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Cory Stories

Author : Jeanne Kraus
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A young boy named Corey explains what it feels like to have attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and how his parents and his doctor have helped him learn to adjust to it.

Cory s Story

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Learn how one epileptic yellow lab was cured of epilepsy by switching to a raw, natural diet.

Maker Literacies and Maker Identities in the Digital Age

Author : Cheryl A. McLean
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This book explores “making” in the school curriculum in a period in which the ability to create and respond to digital artifacts is key and focuses on makerspaces in educational settings. Combining the arts with design to give a fuller picture of the engagement and wonder that unfolds with maker literacies, the book moves across such settings and themes as: Creativity and writing in classrooms Making and developing civic engagement Emotional experiences of making Race and gender in makerspace Game-based play and coding in schools and draws its case studies from the Netherlands, Finland, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Giving as broad a perspective on makerspaces, making, and design as possible, the book will help scholars expand their understandings and help educators appreciate the power and worth of making to inspire students. It is useful for anyone hoping to apply design, maker, and makerspace approaches to their teaching and learning.

Stacy s Story

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Envisioning the Worst

Author : Linda Evi Merians
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"Tracing all the pre-colonial representations of "Hottentots" and "Hottentotism" operative in early-modern England allows us to see the birth and the development of a prejudice that became central to the nation. In their constructions of "Hottentots" the English found a way to vent their own fear, anger, and conflict about themselves and their society, particularly as they were transforming and redefining their nation as imperial Great Britain. The very invention of the "Hottentots" shows that the English needed to envision a worst people in order to imagine themselves as the world's most advanced people."--BOOK JACKET.

Riffraff and other stories about the nomadic life of a Texas oilfield brat

Author : Carol Mogensen
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Carol Mogensen begins a chronicle of her nomadic life by describing her family's wandering from one Texas oil boom town to another during the 1940s. These wanderings over the dry Texas plains instilled in her a thirst for adventure and led to living in Puerto Rico and, ultimately, on a small island in Alaska. She titles her book Riffraff as that is the way many residents of the small Texas farming communities whee cotton fields sat stop oil fields viewed the influx of nomadic oilfield workers into their communities. Although some may consider her early years a hard scrabble existence, she describes a childhood of being led into mischief by an older brother with humor. Other stories describe the experience of being the first woman to parachute with Sky Divers in Potter County in 1960, a car trip through Mexico in 1961 with her college roommate, an unpleasant incident at the notorious Jack Ruby's nightclub in Dallas, the pathos of loss of a loved one to suicide, and starting a new life with a new love in southeast Alaska, delivering supplies to remote island locations.

High expectation Curricula

Author : Curt Dudley-Marling
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Despite growing evidence that all students will benefit from engaging and challenging instruction, many struggling students continue to experience a circumscribed curriculum that emphasizes low-level skills. Featuring contributions from emerging and well-known researchers, this important volume is about the enactment of high-expectation curricula in everyday practice. Chapters document specific classroom strategies that make a difference in the learning of students from low socioeconomic backgrounds and cultural and linguistic minority communities. While the book focuses on language and literacy instruction, key chapters on math and science also demonstrate high-expectation teaching across the curriculum. Book Features: A broad framework for creating high-expectation curricula in underperforming K12 schools, clear illustrations of what alternative literacy practices look like, powerful examples of rich math and science instruction, research-based strategies for second language learners, students with disabilities, and struggling readers, an incisive critique of the "deficit-driven" curricula that dominates in underachieving schools and classrooms.

Book of Masks

Author : Shade Jalo
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Many books have one story, one journey. For Book of Masks, however, not everything is as it seems. Though this is one book, there are five stories, five different journeys. Alex is a misunderstood kid, but so is Will, Brian, Hunter, and Danny. Each of them must find solutions to their issues and do so both through personal action and through the help of some mystical characters, including Father Christmas. With faith and magic, these kids will see beyond the darkness of their own pain and beyond their masks into the world around them. Whether you relate to the misunderstood, the misunderstanding, or the guiding friends of these stories; perhaps this book will help you to look beyond the masks. Not everything is black and white, good and evil. Sometimes there are shades of gray. Sometimes there is more than just a mask and more than just a story.

The Short Story

Author : Valerie Shaw
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Throughout this text, Valerie Shaw addresses two key questions: 'What are the special satisfactions afforded by reading short stories?' and 'How are these satisfactions derived from each story's literary techniques and narrative strategies?'. She then attempts to answer these questions by drawing on stories from different periods and countries - by authors who were also great novelists, like Henry James, Flaubert, Kafka and D.H. Lawrence; by authors who specifically dedicated themselves to the art of the short story, like Kipling, Chekhov and Katherine Mansfield; by contemporary practitioners like Angela Carter and Jorge Luis Borges; and by unfairly neglected writers like Sarah Orne Jewett and Joel Chandler Harris.

Horses All Over Hell

Author : Ryan Blacketter
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Horses All Over Hell follows the twin tensions of Marty’s drinking and Joanna’s newfound religious sobriety—in a small Idaho city on the Snake in the early nineties. In “Starlings,” Marty and Aunt Darlene enter Joanna’s bedroom with a sack of beer late at night, seeking to revive her old, drinking self. “They Work at Night” features Marty’s escalating drinking. Also presented is Joanna’s intense new friendship with an artist named Lucy. In “Sending Those People Home,” ten-year-old Cory laments that his mom isn’t like the other church mothers. He keeps her best photographs under his bed. Despite this family’s troubles, and whatever their fate, they ache for each other and make their own, often poignant gestures toward love.