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Cooking with Creepers

Author : Shawna Lynn Carter
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Limba Stories and Story Telling

Author : Ruth Finnegan
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The Limba are rice farmers living in the hills of northern Sierra Leone who have, until recently, been somewhat despised by their neighbours. Yet they possess a subtle and fascinating literature, as illustrated by this detailed study of their stories, collected and translated by Dr. Finnegan. Their literary and artistic value emerges clearly when the significance of their 'oral' character is realized. The introductory chapters full consider such points as the importance of the actual delivery, the part played by the story-teller, and the changing forms arising from the originality of individual narrators. The book throws light on the general study of oral composition and performance as well as on the literary spirit of a previously unstudied West African people.

Vietnamese Cooking

Author : Kokotaru
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In this book you’ll find delightful options to begin your Vietnamese dining adventure right in your own home. At the heart of Vietnamese cuisine are a large selection of easily and quickly-prepared dishes for eating on the go. Traditionally, Vietnamese homes have not had fancy kitchens full of modern appliances or even refrigeration. Delicious meals were prepared without lots of time-consuming fuss and meant to be consumed on the spot. This helps make Vietnamese food an ideal choice for both the kitchen novice and people with busy schedules who don’t want to spend a lot of time preparing elaborate meals.

The Birth of the English Kitchen 1600 1850

Author : Sara Pennell
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Tracing the emergence of the domestic kitchen from the 17th to the middle of the 19th century, Sara Pennell explores how the English kitchen became a space of specialised activity, sociability and strife. Drawing upon texts, images, surviving structures and objects, The Birth of the English Kitchen, 1600-1850 opens up the early modern English kitchen as an important historical site in the construction of domestic relations between husband and wife, masters, mistresses and servants and householders and outsiders; and as a crucial resource in contemporary heritage landscapes.

The Virginia Creeper A Novel

Author : Doug McGuinn
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THE "VIRGINIA CREEPER" is a historically accurate (although the author admits having to use his "poetic license" a few times) novel about the rise and fall of the lumber/railroad town of Elkland (present-day Todd), N.C, the rise and fall of a lumber/passenger train, the Virginia-Carolina (aka the "Virginia Creeper"), and the rise and fall of a lumber company (the Hassinger Lumber Company) and the company town (Konnarock, Va.) the lumber company created.

Limba story telling

Author : Ruth Finnegan
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Recent Advances in Indo Pacific Prehistory

Author : Virendra N. Misra
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Cooking Up Library Programs Teens and Tweens Will Love Recipes for Success

Author : Megan Emery Schadlich
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Engage teens and ‘tweens with library programs that nurture developmental and social needs—and keep young patrons entertained. • Includes complete plans for more than a dozen educational and entertaining programs • Makes connections to STEAM and maker programming • Provides library programming guidance from the perspective of a library play specialist with nearly a decade's experience


Author : Laura C. Jarmon
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Jarmon (English, U. of Tennessee, Martin) studies the history and attempts to trace the origins of several prevalent themes in African American folklore, using folk tale collections from the US and Africa. The themes link subjects with symbolic content, such as tar baby with binding and transcription and the skull with presence and propriety. An introduction presents Jarmon's methodology; her thesis is that these narratives are a type of modal discourse that is symbolized by the motifs of the wishbone and crossroads which she sees as emblematic of the concept of margins and reflective of a mood of indeterminacy. ^^^^ Annotation (c)2003 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (

The Hawaiian Honeycreepers

Author : H. Douglas Pratt
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The Hawaiian Honeycreepers are typified by nectar feeding, their bright colouration, and canary-like songs. They are considered one of the finest examples of adaptive radiation, even more diverse than Darwin's Galapagos finches, as a wide array of different species has evolved in all the different niches provided by the Hawaiian archipelago. The book will therefore be of interest to evolutionary biologists and ecologists, as well as professional ornithologists and amateur bird watchers. As with the other books in the Bird Family of the World series, the work is divided into two main sections. Part I is an overview of the Hawaiian Honeycreeper evolution and natural history and Part II comprises accounts of each species. The author has produced his own outstanding illustrations of these birds to accompany his text.