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Dancing Shoes

Author : Noel Streatfeild
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High kicks and low blows are all around in this entertaining story about life at stage school - by the author of Ballet Shoes, this is perfect for young fans of shows like The Next Step, Cheer and The Greatest Dancer. It's 1957 and Rachel and Hilary are sent to live with their ambitious aunt who runs a stage school, training a troupe of dancing girls. It's heaven for Hilary who loves to perform, but quite the opposite for quiet Rachel. The last thing Rachel wants is to become one of her aunt's Little Wonders - particularly if it means behaving like their irritating show-off of a cousin . . . A mischievous, fun and moving story about young performers, from the acclaimed author of the classic Ballet Shoes.

Dancing Shoes and Honky Tonk Blues

Author : LuAnn McLane
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Waitress Abilene Harper has always been a bit on the shy and clumsy side. So when the reality TV spoof Dancing With the Rednecks comes to Misty Creek, Kentucky, nothing could make Abby agree to participate...nothing except a fifty thousand dollar grand prize! While she doesn’t relish being laughed at, it sure would be danged sweet to buy a truck with all the trimmings, fix up the diner for her hard-workin’ mama, and send her brother to the fancy college that he deserves. Abby’s tall, dark and smokin’ hot dance instructor Rio Martin is mighty ticked when he finds out the ballroom dancing competition he signed on for is actually a joke. But Abby’s spunk and determination soon has him setting his sights on winning. He whips Abby into shape, and she begins to cha-cha and rumba her way into the heart of the TV audience, while chemistry between the unlikely couple sizzles. Rio tries to remain all business, but Abby has her eyes on the prize—and it isn’t just the money.

Felicity s Dancing Shoes

Author : Valerie Tripp
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In colonial Williamsburg, nine-year-old Felicity's dancing skills improve when she changes from wearing clumsy shoes to dainty slippers but ultimately she learns that "Gracefulness is in the foot, not the shoe." Includes information on the education of girls in colonial America, focusing on dance, and presents square dance instructions.

Red Dancing Shoes

Author : Barbara Lipinski
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Living in the Lamblight

Author : Hans Boersma
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In recent decades many fundamental Christian assumptions about the nature of God and the world have come under attack. No longer can one assume even in many church circles that historic Christian beliefs about the Trinity and providence are generally accepted or understood. Scientific knowledge and new technologies have also presented challenges for the church. How, for example, should Christians understand the ecological crisis? And how should the opening chapters of Genesis be understood in an age of genetic research and evolutionary science? This collection of essays attempts to chart a faithful path for postmodern Christians, exploring the foundational ideas and concepts of a Christian worldview and suggesting their implications for Christian living today.Contributors: Hans Boersma John Cooper Marva J. Dawn Michael W. Goheen Christopher D. Marshall Arnold E. Sikkema John G. Stackhouse, Jr. Rikki E. Watts John R. Wood

German Popular Stories and Fairy Tales

Author : Jacob Grimm
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Dancing Tango

Author : Kathy Davis
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Argentinean tango is a global phenomenon. Since its origin among immigrants from the slums of Buenos Aires and Montevideo, it has crossed and re-crossed many borders.Yet, never before has tango been danced by so many people and in so many different places as today. Argentinean tango is more than a specific music and style of dancing. It is also a cultural imaginary which embodies intense passion, hyper-heterosexuality, and dangerous exoticism. In the wake of its latest revival, tango has become both a cultural symbol of Argentinean national identity and a transnational cultural space in which a modest, yet growing number of dancers from different parts of the globe meet on the dance floor. Through interviews and ethnographical research in Amsterdam and Buenos Aires, Kathy Davis shows why a dance from another era and another place appeals to men and women from different parts of the world and what happens to them as they become caught up in the tango salon culture. She shows how they negotiate the ambivalences, contradictions, and hierarchies of gender, sexuality, and global relations of power between North and South in which Argentinean tango is—and has always been—embroiled. Davis also explores her uneasiness about her own passion for a dance which—when seen through the lens of contemporary critical feminist and postcolonial theories—seems, at best, odd, and, at worst, disreputable and even a bit shameful. She uses the disjuncture between the incorrect pleasures and complicated politics of dancing tango as a resource for exploring the workings of passion as experience, as performance, and as cultural discourse. She concludes that dancing tango should be viewed less as a love/hate embrace with colonial overtones than a passionate encounter across many different borders between dancers who share a desire for difference and a taste of the ‘elsewhere.’ Dancing Tango is a vivid, intriguing account of an important global cultural phenomenon.

Ballroom Dancing for Fun

Author : Jennifer Blizin Gillis
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Describes the history and development of ballroom dancing as both a pastime and a sport, and explains how to do the most popular dances.

Death 24x a Second

Author : Laura Mulvey
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A fascinating exploration of the role new media technologies play in our experience of film.

Mapping Fairy Tale Space

Author : Christy Williams
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Examines how popular fairy tales collapse narrative borders and reimagine the genre for the twenty-first century.