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Death of a Hollow Man

Author : Caroline Graham
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'Simply the best detective writer since Agatha Christie' The Sunday Times Discover the novels that inspired the hit ITV series Midsomer Murders, seen and loved by millions. Death of a Hollow Man is the second instalment in the Midsomer Murders series, featuring Detective Chief Inspector Barnaby with an audience of 10.34 million. Featuring an exclusive foreword by John Nettles, ITV's DCI Tom Barnaby. Perfect for fans of Agatha Christie, Ann Granger and James Runcie's The Grantchester Mysteries. Backstage nerves are fraying, and revenge is on its way. As Causton Amateur Dramatic Society prepares for the opening night of Amadeus, offstage Esslyn Carmichael suspects his wife is having an affair with another cast member. And where better to settle scores than the stage? Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby expects an evening of entertainment, attending only to show support for his wife. But when someone turns Esslyn's final grand gesture into a gruesome coup de theatre, Barnaby's investigation suddenly begins. Praise for Caroline Graham's novels: 'Characterisation first rate, plotting likewise. . . Written with enormous relish. A very superior whodunnit' Literary Review 'Hard to praise highly enough' The Sunday Times 'Her books are not just great whodunits but great novels in their own right' Julie Burchill 'Enlivened by a very sardonic wit and turn of phrase, the narrative drive never falters' Birmingham Post 'Guaranteed to keep you guessing until the very end' Woman

Death of a Hollow Man

Author : Caroline Graham
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An onstage murder in a small English village draws the beloved detective into “a theatrical whodunit worthy of a deep bow” (The New York Times). Actors do love their dramas, and the members of the Causton Amateur Dramatic Society are no exception. However, even the most theatrically minded have to admit that murdering the leading man in full view of the audience is a bit over the top. Luckily, Inspector Barnaby is in that audience, and while he may lack certain skills as a theater critic, he’s just the man to catch a killer. In this second Barnaby mystery, the inspector is in his element, and so is author Caroline Graham, a former actress, who tweaks her collection of community-theater artistes and small-town drama queens with merciless delight. Death of a Hollow Man was the basis for the second episode in season one of the acclaimed ITV crime drama Midsomer Murders.

Adapting Detective Fiction

Author : Neil McCaw
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Adapting Detective Fiction is a study of specific instances of adaptation, with close readings of both the originating sources and adapted texts. But it is also more than this. It is a study of the politics of representation in the last decades of the twentieth century, and the role television detective fiction plays in this. It is about the mutually-informing interrelation of cultural texts and political rhetoric, about the connection between the popular-cultural depiction of crime and criminality and how we come to understand human behaviour and culpability; most of all, it is a detailed consideration of what the process of adaptation reveals about the shifting nature of the world in which we live. With specific reference to television series such as The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Miss Marple, Inspector Morse, A Touch of Frost, Cadfael, and Midsomer Murders, Adapting Detective Fiction uses adaptation as the basis for an exercise in later twentieth-century cultural history, illustrating the fundamental role detective fictions play in popular beliefs about the nature of crime and Englishness.

Death of a Hollow Man

Author : Caroline Graham
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When an egotistical actor dies after slashing his throat onstage during an amateur production of "Amadeus," Chief Inspector Barnaby investigates to learn who removed the safety tape from the leading man's razor

The Mystery Fancier

Author : William F. Deeck
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A bibliography of various mystery novels published between November 1976 and Fall 1992.

Death on the Waterways

Author : Allan Scott-Davies
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Canals reached their zenith in the eighteenth century during the Industrial Revolution, before the arrival of the railways usurped their position, whereupon a number of them fell into disrepair and disuse. For many years forgotten, canals and waterways have enjoyed an enormous resurgence in popularity as the recent leisure industry has placed them once more at the forefront of a lively community. This fascinating book delves into the murkiest criminal cases to occur or be associated with the canals and waterways of Britain, including many high-profile murders, and considering other crimes such as pick-pocketing, robberies, drunkenness and assaults. Also looking at the use of canal crime in film and literature, this illustrated history offers a chilling glimpse into the criminal past.

