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The Decadent Gardener

Author : Medlar Lucan
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"There is an odd,subversive book called The Decadent Gardener by Medlar Lucan and Durian Gray. The introduction describes the decadent gardening ethos thus:'In the garden, the decadent seeks to create a moment of beauty, which should be allowed to fall into decay and ruin.'Gardening,Lucan and Gray believe, is 'little more than systematic violence in pursuit of beauty', and the gardener is first and foremost a sadist. These two, the Kropotkin and De Sade of horticulture, understand that'nowhere are sex and death more intimately bound together than in the garden.' For them the garden is a place of 'agony, self-doubt and betrayal.' They remind us that, if we are to believe the Bible - not that they would be inclined to - the first murder was carried out by a gardener.And the first garden was a place where sin beckoned wherever you turned.The book abounds with piercing, pricking truths.The flower, they remind us, for example, is nothing but a sexual organ.The Decadent Garden consists of the plans for a series of thematic gardens that Lucan and Gray had conceived for a wealthy patroness. Each garden would symbolise an aspect of nature as they saw it. The Cruel Garden would consist largely of impenetrable thickets of thorns.The Fatal Garden would contain only representatives of the vegetable world's many poisonous denizens:among them, black bryony, dropwort and , of course, deadly nightshade.In the Narcotic Garden, by the side of the opium poppy and cannabis sativa, would grow more obscure mind-altering plants such as mandrake, henbane and thornapple. The Priapic Garden would be populated by those species whose flowers and foliage assumed the most suggestive phallic and vulvic shapes.Their Torture Garden carried the libertine ideas of Lucan and Gray furthest and is perhaps best left to the reader's imagination.Because Lucan and Gray barely realised their designs(they were too decadent to bother), their gardens flourish mainly in the mind."

The Decadent Traveller

Author : Medlar Lucan
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In the same style as The Decadent Cookbook a nd The Decadent Gardener, this book sees the hedonists Medla r Lucan and Durian Gray laying bare the transgressive nature of another bourgeois passion - travel. '

La Bas

Author : J.-K. Huysmans
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" Huysmans novel, though it is clearly rooted in the preoccupations of the late 19th century, is remarkably prophetic about the concerns of our own recent fin de siecle. With its allusions to, amongst other things, Satanic child abuse, alternative medicine, New Age philosophy and female sexuality, the novel has clearly a lot to say to a contemporary audience. As with most of Huysmans' books, the pleasure in reading is not necessarily from its overarching plot-line, but in set pieces, such as the extraordinary sequences in which Gilles de Rais wanders through a wood that suddenly metamorphoses into a series of copulating organic forms, the justly famous word-painting of Matthias Grunewald's Crucifixion altar-piece, or the brutally erotic scenes, crackling with sexual tension, between Durtal and Madame Chantelouve. If it is about anything, La-Bas is about Good and Evil. This enlightening new translation will be especially useful to students of literature. Not only does it contain an introduction that puts Huysmans in context for those who are new to his work, it also includes extensive notes to unlock the mass of obscure words that litter the text, and references to a vast array of scientists, false messiahs and misfits whose ideas went into the concoction of this strangely fascinating book." Beryl Bainbridge in The Spectator �This novel is one of the key texts of the Decadent movement of the 1890s and writhes with satanists, occultists, incubi (male demons), succubi (female demons) and intellectuals.” Sophia Martelli in The Observer "This Gothic shocker is not for the faint hearted..." Jerome Boyd Maunsell in The Times "The classic tale of satanism and sexual obsession in nineteenth-century Paris, in an attractive new edition. The novel's enervated anti-hero, Durtal, is writing a book about Gilles de Rais, child-murderer and comrade in arms of Joan of Arc. When he's not swotting up on alchemy, visiting Rais' ruined castle and fantasising about a mystery woman, he is pondering Catholicism with his friends. But his sexual adventures and historical studies mesh when he's invited to witness a black mass. Strong meat for diseased imaginations." Time Out

