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Daring to Drive

Author : Manal al-Sharif
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This is a memoir about living, loving, dreaming, daring, and driving while female -- in a country where it's dangerous to do all of the above. Manal al-Sharif grew up in Mecca the second daughter of a taxi driver, born the year strict fundamentalism took hold. In her adolescence, she was religious radical, melting her brother's boy band CDs in the oven because music was haram: forbidden by Islamic law. But what a difference an education can make. By her twenties, she was a computer security engineer, one of a few women working in a desert compound built to resemble suburban America. That's when the Saudi kingdom's contradictions became too much to bear: she was labeled a slut for chatting with male colleagues, her school-age brother chaperoned her on a business trip, and while she kept a car in her garage, she was forbidden from driving on Saudi streets. Manal-al-Sharif has written a memoir about the making of an accidental activist, a story of a young Muslim woman who stood up to a kingdom of men -- and won.

Daring to Drive

Author : Manal Al-Sharif
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THE STORY OF THE WOMAN WHO INSPIRED CHANGE WITH HER CALL FOR GREATER FREEDOMS FOR WOMEN. THE GUARDIAN: 'MANAL AL-SHARIF BECAME A GLOBAL FIGUREHEAD OF A CAUSE THAT DREW THE ATTENTION OF GLOBAL LEADERS WHO URGED THE [SAUDI] KINGDOM TO OVERTURN THE BAN' ON WOMEN DRIVING. 'Future generations will marvel at Manal al-Sharif. Her gripping account of homegrown courage will speak to the fighter in all of us. Books like this one can change the world' Deborah Feldman, New York Times bestselling author of Unorthodox 'Manal al-Sharif is following in a long tradition of women activists around the world who have put themselves on the line to expose and challenge discriminatory laws and policies' Malcolm Smart, Amnesty International News Manal al-Sharif was born in Mecca the year fundamentalism took hold in Saudi Arabia. As a young girl she would burn her brother's boy band CDs in the oven because music was haram: forbidden by Islamic law. By her twenties she was a computer security engineer. But as she became older, the unequal way in which women are treated became too much to bear: she was branded a slut for talking to male colleagues at work; her school-age brother had to chaperone her on business trips and, while she kept a car in her garage, she was forbidden from driving down Saudi streets. Her personal rebellion began the day she got behind the wheel of a car: an act that ultimately led to her arrest and imprisonment. Manal's Women2Drive campaign inspired other women to take action. Manal has been lauded by the Oslo Freedom Forum, described by Time Magazine as one of the most 100 most influential people in the world, and she was awarded the Václav Havel Prize for Creative Dissent. Daring to Drive is an account of Manal al-Sharif's fight for equality in an unequal society. A visceral coming-of-age tale, it is also a celebration of resilience, the power of education and the strength of female solidarity in the face of hardship.

Dare to Serve

Author : Cheryl A Bachelder
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The expanded and revised edition of Dare to Serve answers the question How do you transform an ailing company into an industry darling? Adopt servant leadership! In this updated edition of Dare to Serve, former Popeyes CEO Cheryl Bachelder shows that leading by serving is a rigorous and tough-minded approach that yields the best results. When she was named CEO of Popeyes in 2007, the stock price had slipped from $34 in 2002 to $13. The brand was stagnant, the team was discouraged, and the franchisees were just plain angry. Nine years later, restaurant sales were up 45 percent, restaurant profits had doubled, and the stock price was over $61. Servant leadership is sometimes derided as soft or ineffective, but this book confirms that challenging people to reach a daring destination, while treating them with dignity, creates the conditions for superior performance. The second edition of this bestselling book includes Bachelder's post-Popeyes observations and new examples of how you can switch your leadership from self to serve. Ever engaging and inspirational, Bachelder takes you firsthand through the transformation of Popeyes and shows how anyone, at any level can become a Dare-to-Serve leader.

