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Criticism and Ideology

Author : Terry Eagleton
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A new edition of a classic treatise on literary theory seeks to develop a sophisticated relationship between Marxism and literary criticism, evaluating the key works of such figures as Lenin, Trostsky, and Sartre as well as canonical writers including Charles Dickens and T. S. Eliot to demonstrate how ideology can play a productive and subversive role in literature. Reprint.

Criticism and Ideology

Author : Sweden) African Writers' Conference 1986 (Stockholm
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Keywords in Western Literary Criticism and Contemporary China

Author : Yamin Hu
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Since the reform and opening up of China in 1978, Western literary criticism has begun to flourish and gain in popularity within the country's academic Literature community. These two volumes meticulously select and examine nine of the most influential keywords from Western literary theory while identifying the intricate historical sources of these terms and analyzing their relevance to other disciplines and ideas. The result shows how these words function as heterogeneous cultural contexts in the complexity of experience but also how they function within the context of Chinese culture as well as Chinese literature and criticism. In this volume, the editors focus on metaphor, the other, ideology and the body from the perspectives of etymology, documentation, meanings and other core factors. Students of literature and languages, and especially Chinese literature, will benefit from this two-volume set.

Modern British and Irish Criticism and Theory A Critical Guide

Author : Julian Wolfreys
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Modern British and Irish Criticism and Theory offers the student and general reader a comprehensive, critically informed overview of the development of literary and cultural studies from the nineteenth century to the present day. Beginning with Coleridge and Arnold, examining the contribution of cultural commentators and novelists, and considering the institutionalisation of literary criticism in the universities of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, the book addresses in detailed, accessible and rigorous essays the rise and significance of literary and cultural studies. Nearly thirty essays contribute to an understanding of the practice of literary studies presenting the reader with a perceptive series of critical interventions which, themselves, engage in the very locations from which criticism and theory have emerged.A further reading list accompanies each chapter.

Marxism and Literary Criticism

Author : Terry Eagleton
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Is Marx relevant any more? Why should we care what he wrote? What difference could it make to our reading of literature? Terry Eagleton, one of the foremost critics of our generation, has some answers in this wonderfully clear and readable analysis. Sharp and concise, it is, without doubt, the most important work on literary criticism that has emerged out of the tradition of Marxist philosophy and social theory since the nineteenth century. For this Routledge Classics edition the author has written a startling and challenging new preface, which explains the continuing relevance of this pioneering work for the twenty-first century. For anyone interested in literature this book is essential reading.

The Function of Criticism

Author : Terry Eagleton
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Author : Terry Eagleton
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This collection of readings on the concept of ideology is brought together by the Marxist critic, Terry Eagleton. His introduction traces the historical evolution of ideology and examines in a more theoretical style the various meanings of the word and their significance. The readings begin with the first English translations of some of the writing of the French founder of the concept in the eighteenth century. They then move from the enlightenment to Hegel and Marxism, with particular emphasis on Marx and Engels themselves. They also look at other eighteenth-century traditions of thought such as Nietzche and Freud. All the readings are theoretical rather than examples of `ideology at work' and will be of interest to undergraduate students of cultural, political and historical studies concerned with ideology, as well as students of English literature.

T S Eliot and Ideology

Author : Kenneth Asher
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'A valuable contribution to the discussion of the politics of modernism and to the ongoing debate about Eliot's political, religious, and social ideals.' Choice

Feminist Criticism and Social Change RLE Feminist Theory

Author : Deborah Rosenfelt
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This lively and controversial collection of essays sets out to theorize and practice a ‘materialist-feminist’ criticism of literature and culture. Such a criticism is based on the view that the material conditions in which men and women live are central to an understanding of culture and society. It emphasises the relation of gender to other categories of analysis, such as class and race, and considers the connection between ideology and cultural practice, and the ways in which all relations of power change with changing social and economic conditions. By presenting a wide range of work by major feminist scholars, this anthology in effect defines as well as illustrates the materialist-feminist tendency in current literary criticism. The essays in the first part of the book examine race, ideology, and the literary canon and explore the ways in which other critical discourse, such as those of deconstruction and French feminism, might be useful to a feminist and materialist criticism. The second part of the book contains examples of such criticism in practice, with studies of individual works, writers and ideas. An introduction by the editors situates the collected essays in relation both to one another and to a shared materialist/feminist project. Feminist Criticism and Social Change demonstrates the important contribution of materialist-feminist criticism to our understanding of literature and society, and fulfils a crucial need among those concerned with gender and its relation to criticism.

