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Cross of St George

Author : Alexander Kent
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In the wake of the War of 1812, Admiral Sir Richard Bolitho fights fruitless skirmishes with men of the frontier off Nova Scotia to defend Crown property.

The Story of the Tabernacle St George s Cross Glasgow

Author : St. George's Cross Tabernacle (Glasgow)
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Cross Symbols

Author : Source Wikipedia
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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 143. Chapters: Crucifixion, Eleanor cross, High cross, Iron Cross, St George's Cross, Fylfot, Western use of the swastika in the early 20th century, Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross, Saint Patrick's Flag, Jolly Roger, Christian cross, Sign of the Cross, Nordic Cross flag, Rosy Cross, Stations of the Cross, Pectoral cross, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, Saltire, Cross of Lorraine, Anarchist Black Cross, Maltese cross, Celtic cross, Ankh, Occitan cross, Crux gemmata, Ancient Crosses of India, Khachkar, Summit cross, Stauros, Stations of the Resurrection, Wilgefortis, Sun cross, Southern Cross Flag, Globus cruciger, Sauwastika, Lauburu, Wayside shrine, Coptic cross, Auschwitz cross, Cross burning, Patriarchal cross, Calvary, Cross moline, Cross pattee, Cross of Dozule, Hot cross bun, Cross of St. Peter, Processional cross, Huguenot cross, Order of Michael the Brave, Fiery cross, Cross of Tau, Luso Sundanese padrao, Marian Cross, Kry dirbyst, Cross of Saint James, Flag of Saint David, Holy Cross, Market cross, Cross and Crown, Saint John's Arms, Cosmic cross, Papal Cross, Skull and crossbones, The Blue Cross, Brigid's cross, Two-barred cross, Serbian cross, Grapevine cross, Puleston Cross, Jerusalem cross, Armenian Cross, Canterbury cross, Order of Christ Cross, Arrow Cross, Biker Cross, Eastman Monument, Saint Andrew's Cross, Buttercross, Sejm cross, Tursaansydan, Saint Alban's Cross, Equal-Armed Cross, Surfer's cross, Cross potent, Roisia's Cross, Nasrani Menorah, Crux immissa, Ethiopian cross, Anchored Cross, Bottony, Balkenkreuz, Cercelee, Memorial cross, St Thomas Cross, Sterzh Cross, Archiepiscopal cross, Coptic ankh.

St George s Cross and the Siege of Fort Pitt

Author : Calvin J. Boal
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The author has created a character from the early 1700s-Thomas Doty, who lives on a family farm outside of Whitemarsh, Pennsylvania. He meets a weathered sea captain who is down on his luck and short of hands aboard his sloop, the "Shannon." Intrigued by adventure, Thomas goes to sea, but ends up shipwrecked and seized by a band of surly cutthroat pirates. Now, amid the designs of some sordid brigands well-acquainted with wanton cruelty, Thomas wonders if his courage and cunning can release him from his captors' wily schemes. His escape from them only hurls him into challenges fraught with unforeseen circumstances as he journeys homeward and beyond, discovering the distant frontier of western Pennsylvania and the Ohio country teeming with Mingo, Delaware, Shawnee, and Seneca Indians intent on preserving their culture from the ever-encroaching whites. As Thomas negotiates with death on the one hand and life on the other, survival forces him onward. He encounters English and French traders and finds friends, love, and a mortal enemy as he endures life within the turmoil of the French and Indian War, Pontiac's Rebellion, and the siege of Fort Pitt.


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Daniel thinks that saints are boring and that going to church is a waste of time - until he discovers a mysterious cross that will change the world as he knows it. When Daniel discovers a mysterious cross he is transported back in time to Ancient Rome where he meets George, a young, Christian soldier who has been forced to resign for refusing to offer a sacrifice to the Roman gods. Things go from bad to worse when Emperor Diocletian declares Christianity illegal. Churches are destroyed, sacred texts are burned and all citizens are required to make a public sacrifice to the gods - or face death. Daniel wants more than anything to go home, back to the safety of the 21st century but can't figure out how. He's not even sure how he got here. When George is arrested Daniel is devastated. What will he do? Can he save George? Save himself? As the Great Persecution rages Daniel must find the courage to stand up for his faith...and to find his way home.