The Image of Modern Man in T S Eliot s Poetry

Author : Mariwan Nasradeen Hasan Barzinji
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The Image of Modern Man in T. S. Eliot's Poetry The book , presents an original understanding of The Image of Modern Man in T. S. Eliots complex and difficult poems in an easy and understandable way. Eliots vision of the Modern Man and the modern world is depicted throughout Eliots most well-known poems. Eliot was criticized by some critics for the quality of his work. The aim of this book is to show what an excellent and successful writer he is, to reveal the value and the contemporaneity of his work. His poetry is highly evaluated for its unique way of depicting the Modern humanity by realizing their problems as well as finding solutions for them. The book is a great help not only for students, but also for researchers as the writer has spent much time in reading Eliots Poems. He has also written an ample introduction about modernism, modernity, modern literature and modern poetry, which might be enough to understand the rise of modern poetry. ... All of Eliots poems especially The Waste Land has presented readers with all the aspects of the modern life. Life is depicted as a mirror, broken and shattered into pieces as it is clear in the different parts of the poem. Eliot unlike many poets did not leave the modern man lost in despair but he finds them, their peace of mind by having a true and stable faith as well as their turning to God. The only solution for the entire problems of modern man is to turn to God and neglect the world that completely occupied them spiritually. ...Modern man has lost his values especially women by only looking after children, many of them turned to prostitution because they did not have any source of income; therefore, they used that as a way to earn money to maintain life. These are the characteristics of the modern city, which are shared by all the countries, especially Europe. Eliot insists on the necessity of turning from world to God. He believed that God can solve their problems, because man or any other earthly power could not change that gloomy and aimless life, which modern man complained against.

100 Must read Crime Novels

Author : Nick Rennison
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Want to become a crime novel buff, or expand your reading in your favourite genre? This is a good place to start! From the publishers of the popular, Good Reading Guide comes a rich selection of the some of the finest crime novels ever published. With 100 of the best titles fully reviewed and a further 500 recommended, you'll quickly become an expert on the world of crime. The book also allows you to browse by theme, includes 'a reader's fast-guide to the world of crime fiction' as well listing the top 10 crime characters and their creators, award winners and book club recommendations.

Midsomer Murders Location Guide

Author : Frank Hopkinson
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A visitor’s guide to Midsomer, pinpointing the most popular real-world locations used for filming the series. ‘Midsomer Murders’ was an immediate success from its very first episode ‘The Killing at Badger's Drift’, aired in 1997. With this guide, fans of the show can pinpoint the most popular locations used for filming the series, including familiar pubs, churches, villages and countryside that are open for visits. The guide features: Famous pubs such as The Lions at Bledlow, which has been five different pubs in its Midsomer lifetime, and The Crown in Sydenham, which can claim at least three. Villages clustered around the Oxfordshire/Buckinghamshire border – Turville, Hambleden, Fingest, Haddenham and Long Crendon, all favourite backdrops in the show. Grand country houses including the Mapledurham Estate, Chenies Manor House and Dorney Court, all open to the public. Ancient churches to admire, quite often the scene of grisly goings on in the vestry. Short profiles on the two DCI Barnabys, John Nettles and Neil Dudegon, along with the five Detective Sergeants and Sykes the dog. With all episodes available on BritBox, fans of the show can watch old episodes with the Midsomer Murders Location Guide in hand and spot exactly where Inspector Barnaby brings the sometimes unlikely villains to book.

The Hollow Man

Author : Dan Simmons
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Jeremy Bremen has a secret. All his life he's been cursed with the ability to read minds. He knows the secret thoughts, fears, and desires of others as if they were his own. For years, his wife, Gail, has served as a shield between Jeremy and the burden of this terrible knowledge. But Gail is dying, her mind ebbing slowly away, leaving him vulnerable to the chaotic flood of thought that threatens to sweep away his sanity. Now Jeremy is on the run--from his mind, from his past, from himself--hoping to find peace in isolation. Instead he witnesses an act of brutality that propels him on a treacherous trek across a dark and dangerous America. From a fantasy theme park to the lair of a killer to a sterile hospital room in St. Louis, he follows a voice that is calling him to witness the stunning mystery at the heart of mortality.