Dare to Serve

Author : Cheryl Bachelder
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When Bachelder was named CEO of Popeyes in the fall of 2007, guest visits had been declining for years, restaurant sales and profit trends were negative, and the company stock price had dropped from $34 in 2002 to $13. The brand was stagnant, and relations between the company and its franchise owners were strained. By 2014, average restaurant sales were up 25 percent, and profits were up 40 percent. Popeyes' market share had grown from 14 percent to 21 percent, and the stock price was over $40. The franchisees were so pleased with the turnaround that they began reinvesting in the brand, rapidly remodeling restaurants, and building new units around the world. Bachelder and her team created a workplace where people were treated with respect and dignity yet challenged to perform at the highest level. She takes you firsthand through the transformation of Popeyes and shows how a leader at any level can become a Dare-to-Serve leader. --

Daring to Date the Boss

Author : Barbara Wallace
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She's ruled out romance… Liz Strauss is the queen of control. As a single mom she's got to be. But her attraction to new boss Charles "Ice King" Bishop throws oh-so-careful Liz into a complete tailspin. Suddenly her nightmares over her son's future have been replaced by dreams of romantic dates! But her boss has other ideas! It's been years since Liz has trusted anyone not to hurt her. Sharing sizzling kisses with Charles is one thing, but believing that his frosty exterior conceals a heart that will beat for her—for always—is quite another.…

Daring to Love the Duke s Heir

Author : Janice Preston
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She’s totally unsuitable… …to be his duchess! Part of The Beauchamp Heirs: Dominic Beauchamp, Lord Avon, is a powerful duke’s heir and it’s his duty to marry well. His bride must have impeccable breeding, manners and grace. But can anyone meet his exacting standards? Certainly not the irrepressible Liberty Lovejoy, who’s been thrust into society after years of being a provincial nobody. She’s too bold, too bubbly…so why is she the only lady he’s thinking about?

Daring to Compete

Author : Diane Foreman
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The successful entrepreneur’s guide to accelerating growth Daring to Compete offers real-world strategies to accelerate the growth of your business and secure your place as a market leader. This expert guide is the result of years of comprehensive research and experience from global professional services organization EY, originator of the celebrated “Entrepreneur Of The Year” program. Employing its worldwide reach and extensive network of successful entrepreneurs, EY has developed a model of sustainable business development—“The 7 Drivers of GrowthTM.” This innovative and highly effective approach to strategic growth is an invaluable resource for high-growth businesses, entrepreneurs, and start-ups. Favoring practical strategies over abstract theories, this book provides clear guidance on the Customer; Funding and Finance; Transactions and Alliances; Risk; People, Behaviors, and Culture; Digital Technology and Analytics; and Operations. This book brings the application of these drivers to life by featuring insights from Entrepreneur Of The Year award-winning entrepreneurs from a wide range of industries and geographic locations. These entrepreneurs share how each driver functions in actual business situations and present first-hand advice on their application and implementation. Planned and sustainable growth is a challenge faced by businesses every day, from developing ventures to leading enterprises. Effective entrepreneurs embrace the drivers of growth and recognize what areas require sharper focus. This book allows you to identify and apply these elements in your own business—facilitating optimal outcomes and accelerating growth. This indispensable guide enables you to: Implement a proven business model to compete more effectively and achieve market leadership Gain the knowledge and confidence to face challenges, anticipate, and overcome obstacles Access research, tools, and services to accelerate growth and compete on a global scale Learn invaluable market leadership strategies from a team of highly successful entrepreneurs Developed from the real-life stories of EY Entrepreneur Of The Year winners, this book is an inspirational and informative must-read guide to business growth and market leadership. Daring to Compete is an invaluable resourcefor both aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs and established business leaders seeking to become more entrepreneurial.

Daring to Dream

Author : Nora Roberts
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Margo, the daughter of the Templeton's stern Irish housekeeper, has been treated like one of the family. And deep down, she knew that money could not buy her mother's acceptance.

Daring to Date Dr Celebrity

Author : Emily Forbes
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Stepping into the spotlight with Caspar St. Claire! When news breaks that Dr. Caspar St. Claire is to film his new reality TV show at Blue Lake Hospital, hearts are all aflutter! With his brooding good looks and hypnotic green eyes, the handsome pediatrician is the show's hottest star! Obstetrician Annie Simpson's private life has been splashed across the media before, and she's determined to avoid the limelight—and Caspar. Only the heat of his gaze is more disconcerting than the camera—and, after years of hiding, a fling with Caspar is what cautious Annie needs!

