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Darke Hierogliphicks

Author : Stanton J. Linden
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The literary influence of alchemy and hermeticism in the work of most medieval and early modern authors has been overlooked. Stanton Linden now provides the first comprehensive examination of this influence on English literature from the late Middle Ages through the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Drawing extensively on alchemical allusions as well as on the practical and theoretical background of the art and its pictorial tradition, Linden demonstrates the pervasiveness of interest in alchemy during this three-hundred-year period. Most writers -- including Langland, Gower, Barclay, Eramus, Sidney, Greene, Lyly, and Shakespeare -- were familiar with alchemy, and references to it appear in a wide range of genres. Yet the purposes it served in literature from Chaucer through Jonson were narrowly satirical. In literature of the seventeenth century, especially in the poetry of Donne, Herbert, Vaughan, and Milton, the functions of alchemy changed. Focusing on Bacon, Donne, Herbert, Vaughan, and Milton -- in addition to Jonson and Butler -- Linden demonstrates the emergence of new attitudes and innovative themes, motifs, images, and ideas. The use of alchemy to suggest spiritual growth and change, purification, regeneration, and millenarian ideas reflected important new emphases in alchemical, medical, and occultist writing. This new tradition did not continue, however, and Butler's return to satire was contextualized in the antagonism of the Royal Society and religious Latitudinarians to philosophical enthusiasm and the occult. Butler, like Shadwell and Swift, expanded the range of satirical victims to include experimental scientists as well as occult charlatans. The literary uses of alchemy thus reveal the changing intellectual milieus of three centuries.

The History of Darke County Ohio

Author :
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Author : Angie Sage
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The Darkely brilliant, internationally bestselling, magical adventure, now in paperback with a stunning new look. Enter the world of Septimus Heap, Wizard Apprentice. Magic is his destiny

Darke Accused

Author : Parker Avrile
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An FBI agent goes undercover to catch a thief who turns out to be too hot to handle. Darke Davis destroyed evidence to give his partner-in-crime time to flee with thirty-nine million dollars— and Special Agent Flare Greene is determined to get that money back. Hooking up with Darke at a popular gay roadhouse seems like a brilliant way to insinuate his way into Darke's life. Flare didn't plan on the two of them stumbling over a body and finding themselves on the run from charges of first-degree murder. It's the perfect opportunity to bond with Darke, but if they can't work together to solve these crimes, they may find themselves locked up together for longer than just one night. This 72,000-word romantic suspense mystery novel includes a troubled ex-cop, an undercover FBI agent, and a gay wedding resort town full of secrets beneath the cupcakes. This novel features gay male/male romantic and sexual relationships in a modern out-and-proud setting. No cliffhangers, and you may expect the killer to find justice. However, because Darke and Flare are at the beginning of their journey together, they reach a happy for now ending with relationship challenges remaining ahead of them. Each book in the Darke & Flare gay romantic suspense mystery series includes a complete standalone mystery. The second book in the series, The Double, delves deeper into Flare's family secrets. Keywords: gay romantic suspense, gay mystery, gay sleuth, gay detective, gay hard-boiled mystery, gay noir, undercover FBI, gay romance, gay contemporary, gay contemporary fiction, mystery novel, mystery series, male male fiction. mm fiction, mm contemporary, ex-con, former police officer, investigator, murder mystery, small-town murder, gay marriage, gay wedding tourism, historic small-towns, bed and breakfast mystery, second chances, redemption, falsely accused, under suspicion, accused of murder, arrested for murder, innocent accused, Parker Avrile, Parker Avrile gay romance, Parker Avrile novel, Darke and Flare mystery, Darke and Flare series.

