pain syndromes and diagnoses), guidelines for analysis and assessment, non-surgical treatments, rehabilitative treatments, management of opiates and other analgesics, myofacial treatments, the ethics of pain control, and pain clinic organization. Each chapter is followed by commentary representing various perspectives and opinions. Illustrated with b&w images and drawings. Edited by Kim Burchiel (neurological surgery, Oregon Health Science U.). Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Manual of Pain Management

Author : Carol A. Warfield
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Geared to clinicians in all disciplines, this manual is a practical, authoritative guide to the assessment and management of pain in adults and in pediatric patients. Chapters written by leading experts explain the most useful diagnostic tests, describe the entire spectrum of pain syndromes, and discuss all currently available drugs and other treatment options. This updated Second Edition includes new chapters on EMG, functional MRI, interstitial cystitis and urologic pain, central pain syndromes, antidepressants, new injection therapies, implantable devices, drug addiction, and legal issues. A Brandon-Hill recommended title.

Practical Management of Pain

Author : P. Prithvi Raj
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The Scientific Management of Surgical Patients

Author : Richard M. Peters
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Neurological Surgery

Author : Julian R. Youmans
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The 4th edition of this comprehensive text contains over 40 chapters with contributions from many new leading experts. Section editors lend their own expertise and experience to their individual topics. Each of the five volumes is individually indexed to provide for easy reference. Includes material on the neurological examination of infants and children, pulmonary care and complications, shunt infection, aneurysms, injuries of the cervical spine and spinal cord, biomechanics of the spine, herniated disk disease, tumors, ethics in neurosurgery, and much more.

Operative Neurosurgical Techniques

Author : Henry H. Schmidek
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Recent Advances in the Management of Pain

Author : Costantino Benedetti
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Cancer Pain Management

Author : Karen Simpson
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Taking a practical approach, this book includes most non-drug methods of pain control, covering alternatives to oral and parenteral analgesics for patients with difficult cancer pain. It provides a collection of chapters by international experts, bringing together differents aspects of pain management.

Cancer Pain Management

Author : Deborah B. McGuire
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Management of Pain

Author : J. A. De Vera
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Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation

Author :
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Interventional Pain Management

Author : Steven D. Waldman
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This volume provides up-to-date information on interventional pain management, and contains step-by-step explanations to make techniques accessible. The text covers: mechanisms of pain and their clinical implications; spinal drugs delivery system; and advanced managemment techniques as well as future techniques. Each chapter contains practical suggestions for improving the success rate of interventional pain management techniques and avoiding pitfalls.

Pain Management and Sedation Emergency Department Management

Author : Sharon Mace
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The only reference on managing pain in the emergency room, this groundbreaking resource is the first book to provide an authoritative, clinical reference on managing acute pain and chronic pain problems in the ER. Includes drug and dosage tables throughout with details on drug therapeutics, regulations, drug-seeking patients, legal aspects of pain management and sedation, and more.

Proceedings AAMI Annual Meeting

Author : Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation
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Brain Stimulation in Psychiatric Treatment

Author : Sarah H. Lisanby
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This reference provides an introduction to the emerging field of brain stimulation in psychiatry. Eight experts present the latest research and results for new techniques to electrically stimulate the central nervous system, including transcranial magnetic stimulation, magnetic seizure therapy, deep brain stimulation, and vagus nerve stimulation.

Management of Peripheral Nerve Problems

Author : George E. Omer
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Here's a completely expanded and restructured edition of the classic work on nerve problems outside the brain and spine! Coverage ranges from surgical anatomy, and diagnostic and basic techniques...through trauma, compression syndromes, and limb reconstruction. Current and comprehensive, this text is the result of contributions from experts in hand surgery, orthopedics, plastic surgery, neurosurgery, and rehabilitation. Includes anatomical overviews and surgical approaches for face and head as well as upper and lower extremities. Offers a complete review of current diagnostic techniques, including radiology and intraoperative assessment of nerve injury. Features the most current repair techniques for a wide range of traumatic injuries. Addresses management of acute and chronic pain, compression lesions, tumors, burns, rheumatoid arthritis, cerebral palsy, and generalized polyneuropathies. Provides a separate section on the Brachial Plexus, includes obstetrical palsy and trauma, as well as repair and reconstruction techniques. Covers physical and occupational therapy management programs, including evaluation of impairment. Contains expert contributions from over 75 leading international specialists. Clarifies important information with over 725 outstanding illustrations.