The Crisis of Political Modernism

Author : D. N. Rodowick
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D.N. Rodowick offers a critical analysis of the development of film theory since 1968. He shows how debates concerning the literary principles of modernism—semiotics, structuralism, psychoanalysis, Marxism, and feminism—have transformed our understanding of cinematic meaning. Rodowick explores the literary paradigms established in France during the late 1960s and traces their influence on the work of diverse filmmaker/theorists including Jean-Luc Godard, Peter Gidal, Laura Mulvey, and Peter Wollen. By exploring the "new French feminisms" of Irigaray and Kristeva, he investigates the relation of political modernism to psychoanalysis and theories of sexual difference. In a new introduction written especially for this edition, Rodowick considers the continuing legacy of this theoretical tradition in relation to the emergence of cultural studies approaches to film.

Criticism after Critique

Author : Jeffrey R. Di Leo
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Presenting different ways to imagine criticism without critique, this collection provides a survey of both the difficult times facing ideological critique and the ways in which literary criticism and aesthetics have been affected by changing attitudes toward critique.

The Theocratic Ideology of the Chronicler

Author : Jonathan E. Dyck
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This volume is a study of the ideology of the Chronicler in the context of the emerging theocratic community of Judah in the Persian period. This study breaks new ground in treating the 'purpose' of Chronicles from an explicitly social-theoretical perspective. Care is taken throughout to define concepts clearly and to highlight the interpretive perspectives employed making this volume particularly useful for those engaged in methodological discussion.

Language Sexuality and Ideology in Ezra Pound s Cantos

Author : Jean-Michel Rabate
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Ezra Pound's Cantos remains among the most influential and difficult of twentieth century poetic writings. But now, for the first time, Rabaté's powerful and original study presents a theory of reading adequate to the challenge of Pound's writing. Using elements from Lacanian psycho-analysis and Heidegger's powerful meditation of poetry and language, this book constructs a theory of reading which both gives full force to the strategies of writing deployed in the Cantos and to the historical and political situations to which those strategies are a response. This study provides a fresh reading of the familiar Pound canon: Homer, Dante, Ovid but also of the less well-known: Ruskin, Browning, Frobenius. Pound's practice of quotation is understood in the context of a new poetic discourse characterized by parapraxis, ellipsis, condensation and autonomous "voices" which refer the division of the speaking subject back to an "omniform" intellect capable of taking on any new personality at will. Crucial to an understanding of Pound's situation is the relationship between Chinese and Greek culture, an analysis of which allows Rabaté to elaborate the tragic dimension in Pound's life and works. This book also parallels and contrasts Pound with his major contemporaries such as Eliot and Joyce and with his immediate heirs, like William Carlos Williams, H.D., Zukofsky, and Olson.

Ideology Form in African Poetry

Author : Emmanuel Ngara
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Explores the relationship between the social vision of poets and their styles.

Identity and Ideology

Author : Julie Candler Hayes
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The bourgeois drama of "serious genre" was one of the major innovative literary forms of the French Enlightenment, but it has been largely excluded from the canon today. In a study drawing on contemporary and 18th-century literary theory and philosophy, social history and history of the theatre, Hayes presents a reading of the dramas of Diderot and Sade and argues for a new understanding of the genre as a whole. A disparate group as they were, the "drame's" practitioners share a new approach to personal identity as relational and derived from the workings of the social network - a notion of gr.

Modern European Criticism and Theory A Critical Guide

Author : Julian Wolfreys
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Modern European Criticism and Theory offers the reader a comprehensive critical overview of the widespread and profound contest of ideas within European 'theory'. The book focuses primarily on the thought of major voices in poetics, philosophy, linguistics, and psychoanalysis, as well as in literary and cultural studies from the Enlightenment to the present day. Examining how conceptions of subjectivity, identity and gender have been questioned, the more than 50 essays written by acknowledged experts in their fields critically assess the ways in which we think, see, and act in the world, as well as the ways in which we represent such thought psychologically, politically, and culturally. A further reading list accompanies each chapter.

Myth and Ideology in Contemporary Brazilian Fiction

Author : Daphne Patai
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Analyzing the thematic and formal characteristics of six contemporary Brazilian novels, this study explores the use of myth and its ideological implications. The writers examined are Maria Alice Barroso, Clarice Lispector, Jorge Amado, Carlos Heitor Cony, Adonias Filho, and Autran Dourado.

Landscape and Ideology

Author : Ann Bermingham
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00 In this interdisciplinary study, Ann Bermingham explores the complex, ambiguous, and often contradictory relationship between English landscape painting and the socio-economic changes that accompanied enclosure and the Industrial Revolution. In this interdisciplinary study, Ann Bermingham explores the complex, ambiguous, and often contradictory relationship between English landscape painting and the socio-economic changes that accompanied enclosure and the Industrial Revolution.

Ideology and Classic American Literature

Author : Sacvan Bercovitch
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For more than a decade, Americanists have been concerned with the problem of ideology, and have undertaken a broad reassessment of American literature and culture. This volume brings together some of the best work in this area.

Media Society

Author : David Croteau
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The Third Edition of this popular text provides students with an overview of the entire media process, with an emphasis on how social forces influence the media and how media potentially affect society.