Darke Matter

Author : Rick Gekoski
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'Its snarky hero is a joy', a Times and Sunday Times Novel of the Year, 2020 'Clever, witty and perceptive . . . Gekoski writes movingly about love, loss and grief, while handling the difficult issue of assisted dying with considerable balance and finesse. Beautifully written, engrossing and heartbreakingly funny' Mail on Sunday 'Stylish, funny and daring . . . the clarity and energy of Darke Matter fill you with light' The Times (best summer books) 'Harrowing, funny, tender and nearly always beautifully written' Sunday Times James Darke is dreading the first family Christmas without his wife Suzy. Engulfed by grief, his grudging preparations are interrupted by a persistent knock at the door. Questions about the circumstances of his wife's death force him to confront the outside world and what really happened to her. Isolated, angry and diminished, James soon faces a crisis both legal and psychological. It will test his resolve and threaten his freedom. Darke Matter is a brilliant, mordant examination of the nature and obligations of love. Both immensely sad and extremely funny, the story wrestles with one of the great moral issues of our time. The surprising sequel to Darke . . . Praise for Darke: 'An original and bleakly funny portrait of grief' Economist 'Surprising . . . with a warmth that is genuinely and unexpectedly moving' Guardian 'A wondrous book with two fathers, Kingsley Amis and Dante' Sebastian Barry 'Makes for dark, thrilling reading . . . In James Darke, Gekoski has created a powerful, raging voice' Spectator 'I was beguiled and charmed by the vivid personality being revealed. By that, and by the fact that I couldn't stop reading. Gekoski puts words together with a sure touch and deep craftsmanship' Philip Pullman 'Rick Gekoski's impressive debut novel . . . Darke is both a tender and hard-hitting examination of grief and the slow, singular healing process . . . A brilliantly vivid creation . . . life-affirming and life-shattering' The Herald 'Staggeringly accomplished. Heartbreakingly true. A shockingly monumental first novel' John Niven 'Stuffed with more wisdom, bile, wit and tenderness than many writers create in a lifetime. In James Darke we have a hero as troubled and eternal as King Lear . . . And in Rick Gekoski we have a late-flowering genius of a novelist who proves it's never too late to start a glittering career in fiction' The Times 'An immensely enjoyable elegy . . . done with precision and patience' The Scotsman 'Debut delight . . . Just how this gleefully conjured misanthrope came to wall himself off from the world is the mystery at the heart of a singular first novel that evolves into a moving meditation on loss and redemption' Mail on Sunday

The Darke Chronicles

Author : David Stuart Davies
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The Darke Chronicles introduces the aristocratic and flamboyant Victorian detective Luther Darke, who tackles mysteries that have baffled Scotland Yard and are seemingly unexplained. The cases featured here take Darke into a world of deception, murderous sleights of hand, spiritualism, vampires, curses and phantoms in fin de siècle London. This volume, a treat for all fans of vintage crime fiction, features seven of Darke’s most challenging and chilling investigations. If you like Sherlock Holmes, then you will love Luther Darke.

The Darke King

Author : Jessica White
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A warlock king on a mission to defeat an ancient enemy, supernatural beings who can't seem to straighten out their love lives, and the secrets that bond them all... Earth, the distant future. Mistreated all his life and forced to climb the ranks under a ruthless dictator, the warlock Daniel Darke believes a brighter tomorrow lies beyond his world. So when he's visited by a beautiful woman in a vision, he follows her through a portal to a supernatural land. London, 1800s. Lady Rosemary sees the good in all. Training with the witches of Earth to hone her healing skills, the naïve woman selflessly gives everyone the beauty in her open heart. But her purity is tainted when she’s brutally assaulted by a despicable villain. The Realm. Despite being one of Earth's most dreaded warlocks, when Daniel arrives in the City by the Sea, he is welcomed as a trusted friend and protector. But as soon as he comes face to face with Rosemary at last, memories of other lifetimes come rushing back to him as his powers begin to multiply. With all the memories and visions of things to come laid out before him like the pages of a book, the Darke King readies for the return of an ancient enemy. However, it is a man from Rosemary’s past that he needs to be on alert for The Darke King is the captivating first book in The Broken Immortals romantic fantasy series. If you like star-crossed couples, fights for supremacy, and unraveling mysteries, then you’ll love Jessica White’s magical tale.

Darke Toad Septimus Heap novella

Author : Angie Sage
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In this original enovella complementing the bestselling Septimus Heap series, DomDaniel returns in a hilarious escapade with the witches of the Port Witch Coven. The witches want DomDaniel's powerful Darke Toad – and will go to ridiculous lengths to get their hands on it. But first, Simon Heap must get his master to the Port Witch Coven's door, which may require a bit more Darke Magyk – and a much stronger stomach – than he bargained for. Meanwhile, ExtraOrdinary Wizard Marcia Overstrand has taken her young Apprentice, Septimus Heap, on a field trip to the Port. But what Marcia had hoped would be a fun yet educational outing quickly turns chaotic, for it slipped Marcia's mind that tonight is Hallowseeth – the perfect night for Darke mischief to go unnoticed among the revellers. With Angie Sage's characteristic humour, beloved characters, and Magykal setting, The Darke Toad is a must-read for every Septimus Heap fan.

Soil Survey of Darke County Ohio

Author : Samuel F. Lehman
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The Bradys and Captain Darke Or the Mystery of the China Liner

Author :
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