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Author : Hans-Joachim Braun
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This volume features essays on creative processes in invention, engineering design, architecture, music composition, improvisation, sound recording, authenticity in music, and computer music. It explores what these processes have in common and how they can be investigated and modelled.

Creativity and Technology in Mathematics Education

Author : Viktor Freiman
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This volume provides new insights on creativity while focusing on innovative methodological approaches in research and practice of integrating technological tools and environments in mathematics teaching and learning. This work is being built on the discussions at the mini-symposium on Creativity and Technology at the International Conference on Mathematical Creativity and Giftedness (ICMCG) in Denver, USA (2014), and other contributions to the topic. The book emphasizes a diversity of views, a variety of contexts, angles and cultures of thought, as well as mathematical and educational practices. The authors of each chapter explore the potential of technology to foster creative and divergent mathematical thinking, problem solving and problem posing, creative use of dynamic, multimodal and interactive software by teachers and learners, as well as other digital media and tools while widening and enriching transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary connections in mathematics classroom. Along with ground-breaking innovative approaches, the book aims to provide researchers and practitioners with new paths for diversification of opportunities for all students to become more creative and innovative mathematics learners. A framework for dynamic learning conditions of leveraging mathematical creativity with technology is an outcome of the book as well.

Technology and Creativity

Author : Computer Science Trust Fund Eminent Scholar Chair and Professor Subrata DasGupta
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Taking readers on a fascinating tour through the history of modern technology and the nature of human creativity, Dasgupta offers a brilliant, groundbreaking exploration of how cognitive psychology can shed light on the technological mind. With its rare combination of an intimate, often conversational writing style and clear expositions of difficult concepts, the book will be of interest to all who have pondered the nature of human creativity. 16 illustrations.

Culture Technology Creativity in the Late Twentieth Century

Author : Philip Hayward
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"Addressing how technology and creativity interrelate in the arts and culture of the late 20th century, this anthology combines a general introduction with a set of case studies from a range of international critics. The studies illuminate a rapidly developing area of culture that has often been characterized by sweeping generalizations but seldom analyzed in detail."

Creativity Technology and Learning

Author : Florence R. Sullivan
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Creativity, Technology, and Learning provides a comprehensive introduction to theories and research on creativity in education and, in particular, to the role of digital-learning technologies in enabling creativity across classroom learning environments. Topical coverage includes play, constructionism, multimodal learning and project-/problem-based learning. Creativity is uniquely positioned throughout the book as an integral component of the educational process and also as a foundational aspect of self-actualization, thriving communities, and humane societies. Through in-depth, empirically based discussions of the philosophical, curricular and pedagogical elements of creativity, Sullivan demonstrates how creativity can be fostered across the curriculum through the use of digital-learning technologies in design, personal expression and problem-solving activities.

Tourism Innovation

Author : Vanessa Ratten
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Tourism can take many different forms and types but increasingly it is viewed as one of the most innovative industries. This book showcases the innovations in tourism through a creativity, sustainability and technology perspective. Tourism Innovation: Technology, Sustainability and Creativity addresses the growing use and importance of tourism innovation in society. Readers of this book will gain a global perspective on how the tourism industry is changing and taking advantage of emerging technologies, which will help them to foresee potential changes in the industry and plan for the future. Tourism innovation is defi ned as innovating in a cost-effi cient manner by taking into account the available resources. Most of the focus on tourism innovation has been on developing countries but it is also used by companies in other locations. This book explores the way in which tourism innovation differs from other types of innovation and offers a creative solution to issues about sustainability and the circular economy. In this vein, it includes chapters addressing issues related to the following but not limited subjects: co-creation in innovation, social issues in innovation, leadership and innovation, forms of innovation, government innovation and innovation research. This book is suitable for tourism industry professionals, researchers and policy experts who are interested in how innovation is embedded in the tourism industry.