History of the Flag of the United States of America

Author : George Henry Preble
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St George and the Dragons

Author : Michael Collins
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St George's Day has become a topic of debate as more and more organizations promote celebrations on 23 April and more people wave the flag of St George to proclaim their allegiance and identity. But who was St George? How did this Near Eastern martyr become England's patron saint and an icon of English culture? And what is his relevance for today's secular, multicultural England? New research reveals that from the third century St George was revered as a healer, protector of women and the poor and patron of agriculture and metal-working more than a military dragon-slayer. Discover the origin of the cross of St George and the roles of Richard I, Edward III and Henry VIII in making St George the patron saint of England. With a foreword by Professor Emeritus Dan Brown, this richly-illustrated celebration of English culture shows how St George can be reinterpreted for our times while remaining true to our English heritage. St George can be enlisted in the cause of ecology, the campaign against FGM, and the fight to end modern slavery and resettle refugees. English yet international, revered both by Christians and Muslims, St George is a multicultural figure who symbolizes universal values.

Cook s handbook for afterw to London

Author : Cook Thomas and son, ltd
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Heraldic Charges

Author : Source Wikipedia
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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 63. Chapters: Fleur-de-lis, Savoy knot, St George's Cross, Fylfot, List of heraldic charges, Crown, Senyera, Broad arrow, Wolfsangel, Roundel, Vol, Star, Lozenge, Sun, Rose, Label, Sun in splendour, Millrind, Stafford knot, Baton sinister, Goutte, Torse, Hammer and pick, Hinckaert knot, Bowen knot, Shakespeare knot, Heraldic knot, Dacre knot, Wake knot, Annulet, Hungerford knot. Excerpt: This article does not cover those charges which derive their shape in part from that of the field; see Ordinary (heraldry). The personal arms of Anne, Princess Royal displayed on a lozengeA few simple charges are traditionally, and arbitrarily, classified among the subordinaries. (All other mobile charges are called common charges.) A lozenge is a rhombus, similar to the diamond of playing-cards (though its sides are never concave). A narrower lozenge may be called a fusil. A mascle is a lozenge voided, i.e. with a lozenge-shaped hole; a rustre is a lozenge pierced, i.e. with a round hole. A billet is a rectangle, sometimes representing a sheet of paper or a piece of firewood. Its long side is normally vertical. A circular ring is called an annulet; a solid circle is called a roundel. Though the taboo is not invariably respected, British heraldry in particular, and to a greater or lesser extent the heraldry of other countries, frowns on depictions of God or Christ, though an exception may be in the not-uncommon Continental depictions of Madonna and Child, including the Black Madonna in the arms of Marija Bistrica, Croatia. The Virgin, St. John the Apostle and St. Mary Magdalene lamenting the body of Christ taken down from the Cross" the arms of Pinggau, Steiermark, Austria The Devil being defeated by an archangel (probably St. Michael).The Devil (or a demon), freestanding (depicted differently than the devil in the foregoing). This form is far...

Pigot and Son s General Directory of Manchester Salford c for 1829

Author : J. Pigot & Co
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The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

Author : William Dwight Whitney
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Saint George

Author : David Scott Fox
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The Navy List

Author : Great Britain. Admiralty
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The army list

Author :
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St George

Author : Christopher Stace
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How did a fourth century solider-saint become so famous throughout the east and west and end up as the patron saint of England? This fascinating books begins with the known facts, before moving on to the mass of legends that grew up around George's name. It explores the saint's vast popularity in England through the ages, and the way his cult endures today, looking at his historical and spiritual significance.

Hazell s Annual

Author :
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The Gentleman s Magazine and Historical Review

Author :
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The Post office afterw Kellys directory of Birmingham with its suburbs and Smethwick

Author : Kelly's directories, ltd
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The Freemasons Magazine and Masonic Mirror

Author :
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Chamber s Encyclopaedia

Author :
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