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Dear Olly

Author : Michael Morpurgo
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Discover the beautiful stories of Michael Morpurgo, author of Warhorse and the nation’s favourite storyteller A moving story of a brother, a sister and a swallow, and how all are in some way victims of the horrors of landmines.

Long Distance Love

Author : Jodie Sewall
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This collection of 267 personal letters will introduce you to Oliver, Eleanor & Marietta Boizard and their friends. You will journey with the Boizards to Florida during the Seminole Indian War where Eleanor works as a laundress at Fort Myers while Oliver's Army unit is building a road through the swamp near Lake Okeechobee. From there Oliver's Army unit moves to Fort Leavenworth and Fort Ridgely in the Nebraska Territory. In 1861 when the American Civil War begins, Oliver is stationed in Newport Barracks, Kentucky. At the expiration of his enlistment in February 1864, Oliver moves to Chicago. Due to health reasons, his wife and daughter move to Glen Arbor, Michigan. From 1864-1870 Oliver and Eleanor write to each other and occasionally visit. Oliver works to support his family. You will read about Indians, military outposts, Civil War Battles, General Grant, Sherman's march and the assassination of President Lincoln. You will also discover the cost of many everyday items during the mid-1800's.

Out of the Clouds

Author : Diana Hendry
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From the Costa award-winning author of Harvey Angell comes the perfect book for fathers and sons to share - and for anyone who has ever been part of a crazy but loveable family. Oliver Coggin lives with his chaotic family in Dizzy Perch, a crazy house on top of a mountain somewhere remote in Scotland. With Pa away - on mysterious but exciting scientific research - Oliver keeps the household going. Not that everyone always listens to what he has to say. Or appreciates him. But what does Oliver want himself? He'd like to escape the house sometimes. He'd like a friend, like the new boy he sees in the village. Most of all, he'd like to understand why his father went away. And where's he's gone. So Oliver sets out on a long journey to get Pa back.

Olly s Zoo

Author : Mat Gardener
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This particular story is about Olly’s local zoo and the adventures he has with some of the creatures who live there. After Olly’s father sees an article about the zoo in the local paper and how they might have to close down, he decides to take the family there for a day out. Whilst they are there, the family each decide to sponsor one of the creatures to help support the zoo and keep it open. This prompts a whole series of dreams where Olly imagines himself taking the animals the family have sponsored, out on various adventures. The story ends with Olly going to see where zoo animals come from and he learns what an important job they do in protecting endamgered species. This story aims to show young readers how important it is to support zoos which offer sanctuary to the worlds’ most endangered animal species. Whilst in an ideal world animals are best left in their natural habitat, this story aims to show that this is not always in their best interests to live in the wild. In cases where species are hunted down and killed for medicine, and where unrestrained habitat destruction occurs, zoo parks have an important role to play. Not only do zoo parks offer sanctuary for such animals, they also raise important publicity in respect to their plight in their natural habitats, which can be used to put pressure on politicians and world leaders to offer protection to such creatures and their habitats. They also offer important breeding opportunities so that colonies of the animals can be re-established in their original habitat, once conditions allow. In the latter part of the story, habitat destruction is illustrated very clearly in order to make young readers’/listeners conscious of how rainforests are being destroyed at an alarming rate.

Tyme s End

Author : B.R. Collins
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Bibi feels out of place everywhere - everywhere that is, except for Tyme's End, the deserted house that she breaks into when she thinks nobody is nearby. There she unexpectedly meets Oliver Gardner, the owner of the house, who's just returned after ten years away. Their story and the story of Oliver's grandfather becomes inextricably entwined, linked as they are by Tyme's End itself. For Tyme's End is more than just a deserted house. It is a house that by turns can be romantic, beguiling, sinister and malevolent. It is a house that had a cruel and manipulative owner. And anybody who enters Tyme's End must prepare themselves for terror . . . Part mystery, part psychological thriller, set in the present yet with forays into the past, this is a cleverly ambitious novel that makes for a compulsive and gripping read.

The Boy Who Followed His Father into Auschwitz

Author : Jeremy Dronfield
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In 1939, Gustav Kleinmann, a Jewish upholsterer in Vienna, was seized by the Nazis. Along with his teenage son Fritz, he was sent to Buchenwald in Germany. There began an unimaginable ordeal that saw the pair beaten, starved and forced to build the very concentration camp they were held in. When Gustav was set to be transferred to Auschwitz, a certain death sentence, Fritz refused to leave his side. Throughout the horrors they witnessed and the suffering they endured, there was one constant that kept them alive: the love between father and son. Based on Gustav's secret diary and meticulous archive research, this book tells his and Fritz's story for the first time - a story of courage and survival unparalleled in the history of the Holocaust.

The Tutor of Truth

Author : Mr. Pratt (Samuel Jackson)
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Scribners Monthly

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Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine

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The Century

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