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Measurement Analysis An Introduction To The Statistical Analysis Of Laboratory Data In Physics Chemistry And The Life Sciences

Author : Caria Mario
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This book deals with the statistical treatment of experimental data. It is also meant for those who are entirely new to the field of statistics and probability calculus, and those who wish to obtain rigorous estimates of the uncertainties associated with the experimental results of any discipline, such as meteorology, engineering, physics, chemistry and the life sciences. To understand the text, only a basic understanding of differential calculus is required.As an innovative teaching approach, simple laboratory class experiments are used as the basis for developing a detailed statistical analysis. This is done by directly using the students' logbooks without re-elaboration. The approach is profitable and can be easily pursued by the layman.People have, in the past, been confused by the many statistical definitions, formulae and assumptions. This book tries to avoid any arbitrary definition by using the recently introduced ISO directives.All the concepts, parameters and test variables for the modern treatment of experimental data are included. Among them are the error, uncertainty and its estimate, the distribution functions and the associated parameters. Every concept is associated with a simple experimental situation and the data analysis is performed in numerical detail. For completeness, the correlation of uncertainties with the error matrix is dealt with in greater detail. All the tests of hypotheses are presented. They are introduced from simple arguments and developed up to the analytical details. The applications of the tests to the fitting of experimental curves of the χ2, t and F tests, as well as the one most often used in the life sciences, the ANOVA, are shown./a

Fatigue Crack Growth Measurement and Data Analysis

Author : S. J. Hudak
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Measurement and Data Analysis for Engineering and Science

Author : Patrick F. Dunn
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*******Text is available as of 5/21/2004!******** Dunn's Measurement and Data Analysis for Engineering & Science places emphasis on the process of experimentation, rather than the products of experimentation. Dunn’s objective is to expose undergraduates and experimentalists to the essential tools of experimentation, to the scientific detail behind these tools, and to the role of experimentation in the scientific process. Guided by worked examples, MATLAB sidebars, and laboratory exercises, the reader builds a strong working knowledge while moving progressively through the text. The first three chapters of the text cover the basics--experimental methods, units & significant figures, technical communications and basic electronics. Hardware issues are then presented, with a focus on measurement systems, and calibration & response. The final chapters deal with data analysis, with an overview of basic probability & statistics, uncertainty analysis, signal characteristics, and digital signal analysis. Following the text chapters, a full laboratory manual, with an introduction and twelve lab experiments, is included. This gives users a chance to put their basic skills to work in actual engineering experiments, which are taken from a variety of engineering subject areas. Throughout the book computer techniques are discussed, and specific MATLAB applications are included, for problem modeling, exploration and solution. MATLAB "sidebars" are used to present MATLAB, and associated M-files are provided on the Web site.

Performance Measurement with Fuzzy Data Envelopment Analysis

Author : Ali Emrouznejad
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The intensity of global competition and ever-increasing economic uncertainties has led organizations to search for more efficient and effective ways to manage their business operations. Data envelopment analysis (DEA) has been widely used as a conceptually simple yet powerful tool for evaluating organizational productivity and performance. Fuzzy DEA (FDEA) is a promising extension of the conventional DEA proposed for dealing with imprecise and ambiguous data in performance measurement problems. This book is the first volume in the literature to present the state-of-the-art developments and applications of FDEA. It is designed for students, educators, researchers, consultants and practicing managers in business, industry, and government with a basic understanding of the DEA and fuzzy logic concepts.

Measurement and Data Analysis for Engineering and Science Third Edition

Author : Patrick F. Dunn
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The third edition of Measurement and Data Analysis for Engineering and Science provides an up-to-date approach to presenting the methods of experimentation in science and engineering. Widely adopted by colleges and universities within the U.S. and abroad, this edition has been developed as a modular work to make it more adaptable to different approaches from various schools. This text details current methods and highlights the six fundamental tools required for implementation: planning an experiment, identifying measurement system components, assessing measurement system component performance, setting signal sampling conditions, analyzing experimental results, and reporting experimental results. What’s New in the Third Edition: This latest edition includes a new chapter order that presents a logical sequence of topics in experimentation, from the planning of an experiment to the reporting of the experimental results. It adds a new chapter on sensors and transducers that describes approximately 50 different sensors commonly used in engineering, presents uncertainty analysis in two separate chapters, and provides a problem topic summary in each chapter. New topics include smart measurement systems, focusing on the Arduino® microcontroller and its use in the wireless transmission of data, and MATLAB® and Simulink® programming for microcontrollers. Further topic additions are on the rejection of data outliers, light radiation, calibrations of sensors, comparison of first-order sensor responses, the voltage divider, determining an appropriate sample period, and planning a successful experiment. Measurement and Data Analysis for Engineering and Science also contains more than 100 solved example problems, over 400 homework problems, and provides over 75 MATLAB® Sidebars with accompanying MATLAB M-files, Arduino codes, and data files available for download.