Daring to Love

Author : William Carl
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Daring to Love is a romance that cannot be. Gary Spence and Dee Dee Webb, his niece, drift together in a charged atmosphere. Daughter of Garys sister Marial and her husband, Willis, Dee Dee is unaware that she is adopted. Gary arrives in Dallas to take a position as a management trainee with Texas Bank. He is invited to stay with the Webbs until he finds a place of his own. Dee Dee is attracted to him even though he is her uncle. Gary has unearthed a large-scale fraud at the bank. Conflicts are inevitable. Gary leaves, breaking Dee Dees heart. Dee Dee is attacked at a party by high school society jocks, and her father covers it up for business reasons. She finds her situation intolerable and feels like a misfit in a dysfunctional family. Seeking a new life, Dee Dee leaves. She endures both emotional and physical hardships, discovers she is pregnant, and has a baby boy before her ultimate reunion with Gary.

Daring to Be Bad

Author : Alice Echols
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Winner of Outstanding Book Award of Gustavus Myers Center for the Study of Human Rights An award-winning and canonical history of radical feminism, whose activist heat and intellectual audacity powered second-wave feminism—30th anniversary edition A fascinating chronicle of radical feminism’s rise and fall from the mid-Sixties to the mid-Seventies, Daring to Be Bad is a must-read for both students of gender history and activists of intersectionality. This thirtieth anniversary edition reveals how current debates about race, transgender rights, queer theory, and sexuality echo issues that galvanized and divided feminists fifty years ago.

Wildwood Stables 1 Daring to Dream

Author : Suzanne Weyn
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A rescued horse, an abandoned ranch, a new beginning for a very lucky girl ... and the start of an exciting new horse series! Taylor Henry loves horses, but her single mom can't afford riding lessons, much less a horse. So when she discovers an abandoned gelding and pony, Taylor is happy just to be around them. But the rescued animals have nowhere to go, and Taylor is running out of time to find them a good home. Could the empty old barn on Wildwood Lane be the answer? And could Taylor's wildest dream -- of a horse to call her own -- finally be coming true?

A Voice in the Box

Author : Bob Edwards
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The host of The Bob Edwards Show and Bob Edwards Weekend on Sirius XM Radio, Bob Edwards became the first radio personality with a large national audience to take his chances in the new field of satellite radio. The programs' mix of long-form interviews and news documentaries has won many prestigious awards. For thirty years, Louisville native Edwards was the voice of National Public Radio's daily newsmagazine programs, co-hosting All Things Considered before launching Morning Edition in 1979. These programs built NPR's national audience while also bringing Edwards to national prominence. In 2004, however, NPR announced that it would be finding a replacement for Edwards, inciting protests from tens of thousands of his fans and controversy among his listeners and fellow broadcasters. Today, Edwards continues to inform the American public with a voice known for its sincerity, intelligence, and wit. In A Voice in the Box: My Life in Radio, Edwards recounts his career as one of the most important figures in modern broadcasting. He describes his road to success on the radio waves, from his early days knocking on station doors during college and working for American Forces Korea Network to his work at NPR and induction into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2004. Edwards tells the story of his exit from NPR and the launch of his new radio ventures on the XM Satellite Radio network. Throughout the book, his sharp observations about the people he interviewed and covered and the colleagues with whom he worked offer a window on forty years of American news and on the evolution of public journalism. A Voice in the Box is an insider's account of the world of American media and a fascinating, personal narrative from one of the most iconic personalities in radio history.

Daring to Dance with God

Author : Jeff Walling
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Jeff Walling has spent the last twenty years preaching and teaching about Jesus. His passionate style and dramatic delivery have made him a sought-after speaker, lecturing to tens of thousands annually at Christian universities, evangelism seminars, and conferences worldwide. He has written such books as "Daring to Dance with God, Hugs for Grads," and "Until I Return." Jeff lives in Charlotte, NC, with his wife, Cathryn, and their three sons, Taylor, Riley, and Spencer, where he has served as a minister since 1984.