Using Technology to Unlock Musical Creativity

Author : Scott Watson
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It has never been easier or more fun for students to compose, improvise, arrange, and produce music and music-related projects than with today's technology. Written in a practical, accessible manner, Using Technology to Unlock Musical Creativity offers both a framework for and practical tips on the technology tools best suited for encouraging students' authentic musical creativity. Author Scott Watson makes a compelling case for creativity-based music learning through eight teacher-tested principles that access, nurture, and develop students' potential for musical expression. Example after example illustrates each principle in a variety of music teaching and technology scenarios. Watson also includes practical ideas for technology-based creative music activities, locating lesson plans and other resources, and assessing creative work. The book provides detailed plans for dozens of attractive projects, each linked to MENC National Standards, and also offers suggestions for making adaptations according to grade level and technology proficiency. Additionally, it includes a valuable section of resources with tips for setting up a computer music workstation, a plain-language description of how digital audio works, and a music education technology glossary. Most of the activities described can be carried out by novice users with free or low-cost music applications. The book also features a comprehensive companion website with dozens of audio and video examples as well as many downloadable worksheets, rubrics, and activity files. Visit the companion website at

The Management of Innovation and Technology

Author : John Howells
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This book analyzes a range of social contexts in which human decisions shape technology in the market economy. It comprises a critical review of both a select research literature and in-depth historical studies. Material is drawn from many social science disciplines to inform the reader of the reality of taking decisions on innovation.

Human Resource Management Social Innovation and Technology

Author : Tanya Bondarouk
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This volume views innovation of HRM in two ways: At one end, HR practices and policies should be designed to support innovative organizational members and climates, new ideas, and larger capacities. At the other end, the HRM function evolves by applying new structures to the practices, and by involving new agents in the management process.

Creative Genius in Technology

Author : Greg Wientjes
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From the 'Fathers' of the Internet, Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn, to National Medal of Technology winners, Ray Kurzweil and Bob Metcalfe, listen to stories from the lives of modern day geniuses. Find out how mentors and educators inspired these geniuses to believe in their own powers of the mind and achieve their dreams in technology creativity. In these stories, you will discover that these geniuses are not so different than you. With hard work, the right type of education and a bit of happenstance, you too can achieve the massive levels of creativity and impact on the world these geniuses attained. Change the world! Make a difference! Listen to the stories within this book and discover your own genius within just waiting to escape and shine for the world.

Understanding the Relationship Between Networks and Technology Creativity and Innovation

Author : Barak S. Aharonson
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An exciting new volume in the Technology, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Competitive Strategy series from Emeralds popular Strategy collection. This volume features excellent new research devoted to advancing our understanding of how networks foster creativity, innovation and the development of cutting-edge technologies. Contributions offer unique perspectives on the significance of networks to the financial success of businesses, in addition to giving examples of how these can be crucial in bringing about creativity and innovation. It deals with the evolution of networks through geographic and industry boundaries. This is crucial reading for any researchers exploring strategic management tools and techniques, and specifically the intricacies of network theory within businesses.

Advanced Teaching Methods for the Technology Classroom

Author : Petrina, Stephen
File Size : 36.53 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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"This book provides a comprehensive, critical approach to meeting the new challenges of technology in the classroom. It gathers together research on technology methods, principles, and content, acting as a reference source for proven and innovative methods. It presents an introduction to teaching educational technology, design, and engineering and contains strategies for innovation in technology education"--Provided by publisher.

Technology for Creativity and Innovation Tools Techniques and Applications

Author : Mesquita, Anabela
File Size : 88.87 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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"This book provides empirical research findings and best practices on creativity and innovation in business, organizational, and social environments"--Provided by publisher.

Creativity Technology Education Exploring their Convergence

Author : Punya Mishra
File Size : 35.43 MB
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In this collection of beautifully written essays, Mishra, Henriksen, and the Deep-play Research Group challenge myths about technology and creativity, debate time-honored instructional practices, and play with new ideas for schools to care for and nurture, rather than constrain, creativity. These essays are provocative ... refreshing, [and] insightful —Dr. Yong Zhao, Foundation Distinguished Professor, University of Kansas and Fellow, Mitchell Institute for Health and Education Policy, Victoria University, Australia. What is creativity? Why is it important? What does it look like across different disciplines and contexts? What role does technology play, if any, in the creative process? And finally, what do creativity and technology have to do with education? These are the questions that underlie the collection of articles in this book. These essays provide a broad analytic frame for thinking about creativity, technology and education and describe classroom examples as well as strategies for evaluating creative artifacts and creative environments. All of these are grounded in specific examples from across a wide range of disciplines and contexts—art, mathematics, engineering, computer science, graphic design, architecture, science to name just a few. The final essays take a broader perspective on creativity and technology focusing both on our highly inter-connected YouTube world but also possibilities for the future. Creativity, Technology & Education: Exploring their Convergence is a vital resource for educators and practitioners as they seek to incorporate creative work and thoughtful pedagogy in their personal and professional lives.

