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The Essential Guide to Crystals Minerals and Stones

Author : Margaret Ann Lembo
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Improve your life on all levels—mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually—with this essential reference guide to 160 easily-procured crystals, minerals, and stones. Packed with practical knowledge and 190 beautiful full-color photos, this easy-to-use handbook will teach you all about the gemstone world. Each page provides you with concise information: stone name and properties, color, corresponding chakra, planet, element, zodiac sign, numerological association, and mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual uses. Margaret Ann Lembo's metaphysical crystal directory will also give you Mohs scale ratings, divinatory meanings, and a series of positive affirmations for each stone. Learn how to charge, cleanse, and use gemstones in healing grids, plus how to use them as oracles for personal development and spiritual awakening. Praise: "When energetically used with the understandings and tips provided in this A–Z essential guide, all good things are possible. Your 'everything' go-to for crystals!" —Cyndi Dale, bestselling author of The Complete Book of Chakra Healing and Beyond Soul Mates "A must-have guide for anyone who even enjoys picking up rocks. Her straight-from-the-hip approach is matched by her passion, love and knowledge of each and every geode, multifaceted crystal, and everything in between." —Joan Ranquet, author of Communication with All Life

Handbook of Rocks Minerals and Gemstones

Author : Walter Schumann
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Shows and describes different kinds of rocks and minerals, and tells how to identify rocks by testing for hardness, streak color, and density

Edgar Cayce Guide to Gemstones Minerals Metals and More

Author : Shelley Kaehr
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The psychic readings of Edgar Cayce contained insightful information about the properties and value of a variety of gems, stones, minerals, and other elements. Author Shelley Kaehr, Ph.D., whose own background included the study of gemstones, examines this material by delving into the history and makeup of these magical substances so often mentioned by Cayce. In her book, Kaehr shares with us the wonders of the mineral kingdom, and how and why each stone or mineral is different and reacts differently to various people. Includes an intuitive self-discovery process to finding out which of these powerful minerals works best for you.

Colorado Gem Trails and Mineral Guide

Author : Richard M. Pearl
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This famous book takes you on an extensive gem and mineral collecting tour of Colorado, revealing the interesting places where Nature has stored her treasures. Detailed directions are given for reaching the noted as well as the little-known localities in all sections of this great mineral-producing state. Included are numerous mileage logs never before published, and many sketch maps made especially for this book. A unique system arranges the localities along segments of the main highways. Latest information is given on local travel and collecting conditions and land ownership, so much desired by collectors who want to make the best use of their time. Gem and mineral societies that welcome visitors -- museums that display outstanding collections -- are all described. Official maps and references to the literature are listed.

Colorado Gem Trails and Mineral Guide

Author : Richard Maxwell Pearl
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Format : PDF, Docs
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Gems Minerals of California

Author : William Estavillo
File Size : 84.31 MB
Format : PDF
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Striking full-color guides. Bound in water repellent, film laminated covers. Extensive center-spread maps of the state highlights locations featured in each book. Special 8-pocket and 4-pocket lucite display racks available with purchase of the series.

California Rocks a Guide to Gems Minerals and Crystals

Author : David Trexler
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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California Rocks is a colorful quick identification guide to rocks and minerals in California. While accurate identification of rocks and minerals often requires extensive laboratory techniques, many are easily identified by unique combinations of features. This guide bases identification of rocks and minerals on color, hardness, crystal shape, and unique features. The rocks and minerals in this guide have been chosen specifically because they are either unique to California or commonly available and easily identified. The guide also provides brief descriptions of the different classes of rocks, differences between rocks and minerals, and accepted mineral groupings. This waterproof, pocket-sized quick reference also contains information on proper collection and documentation of specimens you may find, and rules and regulations concerning such activities. Collectors of every level will find this information helpful. This guide is a must-have for anyone who wants a quick and easy way t

Treasure Hunter s Gem Mineral Guides to the U S A

Author : Kathy J. Rygle
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Mining techniques, gem and mineral sites, and museums and mine tours in the Northwestern United States.

Sri Lanka Mineral Mining Sector Investment and Business Guide

Author : Usa International Business Publications
File Size : 63.47 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Sri Lanka Mineral, Mining Sector Investment and Business Guide Volume 1 Startegic Information and Regulations

A Guide to the Collection of Minerals

Author :
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Gems of Wisdom Gems of Power

