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Counseling Tools for Kids in Schools

Author : Brad Mason, LSSP, LPA, LPC
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You don't have time to do research, find materials, and make a plan for your counseling sessions. Kids need more structure and support for counseling. You're busy answering calls, making schedules, filling out forms, attending meetings, doing evaluations, and making reports. You care about the kids and you want to do something engaging, productive, and useful in your time with them. They can be hard to reach and teach, children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, or Serious Emotional Disturbance. The difficulties these children have with emotional and behavioral control can be devastating to their futures and highly disruptive in their families, friendships, and classrooms. You need ready to go forms, templates, and strategies. Lists of resources, handouts for teachers and parents, reviews of games and books that can help you help them would be great too. Either in private practice or employed in a school, just starting or just looking for more tricks and new tools, now you can get what you need. Start creating successful, observable behavioral and emotional outcomes

Congressional Record

Author : United States. Congress
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Counseling Children and Adolescents

Author : Ann Vernon
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Resources in Education

Author :
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The School Counselor s Guide to Special Education

Author : Barbara C. Trolley
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This hands-on guide clarifies the school counselor's role in special education and answers questions about meeting the academic, social, and career needs of students with disabilities.

Exploring School Counseling

Author : Tamara E. Davis
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This text concentrates on the practical aspects of school counseling by focusing on the roles of the counselor, emphasizing an action-oriented approach. Each chapter includes an excerpt from the author or a contributor, relating a personal experience in a school setting. These first- and second-hand accounts throughout the text support the research and technical aspects of school counseling.

Twelve Counseling Programs for Children at Risk

Author : Susan T. Dennison
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Counseling Children Adolescents

Author : Ann Vernon
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Offers a plan for designing a developmental counseling curriculum from primary grades through high school. This book presents empirically based strategies and shows how to assess needs and design helpful interventions. It also includes play therapy, rational - emotional therapy, small group counseling, working with at-risk youth, and more.

SchoolCounselor com

Author : Russell A. Sabella
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The Internet gives counselors a vast amount of resources and a powerful medium for connecting with others. Following a counselor-friendly introduction to computers and the World Wide Web, readers are introduced to over 700 web sites and given a practical guide to gaining access, navigating, searching for relevant materials, and creating websites. Counseling and technology related issues such as Internet addiction, safety, security, pornography, and webcounseling are discussed. Both novice and experienced counselors can make the Web more enjoyable and useful.

The School Counselor

Author :
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Exceptional Child Education Resources

Author :
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The Best for Our Kids

Author : Martin Gerstein
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This book is a product of a research effort to identify exemplary elementary school guidance and counseling programs and practices across the United States. It consists of program descriptions from 134 programs in 40 states, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia. Section 1 gives the background of how programs were identified and selected. Section 2 provides a detailed account of how 10 exemplary programs were chosen from those nominated; descriptions and sample activities of these programs are presented and the address and telephone number of a contact person is given. Section 3 includes information on the remainder of the programs. This information is presented in matrix form, alphabetized by state and categorized and summarized into several domains that represent the major emphases of elementary counseling and guidance. The final section describes how this research effort was evaluated and draws several conclusions about the future of developmental elementary school counseling. Current references and additional resources intended to help counselors who are beginning new programs as well as those who are seeking new ideas are appended. (TE)

Exploring Child Welfare

Author : Cynthia Crosson-Tower
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Exploring Child Welfare provides an overall look at all aspects of the provision of services for children and their families, from services that enhance and support family life to those that substitute for the child's own home. The third edition of this accessible and engaging text continues to reflect the author's strong practice perspective and incorporates new developments in welfare reform and child welfare services. The author bases her work on more than 30 years of experience in almost all areas of childrens' services including protective services, foster care, adoption, court services, residential treatment and school based services.

Portrait and Model of a School Counselor

Author : John M. Littrell
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Designed to supplement any school counseling course, this text profiles elementary school counselor Claudia Vangstad—her vision, identity, beliefs, capabilities, and behaviors—within the context of her school and community. The authors used Vangstad's experience to construct a model of a school counselor-in-action and provide a broad framework for thinking and working like one. The authors hope to encourage students to evaluate their own beliefs through the study of this example.

Introduction to the Counseling Profession

Author : Dave Capuzzi
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This text is designed for students taking an introductory course in the counseling field who are trying to determine if they are well matched to the counseling profession. Introduction to the Counseling Profession is unique both in its format and in its content. This co-edited/co-authored book is comprised of state-of-the-art information by recognized experts in their respective areas of counseling. The content is organized into counseling foundations, counseling skills, counseling in specific settings, and counseling specific populations, which provides a comprehensive overview and introduction to the profession of counseling. CACREP accredited and CACREP equivalent graduate programs can use this text in connection with meeting CACREP's professional orientation standard.

Managing Your School Counseling Program

Author : Joe Wittmer
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Over forty professionals share effective strategies and current issues relating to a K-12 developmental school counseling program. Dozens of practical, easy-to-use forms, ideas, and management concepts are provided for duplication. Brief counseling, group strategies that work, and suggestions for working with special populations are followed by the counselor's role as a consultant and coordinator, family counseling, appraisal, career development, teacher-advisor programs, peer helping, parent involvement, public relations, accountability, ethical issues, and credentialing. Each chapter has been updated, including current program standards and credentialing requirements. This book is designed as a graduate text or as a resource for practicing counselors desiring to be more effective with the developmental approach and who want to better understand the current issues facing them.

Guidance and Counseling in the Elementary School

Author : Richard C. Nelson
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Current Index to Journals in Education

Author :
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School Counselor Accountability

Author : Carolyn B. Stone
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" School Counselor Accountability A MEASURE of Student Success "Second Edition Carolyn B. Stone and Carol A. Dahir Practical Strategies for Building Accountability. This book provides strategies for designing and implementing accountability as a cornerstone of a school counseling program. Based on an action research model, it provides school counselors with methods to connect to the mission of schools and MEASURE the school counselors' contributions to student success. Learn how to lead, advocate, and collaborate with colleagues. Learn strategies for building accountability standards into counseling programs. Learn how to design and implement accountable programs and how to measure and report results. In this edition you will find: A simple step-by-step process for school counselors to connect their work with the expectations of school improvement and accountability Discussion of how to create data-driven school counseling programs and make data-driven decisions A proven method of linking school counseling to the instructional program and student achievement Action research techniques that can be used to measure school counseling effectiveness Fifteen MEASURE action plans submitted by practicing counselors Separate sections on urban and suburban systems "The information is presented in a way that will help the students think differently about accountability... The framework provided by [the] MEASURE [model] serves as a recipe for achieving success." "Phyllis Hallberg, Florida International University" "This gives life to the accountability concept now required in the school counseling profession... The key strength of this work is the presentation of a concrete model for bringing about systemic change in schools using data." "Susan Norris Huss, Bowling Green State University" To view the website that accompanies this text, please go to http: //

Catalog of Classroom Teaching Films for Georgia Schools

Author : Georgia. Educational Media Services. Audio-Visual Unit
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