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Counter Culture Anthology

Author : Patrick Harrington
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First published in 1992 Counter Culture was conceived as part of a 'War of Position' against capitalism. It represents a vibrant alternative view of popular culture through reviews, debate and commentary. This anthology is an introduction to a radical new way of looking at our world.

Justified Sinners

Author : Ross Birrell
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This anthology investigates all aspects of counter culture in Scotland, tracing a timeline of seismic events, ideas and art-actions that were retranslated by each successive generation. It surveys the literary avant-garde of the 1960s, via Ian Hamilton Findlay, Edwin Morgan, Alexander Trocchi, and Tom McGrath; the adventurous art scene that gravitated to the Demarco Gallery in Edinburgh the 1970s; the wilderness of Thatcherism and the post-Referendum dark age; and up to the present, through Beltane, post-punk and dance nation, the voice of young Scotland.

When the Metro is Free

Author : Alan Dent
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When the Metro is Free is an anthology of counter-cultural poetry from contemporary France, representing the work of a group of poets around Francis Combes and Le Temps des Cerises. These poets are the descendants of Apollinaire and Jacques Prvert, inheritors of the bohemian tradition of questioning everything, bearers of Marx's idea that nothing human can be alien to us. Although their approaches are radically different, they share the same existential charge, wrestling with the essential problem of modern life - the relationship of the individual to society. This book is a series of sketches from the Left-bank of the contemporary imagination, postcards from France's literary counter-culture, poems snatched from the maelstrom of the contemporary - urban, urgent and vital - engaging with daily life and with the struggle to humanize it.

An Anthology of Selected Readings for the Symposium on the Quality of Life Concept

Author :
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Translating the Counterculture

Author : Erik Mortenson
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In Turkey the Beat message of dissent is being given renewed life as publishers, editors, critics, readers, and others dissatisfied with the conservative social and political trends in the country have turned to the Beats and other countercultural forebears for alternatives. Through an examination of a broad range of literary translations, media portrayals, interviews, and other related materials, this book seeks to uncover how the Beats and their texts are being circulated, discussed, and used in Turkey to rethink the possibilities they might hold for social critique today. Mortenson examines how in Turkey the Beats have been framed by the label “underground literature”; explores the ways they are repurposed in the counterculture-inspired journal Underground Poetix; looks at the reception of Jack Kerouac’s On the Road and how that reaction provides a better understanding of the construction of “American-ness”; delves into the recent obscenity trial of William S. Burroughs’s novel The Soft Machine and the attention the book’s supporters brought to government repression and Turkish homophobia; and analyzes the various translations of Allen Ginsberg’s Howl to demonstrate the relevance Ginsberg still holds for social rebellion today. Translating the Counterculture takes a revolutionary look at how contemporary readers in other parts of the world respond to the Beats. Challenging and unsettling an American-centric understanding of the Beats, Mortenson pushes the discipline toward a fuller consideration of their cultural legacy in a globalized twenty-first century.

Counter Culture

Author : Joseph H. Berke
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Explores in depth the expression of social/cultural revolution and experiment now taking place in the economically developed countries.

Digital Culture

Author : Charlie Gere
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During the last twenty years, digital technology has begun to touch on almost every aspect of our lives. Nowadays most forms of mass media, television, recorded music and film are produced and even distributed digitally; and these media are beginning to converge with digital forms, such as the internet, the World Wide Web, and video games, to produce a seamless digital mediascape. At work we are surrounded by technology, whether in offices or in supermarkets and factories, where almost every aspect of planning, design, marketing, production and distribution is monitored or controlled digitally. In Digital Culture Charlie Gere articulates the degree to which our everyday lives are becoming dominated by digital technology, whether in terms of leisure, work or bureaucracy. This dominance is reflected in other areas, including the worlds of finance, technology, scientific research, media and telecommunications. Out of this situation a particular set of cultural responses has emerged, for example, in art, music, design, film, literature and elsewhere. This book offers a new perspective on digital culture by examining its development, and reveals that, despite appearances, it is neither radically new, nor ultimately technologically driven. The author traces its roots to the late 18th century, and shows how it sprang from a number of impulses, including the information needs of industrial capitalism and contemporary warfare, avant-garde artistic practice, counter-cultural experimentation, radical philosophy and sub-cultural style. It is these conditions that produced both digital technology and digital culture, and which have determined how they develop.