ISS 2012 Proceedings Volume On Longitudinal Data Analysis Subject to Measurement Errors Missing Values and or Outliers

Author : Brajendra C. Sutradhar
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This proceedings volume contains nine selected papers that were presented in the International Symposium in Statistics, 2012 held at Memorial University from July 16 to 18. These nine papers cover three different areas for longitudinal data analysis, four dealing with longitudinal data subject to measurement errors, four on incomplete longitudinal data analysis, and the last one for inferences for longitudinal data subject to outliers. Unlike in the independence setup, the inferences in measurement errors, missing values, and/or outlier models, are not adequately discussed in the longitudinal setup. The papers in the present volume provide details on successes and further challenges in these three areas for longitudinal data analysis. This volume is the first outlet with current research in three important areas in the longitudinal setup. The nine papers presented in three parts clearly reveal the similarities and differences in inference techniques used for three different longitudinal setups. Because the research problems considered in this volume are encountered in many real life studies in biomedical, clinical, epidemiology, socioeconomic, econometrics, and engineering fields, the volume should be useful to the researchers including graduate students in these areas.

Measurement and Data Analysis for Engineering and Science Second Edition

Author : Patrick F. Dunn
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Presenting the fundamental tools of experimentation that are currently used by engineers and scientists, Measurement and Data Analysis for Engineering and Science, Second Edition covers the basics of experimentation, hardware of experiments, and methods of data analysis. It also offers historical perspectives throughout. Updating and reorganizing its popular predecessor, this second edition makes the text much easier to follow and enhances the presentation with electronic material. New to the Second Edition Order of chapters now reflects the sequence of topics usually included in an undergraduate course Asterisked sections denote material not typically covered formally during lecture in an introductory undergraduate course More than 150 new problems, bringing the total to over 420 problems Supplementary website that provides unit conversions, learning objectives, review crossword puzzles and solutions, differential equation derivations, laboratory exercise descriptions, MATLAB® sidebars with M-files, and homework data files Thorough and up to date, this edition continues to help students gain a fundamental understanding of the tools of experimentation. It discusses basic concepts related to experiments, measurement system components and responses, data analysis, and effective communication of experimental findings. Ancillary materials for instructors are available on a CD-ROM and a solutions manual is available for qualifying instructors. More data available on

Instrumentation Measurement And Analysis

Author : B. C. Nakra
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Random Data

Author : Julius S. Bendat
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A timely update of the classic book on the theory and application of random data analysis First published in 1971, Random Data served as an authoritative book on the analysis of experimental physical data for engineering and scientific applications. This Fourth Edition features coverage of new developments in random data management and analysis procedures that are applicable to a broad range of applied fields, from the aerospace and automotive industries to oceanographic and biomedical research. This new edition continues to maintain a balance of classic theory and novel techniques. The authors expand on the treatment of random data analysis theory, including derivations of key relationships in probability and random process theory. The book remains unique in its practical treatment of nonstationary data analysis and nonlinear system analysis, presenting the latest techniques on modern data acquisition, storage, conversion, and qualification of random data prior to its digital analysis. The Fourth Edition also includes: A new chapter on frequency domain techniques to model and identify nonlinear systems from measured input/output random data New material on the analysis of multiple-input/single-output linear models The latest recommended methods for data acquisition and processing of random data Important mathematical formulas to design experiments and evaluate results of random data analysis and measurement procedures Answers to the problem in each chapter Comprehensive and self-contained, Random Data, Fourth Edition is an indispensible book for courses on random data analysis theory and applications at the upper-undergraduate and graduate level. It is also an insightful reference for engineers and scientists who use statistical methods to investigate and solve problems with dynamic data.

Applied Longitudinal Data Analysis for Epidemiology

Author : Jos W. R. Twisk
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A practical guide to longitudinal data analysis in medical research and epidemiology.

Measurement Data Analysis and Sensor Fundamentals for Engineering and Science

Author : Patrick F. Dunn
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A combination of two texts authored by Patrick Dunn, this set covers sensor technology as well as basic measurement and data analysis subjects, a combination not covered together in other references. Written for junior-level mechanical and aerospace engineering students, the topic coverage allows for flexible approaches to using the combination book in courses. MATLAB® applications are included in all sections of the combination, and concise, applied coverage of sensor technology is offered. Numerous chapter examples and problems are included, with complete solutions available.

Regression Analysis of Count Data

Author : A. Colin Cameron
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This analysis provides a comprehensive account of models and methods to interpret frequency data.

Data Analysis

Author : Michael Lewis-Beck
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This accessible introduction to data analysis focuses on the interpretation of statistical results, in particular those which come from nonexperimental social research. It will provide social science researchers with the tools necessary to select and evaluate statistical tests appropriate for their research question. Using a consistent data-set throughout the book to illustrate the various analytic techniques, Michael Lewis-Beck covers topics such as univariate statistics, measures of association, the statistical significance of the relationship between two variables, simple regression in which the dependent variable is influenced by a single independent variable, and multiple regression.

Data Analysis for the Behavioral Sciences Using SPSS

Author : Sharon Lawner Weinberg
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An introductory applied statistics text that can be used at either undergraduate or graduate level.

Causal Analysis with Panel Data

Author : Steven E. Finkel
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Panel data — information gathered from the same individuals or units at several different points in time — are commonly used in the social sciences to test theories of individual and social change. This book highlights the developments in this technique in a range of disciplines and analytic traditions.

