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Culturally Inclusive Instructional Design

Author : Charlotte Gunawardena
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As online courses and digital learning enable more people from more places to learn together, it is crucial for instructional design to incorporate diverse cultural perspectives. Culturally Inclusive Instructional Design provides a framework for thinking about culture in digital learning, offering insight into how to build inclusive online communities that encourage reflection and growth, regardless of content domain. Chapters cover the foundation, components, and implementation of the authors’ Wisdom Communities (WisCom) framework, which enables learners from global backgrounds to experience long-lasting, transformative learning through real-world problem-solving. This book is a timely, resourceful guide to building truly collaborative, inquiry-based online learning experiences.

Handbook of Research on Culturally Aware Information Technology Perspectives and Models

Author : Blanchard, Emmanuel G.
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"This book provides readers with the possibility of acquiring in-depth knowledge of the theoretical and technological research conducted in IT in relation to culture"-- Library of Congress.

Multicultural Instructional Design Concepts Methodologies Tools and Applications

Author : Management Association, Information Resources
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As the world becomes more globalized, student populations in educational settings will continue to grow in diversity. To ensure students develop the cultural competence to adapt to new environments, educational institutions must develop curriculum, policies, and programs to aid in the progression of cultural acceptance and understanding. Multicultural Instructional Design: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications is a vital reference source for the latest research findings on inclusive curriculum development for multicultural learners. It also examines the interaction between culture and learning in academic environments and the efforts to mediate it through various educational venues. Highlighting a range of topics such as intercultural communication, student diversity, and language skills, this multi-volume book is ideally designed for educators, professionals, school administrators, researchers, and practitioners in the field of education.

Web Based Teaching and Learning across Culture and Age

Author : Fengfeng Ke
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With limited empirical research available on online teaching across cultures especially with Native and Hispanic American students, this book will present the findings of a two-year, Spencer-funded study in creating an inclusive (i.e., multicultural and intergenerational) instructional design model for online learning. The book is expected to provide the readers a field guide of teaching approach (comprising pedagogical, technical, relational and other suggestions for teaching) for inclusive e-learning, with a foundation in the research on how students from different cultures and generation groups learn online. This two-year, multi-course-site study, as a first effort to examine online college teaching and learning effective across culture and age, contributed a list of important findings on the following questions: • To what extent are online learning and interaction experiences and performances consistent across varied ethnic/cultural, and age groups and in what ways do they vary? • What online instructional contexts do students and faculty, especially non-traditional and minority students, identify as supporting learning and student success? • What are the relationships between online instructional contexts, online learning performance, and learning success of students with diverse ethnicity/culture and age background? By consolidating the findings for the aforementioned research questions, the researchers of this study have developed a data-driven online instructional design model that can work as a field guide on cross-cultural and intergenerational teaching and learning for online education practitioners.

An Inclusive Approach to Online Learning Environments

Author : Aline Germain Rutherford
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The impact of ever-increasing numbers of online courses on the demographic composition of classes has meant that the notions of diversity, multiculturality and globalization are now key aspects of curriculum planning. With the internationalization and globalization of education, and faced with rising needs for an increasingly educated and more adequately trained workforce, universities are offering more flexible programs, assisted by new educational and communications technologies. Faced with this diversity of populations and needs, many instructors are becoming aware of the importance of addressing the notions of multiculturality and interculturality in the design of online however this raises many questions. For example, how do we integrate and address this multicultural dimension in a distance education course aimed at students who live in diverse cultural environments? How do the challenges of intercultural communication in an online environment affect online teaching and learning? What are the characteristics of an online course that is inclusive of all types of diversity, and what are the guiding principles for designing such courses? We will attempt to answer some of these questions by first exploring the concepts of culture and learning cultures. This will help us to characterize the impact on online learning of particular cultural dimensions. We will then present and discuss different online instructional design models that are culturally inclusive, and conclude with the description of a mediated instructional training module on the management of the cultural dimension of online teaching and learning. This module is mainly addressed to teachers and designers of online courses. (Contains 12 endnotes, 2 figures, and 3 tables.).

