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Creativity and Learning in Secondary English

Author : Andrew McCallum
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Creativity in secondary English lessons today is a democratically conceived quality that all pupils are expected to achieve and a resource on which all are entitled to draw. But what exactly is creativity? And how does it relate to English? Creativity and Learning in Secondary English answers these questions, and others, by arguing for a version of creativity that sees it as an ordinary, everyday part of successful classroom practice, central to processes of meaning-making, dialogic interaction and textual engagement. In this construction, creativity is not just linked to learning; it is the driving force behind learning itself, offering pupils the opportunity to transform their knowledge and understanding of the world around them. This book borrows from a range of theories about creativity and about learning, while remaining largely practical in focus. It contains numerous examples for teachers of how to apply ideas about creativity in the classroom. In doing so, it attempts to maintain the subject’s core identity while also keeping abreast of contemporary social, pedagogical and technological developments. The result is a refreshing challenge to some of the more mundane approaches to English teaching on offer in an age focussed excessively on standardisation and teaching to tests. Practical applications of creativity include: Using picture books and graphic novels to stimulate multimodal responses Placing pupils in the role of the teacher Devising marketing campaigns for class novels Adopting experimental approaches to redrafting Encouraging ‘extreme’ forms of re-creative writing Focusing on how to ‘listen’ to texts Creating sound-scapes for poems Thought-provoking and provocative, this textbook draws on current best practice in English teaching and will equip trainee and practising teachers with a wide range of strategies that will lead to greater creativity in the classroom.

English Teaching in the Secondary School

Author : Mike Fleming
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English Teaching in the Secondary School is a comprehensive guide to the theory and practice of teaching English. This updated 4th edition has been revised to take into consideration changes in national policy, drawing on the most recent research and theory to produce engaging, practical ideas for use in the classroom. It challenges mechanistic and formulaic approaches to teaching, instead placing an emphasis on reflection, understanding and informed practice. Guiding students and new teachers through the whole process of English teaching in the secondary school, this edition has been fully updated to include: • a report of the most recent developments in national policy • discussion of multiple literacies and critical literacy • a new chapter on English as an additional language • a new chapter on cross curricular themes • new sections on approaches to the teaching of grammar • reflections on international developments in language teaching and their relevance • a guide to further reading on resources and research Written in an accessible style, with a wealth of advice and ideas, English Teaching in the Secondary School forms essential reading for all those training to become secondary English teachers.

Educational Research for Social Justice

Author : Alistair Ross
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This book presents a series of analyses of educational policies – largely in the UK, but some also in Europe – researched by a team of social scientists who share a commitment to social justice and equity in education. We explore what social justice means, in educational policy and practice, and how it impacts on our understanding of both ‘educational science’ and ‘the public good’. Using a social constructivist approach, the book argues that social justice requires a particular and critical analysis of the meaning of meritocracy, and of the way this term turns educational policies towards treating learning as a competition, in which many young people are constructed as ‘losers’. We discuss how many terms in education are essentialised and have specific, and different, meanings for particular social groups, and how this may create issues in both quantitative survey methods and in determining what is ‘the public good’. We discuss social justice across a range of intersecting social characteristics, including social class, ethnicity and gender, as they are applied across the educational policy spectrum, from early years to postgraduate education. We examine the ways that young people construct their identities, and the implications of this for understanding the ‘public good’ in educational practice. We consider the responsibilities of educational researchers to acknowledge these issues, and offer examples of researching with such a commitment. We conclude by considering how educational policy might contribute to a socially just, equitable and inclusive public good.

Narrative Retellings

Author : Marina Lambrou
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Narrative Retellings presents pioneering work at the intersection of stylistics and narrative study to provide new insights into the diverse forms of fictional and factual narratives and their retellings. Common types of retelling, such as translation, adaptation, textual intervention and reader responses are reconceptualised in the chapters, and fresh insights are offered into experiences retold as autofiction, witness statements and advertorials on social media. From modernising the most cherished novels of Jane Austen to deciphering conflicting testimonials following the Hillsborough disaster, this volume reveals the complexities involved in all forms of narrative retellings. As such, it makes a valuable contribution to the interdisciplinary study of stylistics and to the understanding of narrative texts.