Applied Data Analysis and Modeling for Energy Engineers and Scientists

Author : T. Agami Reddy
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Applied Data Analysis and Modeling for Energy Engineers and Scientists fills an identified gap in engineering and science education and practice for both students and practitioners. It demonstrates how to apply concepts and methods learned in disparate courses such as mathematical modeling, probability,statistics, experimental design, regression, model building, optimization, risk analysis and decision-making to actual engineering processes and systems. The text provides a formal structure that offers a basic, broad and unified perspective,while imparting the knowledge, skills and confidence to work in data analysis and modeling. This volume uses numerous solved examples, published case studies from the author’s own research, and well-conceived problems in order to enhance comprehension levels among readers and their understanding of the “processes”along with the tools.

Data Envelopment Analysis

Author : Joe Zhu
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This handbook represents a milestone in the progression of Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA). Written by experts who are often major contributors to DEA theory, it includes a collection of chapters that represent the current state-of-the-art in DEA research. Topics include distance functions and their value duals, cross-efficiency measures in DEA, integer DEA, weight restrictions and production trade-offs, facet analysis in DEA, scale elasticity, benchmarking and context-dependent DEA, fuzzy DEA, non-homogenous units, partial input-output relations, super efficiency, treatment of undesirable measures, translation invariance, stochastic nonparametric envelopment of data, and global frontier index. Focusing only on new models/approaches of DEA, the book includes contributions from Juan Aparicio, Mette Asmild, Yao Chen, Wade D. Cook, Juan Du, Rolf Färe, Julie Harrison, Raha Imanirad, Andrew Johnson, Chiang Kao, Abolfazl Keshvari, Timo Kuosmanen, Sungmook Lim, Wenbin Liu, Dimitri Margaritis, Reza Kazemi Matin, Ole B. Olesen, Jesus T. Pastor, Niels Chr. Petersen, Victor V. Podinovski, Paul Rouse, Antti Saastamoinen, Biresh K. Sahoo, Kaoru Tone, and Zhongbao Zhou.

Data Analysis Methods in Physical Oceanography

Author : William J. Emery
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Data Analysis Methods in Physical Oceanography is a practical reference guide to established and modern data analysis techniques in earth and ocean sciences. This second and revised edition is even more comprehensive with numerous updates, and an additional appendix on 'Convolution and Fourier transforms'. Intended for both students and established scientists, the five major chapters of the book cover data acquisition and recording, data processing and presentation, statistical methods and error handling, analysis of spatial data fields, and time series analysis methods. Chapter 5 on time series analysis is a book in itself, spanning a wide diversity of topics from stochastic processes and stationarity, coherence functions, Fourier analysis, tidal harmonic analysis, spectral and cross-spectral analysis, wavelet and other related methods for processing nonstationary data series, digital filters, and fractals. The seven appendices include unit conversions, approximation methods and nondimensional numbers used in geophysical fluid dynamics, presentations on convolution, statistical terminology, and distribution functions, and a number of important statistical tables. Twenty pages are devoted to references. Featuring: • An in-depth presentation of modern techniques for the analysis of temporal and spatial data sets collected in oceanography, geophysics, and other disciplines in earth and ocean sciences. • A detailed overview of oceanographic instrumentation and sensors - old and new - used to collect oceanographic data. • 7 appendices especially applicable to earth and ocean sciences ranging from conversion of units, through statistical tables, to terminology and non-dimensional parameters. In praise of the first edition: "(...)This is a very practical guide to the various statistical analysis methods used for obtaining information from geophysical data, with particular reference to oceanography(...) The book provides both a text for advanced students of the geophysical sciences and a useful reference volume for researchers." Aslib Book Guide Vol 63, No. 9, 1998 "(...)This is an excellent book that I recommend highly and will definitely use for my own research and teaching." EOS Transactions, D.A. Jay, 1999 "(...)In summary, this book is the most comprehensive and practical source of information on data analysis methods available to the physical oceanographer. The reader gets the benefit of extremely broad coverage and an excellent set of examples drawn from geographical observations." Oceanography, Vol. 12, No. 3, A. Plueddemann, 1999 "(...)Data Analysis Methods in Physical Oceanography is highly recommended for a wide range of readers, from the relative novice to the experienced researcher. It would be appropriate for academic and special libraries." E-Streams, Vol. 2, No. 8, P. Mofjelf, August 1999

Measurement Data Modeling and Parameter Estimation

Author : Zhengming Wang
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Measurement Data Modeling and Parameter Estimation integrates mathematical theory with engineering practice in the field of measurement data processing. Presenting the first-hand insights and experiences of the authors and their research group, it summarizes cutting-edge research to facilitate the application of mathematical theory in measurement a

The Statistical Analysis of Experimental Data

Author : John Mandel
File Size : 48.24 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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First half of book presents fundamental mathematical definitions, concepts, and facts while remaining half deals with statistics primarily as an interpretive tool. Well-written text, numerous worked examples with step-by-step presentation. Includes 116 tables.