Author : Teresa Kennedy
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Did you know that rubies are believed to enhance passion? That fire opals can help boost energy? Or that diamonds can improve your intuition? Teresa Kennedy's indispensable guide is the first to offer a new twist on an ancient art, uniting science with the sacred in an exciting new exploration of how crystal energy can be used by anyone, in every area of life. Crystal energy can be subtle or dramatic, healing or enlightening. It can help draw needed resources into your life; it can serve to attract the lover of your dreams; or it can work to effect a complete transformation of your outlook. No matter what your personal reasons are for coming to crystal work-whether your needs are physical, emotional, spiritual or material-exploring these energies will enhance every aspect of your life. Gems of Wisdom, Gems of Power presents easy-to-understand and practical explanations of the powerful energies of minerals, gems, and crystals and how to use them for every need, including: Love (Ruby, Jade) Money and Prosperity (Calcite, Tiger Eye) Protection (Amber, Onyx) Power (Coral, Herkimer Diamond) Transformation (Fire Opal, Bloodstone) Physical Healing (Red Jasper, Turquoise) Emotional Wellness (Smoky Quartz, Sapphire) Psychic Abilities (Amethyst, Diamond) Creativity (Danburite, Rhyolite) Exploring the most popular gems, from amber to zircon, the oft-used tiger's eye to the less well-known rhodochrosite, Gems of Wisdom, Gems of Power also offers: An overview of how crystals work How to choose the stone that's best for you Basic composition, structure, and hardness Lists of common trade names and birthstones “Buyer Beware” advice Glossary, resources, and FAQs With historical facts and lore about each gem, as well as critical information on how to select stones, what to look for and where to go, Gems of Wisdom, Gems of Power will help you access the benefits of crystal, mineral, and gemstone energy for rewarding results in every area of your life.

Colorado Gems Minerals

Author : Lee McKinney
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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Describes and identifies a variety of precious stones and minerals found in Colorado.

Mystical Crystals

Author : Cerridwen Greenleaf
File Size : 55.34 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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#1 New Release in Trivia & Fun Facts and Nature ─ Improve Your Life with the Help of Crystals A how-to guide for using crystals: Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to using gemstones or crystals, this beautifully illustrated guide by Cerridwen Greenleaf has got you covered. Greenleaf has conducted workshops and retreats throughout the US, leading participants in mysticism and spirituality practices. Backed by her experience, Greenleaf guides readers in each chapter of this book, teaching you about crystals, gems, minerals, and their various healing qualities. Tap into an ancient energy: Rocks and gems have been a part of the human experience for millennia. We have a source of healing energy right at our fingertips! Each stone brings its own inherent quality and interacts with us in different ways, and Greenleaf shares with us how best to choose from this trove of life-changing sacred stones. Improve all areas of your life: We could all use some positive energy in our lives. Crystals and healing stones can create a flow of positive energy into the places we need it most. Whether that’s our love life, work life, or home life, using crystals daily can bring peace of mind and greater prosperity to each area of our life that’s hurting. In this insightful book for mystics and seekers of spirituality, you will find… • Chapters such as “Birthstone Secrets: Discovering Your 4 Soul Stones,” “Tranquility Touchstones: Stress-Reducing Rocks,” and “Crystal Charms: How to Choose and Make Change-Your-Life Jewelry” • Detailed information on healing crystals and stones to accommodate each and every area of your life • A source of help, healing, and stress-busting guidance through channeling positive energy Readers of books such as Crystals for Beginners, The Magic of Crystals and Gemstones, and Crystals: The Modern Guide to Crystal Healing will enjoy Mystical Crystals: Stones and Gems for Health, Wealth, and Happiness by Cerridwen Greenleaf.

Gems for Kids

Author : Lee Hall
File Size : 79.25 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Unearth our planet's glittering treasures--a fascinating book of gems for kids 6 to 9 What do dusty old rocks have to do with the shiny, colorful jewels that you see in rings and necklaces? Everything! Set off on a journey inside Earth and learn the different ways our planet uses rocks and minerals to make gemstones. Discover how some grow in red-hot magma deep underground, while others are made by animals or plants, plus fun facts about their colors, shapes, uses, and more. You'll even learn how to grow your own crystals with sugar and water! Gems for Kids includes: 25 Different stones--Dig in to some of the world's most rare, popular, and colorful gems, from amethyst and opal to pearl and ruby. The parts of a gem--Learn how gems are classified by things like color, shape, streak, luster, and parent minerals, and what these properties mean about where the gem came from. Earth science basics--Explore the scientific principles behind how rocks form, how gems form inside them, and what makes them so valuable and beautiful. Rock hounds, get ready! It's time to explore the incredible world of gems.

