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Dark Dreamer

Author : Jennifer Fulton
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Author Rowe Devlin never expected the solution to writer's block to be a beautiful psychic, her sexy twin, and a haunted house that is not only very real, but very deadly. Best-selling horror author Rowe Devlin keeps writing flops and falling for straight women. Seeking inspiration and a fresh start, she abandons life in Manhattan for an old Victorian home in Maine. But Dark Harbor Cottage is a far cry from the tranquil writing environment she was hoping for. Rowe doesn't believe in ghosts, yet she finds herself sharing a home with one who scares her dogs and wants her out. As if that's not distraction enough, she is living next door to irresistible identical twins, Phoebe and Cara Temple. Phoebe is psychic, Cara is a flirt, and both twins seem to be hitting on her. When Rowe delves into the past to find out why her cottage is haunted, she uncovers a dark and disturbing mystery. Even more disquieting is the startling connection to her beautiful neighbors, one of whom has begun haunting her dreams. Intrigue, passion and suspense combine in this taut paranormal thriller/romance, the first in Jennifer Fulton's new Dark Vista series.

Dark Dreamers

Author : Stanley Wiater
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THE DREAMSPINNERS WHO WEAVE NIGHTMARES They lead us through wondrous doors to the dark side of imagination—exposing our most carefully hidden fantasies … and our deepest fears. Now twenty-six of the world's premier Maestros of the Macabre share their secrets, their goals, their creative terrors … and reveal the voices that called them into a shadowworld of demons and devils. Contains interviews with the following: Clive Barker Robert Bloch Gary Brandner Ramsey Campbell Les Daniels Dennis Etchison John Farris Charles L. Grant James Herbert Stephen King Dean R. Koontz Joe R. Lansdale Richard Laymon Graham Masterton Richard Matheson Robert R. McCammon David Morrell Anne Rice John Saul John Skipp Craig Spector Peter Straub Whitley Strieber Chet Williamson J. N. Williamson Gahan Wilson

Dark Dreamers on Writing

Author : Stanley Wiater
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Bram Stoker Award Winner for Superior Achievement in Non-Fiction Dark Dreamers on Writing contains quotes from dozens of prominent authors in the horror genre including Stephen King, Robert McCammon, Clive Barker, Dean R. Koontz, Robert Bloch, Ray Bradbury, Neil Gaiman, Jack Ketchum, Richard Matheson, Peter Straub, and many other masters of the genre. The authors discuss their influences, creative visions, how they handle fame and fortune, personal fears, where they get their ideas, and their overall approach to writing. Also included are a list of the author's 113 favorite horror and dark fantasy novels and almost 40 recommended short story collections.

The Amphora Project

Author : William Kotzwinkle
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Deep within the Junk Moon, a group of scientists has uncovered the secret to immortality, but an interloper from another dimension is threatening this important discovery and time is running out for two heroes to prevent the end of the universe. Reprint.

Birrick s Quest for the Other World

Author : Selina Astarre
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Can elves do good, or magic? Can they find secrets or proof of the Other World? Journey with Birrick on his quest, as he seeks out hidden truths and tries to liberate the Citadel and its keeper from the problems of magic, science and power gone wrong. Come along for his struggle to get back to the Other World where he feels that he belongs.

The Mountainy Singer

Author : Seosamh MacCathmhaoil
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Reproduction of the original: The Mountainy Singer by Seosamh MacCathmhaoil

Studies and Sketches in Modern Literature

Author : Peter Landreth
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Sleep of Reason

Author : Rose Beecham
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When toddler Corban Foley vanishes from his home in the dead of night and a goat's head left on the front lawn, most of Montezuma County turns out for the search. But nothing is at it seems with this case, and Detective Jude Devine soon finds herself caught up in a small-town soap opera whose players seem more interested in their fifteen minutes of fame than in the fate of little Corban. With the media snapping at her heels, Jude can barely conduct the investigation let alone have a private life, not that it's going well. Jude never liked time-sharing Dr. Mercy Westmoreland with English actress Elspeth Harwood, and when Elspeth buys land locally, Jude has to make some choices. The unexpected arrival in town of Chastity Young and her niece Adeline adds a new complication to Jude's life when she finds herself drawn to Chastity who is far from her usual type. Second in the Jude Devine Mystery Series.

Out of Control

Author : Michael James Wilbur
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Still mourning the loss of their dear friend, Mikaen's team returns to Rimstak. Their goals: find the Controller, discover the Truth about the Raenqal, and foil the plans of Liegan and the Revs. Meanwhile, Narrator Number Two is hot (well, lukewarm) on the trail of discovering the true identity of Liegan. With the aid of a maddening Dreamer and a member of the Rimstak Security Force's finest, he won't stop until he finds out which of the Elsewhere Dreamers, past or present, is responsible for messing with his best friend. A shaken One continues to try his best to help his friends, but will it be enough to make a difference with everything going out of control?


Author : James Hogg
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