Meaning in Landscape Architecture and Gardens

Author : Marc Treib
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While we all live our lives in designed landscapes of various types, only on occasion do we consider what these landscapes mean to us and how they have acquired that significance. Can a landscape architect or garden designer really imbue new settings with meaning, or does meaning evolve over time, created by those who perceive and use these landscapes? What role does the selection and arrangement of plants and hard materials play in this process and just where does the passage of time enter into the equation? These questions collectively provide the core material for Meaning in Landscape Architecture and Gardens, a compendium of four landmark essays written over a period of twenty years by leading scholars in the field of landscape architecture. New commentaries by the authors accompany each of the essays and reflect on the thinking behind them as well as the evolution of the author’s thoughts since their original publication. Although the central theme of these writings is landscape architecture broadly taken, the principal subject of several essays and commentaries is the garden, a subject historically plentiful in allusions and metaphors. As a whole Meaning in Landscape Architecture and Gardens offers the general reader as well as the professional a rich source of ideas about the designed landscape and the ways by which we perceive, consider, react, and dwell within them – and what they mean to us. The essays have been perennial favorites in landscape courses since their original publication in Landscape Journal. Bringing them together – bolstered by the new commentaries – creates a book valuable to all those creating gardens and landscapes, as well as those teaching and studying these subjects.

Our Bodies Are Selves

Author : Philip Hefner
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Our Bodies Are Selves is a look at what it means to be human in a world where medical technology and emerging ethical insight force us to rethink the boundaries of humanity/spirit and man/machine. This book gives us a fresh look at how our expandingbiological views of ourselves and our shared evolutionary history shows us a picture that may not always illumine who and where we are as Christians. Offering up Christian theological views of embodiment, the authors give everyday examples of lives of love, faith, and bodily realities that offer the potential to create new definitions of what it means to be a faith community in an increasingly technological age of medicine.

S bastien Roch

Author : Octave Mirbeau
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This is a classic portrait of a boy''s psychological, sexual and political coming of age in provincial France, set against the background of the Belle Epoque'

The Book of Tobias

Author : Sylvie Germain
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When tragedy strikes and Theodore Lebon is robbed of his adored wife, or rather her head, for only her body remains after a riding accident, the reader is once again in that strange world that Sylvie Germain has made her own

Portrait of an Englishman in His Chateau

Author : André Pieyre de Mandiargues
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A Gothic tale in the manner of the Marquis de Sade and Octave Mirbeau's Torture Garden. It was originally published anonymously in Paris in 1953. When the unnamed narrator crosses the causeway to the Chateau of Gamehuche, he enters a surrealist nightmare of debauchery and violence. The proceedings at the chateau are presided over by the master of Gamehuche, M. de Montcul, formerly the English diplomat, Sir Horatio Mountarse. With a cast of willing and not-so-willing acolytes, he serves up an over-refined cuisine of obscenity, sexual perversion and unspeakable cruelty. The book could be described as a dispatch written from the frontiers of depravity. J. Fletcher's translation is the first English version of Pieyre de Mandiargues disturbing cult classic.

The Land of Darkness

Author : Daniel Arsand
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It is 1289, and Kubilai Khan rules the largest empire the world has ever known. A man of driving ambition, the Venetian merchant Vincente Montefoschi prepares to lead a caravan on the perilous journey from Lesser Armenia to Peking, capital of the great Khan's empire. Spurred by hopes of Kubilai's conversion to Christianity, the Armenian King Hethum II lends his patronage to Montefoschi's mission, sending with him to China a supremely gifted illuminator to win the Mongol emperor to the True Faith. Here the journey east is one of extremes: extremes of climate, of terrain and of passion. Individual questsNfor glory, pleasure, love and dominationNgive rise to suspicion and hostility among the travelers. As the caravan crosses land rumored to be governed by spirits, reality yields to myth and illusion and the main characters are forced to confront their own demons or be consumed.

Wow Wow

Author : Richard Preston
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"... a review of strange and innovative websites, celebrated and criticized by an eclectic mix of writers" -- Back cover.

Paris Noir

Author : Jacques Yonnet
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In Paris Noir, Jaques Yonnet tells us about some of the darker quarters of Paris's Left Bank, centred on the Place Mauberge and the Rue Mouffetard, as he experienced it. This book was mostly written during the 1940s, under the Occupation and in the immediate post-war period. There is a certain amount dealing with the resistance, but the main thrust of the book is a Paris that existed between the wars - and is well known from Film Noir - but has since disappeared. It concentrates on the people, a mixture of ordinary workers, tradesmen, artists, con men and criminals. It invests the area with a sense of mystery, including occasional supernatural events; its style is remarkable and Yonnet often draws on the language of the inhabitants of the area.