Underground Press Anthology

Author : Thomas King Forçade
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The Counterculture Movement of the 1960s

Author : William S. McConnell
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Looks at the 1960s counterculture movement in the United States, providing historical background, viewpoints from advocates, and an examination of the component movements, including hippie culture, black power and civil rights, the sexual revolution, andthe antiwar movement.

The Counterculture Reader

Author : Elizabeth A. Swingrover
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Part of the “Longman Topics” reader series, The Counterculture Reader provides a fascinating look at American culture in the 60's. This brief collection of readings presents an engaging and informed overview of the counterculture movement, challenging students to understand “what happened and why.” Featuring writings from the Beats, the literary counterculture, feminists, gays, and rock musicians, the themes discussed include: the women's movement; black power; and gay pride. Divided into seven parts, each features five or more essays of varying lengths. Brief apparatus helps students read and write more thoughtfully about the idea of counterculture and think critically about its effects on contemporary culture. “Longman Topics” are brief, attractive readers on a single complex, but compelling, topic. Featuring about 30 full-length selections, these volumes are generally half the size and half the cost of standard composition readers.

Popular Culture

Author : Imre Szeman
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"Adapted from Popular Culture: A User's Guide, Third Edition [published in 2014 by Nelson Education]."

Rock Counterculture and the Avant Garde 1966 1970

Author : Doyle Greene
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The convergence of rock music, counterculture politics and avant-garde aesthetics in the late 1960s underscored the careers of the Beatles, Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention, and the Velvet Underground. This book examines these artists’ relationships to the historical avant-garde (Artaud, Brecht, Dada) and neo–avant-garde (Warhol, Pop Art, minimalism), considering their work in light of debates about modernism versus postmodernism. The author analyzes the performers’ use of dissonance and noise within popular music, the role of social commentary and controversial topics in songs, and the experiments with concert and studio performance. Albums discussed include Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, The White Album, Freak Out!, We’re Only in It for the Money, The Velvet Underground and Nico and White Light/White Heat, as well as John Lennon’s collaborations with Yoko Ono, the Zappa-produced Trout Mask Replica by Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band, and Nico’s The Marble Index.

Encyclopedia of the Sixties A Decade of Culture and Counterculture 2 volumes

Author : Abbe A. Debolt
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Comedian Robin Williams said that if you remember the '60s, you weren't there. This encyclopedia documents the people, places, movements, and culture of that memorable decade for those who lived it and those who came after. • Nearly 500 A–Z entries on the political, religious, artistic, and popular topics of the decade • A chronology of significant political and social events • 50 photographs and illustrations • Dozens of expert contributors from a variety of fields and academic disciplines • An extensive annotated bibliography

Countering the Counterculture

Author : Manuel Luis Martinez
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Rebelling against bourgeois vacuity and taking their countercultural critique on the road, the Beat writers and artists have long symbolized a spirit of freedom and radical democracy. Manuel Martinez offers an eye-opening challenge to this characterization of the Beats, juxtaposing them against Chicano nationalists like Raul Salinas, Jose Montoya, Luis Valdez, and Oscar Acosta and Mexican migrant writers in the United States, like Tomas Rivera and Ernesto Galarza. In an innovative rereading of American radical politics and culture of the 1950s and 1960s, Martinez uncovers reactionary, neoromantic, and sometimes racist strains in the Beats’ vision of freedom, and he brings to the fore the complex stances of Latinos on participant democracy and progressive culture. He analyzes the ways that Beats, Chicanos, and migrant writers conceived of and articulated social and political perspectives. He contends that both the Beats’ extreme individualism and the Chicano nationalists’ narrow vision of citizenship are betrayals of the democratic ideal, but that the migrant writers presented a distinctly radical and inclusive vision of democracy that was truly countercultural.

From Counterculture to Cyberculture

Author : Frederick C. Turner
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Introduction to Contemporary Cultural Studies

Author : David Punter
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1968 in Europe

Author : Martin Klimke
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A concise history of protest & activism during the 1960s & 1970s, this volume marks the 40th anniversary of the seminal year of 1968.

Integrated Camping and the Retarded

Author : Alex L. Murray
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The Longman Anthology of Short Fiction

Author : Dana Gioia
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The Longman Anthology of Short Fiction, Compact Edition, provides a comprehensive survey of the short story encompassing a rich global and historical mix in a way students find accessible, engaging, and relevant. The selections present a diverse mix of classic, contemporary, and fresh short stories. A unique feature, "Fact into Fiction" presents factual accounts of events that inspired selected authors to write particular works.

The Heath Anthology of American Literature

Author : Paul Lauter
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