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David and the Worry Beast

Author : Anne Marie Guanci
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Through the story of David who worries about everything, teaches young readers how to deal with anxiety and shows parents how to help children overcome fear.

The General Educator s Guide to Special Education

Author : Jody L. Maanum
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Provides information on disability categories, the referral and placement process, teaching strategies, and behavioral adaptations to the curriculum.

Working with Worry

Author : Melissa L. Kilbride, LICSW
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Working with Worry is designed to give parents practical tools they can use to support their children as they try to manage their anxiety in today's increasingly stressful world. It is a hands-on workbook that you can turn to for easy-to-understand information, recommendations, and support. Parents will learn about what anxiety looks like in children, reflect on their own experiences with anxiety, and find a wealth of intervention activities to try with their children. The activities use proven techniques including mindfulness, creativity, and self-regulation, and are organized by type of intervention, age, and areas of interest. This book is unlike any other workbook available on this subject because it offers both education and guidance around supporting children, while helping parents understand the need to be self-reflective about their own relationships with anxiety. Key features of this book: &•Over 60 interventions and activities organized by type, age, and areas of interest &•An entire chapter dedicated to helping parents understand their own anxiety, their ability to influence their children's experience of anxiety, and also how to "keep their stuff together" &•A chapter focused on how to combine the gains of parents and their children in a successful maintenance plan for the whole family &•Easy to understand language from authors who are not only experts offering professional guidance, but are also parents themselves who can relate to the challenges of raising children today

Managing Anxiety in School Settings

Author : Anna Duvall
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Managing Anxiety in School Settings dives into the growing topic of anxiety and its implications on students’ emotional and academic wellbeing, providing key insights into how to enable students to be successful inside and outside of the classroom. This book provides the reader with a tangible set of strategies for all grade levels that can be built into individualized anxiety survival toolkits for students to deploy discreetly and effectively both in the classroom and in their daily lives. With real-life examples from Anxious Annie in each chapter, readers build a grounded, fine-grained understanding of anxiety’s causes, different varieties, manifestations, social and learning impacts, and coping strategies. Breakdowns by grade level take into account which strategies your students will be most open to and best served by. School counselors and teachers can use this book to work with students individually, in small groups, classes, or even entire schools to create anxiety survival toolkits to provide practical strategies that help students combat their anxiety for the rest of their lives.

The Parents Guide to Managing Anxiety in Children with Autism

Author : Raelene Dundon
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This guide for parents is a complete introduction to autism and anxiety. Drawing on the author's clinical experience working with children and their families, it provides parents and carers with everything they need to know to help support their child. It covers the basics such as what anxiety is, how it manifests behaviourally and why it is common in autism, before presenting CBT-informed practical strategies for managing a common range of anxieties: separation, social, performance, phobias, and generalised anxiety. It also has chapters dedicated to related behaviours including Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA) and advice on managing meltdowns. This is a clear, concise and practical guide that answers any questions that parents and carers might have about anxiety and provides support strategies to help children with autism manage a range of anxieties.

Play Based Interventions for Childhood Anxieties Fears and Phobias

Author : Athena A. Drewes
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Illustrating the power of play for helping children overcome a wide variety of worries, fears, and phobias, this book provides a toolkit of play therapy approaches and techniques. Coverage encompasses everyday fears and worries in 3- to 12-year-olds as well as anxiety disorders and posttraumatic problems. Leading practitioners describe their approaches step by step and share vivid illustrative case material. Each chapter also summarizes the research base for the interventions discussed. Key topics include adapting therapy to each child's developmental level, engaging reluctant or less communicative clients, and involving parents in treatment.

The Resiliency Puzzle The Key to Raising Resilient Kids

Author : Julie Fisher, M.Ed.
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Kids today seem to be less resilient than they were in previous generations. Many young people in the twenty-first century don't seem to have the coping skills to deal with adversity, and they lack the ability to persevere when the going gets tough. In The Resiliency Puzzle, author Julie Fisher provides a model for understanding how kids can develop the skills they need to cope with adversity and persevere while gaining strength, character, and the fortitude to succeed. It teaches adults what resiliency looks like and provides concrete suggestions for how to instill those specific qualities that empower kids to be resilient. Fisher discusses how it's never too late to help children learn to develop resiliency-building skills. It can be accomplished by actively parenting, coaching, educating, and mentoring kids in a way that provides for and promotes those opportunities to model resiliency ourselves.

Desperately Seeking Solutions

Author : Kathy Paterson
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Hearts and Minds Matter

Author : Jackie Eldridge
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Hearts and Minds Matter: Creating Learning Environments Where All Students Belong is an invaluable resource for all educational stakeholders, including teachers, school administrators, classroom support personnel, students and parents. The work is based on the understanding that human potential, given the right learning conditions, is boundless. In it, authors Jackie Eldridge and Denise McLafferty explore the many positive and necessary attributes of inclusion. To maximize a child’s potential, they must feel they belong to, and are in, a predictable learning environment. Only through inclusion and the creation and sustainability of a safe community can children survive, thrive, and become resilient adults. Grounded in research on human needs and wants, emotional intelligence, brain-compatible learning, and resilience, Hearts and Minds Matter: Creating Learning Environments Where All Students Belong provides educators with the foundation necessary to understand the power of belonging in safe, inclusive classrooms. This work provides a balance of theory and practice, with a wide variety of engaging strategies, tactics, and skills that can be immediately incorporated into the classrooms of today. The approach allows students to maximize their academic and social-emotional skills with trust and confidence. People can and will make a difference in the world, given optimal circumstances. Hearts and Minds Matter: Creating Learning Environments Where All Students Belong is here to help you build and sustain these conditions.

In Amelia We Do Not Trust

Author : Joshua Calkins-Treworgy
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Amelia City, Iowa. Like any fair-sized American town, the folks of Amelia know plenty of folklore and urban legends surrounding the place they call home. Unlike elsewhere, however, folks here quietly understand something more. They know that in Amelia City, those myths have a habit of being true more often than not. They know that there really is something going bump in the night—and it just might rip them apart if it finds them. Discover just some of those legends in this collection, which includes entries from the acclaimed Roads Through Amelia series by Joshua T. Calkins-Treworgy.