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In Darcy s Debt A Pride Prejudice Variation

Author : Gwendolyn Dash
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A Wild Kind of Love A Pride and Prejudice Variation

Author : Portia Appleton
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She never expected to be afforded such independence… Much to Elizabeth Bennet’s, and her family’s, surprise, a distant cousin bequeaths her his horse farm in Lambton upon his death, assuming she has married a proper husband. For as long as she could remember, Elizabeth has dreamed of having her own land, her own home, and her freedom. But in order to make that dream a reality, she must find a gentleman willing to marry a woman with a mind and a dream of her own… He needs to convince his aunt to leave him alone… Fitzwilliam Darcy was betrothed to his cousin Anne de Bourgh when they were children, but the last thing he wants is to marry the unpleasant, sickly, and humorless young woman. In fact, he is willing to do just about anything to avoid such a miserable fate. So, when he hears rumors that Elizabeth Bennet is searching for a husband, Darcy sees a way that both of their needs can be fulfilled without any danger of uprooting their lives. But when two people with dreams as wild as the summer wind come together to make those dreams a reality, is it possible to avoid falling in love? A Wild Sort of Love is a Pride and Prejudice variation with a marriage of convenience, an unexpected friendship, and a guaranteed happy ending!

The Maplewood Stables Trilogy A Pride and Prejudice Variation Collection

Author : Portia Appleton
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Adventure is waiting for ODC at Maplewood Farm... From their first moments of love, to a battle with the de Bourghs, and a Christmas mystery, Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam Darcy have joined together to care for a horse farm left in Elizabeth's care. But surprises await them around every corner, and secrets abound. Join the Darcys as they experience life from Meryton to Pemberley and back again in The Maplewood Stables Trilogy! This collection of sweet romances and mysteries contains three books by Portia Applegate: Book 1: A Wild Kind of Love Book 2: The Return to Pemberley Manor Book 3: Christmas at Maplewood

Much Ado About Darcy

Author : Andrea David
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Elizabeth Bennet is overjoyed when Charles Bingley eagerly courts her sister Jane. If only Lizzy didn't have to spend time with his friend, the annoyingly handsome Mr. Darcy. She can't help but match wits—and tempers—with the insufferable man. Enduring his company will be worth it once Jane is wed, after all. But her sister's happiness may be lost when Wickham arrives in Meryton, bitter and seeking to punish those close to his old enemy Darcy. Believing Jane's marriage settlement will cover his debts, Wickham conspires to compromise her and leave Darcy's friend Bingley bereft. Lizzy must prove Jane's innocence, but she can't do it alone. She finds an unlikely ally in Darcy. Can they work together to save Jane and Bingley's love? And can Lizzy hide her reckless feelings for the infuriating man who's slowly winning her heart? This 58,000-word romance novel has a happy ending and no cliffhanger.

A Respectable Man

Author : Aubrey Anderson
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In this Pride and Prejudice variation, a tragic carriage accident leaves Mr. Bennet in a coma from which they are certain he shall never awaken, and robs Jane Bennet's of her status as the most eligible woman in Hertfordshire. Facing the fact that they have no head of household, the remaining Bennets are forced to contact their cousin, the elder Mr. Collins, the rightful heir to Longborn, and his son, Mr. William Collins. It soon becomes painfully clear that Elizabeth is the key to their futures, as she is informed that after her father dies, she shall be presented with a choice: marry Mr. William Collins or her family will be forced to leave Longbourn. Compelled to endure, Elizabeth chooses Mr. Collins and has no hope of any other option until news spreads of a Mr. Bingley arriving at Netherfield Hall. It is at that Meryton assembly that Elizabeth is introduced to Mr. Darcy, she is unaware that he will be her salvation. This Pride and Prejudice explores the possibilities of a less prejudiced Elizabeth Bennet, the bonds of family and sisterly affections, and the importance of making the correct choices. Warning: This book contains references and inferences to non-graphic sexual harassment, mental and physical abuse.