Afghanistan Mineral Mining Sector Investment and Business Guide

Author : Usa International Business Publications
File Size : 89.97 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Afghanistan Mineral & Mining Sector Investment and Business Guide - Strategic and Practical Information

Stone Medicine

Author : Leslie J. Franks
File Size : 84.88 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A comprehensive manual for using crystals, gems, and stones to address physical, emotional, and spiritual health conditions • Includes an extensive Materia Medica detailing the healing and spiritual properties of 200 crystals and stones based on Classical Chinese Medicine • Explores the role played by the color of each stone, its Yin and Yang qualities, crystalline structure, chemical composition, and topical and internal applications • Explains how to make stone and crystal elixirs, wear stones as healing jewelry, use them in massage and energy work, and cleanse and recharge them • Based on the oral teachings of Dr. Jeffrey C. Yuen, a Taoist priest from the ancient lineage of the Jade Purity School (88th generation) masters In addition to herbalism and acupuncture, Chinese Medicine has a rich tradition of using stones as medicine, passed from generation to generation for thousands of years. In this comprehensive guide and extensive Materia Medica, Leslie J. Franks presents the Stone Medicine teachings of Dr. Jeffrey C. Yuen, an 88th generation Taoist priest from the ancient lineage of the Jade Purity School, which dates to the Han dynasty, 206 BCE. Detailing the therapeutic properties of 200 gems, stones, minerals, and crystals, Franks begins with an extensive look at 15 different forms of quartz, followed by chapters on transformative stones, protective stones, nourishing stones, source energy stones, and alchemical stones. She explains the physical, emotional, and spiritual conditions each stone can treat and how their color, form, hardness, and energetic qualities affect us according to Chinese Medicine. She discusses how to make stone and crystal elixirs for internal and topical use, how to charge quartz with the healing properties of other stones, how to cleanse and recharge a stone after use, and how to combine stones to create healing formulas for individual conditions. She explains different techniques of wearing stones as healing jewelry and how to use them in massage and energy work. She examines the chemistry and sacred geometry of crystal structure, revealing how the minerals contained in the stones affect our physiology by supporting our Jing (Essence); by nourishing Qi (energy), blood, and fluids; and by clearing Wind, Cold, Damp, and Heat conditions that can lead to disease. Including a thorough primer on Traditional Chinese Medicine and backed by modern scientific research, this book explains how stones access our deepest layers, vibrating ever so slowly, to initiate deep lasting change.

A Field Guide to Australian Rocks Minerals and Gemstones

Author : Wolf Mayer
File Size : 30.9 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Crystals for Beginners

Author : Corrine Kenner
File Size : 89.34 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Crystals for Beginners makes it easy to learn about crystals and how to use their positive energy in a variety of practical ways. This friendly introductory guide explores crystal magic, folklore, and wisdom. It features an alphabetical guide to crystals, along with advice on collecting, cleansing, and charging them. Handy reference charts help you quickly find information on birthstones, zodiac stones, precious metals, and more. You can empower, clarify, and illuminate your life with the help of these beautiful gems. Balance body, mind, and spirit Calm and center emotions Tap into inner wisdom Amplify and focus energy Experience richer dreams Develop intuition and creativity

Crystal and Stone Massage

Author : Michael Gienger
File Size : 52.32 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A full-color guide to crystal massage for healing, energy balance, and stress release in the physical, emotional, and energetic bodies • Illustrates full-body massage techniques with crystal wands, crystal spheres, polished stones, and amber • Details the healing properties of more than 50 crystals and gemstones and how to select the proper one for a specific condition • Explains how to cleanse and recharge crystal, gemstone, and amber after each massage so energies are not transferred from one person to another In this full-color illustrated guide, Michael Gienger, along with contributors Hildegard Weiss and Ursula Dombrowksy, details the energetics and healing properties of more than 50 crystals and gemstones for use in massage. The book explains how to select the proper crystal or stone to aid healing of a specific condition as well as for relaxation and stress release. It illustrates specific massage techniques with crystal wands, crystal spheres, and polished stones that best utilize the crystal or stone’s properties and shows how to perform a full-body massage that works on several levels--physical, ethereal, mental, and spiritual--depending on how the crystals are applied. Explaining how crystals absorb energy and information during a massage, the guide shows how to cleanse and recharge their energetic fields so energies are not transferred from one person to another. It also details how to rebalance and replenish your own energy after giving a massage. The book also includes a detailed chapter on the harmonizing effects of amber massage, complete with a step-by-step illustrated massage sequence. Amber’s unique electromagnetic vibrations make it especially conducive to creating homeostasis in the body and thus a beneficial addition to any crystal or stone massage practice. With this complete illustrated guide, anyone can enhance their massage practice or self-healing through the powerful effects of crystals, gemstones, and amber.

Nature Guide Gems

Author : DK Publishing
File Size : 54.40 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Compact and easy-to-use, Nature Guide: Gems provides a thorough introduction and detailed, clearly illustrated profiles of hundreds of examples of precious metals, cut stones, and organics. This Smithsonian guide is packed with stunning photography and key information provided by expert contributors. Nature Guide: Gems is carefully structured, with catalog entries organized into easily understood groups that the newcomer will have no difficulty in navigating and the more experienced reader will appreciate.