An Afternoon with Rock Hudson

Author : Mercedes Deambrosis
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Dorita meets Carmen, an old school friend that she hasn't seen for years, in a crowded street and they go for a coffee. Beneath the friendly chat, each woman tries to assert her sense of her own value, and things become more and more fraught.

The Experience of the Night

Author : Marcel Béalu
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A novel, translated by Christine Donougher. Published at the close of the Second World War, "The Experience of Night" achieved celebrity among the surrealists as the masterpiece of "the French Kafka." Dream and reality are indistinguishable in its dusky world. Marcel Adrien sees the sign of an opthalmologist, and enters to inquire about having his eyes checked, only to find that he is expected. The mysterious Dr. Fohat has files on his future clients; his regimen is a new way of seeing, a new eye. "You have to lose your way seven times in the earth's labyrinth to be familiar with the echo, guardian of metals and stones, residing in its vaults...."

The Writers Directory

Author : Miranda H. Ferrara
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The Decadent Sportsman

Author : Medlar Lucan
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From their offices above a boxing gym in Old Havana, Medlar Lucan and Durian Gray have set aside their congenital lethargy to begin a glittering and fantastical new project: The Decadent Sportsman. "We are inspired in part by the magnificent wastefulness of the preparations for the London Olympic Games, exactly the kind of futile extravagance that Caligula or Nero would have adored, and in part by the pungent odours of sweat and bruised leather that waft up through the ventilation grillles in the floorboards from the boxing ring below." This orchid-scented duo bring their wit and monstrous imaginations to play across the entire history of sport, with chapters ranging from the Greek athletic ideal and its perversions to the Nazi Olympics of 1936 and the use of drugs, alcohol and visionary states of being. The book also includes the full text of their proposal to the IOC for a new and more impressive Alternative Olympic Games, with events such as voyeurism, dentistry, Russian roulette, cocktail mixing, posing, couture, hairdressing, mendacity, bohemianism, architectural patisserie, and the roasting and carving of meat."

Death and Garden Narratives in Literature Art and Film

Author : Feryal Cubukcu
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Death and Garden Narratives in Literature, Art and Film: Song of Death in Paradise analyzes the combination of two motifs, death and gardens, throughout various media and cultural contexts in order to show how the two subjects are intertwined and prevalent throughout the world's cultures.

Follies Grottoes Garden Buildings

Author : Gwyn Headley
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Chronicles nearly 1,450 UK sites which boast follies, grottoes or garden buildings of original or eccentric aspect.

The Man in Flames

Author : Serge Filippini
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A fictionalized portrait of Giordano Bruno, a 16th century Italian avant-garde philosopher who placed reason above Church dogma. For that he was condemned as a heretic and burned at the stake.

Decadent London

Author : Antony Clayton
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Antony Clayton recreates the artistic and social milieu of the turbulent period around the end of the 19th century and provides concise biographical material on the central characters, such as Wilde, Symons, Beardsley, Whistler, Dowson, Frank Harris and other less well-known people such as Count Stenbock and John Gray. It was a period of immense upheaval and change in all of the arts. The author surveys the work produced, the favourite dining places, the public reaction and also the decadent life of London outside the artistic arena that co-existed at a time when the constraints and certainties of the Victorian period were crumbling. Decadence was indeed subversive.--Publisher.


Author : Guillaume Lecasble
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Aboard the Titanic, Lobster watches Angelina devour his father before being plucked out of the aquarium himself. Just as he is put in the boiling pot, the ship hits the iceberg and the pot is thrown to the floor. Lobster survives, with some changes: he finds himself sexually attracted not only to a human, but to the very human who ate his father. He gives her one life-changing orgasm before their tragic separation, following an ugly incident in one of the lifeboats. This novel begins a new series from Dedalus called Euro Shorts, short European fiction which can be read from cover to cover on a short flight.