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Business Cycle Synchronization and Regional Integration

Author : Norbert Fiess
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Abstract: In early January 2003, the United States and Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua launched official negotiations for the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA), a treaty that would expand NAFTA-style trade barrier reductions to Central America. With deeper trade integration between Central America and the United States, it is expected that there will be closer links in business cycles between Central American countries and the United States. The paper finds a relatively low degree of business cycle synchronization within Central America as well as between Central America and the United States. The business cycle synchronization is expected to increase only modestly with further trade expansion, making the coordination of macroeconomic policies within CAFTA somewhat less of a priority.

Nitrogen Cycling in Ecosystems of Latin America and the Caribbean

Author : G Philip Robertson
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The large and rapidly expanding body ofliterature related to nitrogen cycling in both managed and native terrestrial ecosystems reflects the importance accorded to the behaviour of this vital and often limiting nutrient. Research at the organism, ecosystem and landscape levels commonly addresses questions concerning nitrogen acquisition, internal cycling and retention. Goals for this research include increased agricultural productivity and a better understanding of human impact on local, regional and global nitrogen cycles. Nitrogen cycle research in tropical regions has a long and distinguished history. Research on different aspects of nitrogen cycling in ecosystems of the tropics has been carried out in many regions. In relatively few instances has there, however, been a focus on the biogeochemical cycles at the ecosystem level. The meeting resulting in this volume was an attempt to bring together existing information on nitrogen cycling in ecosystems of Latin America and the Caribbean and discuss this in an ecosystem context.

Cycle Central America

Author : Ian Benford
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The 'Cycle Central America' guidebook offers extremely valuable information and aims to help you expereince an amazing cycling experience. The wide diversity of landscapes, from volcanoes to cloud forest, plus the incredible mix of Latin and Mayan cultures, make this region perfect for cycling. The extensive coverage and commentary in 'Cycle Central America' also provides the reader with a choice of routes based upon their particular interests, fitness and available travel time.

Central America s Regional Trends and U S Cycles

Author : Shaun K. Roache
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The economies of Central America share a close relationship with the United States, with considerable comovement of GDP growth over a long period of time. Using the common cycles method of Vahid and Engle (1993), this paper suggests that the business cycles in Central America are dominated by the U.S. The most cyclically sensitive countries include Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Honduras.

Spanish Central America

Author : Murdo J. MacLeod
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The seventeenth century has been characterized as "Latin America's forgotten century." This landmark work, originally published in 1973, attempted to fill the vacuum in knowledge by providing an account of the first great colonial cycle in Spanish Central America. The colonial Spanish society of the sixteenth century was very different from that described in the eighteenth century. What happened in the Latin American colonies between the first conquests, the seizure of long-accumulated Indian wealth, the first silver booms, and the period of modern raw material supply? How did Latin America move from one stage to the other? What were these intermediate economic stages, and what effect did they have on the peoples living in Latin America? These questions continue to resonate in Latin American studies today, making this updated edition of Murdo J. MacLeod's original work more relevant than ever. Colonial Central America was a large, populous, and always strategically significant stretch of land. With the Yucatán, it was home of the Maya, one of the great pre-Columbian cultures. MacLeod examines the long-term process it underwent of relative prosperity, depression, and then recovery, citing comparative sources on Europe to describe Central America's great economic, demographic, and social cycles. With an updated historiographical and bibliographical introduction, this fascinating study should appeal to historians, anthropologists, and all who are interested in the colonial experience of Latin America.

Credit Cycle and Capital Buffers in Central America Panama and the Dominican Republic

Author : Valentina Flamini
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Credit is key to support healthy and sustainable economic growth but excess aggregate credit growth can signal the build-up of imbalances and lead to systemic financial crisis. Hence, monitoring the credit cycle is key to identifying vulnerabilities, particularly in emerging markets, which tend to be more exposed to sudden external shocks and reversal in capital flows. We estimate the credit cycle in Central America, Panama, and the Dominican Republic and find that the creadit gap is a powerful predictor of systemic vulnerability in the region. We simulate the activation of the Basel III countercyclical capital buffers and discuss the macroprudential policy implications of the results, arguing that countercyclical macroprudential policies based on the credit gap could prove useful to enhance the resilience of the region’s financial sector but the activation of macroprudential instruments should also be informed by the development of other macrofinancial variables and by expert judgment.

Aquaculture in Latin America bibliography

Author : Ulrich Saint-Paul
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This bibliography was compiled in order to stimulate and encourage the ongoing activities on aquaculture research in Latin America; to provide readers with an overview of available literature on aquaculture in this sub continent; and to facilitate the access of scientists to the literature.

The Economies of Central America

Author : John Weeks
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Information Services on Latin America

Author :
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Clippings of Latin American political, social and economic news from various English language newspapers.

Understanding Central America

Author : John A Booth
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In this new edition of a widely praised book, two of the most respected writers on Central American politics explore the origins and development of the region's political conflicts and efforts to resolve them. Highlights of the third edition include an analysis of the 1992 Salvadoran peace accord, the 1996 Nicaraguan national election and prospects for consolidation of democracy in Nicaragua, and Guatemala's troubled transition toward greater democracy, as well as a new chapter that examines how U.S. foreign policy during the 1970s and 1980s was shaped by the Cold War. Copyright © Libri GmbH. All rights reserved.

Economic Survey of Latin America

Author : United Nations. Economic Commission for Latin America
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Selected Issues in Agricultural Research in Latin America

Author :
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Agricultural Development in Central America

Author : Rodolfo Quiros-Guardia
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Caribbean Central America Profile

Author :
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Money Doctors Foreign Debts and Economic Reforms in Latin America from the 1890s to the Present

Author : Paul W. Drake
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"Superb collection of readings and documents, with enlightening introduction, about foreign economic advisers' influence on Latin American governments and private sectors. Four parts address 'proconsul' period of US domination of the Caribbean (1898-1930), privatization and Kemmerer missions to Latin America (1917-31), IMF stabilization programs, and 'Import Substitution and the New Academics.'"--Handbook of Latin American Studies, v. 57.

Emigration Dynamics in Developing Countries Mexico Central America and the Caribbean

Author : Reginald Thomas Appleyard
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In these areas the direction, volume and composition of migration has changed considerably in recent years. This is particularly noticeable in regard to irregular and undocumented migration and the proportion of women in many types of regular migration. Political instability and income inequality, violence, drug trafficking had been and in part, still are, major factors in emigration dynamics in this region.

Mexico Central America Handbook

Author : Sarah Cameron
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Carbonate Sediments and Reefs Yucat n Shelf Mexico

Author : Brian W. Logan
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Central America Bulletin

Author :
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Ancient Civilizations of Mexico and Central America

Author : Herbert Joseph Spinden
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