Declutter your life

From chaos to calm


Author: Infinite Ideas

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Clutter can damage your health and affect your wealth. Think we’re exaggering? Here's the thing: everything you own needs to be kept clean or you're breathing in dust and creating an environment loved by icky pests. The more useless things you have, the more useless stuff you have to clean. Clutter also affects you financially because if you don't know what you have because it is hidden in among the clutter, you go out and re-buy it. Plus there's the hidden value in junk (defined as something you don't love or need) that's not in your pocket because you haven't gotten round to selling it. Clutter can also lead to despair. Instead of feeling like you're home, you feel like you're in a stranger's (messy) home because you haven't had the courage to make decisions about your things and really put your stamp on your own home. It seems like such a mammoth task that you get exhausted before you even start. Clutter saps energy and makes you feel overwhelmed. But before you hire a skip and chuck everything away, do bear in mind that clutter isn't just having a lot of things. So getting rid of stuff is an important activity, but where do you start? Declutter your life is here to help. It will help you to make the commitment today to tackle your clutter, make those vital decisions about what is to go and unlock the brilliant new stress-free life you want and deserve.

Detox Your Desk

Declutter Your Life and Mind


Author: Theo Theobald,Cary L. Cooper

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1907293973

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Why is there never enough time in the day to do all the stuff you want to? Why does your in-tray just keep growing? Is it alive? Written for the time-starved and terminally untidy, Detox Your Desk is the perfect antidote to pressure cooker of the modern office. It's flat out but you still fell like you're not getting anything done. And no wonder. It's hard to do anything meaningful when you're swamped by piles of paperwork and endless 'to do' lists. Detox Your Desk helps you fight back by purging your system office toxins, so you can take control of the everyday stuff and calmly field whatever lands in your in-tray. It starts with the physical clearing out of all the rubbish that litters your life and then gives you practical tips to help free up your thinking. Detox Your Desk puts you on a ten-day programme that'll result in a tidy workspace and a clear head. All of the changes are easy. Stick with them over the long term and you'll change the way you work forever, giving you more time and a greater choice in every area of you life. This you big chance to get on top of your workload and start to enjoy work and life again. You'll soon be the most efficient and effective person you know!

Declutter Your Life

How Outer Order Leads to Inner Calm


Author: Gill Hasson

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

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CLEAR OUT CLUTTER AND CONFUSION! Do you ever wonder what's stopping you from parting with it, or how it would feel to let go of the stuff that consumes so much of your time and energy? Decluttering doesn't mean making do with less – it's about creating a space so that you can live your life unburdened by things, obligations, and people you don't really need. THINK ABOUT THINGS IN A NEW LIGHT Declutter Your Life opens your eyes to the effect all the stuff is having on your life. It explains how to let go of the things that don't matter so that you have more time, energy, and enthusiasm for the things that do. With a bonus chapter on building confidence and self-esteem, you'll improve your ability to declutter. The more you believe in yourself, the better your decisions and optimism. This book helps you: Simplify and improve your home and work life Let go of guilt and the emotional obstacles that keep you stuck in the past Feel less overwhelmed and stressed out by information overload Identify and clear out unnecessary commitments Move on from negative relationships

Downsize Your Life - Declutter Your Life


Author: Rachel Smith,John Davidson

Publisher: Mendon Cottage Books

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Downsize Your Life - Declutter Your Life Table of Contents Introduction What do you really need? Organizing Your Kitchen Organizing Your Living Room/Family Room Organizing the Bedroom Organizing the Bathroom What to Do With All That Stuff Tips for de-cluttering your life Conclusion Author Bio Publisher Introduction Hello, welcome to downsizing 101. Here you will learn how to make either the same amount of things fit in a smaller place, or what to get rid of. In short, it's going to instruct you on how to make the most of your space. As humans, we tend to collect a lot of things, and usually not on purpose. Who knows when you might need that bird-shaped cookie jar? You could bake a lot of cookies any day now. And who knows when you might need extra bird seed? Granted, you don't have a bird feeder, but maybe it would come in handy as a Christmas present. These are the things we tell ourselves. The miscellanea we collect that we really don't need or that are inefficient uses of space we justify with a 'maybe it will be needed in the future' is usually shoved into a closet or an attic somewhere (or worse, taking up space in your bedroom). But it is tough on our psyches, to have so much clutter. Humans work best with clean, organized work spaces (most of the time). So, we'll get down to it: here's how to make more space in your home.