Rescued by Mr Darcy

Author : Anne-Marie Grace
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Highwaymen, a mysterious hero and a case of mistaken identity… After visiting her aunt and uncle in London, Elizabeth Bennet is traveling back home to Longbourn with her sister, Jane. A broken wheel has extended their journey but they do not wish to spend the night at an inn and choose to travel into the night instead—a decision that nearly costs them as they encounter highwaymen on the road! A dark stranger comes to their rescue just in time. He is clearly a gentleman, but not one either of the sisters has seen before. He escorts Elizabeth and Jane to their home and disappears into the night. But who was he? At home, the sisters discover that the nearby estate of Netherfield has recently been let by a wealthy gentleman. Could he have been their saviour? The description of this ‘Mr. Bingley’ does not sound entirely accurate to Elizabeth, but who else could the mystery man have been? Rescued by Mr. Darcy is a full-length, sweet and clean regency romance novel that is suitable for all lovers of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

Mr Darcy In Love

Author : Clara Winfield
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Mr. Darcy has never met a woman like Elizabeth before... but can he claim her heart before it's too late? On a fine English morning in May, Darcy visits his Aunt Catherine at Rosings. Little does he know that his life will change for ever that day... The irrepressible Miss Bennet is in the room—and the intrigued Mr. Darcy cannot take his eyes off her. But just as life feels sweetest, events conspire to tear the pair apart. Elizabeth is gone, and England feels empty without her. Time waits for no man; not even Darcy. If he doesn't act quickly, Elizabeth will be lost forever. Can Darcy move mountains to fight for Elizabeth? Can he follow his heart and find his soulmate? Or is it already too late for love? Mr. Darcy In Love is an epic sweet and clean Regency romantic suspense novel. It traces an untravelled path for Darcy and Elizabeth in the classic world of Pride and Prejudice.

Shadows Upon Netherfield

Author : Nora Kipling
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A full-length clean romance centering around our dear couple, Mr. Darcy and Miss Elizabeth by Nora Kipling. Mr. Darcy has insulted her vanity, but when she needs him most, he will be her salvation. Set shortly after Jane falls ill upon going to Netherfield Park, Elizabeth follows and injures herself on the way, only to be rescued by one Mr. Darcy. She stays with her sister at Netherfield where they both convalesce together. While she is there, Elizabeth attracts unwanted attention to one of Netherfield Park’s other residents. Will scandal and gossip ruin her forever? And what part will Mr. Darcy play in saving her again? This is a sweet, clean romance suitable for all lovers of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.

Darcy Comes to Rosings

Author : Andrea David
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Elizabeth Bennet from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice is enjoying a visit with her newly married best friend in the idyllic countryside of Kent. Her pleasant holiday is interrupted when the arrogant Mr. Darcy appears at nearby Rosings Park. During their frequent meetings, her spirited retorts do nothing to deter his attentions to her. In fact, they only seem to encourage him. Realizing Darcy is in love with her, Elizabeth is torn by an awful dilemma. With her father’s estate entailed on a male heir, she and her sisters face the prospect of poverty if they do not marry well. Darcy’s wealth could save them. But how can she marry a man she does not esteem simply for the material comfort he can offer? Fitzwilliam Darcy is determined to forget the lovely Elizabeth, who stole his heart during his autumn sojourn in Hertfordshire. So naturally, when he learns she is spending the spring within walking distance of his aunt's estate at Rosings, he goes for an extended stay. He finds Elizabeth even more enchanting than he remembered. When Darcy discovers Elizabeth’s rightful resentments against him, he seeks to make things right and court her properly. Can he convince her of his worth? Or have his past sins—and the machinations of an old enemy—sunk him in her opinion forever? This Pride and Prejudice variation is a full-length, sweet Regency romance. It includes kissing and a fade-to-black wedding night scene.

A Virtue of Marriage

Author : Elizabeth Ann West
File Size : 22.47 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Book 2 of The Moralities of Marriage, continuation of the saga from By Consequence of Marriage. With Fitzwilliam Darcy hopelessly tangled in his family's lies and deceit in Kent, reinforcements are on the way in the form of his cousin, Colonel Richard Fitzwilliam, and his secret fiancee, Elizabeth Bennet. Two generations of the Fitzwilliam family clash at Rosings and the matrimonial futures of both Darcy and Richard hang in the balance. When Lady Catherine goes on a rampage, and the Bennets become swayed by the vicious gossip swirling the Darcy family, both Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam learn you inherit each other's family drama by virtue of marriage. A full-length novel, A Virtue of Marriage continues the three-part Moralities of Marriage series.