Web Based Teaching and Learning Across Culture and Age

Author : Fengfeng Ke
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Culturally inclusive Education for Primary Learners Through an Interactive Curriculum

Author : Victoria C. Denson
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Teaching Science to Language Minority Students

Author : Judith W. Rosenthal
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This book focuses on the theory and practice of assisting college students with limited English proficiency who face both linguistic and cultural barriers in mainstream classes, particularly the sciences. It examines the innovative approaches which are necessary to successfully educate and retain non-native English speakers in college.

Inclusive Instructional Design

Author : Samantha Calamari
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Culturally Proficient Inclusive Schools

Author : Delores B. Lindsey
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Create inclusive educational environments that benefit ALL learners! As schools become more diverse with students of differing abilities and needs, this self-reflective and action-oriented guide helps you create and support more inclusive schools and classrooms that intentionally educate all students. Using the Five Essential Elements of Cultural Proficiency as a roadmap, this book presents: • Students’ learning differences as just that – differences rather than deficits • Strategies that show you how to break though the common barriers to culturally proficient and inclusive schooling • Assessments that gauge your awareness and show you how to best serve every student’s needs

Care and Culturally Responsive Pedagogy in Online Settings

Author : Kyei-Blankson, Lydia
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As enrollment numbers continue to grow for online education classes, it is imperative instructors be prepared to teach students from diverse groups. Students who engage in learning in classrooms where their backgrounds are recognized and the instruction is welcoming and all-inclusive perform better. Individuals who teach in online settings must endeavor to create caring and culturally appropriate environments to encourage learning among all students irrespective of their demographic composition. Care and Culturally Responsive Pedagogy in Online Settings is a collection of innovative research on the incorporation of culturally sensitive teaching practices in online classrooms, and how these methods have had an impact on student learning. While highlighting topics including faculty teaching, restorative justice, and nontraditional students, this book is ideally designed for instructors, researchers, instructional designers, administrators, policymakers, and students seeking current research on online educators incorporating care and culturally responsive pedagogy into practice.

Core Concepts in Advanced Practice Nursing

Author : Denise L. Robinson
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Addressing the core topics of the AACN's Essentials for Masters Education in Nursing, each chapter of this text includes an overview of the topic, review of the literature, future directions, implications for nursing, and critical issues.

The Development of a Culturally Inclusive Language Arts social Studies Curriculum

Author : Marjorie E. Glickman Jones
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Dissertation Abstracts International

Author :
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Current Index to Journals in Education

Author :
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Teaching Students in Inclusive Settings

Author : Judy W. Wood
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This edition provides explicit instructions and examples for working with students in the least restrictive environment (LRE) based on the latest laws. The text includes user-friendly applications on how to adapt and accommodate instruction.

Handbook of Research on Cross Cultural Online Learning in Higher Education

Author : Keengwe, Jared
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Online learning has been touted as one way of reducing the cost of higher education while simultaneously addressing the increasing demand for educational opportunity and providing access to hitherto “left out” populations. Many universities are defying tradition by offering completely online degrees for global participants. As such, research is needed to improve the design of online and virtual learning environments to ensure that they are inclusive and culturally adaptive for the global education marketplace. The Handbook of Research on Cross-Cultural Online Learning in Higher Education shares paradigms, perspectives, insights, challenges, and best practices for the instructional design and delivery of cross-cultural adult web-based learning experiences and examines adult learner characteristics and competencies critical for the design of these applications. The content within this publication covers trending topics including virtual learning, culturally adaptive environments, and online education and is intended for instructional designers, faculty, administrators, students, and researchers.

Distance Higher Education Experiences of Arab Gulf Students in the United States

Author : Aisha Al-Harthi
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Information Technology and Indigenous People

Author : Laurel Evelyn Dyson
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"This book provides theoretical and empirical information related to the planning and execution of IT projects aimed at serving indigenous people. It explores cultural concerns with IT implementation, including language issues & questions of cultural appropriateness"--Provided by publisher.

Multicultural Education

Author : Cherry A. McGee Banks
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Edited by two leading authors in the field, the third edition of this text, offers a comprehensive view of multicultural education. It addresses the needs of readers from both gender groups, various social classes, religions, and ethnic and cultural groups.