Declutter Your Life

Organize and Simplify Your Life and Home by Decluttering


Author: Des Hunt

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Organization- it's one of the main New Year's Eve resolutions many people make, but we never seem to achieve enough of it. Well, the time of procrastinating and putting it off have gone!! It's now time to get down to organizing your home, your work area, your finances, your online presence, and even your life! This book covers TOP 10 tips that highly organized people use to take control over their lives. Many Ideas covered in this book are easy to adhere to, but most people give a thought about. Purchase this book and TAKE back control of your LIFE!!

Decluttering Your Life

How to Declutter and Organize Your Home, Your Mind, and Your Life: The Path to a Clean Home, Clear Mind, and Better Life Using the Japanese Art of Decluttering


Author: Sabrina Godwin

Publisher: Cac Publishing LLC

ISBN: 9781950010011

Category: Philosophy

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What if I told you that for the cost of this book you could reduce stress, clear your mind, and live a happier life? Well, you can. If you feel overwhelmed, stressed, and like you constantly have a huge weight on your shoulders; odds are you need to declutter your life. Decluttering is highly necessary in today's world where there are numerous opportunities to distract one's self and live a life of chaos and stress. From the things that we acquire and accumulate to the things that we desire and stress over, it makes up an ocean of unnecessary distractions and clutter in our heads and our lives. The solution is to declutter, and anyone could tell you that, but what is not always known is how to recognize the point at which you need to start. You also need to know how to do it and what to look for to know if it's working. This book has all that, and more. We break it down to a level that almost anyone can apply to their unique circumstances. But the work is yours to do; we can only pave the road, you must do the driving. Here's a sneak peek at what's inside: What Exactly is Clutter? How to Recognize Clutter in Your Life What is Mental Clutter How Physical Clutter can Cause Emotional and Psychological Clutter A Step by Step Guide on How to Remove All Clutter From Your Life And so much more What are you waiting for? Scroll up and hit the 'Buy Now' button to learn how to get started with decluttering so you can clean your home, clear your mind, and live a better life.

The Art of Tidying Up

How to Declutter Your Life


Author: Kim Carruthers

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Organise Your Home Like A Pro

Declutter Your Life


Author: Faigy Liebermann

Publisher: Imageplus

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"Most books on organisation are great at telling you what you are doing wrong and show you a better way of getting things done. We like to do things a little differently. Instead, we delve into the science behind your clutter habits as well as the beliefs that hold you back. By understanding how your brain works, you can start to reprogramme your habits and create systems that suit your lifestyle and will last a lifetime. We teach you how to transform the way you view your clutter; giving you that helping hand that you need to get started on your decluttering journey."

Declutter Your Life

2 in 1: The Keys to Decluttering Your Life, Reducing Stress and Increasing Productivity: Includes Declutter Your Home and Declutter Your Mind


Author: Mary Connor

Publisher: N.A

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☆★Buy the Paperback version of this book, and get the Kindle eBook version included for FREE!★☆ Have you been struggling with moving forward with growth in your life? In a world of material things, we have become fixated with buying and having, to the extent that we often find that we have all the latest gadgets and fashions, whether we need them or not. This means spending excessively and then taking more time to clean and tidy up, leaving us feeling unhappy and missing out on more worthwhile pursuits. But there is an easy answer and it starts with the simple premise of decluttering! Eliminate tangible and intangible clutter to get the life you want by choosing habits and a mindset that put value on your health, well-being, and organized life. This guidebook is going to help you declutter your life so that you can spend more time doing the things that you love, and less time cleaning up items that you never actually use. ★★Grab your copy today and learn★★ What is minimalism and why is it preferable to the consumerist world we live in now How to get started with decluttering in your life The top reasons people don't already implement decluttering in their lives The different methods that you can use with decluttering to get results Releasing Old Negative Beliefs That No Longer Serve You Step-By-Step Instructions To Help You Take Your Life From Cluttered To Growth And Improvement Life Changing Decluttering Methods That You'll Actually Want To Try And much more... When you are ready to finally get rid of the mess in your home and your mind, then this is the guidebook for you! With all this you will not go wrong by purchasing this book and learning the tips and techniques within. What have you got to lose? Only that clutter and stress. If you want to discover how easy, and life-changing, decluttering can be, don't wait any longer. Scroll up and click the buy now button to get this amazing guidebook today!