The Sportsman s Dictionary Or the Gentleman s Companion for Town and Country Illustrated with Copperplates Second Edition

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Daring to Date Her Ex

Author : Annie Claydon
File Size : 90.72 MB
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The last man she expected to see… When Dr. Thea Coleman catches sight of new consultant Dr. Lucas West, it takes every ounce of her self-control not to run from the room! Seven years ago Lucas didn't ever board their flight to Bangladesh—leaving Thea brokenhearted… Now Lucas is back, and as single dad to an adopted daughter it's clear he's changed. But it's also clear that the attraction between them burns stronger than ever. Thea must now face an impossible decision: Does she dare take a chance on love…and date her ex?

Princess More Tears to Cry

Author : Jean Sasson
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When Jean Sasson’s book Princess: Life Behind the Veil in Saudi Arabia was published, it became an immediate international bestseller. It sold to 43 countries and spent 13 weeks on The New York Times bestseller list. Now, in this long-awaited, compelling new book, Sasson and the Princess ‘Sultana’ return to tell the world what it means to be a Saudi woman today. Through advances in education and with access to work, Saudi women are breaking through the barriers; they are becoming doctors, social workers, business owners and are even managing to push at the boundaries of public life. Major steps forward have, undoubtedly, been made. But this is not the whole story. Sadly, despite changes in the law, all too often legal loopholes leave women exposed to terrible suppression, abuse and crimes of psychological and physical violence. For many, the struggle for basic human rights continues. This fascinating insight will include personal stories of triumph and heartbreak, as told to Princess 'Sultana', her eldest daughter, and author Jean Sasson. Each of these stories will offer the reader a glimpse into different aspects of Saudi society, including the lives of the Princess, her daughter and other members of the Al-Saud Royal family.


Author : Tammy J
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This is one that you should not let pass you by, the details inside, Oprah Winfrey, Kat Williams, Judge Greg Mathis, and more, has had so much to do with this woman, reaching her success in her life, she finds courage, and strength in GOD, and chooses to share, you ought to get in on the fun, and pick up a copy of one of the greatest books in the world"....

Etchings in the Ether

Author : Christopher John Mumford
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Etchings in the Ether unfolds during a rain-lashed October evening on Vancouver Island's peninsula. Nearly three-hundred people gather at a rural Catholic school to hear charismatic author/physicist David Shaftesbury expound his gloriously anthropic principle of the universe. Even the local bishop is in attendance. Most have come simply to reinforce religious convictions. Some, like plumber Arthur Boorman, his family destroyed by an act of mindless violence, have come in search of solace and hope. Only one man, cynical sociology professor Charles Meade, sits in open judgement. A Stealth-like aircraft descends through the downpour. It settles onto the playing field behind the school. Robed figures disembark, beings who, though dying from the ravages of a relentless virus, have made a desperate journey across the galaxy to relay a fantastic message to the people of Earth. The physicist/evangelist and the entire audience are held captive, forced to listen while an alien intelligence outlines a terrifying reality behind life, evolution, form and behavior. The sadly repetitive human propensity for self-induced misery is all too explicitly explained. Even seemingly inexplicable phenomena such as school shootings are reduced to an immutable logic. A logic leaving no apparent room in the universe for God. A message is passed. The third and final act begins.

Daring to Dream

Author : Karen Ely
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Daring to Dream takes the reader through a year in the author's life - a year of rebirth following the end of a 32-year marriage - into those private moments of anguish and reflection where we discover that we have the strength, wisdom and power to grow from life's most challenging experiences. "It is about a year in time, a year when I lived on the top of a mountain in near total silence and found myself. It was a year of sadness and loss but, more importantly, it was a year of incredible magic." Karen Ely's journey toward an authentic life and a stronger sense of herself is both heartbreaking and exhilarating. Her honesty reaches out invitingly, encouraging all women to turn their attention inward and listen to the beatings of their own hearts.