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Tara and the Quest for the Cursed Prince

Author : Sharika Nair
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Why is it always the beautiful princess who is locked away in a tower? And why does she wait ever so patiently for a knight in shining armour to save her? Tara, however, is no ‘damsel in distress’. She lives in a small village in South India and is a talented toymaker. She is also the first teenaged entrepreneur from her neighbourhood and runs a popular shop all on her own. Tara now aspires to be a knight in shining armour (figuratively speaking, she does not actually own an armour) and wants to rescue the Prince of Mysuru, who is trapped in a mysterious white tower. Follow Tara on a journey featuring mischievous ghosts, smart animals and a scary yaksha and find out if she is successful in Tara and the Quest for the Cursed Prince.

Cursed Prince

Author : C N Crawford
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My heart hasn't beat in a thousand years. I haven't uttered a word in prison, and the guards keep their distance. If they get too close, they die--until at last, my magic binds my soul to another. Unfortunately, the person destined to save me is a Night Elf--the enemy of my kind. And yet, when I see her in the cell across from mine, an ember starts to burn in my chest. When we escape together down the palace walls, it's almost like I can feel again. As we journey to find the magic that will save us both, attraction simmers between us. But I keep my secrets close. Because if she finds out what I am, she will find a way to kill me--even if it means sacrificing herself to do it.

The Cursed Prince

Author : Teresa Roman
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Beauty s Cursed Prince

Author : Mary E. Twomey
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Sometimes you can’t get by on charm alone. Prince Henry is used to fielding the pitfalls of fame, even when he has to dodge threats on his life. With the political climate growing dangerously volatile, everyone he comes near is suspect for trying to take down the throne. When Henry stumbles upon a woman who makes him view the world in a whole new light, he knows he can’t ignore the tug Ella has on his heart. When Ella finally helps Henry see that the kingdom might be headed in the wrong direction, political rivals begin to attack. Caught between his desire to be a good leader and his need for more of her, Henry must decide if the path he’s chosen will lead to a stronger future, or if following his heart will be the ruin of a kingdom. This is book three in the "Cursed Beauty" trilogy by USA Today Bestselling Author Mary E. Twomey. All books in this series can be read independently.

His Cursed Prince

Author : Ryan Loveless
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Tuckington Belle would rather scale the castle walls to steal flowers for his family’s dress shop than date a girl. Maybe he should admit he’s gay. Prince Frederick Deor can’t take his eyes off the thief.... He’s reasonably sure Tuck can break the curse that’s given him the skin of a snake.

Knocked Up by the Cursed Prince Sexy Stories from Steamydale

Author : Emmy Clark
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Rule #3 - The roses in the Infinity Gardens are strictly off limits. DO NOT PICK THE FLOWERS. Rumors as old as time Not true in the least But then a beauty goes Snipping at a rose Knocked Up by the… ~*~ Innocent good girl Evie Belle would rather be at home reading her favorite steamy romance novel. Unfortunately, her sister is too busy loudly gossiping about the hunky Hunter brothers with her friend. Which is the only reason Evie stumbled into her father’s workshop (for some peace and quiet) and found out that he owes a whole lot of money to a shady loan shark. This, and only this, is the reason why she snuck into the Infinity Gardens to steal one of the highly sought after roses. It should pay off her father’s debts and then some. The reason why she stayed the night with a distinct lack of clothing and panties nowhere to be found? A cursed prince may have taken offense to her pilfering his prized roses and allowed her to repay him with her nubile body, claiming her as his own, hard and unprotected…

The Cursed Prince

Author : Taylor Fray
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As a New York City private investigator, Morgan St. Claire has seen it all, but nothing could prepare her for the case she's working now: her own sister's savage murder.It's surreal to be back in Tennessee, in her rural hometown, putting together the pieces of her estranged sister's life. One clear suspect emerges: a man with no identity, who has been spotted by townsfolk, ghostlike, in the woods. A man called... Zak.Zak Skarsgard is not just any werewolf, he is the god-like prince of the 13 Moons Clan. But he is not among his people. He has been banished for a terrible crime he keeps as his greatest shame and secret. A crime that is part of an ancient curse upon him and his family.Sooner or later, Morgan will find this mysterious, savage man. And when she does, what she will discover about the world, and about herself, could very well destroy her.The Cursed Prince is a full-length New Adult Fantasy novel that will appeal to lovers of paranormal romance, urban fantasy, witches, mages, shifters, werewolves, and paranormal action. It can be read as a stand-alone novel or as the first in the FATED BY MAGIC series.

