Death in the Garden


Author: Elizabeth Ironside

Publisher: Canelo

ISBN: 178863022X

Category: Fiction

Page: 250

View: 983

Can Helena solve the mystery of a murder in the family that has festered for over two generations? In 1925 the beautiful, bohemian Diana Pollexfen was celebrating her thirtieth birthday with a party at a country estate, but the celebrations soured when her husband died, poisoned by a cocktail that had been liberally laced with some of Diana's photographic chemicals. Sixty years later, Diana's grand-niece, Helena, is also turning thirty, but with rather less fanfare. An overworked attorney in London, Helena's primary social outlet is an obsessive love affair. By way of distraction, Helena starts looking through her great-aunt's papers and soon develops another obsession: Determining just who killed George Pollexfen in that lovely, sunlit garden between the wars. Praise for Elizabeth Ironside ‘Excellent local colour and culture, good adventure and an admirable denouement’ Marcel Berlins ‘She joins those few mystery writers you unreservedly look forward to reading ... a thoroughly satisfying psychological thriller’ Harriet Waugh, Spectator ‘A fine, stylish book to be savoured’ James Melville ‘Superbly handled ... a masterly example of classic crime fiction’ Birmingham Post ‘A spell-binding story of love, murder and deception’ Coventry Evening Telegraph ‘Enticing murder mystery’ Manchester Evening News

Life and Death in the Garden

Sex, Drugs, Cops, and Robbers in Wartime China


Author: Kathryn Meyer

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 1442223537

Category: History

Page: 306

View: 5049

This compelling book provides a rare glimpse into the heart of wartime China. Kathryn Meyer draws us into the perilous world of the Garden of Grand Vision, a ramshackle structure where a floating population of thousands found shelter—and despair. We follow the three Japanese police officers who were dispatched into the underworld of occupied China to investigate crime and vice in the Harbin slums while their military leaders dragged Japan deeper into the Pacific War. While following these policemen, the reader discovers a remarkable and unexpected view of World War II in East Asia that brings to life the margins of a violent and entrepreneurial society, the struggles of an occupying police force to maintain order, and the underbelly of Japanese espionage. Drawing on the author’s years of rediscovering the historical trail in Manchuria and research based on top-secret Japanese military documents and Chinese memoirs, this book offers a unique and powerful social and cultural history of a forgotten world.

Death In The Orchid Garden


Author: Ann Ripley

Publisher: Kensington Books

ISBN: 1496702638

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 614

Louise Eldridge is taking her public television garden show on the road--to Hawaii! But the tropical paradise isn't so idyllic once murder makes an unexpected appearance. . . Lush with hibiscus, ficus, plumeria, and monkeypod trees, the island of Kauai is the perfect place for Louise to film a few episodes of Gardening with Nature. After their shoot at the National Tropical Botanical Garden, Louise unwinds with a sunset walk on the beach. But at the base of a cliff, she makes a grisly discovery: the battered body of Matthew Flynn, a noted botanist. Her attempts to save his life are fruitless, and--after seeing his injuries firsthand--Louise is convinced that his death was no accident. Now it'll take some serious digging for Louise to unearth more clues, but she'll have to be very careful, because this is one killer who is ready to plant her in the ground. . . "Neatly plotted. . .Ripley's green thumb fans will relish the paradise island setting and Louise's reliable sleuthing."--Publishers Weekly

Death in Candie Gardens


Author: Eileen Dewhurst

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 1447239229

Category: Fiction

Page: 216

View: 9404

Charles De Garde is a man who doesn’t have a care in the world. Partner in a prestigious Guernsey law firm, highly respected in the local community, a contented marriage to a wife who happily tolerates his string of affairs – what more could he ask for? But he makes the mistake of believing himself to be impervious to danger. A mugger is at loose on the island, and when Charles one night defies his wife’s warnings and goes for his usual stroll in idyllic Candie Gardens, it turns out to be his last. At first it appears that Charles De Garde has been yet another hapless victim of a criminal who has finally resorted to violence – with fatal consequences. But Charles’s body has not been robbed. And when the mugger comes forward with an unbreakable alibi, it is left to Detective Inspector Tim Le Page to face the unwelcome fact that his cousin Charles may have had an enemy. A jealous husband, a spurned mistress, and, in particular, Joly Duguy, son of a wartime collaborator, who bitterly resents De Garde’s persecution of his father – any one of these might have hated Charles enough to want him dead. But it is not until a second death in Candie Gardens that Le Page begins to make his way towards the final, terrible truth.

