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Databases for Health Care

Author : G. Wiederhold
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Managing Health Care Information Systems

Author : Karen A. Wager
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Managing Health Care Information Systems Managing Health Care Information Systems teaches key principles, methods, and applications necessary to provide access to timely, complete, accurate, legible, and relevant health care information. Written by experts for students and professionals, this well-timed book provides detailed information on the foundations of health care information management; the history, legacy, and future of health care information systems; the architecture and technologies that support health care information systems; and the challenges for senior management in information technology, such as organization, alignment with strategic planning, governance, planning initiatives, and assessing and achieving value. Comprehensive in scope, Managing Health Care Information Systems includes substantial discussion of data quality, regulation, laws, and standards; strategies for system acquisition, use, and support; and standards and security. Each chapter includes an overview and summary of the material, as well as learning activities. The activities provide students with the opportunity to explore more fully the concepts presented. Praise for Managing Health Care Information Systems "This is the first book that comprehensively describes both opportunities and issues in the effective management of information technology in health care." --James. I. Cash, Ph.D., retired James E. Robinson Professor, Harvard Business School, and chairman of IT Committee, Partners HealthCare System, Inc., Board of Trustees "The challenges of managing information systems and technology in an electronic health care environment are many. Finally here is a book that succinctly takes the reader from the basics to the boardroom in meeting such challenges. This book is a great resource." --Melanie S. Brodnik, Ph.D., director, Health Informatics and Information Management, The Ohio State University "Collaboration among authors--academicians and a nationally known CIO--has produced an excellent resource for graduate students and health care executives who wish to learn about health information technologies, systems, and their management." --Ramesh K. Shukla, Ph.D., professor and director, Williamson Institute for Healthcare Leadership, Department of Health Administration, Virginia Commonwealth University

Data Mining Healthcare and Clinical Databases

Author :
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Healthcare Databases

Author : Alan Gillies
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Databases are an increasingly important part of the everyday life of all healthcare professionals. This straightforward practical guide to creating and using databases is closely tailored to the needs of healthcare practitioners. It covers design and implementation including simple data modelling, normalisation, tables, forms, queries and reports and shows how a database can be integrated with a word processor to produce letters for mailing. The easy to use step-by-step format guides the reader through the text in a user-friendly style by showing what actually appears on the computer and by making extensive use of screen shots, toolbar icons, mouse and keyboard actions. This clear and concise approachable book is designed for all general practitioners, practice managers and nurses, clinical governance and audit staff, doctors, nurses and other hospital staff, and staff involved in research and development - who need have no prior knowledge of databases.

Continuous Quality Improvement in Health Care

Author : Curtis P. McLaughlin
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Health Administration

Introduction to Computers for Healthcare Professionals

Author : Irene Joos
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Introduction to Computers for Health Care Professionals, Seventh Edition is a contemporary computer literacy text geared toward nurses and other healthcare students.

Creating Knowledge based Healthcare Organizations

Author : Nilmini Wickramasinghe
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Creating Knowledge Based Healthcare Organizations brings together high quality concepts closely related to how knowledge management can be utilized in healthcare. It includes the methodologies, systems, and approaches needed to create and manage knowledge in various types of healthcare organizations. Furthermore, it has a global flavor, as we discuss knowledge management approaches in healthcare organizations throughout the world. For the first time, many of the concepts, tools, and techniques relevant to knowledge management in healthcare are available, offereing the reader an understanding of all the components required to utilize knowledge.

Health Care Computing

Author : Philip Burnard
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Most health professionals have to use computers - at least some of the time. Frequently, those computers are personal computers -the generic name for the ones that are variously known as 'IBM compatible' or 'IBM clones' or just PCs. This separates them out from certain other makes such as the Apple Macintosh, the Amstrad dedicated word processor, the Atari, Amiga and a number of others. This book is about PCs. When you need information about your computer when you are busy, you don't want to have to wade through piles of manuals to find what you need. You often need a fairly straightforward piece of information - now. Computers can be infuriating. When they are up and running properly, they can save time and help you to be more productive. When something goes wrong, they can be extremely frustrating. Once you have called in someone else to fix your problem, it is often apparent that the answer to your problem was only a few keystrokes away. This book aims at supplying you with small chunks of information that can aid your productivity, get you out of awkward corners and help you to become more at home with your Pc. It has been my experience - as a health care lecturer and as a regular com puter user - that you need to develop a certain baseline of confidence in working with them.

Health Care and Information Ethics

Author : Audrey R. Chapman
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This volume brings together experts in the fields of information ethics and health care to explore the impactions of these challenges as they impact what kind of care will be available, who will receive health care, and how the care is monitored. This fascinating study grew out of a project sponsored by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

Introduction to Computers for Healthcare Professionals

Author : Associate Professor La Roche College Ist Department Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Irene Joos, PhD, RN
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Important Notice: The digital edition of this book is missing some of the images or content found in the physical edition. An introductory computer literacy text for nurses and other healthcare students, Introduction to Computers for Healthcare Professionals explains hardware, popular software programs, operating systems, and computer assisted communication. The Fifth Edition of this best-selling text has been revised and now includes content on on online storage, communication and online learning including info on PDA's, iPhones, IM, and other media formats, and another chapter on distance learning including video conferencing and streaming video.