Cursed Prince

Author : Jade Kerrion
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Never accept gifts from strangers...Especially if it glows...Ginny's first mistake was becoming one of the world's leading experts on ancient civilizations...Her second mistake was getting kidnapped by Atlantean cultists who believed she knew more than she did...Her third?Accepting an energy vortex from a captive mer-prince.Its reality-altering power entangles her in the millennia-long conflict between Atlantis and the Lords of the Ocean-the mer-people.To free the mer-prince, she will have to trust a man afflicted with a chimeric personality and tormented by conflicted memories. She'll have to figure out how to control the devastating power the mer-prince entrusted to her...Because if she doesn't succeed, Atlantis will rise again, and all the human nations of the Earth will fall.ONE-CLICK to dive into this heart-pounding new series featuring a blend of urban fantasy, mythology and science fiction from USA Today Bestselling Author Jade Kerrion.

The Cursed Prince

Author : Aya Ling
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Can a disabled mage save a prince from a terrible fate?When she was fourteen, Gabi promised she'd do anything to protect Prince Alrik of Arksar. Including falling in love with him, in case true love's kiss is needed to break the curse. But six years later, Alrik hasn't expressed interest in any woman. He is content to flirt, but never showed a strong attachment for anyone. And now the witch who cursed him has returned after years in exile...Time is also running out in Savony, where trolls have broken out from underground, terrorizing the castle. More help is needed to defeat the trolls, but with half the mages tasked to protect Alrik, how will Alix, Sybil, and the princes band together and save their kingdom from an unprecedented crisis?This is the third and final installment in the Reversed Retelling trilogy. It is highly recommended that Book 1, Till Midnight, and Book 2, The Beast and the Beauty, are read prior to starting on this book.

The Cursed Prince

Author : Anne Marshall
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As the story goes, the kingdom's prince was a wicked boy, caring for no one but himself. The King wanted to teach the Prince a lesson and sought a witch to lay a curse on him. The Prince was cursed to live in agony and solitude for the rest of eternity unless he could find someone to set him free. Moving into the present day, the legend of The Cursed Prince is nothing but a town story that the bookshop owner told Henrietta, but when an old book shows up and lands itself in her hands, the world around Henrietta begins to unravel.

Injury and Insult

Author : Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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School girls all the world over

Author : Schoolgirls
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Rhymes of the Watchman for Every Night in the Year

Author : John Walker (Wesleyan minister.)
File Size : 24.12 MB
Format : PDF
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Researches on the Danube and the Adriatic Contributions to the Modern History

Author : Andrew Archibald Paton
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Unnamed Memory Vol 1 light Novel

Author : Kuji Furumiya
File Size : 34.12 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Love can bloom in the strangest places...and people! A cursed king and theworld's strongest witch are about to cross paths, forever changing their futureand the fate of the world!

Beneath the Web

Author : Lynn Abbey
File Size : 77.99 MB
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As the Walensor Web, a magical artifact that joins together the souls of gods and humans, begins to die, only Berika, a young shepherdess with untried magical powers, can stop the destruction of her world. Original.

The Prince s Quest and Other Poems

Author : William Watson
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Cursed Crown

Author : Laura Greenwood
File Size : 59.96 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Cienna’s father is desperate for her to marry Royalty, but when the only option is Xavier, she has other ideas. If only Prince Henry of Alventia hadn’t disappeared a few years ago… Svetlana’s stepmother has been after her for years, wanting her for her youthful beauty. But when the rejection of a Prince sends her into the arms of a King, things take a dark turn. Cursed Crown is a dark fantasy retelling of the Frog Prince crossed with Snow White, and is a prequel to the dark fantasy fairy tale retelling series, Beyond The Curse.

The Frog Prince

Author : Edith Tarcov
File Size : 76.1 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Angry at being forced to keep her promise to a frog, the princess finally resorts to violent action, with unexpected results.

The Dream Seekers

Author : Stephen Longstreet
File Size : 83.21 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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