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Culinary Culture in Colonial India

Author : Utsa Ray
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"Discusses the cuisine to understand the construction of colonial middle-class in Bengal"--

Food Culture in Colonial Asia

Author : Cecilia Leong-Salobir
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Presenting a social history of colonial food practices in India, Malaysia and Singapore, this book discusses the contribution that Asian domestic servants made towards the development of this cuisine between 1858 and 1963. Domestic cookbooks, household management manuals, memoirs, diaries and travelogues are used to investigate the culinary practices in the colonial household, as well as in clubs, hill stations, hotels and restaurants. Challenging accepted ideas about colonial cuisine, the book argues that a distinctive cuisine emerged as a result of negotiation and collaboration between the expatriate British and local people, and included dishes such as curries, mulligatawny, kedgeree, country captain and pish pash. The cuisine evolved over time, with the indigenous servants preparing both local and European foods. The book highlights both the role and representation of domestic servants in the colonies. It is an important contribution for students and scholars of food history and colonial history, as well as Asian Studies.

Cooking Cultures

Author : Ishita Banerjee-Dube
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"Tracks the interplay of creativity, competition, desire, and nostalgia in the discrete ways people relate to food and cuisine in different societies"--

Cuisine and Culture

Author : Linda Civitello
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Journal of Women s History

Author :
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Food and Culture

Author : Carole Counihan
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This reader reveals how food habits and beliefs both present a microcosm of any culture and contribute to our understanding of human behaviour. Particular attention is given to how men and women define themselves differently through food choices.

Positions East Asia Cultures Critique Volume 10

Author :
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Food in World History

Author : Jeffrey M. Pilcher
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Providing a comparative and comprehensive study of culinary cultures and consumption throughout the world from ancient times to present day, this book examines the globalization of food and explores the political, social and environmental implications of our changing relationship with food. Including numerous case studies from diverse societies and periods, Food in World History examines and focuses on: how food was used to forge national identities in Latin America the influence of Italian and Chinese Diaspora on the US and Latin America food culture how food was fractured along class lines in the French bourgeois restaurant culture and working class cafes the results of state intervention in food production how the impact of genetic modification and food crises has affected the relationship between consumer and product. This concise and readable survey not only presents a simple history of food and its consumption, but also provides a unique examination of world history itself.

The Colonial Kitchen

Author : Charmaine O'Brien
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The Colonial Kitchen: Australia 1788-1901 explores the food and cookery of colonial Australians, challenging the prevailing stereotypes of them as dreadful cooks and uncouth eaters through a nuanced exploration of their kitchens, gardens and dining rooms, and the social and cultural systems that shaped their culinary practices.

Macao 2000

Author : Jean A. Berlie
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Macao 2000 gives a last social and economic snapshot of Macao as the colony returns to the control of China. The book is the most up-to-date study of the territory's modern and dynamic society and economy.

Food Culture in Southeast Asia

Author : Penny Van Esterik
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This richly informative overview encapsulates the diverse peoples and geographies that have produced such popular cuisines.

China India relations to Hyogo

Author : David Levinson
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Credit Markets and the Agrarian Economy of Colonial India

Author : Sugata Bose
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In nationalist discourse, indebtedness was evidence of peasant impoverishment caused by high levels of state revenue demand. Twentieth-century British officials inverted the poverty thesis: it was not poverty but prosperity - the increased power to borrow - that led to the accumulating volume of debt.

Farm to Fingers

Author : Kiranmayi Bhushi
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"Enquires into the ways in which food and its production and consumption are enmeshed in aspects of human existence and society, taking India and its interaction with food as its focal point"--

Arizona Journal of Hispanic Cultural Studies

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Journal for the Study of British Cultures

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Anthropology Newsletter

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India Today

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Political Economy and Protest in Colonial India

Author : Chittabrata Palit
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Contributed articles.

Alimentary Tracts

Author : Parama Roy
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Alimentary Tractsestablishes questions of who eats and with whom, who starves and what is rejected as food as fundamental to empire, decolonization and globalization. Interpreting texts that have addressed cooking, dining, taste, hungers, excesses and aversions in South Asia and its diaspora since the mid-nineteenth century, Parama Roy relates historical events and figures to tropes of disgust, abstention, dearth and appetite. She analyzes the fears of pollution and deprivation conveyed in British accounts of the so-called Mutiny of 1857, complicates understanding of Mohandas K. Gandhi's vegetarianism and examines the "famine fictions" of Mahasweta Devi, who exposed the wrenching failures of the postcolonial state in her portrayals of the lack of access of the landless, low-caste and tribal poor of the Indian hinterlands to food and water. Turning from famine to abundance, Roy reflects on the writings, screen performances and iconic status of Madhur Jaffrey, the leading popular authority on Indian culinary arts in the United States and Great Britain. In many ways colonialism reconfigured the sensorium of colonizer and colonized, generating novel experiences of desire, taste and appetite and new technologies of the embodied self. For colonizers, Indian nationalists, diasporic persons, and others in the colonial and postcolonial world orders, the alimentary tract functioned as an important corporeal, psycho-affective, and ethicopolitical contact zone, staging questions of identification, desire, difference, and responsibility.