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Author : Debra Cook
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Software that covertly monitors user actions, also known as spyware, has become a first-level security threat due to its ubiquity and the difficulty of detecting and removing it. This is especially so for video conferencing, thin-client computing (computers that depend primarily on a central server for processing activities) and Internet cafes. CryptoGraphics explores the potential for implementing ciphers within graphics processing units (GPUs). A prototype application involving streaming video and GPU-based encryption and decryption is also described, illustrating the benefits and issues of running a cipher within a GPU. By enabling encryption and decryption in a GPU, unencrypted display data can be confined to the GPU to avoid exposing it to any malware running on the operating system.

Cryptographic Primitives in Blockchain Technology

Author : Andreas Bolfing
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Cryptographic Primitives in Blockchain Technology provides an introduction to the mathematical and cryptographic concepts behind blockchain technologies and shows how they are applied in blockchain-based systems.

Cryptographic Obfuscation

Author : Máté Horváth
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This book explains the development of cryptographic obfuscation, providing insight into the most important ideas and techniques. It will be a useful reference for researchers in cryptography and theoretical computer science.

Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems CHES 2007

Author : Pascal Paillier
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 9th International Workshop on Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems, CHES 2007, held in Vienna, Austria, September 10-13, 2007. The 31 revised full papers were carefully reviewed and selected from 99 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on side channels, low resources, hardware attacks and countermeasures, special purpose hardware, efficient algorithms for embedded processors, side channels, hardware attacks and countermeasures, efficient hardware, trusted computing, side channels, hardware attacks and countermeasures, as well as efficient hardware.

Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems

Author : CHES
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the First International Workshop on Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems, CHES'99, held in Worcester, MA, USA in August 1999. The 27 revised papers presented together with three invited contributions were carefully reviewed and selected from 42 submissions. The papers are organized in sections on cryptographic hardware, hardware architectures, smartcards and embedded systems, arithmetic algorithms, power attacks, true random numbers, cryptographic algorithms on FPGAs, elliptic curve implementations, new cryptographic schemes and modes of operation.

Cryptographic Engineering

Author : Cetin Kaya Koc
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This book is for engineers and researchers working in the embedded hardware industry. This book addresses the design aspects of cryptographic hardware and embedded software. The authors provide tutorial-type material for professional engineers and computer information specialists.

A Brief History of Cryptology and Cryptographic Algorithms

Author : John F. Dooley
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The science of cryptology is made up of two halves. Cryptography is the study of how to create secure systems for communications. Cryptanalysis is the study of how to break those systems. The conflict between these two halves of cryptology is the story of secret writing. For over 2,000 years, the desire to communicate securely and secretly has resulted in the creation of numerous and increasingly complicated systems to protect one's messages. Yet for every system there is a cryptanalyst creating a new technique to break that system. With the advent of computers the cryptographer seems to finally have the upper hand. New mathematically based cryptographic algorithms that use computers for encryption and decryption are so secure that brute-force techniques seem to be the only way to break them – so far. This work traces the history of the conflict between cryptographer and cryptanalyst, explores in some depth the algorithms created to protect messages, and suggests where the field is going in the future.

Bloomer s Commercial Cryptograph

Author : John Godfrey Bloomer
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Embedded Cryptographic Hardware

Author : Nadia Nedjah
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Data security is an important requirement for almost all, if not all, information-oriented applications such as e-commerce, digital signature, secure Internet, etc. All these services use encrypted data. Cryptography is a milliner science that was the key to the secret of ancient Rome and a fundamental piece in the Second World War. Today, it is a star in the computation world. Several operating systems, data base systems or simple filling systems provide the user with cryptographic functions that allow controlled data scrambling. Modern cryptology, which is the basis of information security techniques, started in the late 1970's and developed in the 1980's. As communication networks were spreading deep into society, the need for secure communication greatly promoted cryptographic research. The need for fast but secure cryptographic systems is growing bigger. Therefore, dedicated hardware for cryptography is becoming a key issue for designers. With the spread of reconfigurable hardware such as FPGAs, hardware implementations of cryptographic algorithms became cost-effective. The focus of this book is on all aspects of cryptographic hardware and embedded systems. This includes design, implementation and security of such systems. The content of this book is divided into four main parts, each of which is organised in three chapters, with the exception of the last one.

Cryptographic Protocol

Author : Ling Dong
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"Cryptographic Protocol: Security Analysis Based on Trusted Freshness" mainly discusses how to analyze and design cryptographic protocols based on the idea of system engineering and that of the trusted freshness component. A novel freshness principle based on the trusted freshness component is presented; this principle is the basis for an efficient and easy method for analyzing the security of cryptographic protocols. The reasoning results of the new approach, when compared with the security conditions, can either establish the correctness of a cryptographic protocol when the protocol is in fact correct, or identify the absence of the security properties, which leads the structure to construct attacks directly. Furthermore, based on the freshness principle, a belief multiset formalism is presented. This formalism’s efficiency, rigorousness, and the possibility of its automation are also presented. The book is intended for researchers, engineers, and graduate students in the fields of communication, computer science and cryptography, and will be especially useful for engineers who need to analyze cryptographic protocols in the real world. Dr. Ling Dong is a senior engineer in the network construction and information security field. Dr. Kefei Chen is a Professor at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Cryptographic algorithms and key sizes for Personal Identity Verification

Author : Tim Polk
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Internet Security

Author : Man Young Rhee
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Table of contents

Two Cryptographic Notes

Author : David Wheeler
File Size : 64.86 MB
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The Cryptographic Shakespeare

Author : Penn Leary
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Security Amplification of Cryptographic Primitives

Author : Giovanni Di Crescenzo
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Computer Simulation of Classical Substitution Cryptographic Systems

Author : Rudolph F. Lauer
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The Zimmermann Telegram of January 16 1917 and Its Cryptographic Background

Author : William Frederick Friedman
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The Cryptographic Significance of the Knapsack Problem

Author : Luke J. O'Connor
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Nonmonotonic Cryptographic Protocols

Author : Aviel David Rubin
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On the Computational Soundness of Formal Analysis of Cryptographic Protocols

Author : Bogdan Warinschi
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