Creativity and Leadership in Science Technology and Innovation

Author : Sven Hemlin
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Leadership is vital to creativity and successful innovation in groups and organizations; leadership is however seldom studied in the academic literature as a creativity driver. One reason for the lack of attention paid to leadership’s effect on creativity may be the common belief that creativity cannot and should not be managed. Creative individuals and groups are regarded as, and indeed often are, autonomous and self-driving. From this belief the erroneous conclusion is drawn that there is no need for leadership in creative environments and situations. The better conclusion, proposed by this book, is that leadership not only stimulates creativity, but that such a leadership in the science, technology, and innovation fields should specifically possess at least two features: a) expertise in the field(s), and b) an ability to create, support, and encourage individuals, groups, and creative knowledge environments. A number of specialist authors in this volume offer original theoretical, empirical, and applied chapters that elucidate how to better organize and lead creative efforts in science, technology, and innovation. A number of important research questions are raised and answered, including: What kinds of leaderships are needed at different levels of S&T organizations for a creative output? What social and cognitive abilities and skills are needed for leadership in creative environments? How does leadership vary with different phases of the creative process? This book offers concrete analysis of how leaders and managers can facilitate, promote, and organize for creative performance in science, technology, and in innovating organizations, making it required reading for academic and industrial research leaders, scientists, and engineers.

Approaches To Creativity

Author : Anne Jordan
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This book offers a comprehensive guide to ideas on creativity in education, along with the major theories related to creativity.

Managing Technology Innovation

Author : Yunus Dauda
File Size : 37.61 MB
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Technology in the world today has contributed to promote organisational competitiveness and national development. But most developing countries have not substantially benefited from science and technology, hence their underdevelopment and poverty. They could not harness and manage their scientific and technological innovations and use their human and material resources to meet basic needs of their people, reduce socio-economic inequalities, create employment opportunities and improve national security. The achievement of these is considered in this book to be dependent on provisions of conducive environments for effective human resource management for scientific and technological innovations. Human resource management concepts and practices were used to evolve frameworks and processes for the generation, acquisition, adoption, and transfer of technology, depending on the objectives of different countries and organisations.

Discourse and Creativity

Author : Rodney Jones
File Size : 26.89 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Discourse and Creativity examines the way different approaches to discourse analysis conceptualize the notion of creativity and address it analytically. It includes examples of studies of creativity from a variety of traditions and examines the following key areas, how people interpret and use discourse, the processes and practices of discourse production, discourse in modes other than written and spoken language, and the relationship between discourse and the technologies used to produce it. Discourse and Creativity combines a forward-thinking and interdisciplinary approach to the topic of creativity; this collection will be of great value to students and scholars in applied linguistics, stylistics, and communication studies.

Information Technology and Innovation Trends in Organizations

Author : Alessandro D'Atri
File Size : 41.21 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The book examines a wide range of issues that characterize the current IT based innovation trends in organisations. It contains a collection of research papers focusing on themes of growing interest in the field of Information System, Organization Studies, and Management. The book offers a multi-disciplinary view on Information Systems aiming to disseminate academic knowledge. It might be particularly relevant to IT practitioners such as information systems managers, business managers and IT consultants. The volume is divided into XIV sections, each one focusing on a specific theme. A preface written by Joey George, president of the Association for Information Systems opens the text. The content of each section is based on a selection of the best papers (original double blind peer reviewed contributions) presented at the annual conference of the Italian chapter of AIS, which has been held in Naples, Italy, on October 2010.

Artists Technology the Ownership of Creative Content

Author :
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