The Reaper's Garden

Death and Power in the World of Atlantic Slavery


Author: Vincent Brown

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 9780674024229

Category: History

Page: 340

View: 2542

What did people make of death in the world of Atlantic slavery? In The Reaper's Garden, Vincent Brown asks this question about Jamaica, the staggeringly profitable hub of the British Empire in America--and a human catastrophe. Popularly known as the grave of the Europeans, it was just as deadly for Africans and their descendants. Yet among the survivors, the dead remained both a vital presence and a social force. In this compelling and evocative story of a world in flux, Brown shows that death was as generative as it was destructive. From the eighteenth-century zenith of British colonial slavery to its demise in the 1830s, the Grim Reaper cultivated essential aspects of social life in Jamaica--belonging and status, dreams for the future, and commemorations of the past. Surveying a haunted landscape, Brown unfolds the letters of anxious colonists; listens in on wakes, eulogies, and solemn incantations; peers into crypts and coffins, and finds the very spirit of human struggle in slavery. Masters and enslaved, fortune seekers and spiritual healers, rebels and rulers, all summoned the dead to further their desires and ambitions. In this turbulent transatlantic world, Brown argues, "mortuary politics" played a consequential role in determining the course of history. Insightful and powerfully affecting, The Reaper's Garden promises to enrich our understanding of the ways that death shaped political life in the world of Atlantic slavery and beyond.

Onward and Upward in the Garden


Author: Katherine S. White

Publisher: New York Review of Books

ISBN: 1590178513

Category: Gardening

Page: 392

View: 5429

In 1925 Harold Ross hired Katharine Sergeant Angell as a manuscript reader for The New Yorker. Within months she became the magazine’s first fiction editor, discovering and championing the work of Vladimir Nabokov, John Updike, James Thurber, Marianne Moore, and her husband-to-be, E. B. White, among others. After years of cultivating fiction, White set her sights on a new genre: garden writing. On March 1, 1958, The New Yorker ran a column entitled “Onward and Upward in the Garden,” a critical review of garden catalogs, in which White extolled the writings of “seedmen and nurserymen,” those unsung authors who produced her “favorite reading matter.” Thirteen more columns followed, exploring the history and literature of gardens, flower arranging, herbalists, and developments in gardening. Two years after her death in 1977, E. B. White collected and published the series, with a fond introduction. The result is this sharp-eyed appreciation of the green world of growing things, of the aesthetic pleasures of gardens and garden writing, and of the dreams that gardens inspire.

Death in the Garden City


Author: Jeanne M. Dams

Publisher: Severn House Publishers

ISBN: 9780727889133


Page: 224

View: 6747

Dorothy Martin and her husband Alan head to the Canadian city of Victoria to investigate a series of petty crimes. But when a woman goes missing and a body is discovered, it would appear that the petty crimes have turned deadly - and Dorothy and Alan have embarked on a trip that will become far more dangerous than they ever envisaged.

Death in Retirement


Author: Josephine Bell

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 1447221311

Category: Fiction

Page: 232

View: 6527

Gillian and Max, young and deeply in love, are engaged at last, and nothing stands in the way of their future happiness. Nothing that is except for Gillian’s aunt, retired missionary Dr. Oliver Clayton, the woman who Gillian has lived with for the past four years. When the mysterious Mr and Mrs Weaver arrive in the pretty village of Elmford to live with Dr. Clayton and to help with the household bills, it seems that Gillian and Max’s prayers have been answered, but within months Elmford is plunged into a double murder enquiry, and the killer is still on the loose . . .

Garden of Death


Author: Chrystle Fiedler

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1476748926

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

View: 1520

When a local doctor is found dead in Willow McQuade’s medicinal garden, she must find the killer to clear her boyfriend’s name in this third clever book in the Natural Remedies Mystery series. Dr. Willow McQuade, owner of Nature’s Way Market & Café, has put the finishing touches on a new medicinal plant garden for Greenport’s annual Maritime Festival and is ready for the festivities to begin. But it’s not all flowers and sunshine at the grand opening, when Willow discovers the body of another contestant, Dr. Charles White, face down in her garden. Willow’s hunky boyfriend, Jackson Spade, immediately becomes a suspect due to a recent fight with Dr. White. Willow knows she has to remedy the situation, but it won’t be easy with the other applicants’ vendettas and vandals wrecking her garden at every turn. And when she finds buried treasure in her garden that just might belong to the legendary Captain Kidd, the stakes become even higher. Was Dr. White searching for that treasure? Did someone kill him to get to it first? With the help of Jackson and her eccentric ex-boyfriend, Willow follows the clues to uncover the truth that someone wants buried… But can she dig up enough evidence before she becomes the killer’s next victim?