Learning to Teach English in the Secondary School

Author : Jon Davison
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Fully updated to reflect changes in teacher education and the curriculum, the Fifth Edition of Learning to Teach English in the Secondary School explores the background to debates about teaching the subject, alongside tasks, teaching ideas and further reading to expand upon issues and ideas raised in the book. Including chapters on planning, changes to the assessment system, language teaching, and cross-curricular aspects of secondary teaching, this new edition features: changes in policy and practice, including the most recent GCSE reforms; a new chapter on 'Media literacy in English'; a consideration of modern digital technology and how it underpins good practice in all areas of English teaching and learning; and cross-referencing to guidance on assessment and well-being and resilience in the core text Learning to Teach in the Secondary School. A key text for all student teachers, Learning to Teach English in the Secondary School combines theory and practice to present a comprehensive introduction to the opportunities and challenges of teaching English in the secondary school.

Designing Tasks in Secondary Education

Author : Ian Thompson
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Engaging students in learning about their subject is a central concern for all teachers and teacher educators. How teachers view and use the pedagogic potential of different tasks to engage pupils with knowledge in different subjects, is central to this endeavour. Designing Tasks in Secondary Education explores models for effective task design, helping you translate the curriculum into the tasks and activities that you ask your students to do in order to facilitate developmental or higher-level understanding of curriculum content. Written by experts in the field of education from a range of subjects and including a foreword written by renowned author Professor Walter Doyle, this book spans an international context and offers a refreshing alternative of how to plan and design tasks that will not only intellectually stimulate but improve teaching quality. Key topics explored include: Designing tasks which engage learners with knowledge Policy perspectives on task design Designing cognitively demanding classroom tasks Task design issues in the secondary subjects Designing Tasks in Secondary Education offers essential insight into task design and its importance for enhancing subject understanding and student engagement. It will challenge and support all education professionals concerned with issues of curriculum design, subject knowledge, classroom organisation, agency in the learning process and teaching quality.

The Future of English Teaching Worldwide

Author : Andrew Goodwyn
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The seminal Dartmouth Conference (1966) remains a remarkably influential moment in the history of English teaching. Bringing together leading voices in contemporary English education, this book celebrates the Conference and its legacy, drawing attention to what it has achieved, and the questions it has raised. Encompassing a multitude of reflections on the Dartmouth Conference, The Future of English Teaching Worldwide provides fresh and revisionist readings of the meeting and its leading figures. Chapters showcase innovative and exciting new insights for English scholars, and address both theoretical and practical elements of teaching English in a variety of settings and countries. Covering topics including the place of new media in English curricula, the role of the canon, poetry and grammar, the text is divided into three accessible parts: Historical perspectives Dartmouth today: why it still matters Reflections: but for the future. This powerful collection will be of value to researchers, postgraduate students, literature scholars, practitioners, teacher educators, trainee and in-service teachers, as well as other parties involved in the teaching and study of English.

Exploring Second Language Creative Writing

Author : Dan Disney
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Exploring Second Language Creative Writing continues the work of stabilizing the emerging Creative Writing (SL) discipline. In unique ways, each essay in this book seeks to redefine a tripartite relationship between language acquisition, literatures, and identity. All essays extend B.B. Kachru’s notion of “bilingual creativity” as an enculturated, shaped discourse (a mutation of the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis). Creative Writing (SL), a new subfield to emerge from Stylistics, extends David Hanauer’s Poetry as Research (2010); situating a suite of methodologies and interdisciplinary pedagogies, researchers in this book mobilize theories from Creativity Studies, TESOL, TETL, Translation Studies, Linguistics, Cultural Studies, and Literary Studies. Changing the relationship between L2 writers and canonized literary artefacts (from auratic to dialogic), each essay in this text is essentially Freirean; each chapter explores dynamic processes through which creative writing in a non-native language engages material and phenomenological modes toward linguistic pluricentricity and, indeed, emancipation.

Using Tension as a Resource

Author : Heidi L. Hallman
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This book focuses on the tensions that emerge in teaching the English language arts methods course within teacher education programs. It features chapters that grapple with the historical legacies of influence on methods/pedagogy as well as contemporary challenges in teaching methods courses alongside field experiences.

Being Creative in Primary English

Author : Adrian Copping
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Why should we foster creativity in primary English? A practical and accessible text that demonstrates how creative thinking and learning can support primary English teaching. With chapters mapped to the Teachers' Standards and links to the new National Curriculum, each chapter provides a case study exploring high-quality primary English practice including planning, rationale and ideas for the classroom. These are fully grounded in a wide range of theoretical frameworks, viewpoints and values. Reflective activities in each chapter offering practical exercises and additional reading suggestions, encourage trainee teachers to further their understanding of how theory translates to classroom practice. This inspiring book helps support learning, teaching and assessment without losing innovation, excitement and motivation for both teachers and children.