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Kosher by Design Cooking Coach

Author : Susie Fishbein
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In this 8th volume in the celebrated Kosher by Design series, Susie Fishbein shares her top kitchen secrets! Featuring: ***120 exciting new recipes ***Over 400 full-color photographs ***Over 350 pages ***Ten step-by-step pictorial coaching sections ***Susie s Playbook of food and budget stretching tips In this exciting new cookbook, Susie reveals: ***Your most essential kitchen equipment *** How to reincarnate your left overs ***How to make can t-miss side dishes ***How to skin and pin-bone fish *** What you should know about meat and poultry *** How to prep fresh herbs *** Plating and garnishing oh so simple! *** Why you need only three culinary knives

Cooking Coach

Author : Jan Plummer
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Home Economics Teacher in a book. With many schools eliminating Home Economics or Life Skills classes, people may not have basic skills for providing healthy good tasting food for themselves or their family. Cooking Coach provides basic skills and information in a concise resource guide and recipe book in one location. In our fast-paced world, many do not have the time or inclination to search for information. The book includes information and recipes that have been used. Many are friend and family favorites that have been used many times for years. Readers can successfully use the recipes and basic measuring, shopping and entertaining information to be confident in the kitchen. The book is designed to make cooking enjoyable and eating even more fun.

My Cooking Coach

Author : Charles Delmar
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It has been said that, "If you can read a recipe, you can cook." The sad truth is that many cooks today do not know enough of the basics of foods and cooking to translate recipes to cook with confidence, let alone creatively. My Cooking Coach is a 500 page cornucopia of cooking knowledge that provides, as its slogan states, "Cooking Knowledge at Your Fingertips " All of this cooking knowledge comes from a revised version of The Essential Cook, by Charles Delmar, winner of the prestigious "Writings" award from the International Assn. of Culinary Professionals (IACP). This new edition has been re-named and re-formatted in bite-sized pieces so it can be read as a quick reference from its Glossary/Index of more than 1,000 cooking terms, an important consideration for today's cooks who don't seem to have the time or the patience to read a textbook. Of course, it can also be read "Top-Down" as a book that one reviewer for the first edition described as "A really good, and informative, read." From Part One, First You Steal a Chicken: How to Plan, Select, Store, Prepare, Cook, Flavor and Serve most foods, through Part Three: How to Set a Dining Table and Other Facts of Life, with How Good Cooks Do It: Basic Cooking Methods and Techniques in between, My Cooking Coach uses clear, direct language and more than 400 informative illustrations, along with "Master Recipes," to explain the basic How-Tos and Whys of foods, ingredients and cooking. There are no conventional recipes in My Cooking Coach. Rather, the author uses what he calls "Master Recipes" that provide step-by-step instructions for cooking almost any food you can think of by any of the basic cooking methods usually used to cook that food: Dry Heat, Liquids, and Fats, i.e. Frying. "Master recipes are the themes, of which recipes are but individual variations," says author Delmar.

The Essential Cook

Author : Charles Delmar
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COOKING KNOWLEDGE AT YOUR FINGERTIPS, from the Winner of the 1989 IACP (International Assn. Of Culinary Professionals) Writings Award. Definitions for more than one thousand cooking terms used in recipes! Detailed Descriptions of Foods, Ingredients, Tools and Techniques! Cook's Guides: How to Plan, Select, Store, Prepare, Cook, Flavor and Serve Eggs, Poultry, Fish and Shellfish, Meats, and Vegetables! Master Recipes: Step-by-step instructions for cooking almost any food by any cooking method! Cooking Considerations: Important details recipes assume and most cooks have to learn backwards, from experience! When it was first published in 1989, The Essential Cook won the Writings Award given by the International Assn. of Culinary Professionals (IACP) and received scores of rave reviews. It was recommended by Modern Bride and New England Bride featured it under the headline, "A Must for Every Kitchen." On the other end of the cooking spectrum, Restaurants USA (the Journal of the National Restaurant Association) featured The Essential Cook in a four page article in a twelve page journal.

Growing Up in the Lone Star State

Author : Gaylon Finklea Hecker
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A fascinating collection of oral history interviews details Texas in the early twentieth century and how life in the Lone Star State helped the interviewees achieve success.

Children of the Apocalypse

Author : D. William Manley
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After a nuclear war, a retired soldier, four neighborhood teenagers and a few new friends struggle to live against an unimaginable environment. The world has become a place where mobs of radiation victims roam and plunder mindlessly, where the sun brings death rather than life, and the preserved food, left over from before Dooms Day, is running out fast. The little group struggles to survive and soon finds that the world is about to become the most hostile savage and uncivilized place to live.

Kitchen Coach

Author : Jennifer Bushman
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Kitchen Coach Jennifer Bushman can help you get good food on the table Monday to Friday and enjoy making it! She'll help you set up an efficient kitchen and identify the weeknight cooking challenges you may face--working late, keeping to a budget, pleasing picky eaters, juggling family schedules--then guide you to great recipes to suit your need or mood of the day. You and your family will be glad you cooked! * "What to Cook" chart to solve your "What's for dinner?" questions * Meal-planning cues--from Easy Preparation to Something Special * 150 simple, healthy recipes for all kinds of weeknight situations * Sensational salads, hearty pastas, fresh fish entrees, and tempting chicken recipes * Themed dishes for "comfort food" or sophisticated "spa cooking" nights, and more * Fun foods for kids--including wraps, tacos, pizza, and foods-on-a-stick "Jennifer is a working woman's dream. . . . There is something for everyone's palate in this book. If you love to cook, or just love to eat, this is all you need!" --Elizabeth Vargas, anchor, ABC News "Jennifer Bushman's creative dishes can stir even the most jaded, overworked cook. This is an invaluable book to help survive our rushed, stressed modern lives." --Shirley O. Corriher, author of CookWise "Finally a book that matches . . . [Jennifer's] vibrant, lively, and creative personality. . . . Every kitchen needs Jennifer as their 'kitchen coach'!" --Joanne Weir, host of the PBS series Weir Cooking in the City and author of Weir Cooking in the City "Jennifer Bushman's . . . enthusiasm reaches right out from the page and there is no reason not to cook once you have Jennifer's book in hand." --John Ash chef, teacher, and author of John Ash Cooking One on One "Jennifer Bushman, champion cooking teacher, personifies a true Kitchen Coach: always guiding, encouraging, and inspiring." --Flo Braker, author of The Simple Art of Perfect Baking and Sweet Miniatures

Cooking School Secrets for Real World Cooks

Author : Linda Carucci
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Tips, techniques, shortcuts, sources, inspiration, and answers to frequently asked questions, plus one hundred triple-tested recipes to make you a better cook. Theres no one more qualified than Linda Carucci to reveal the insider secrets and shortcuts that professional chefs use every day. More than just a cookbook, in the ten years since the first edition of Cooking School Secrets for Real World Cooks has made its way into the hands of forty thousand cooks across the United States, this has become an indispensable go-to guide for internal doneness temperatures, what to look for in cooking equipment, and which cooking methods bring out the best in which foods. Each of the one-hundred-plus recipes was tested at least three times, each time by a different cook unprecedented for a cookbook. Recipe testers comments and feedback inspired the books widely praised Sidebars and Recipe Secrets scattered throughout: Whats that green tinge on my potatoes? (Solanine . . . and its toxic.) How can I prepare risotto for company without being held hostage in the kitchen? (Learn restaurant chefs tips and techniques in Secrets to Successful Risotto.) Whats the fuss about all these different salts? (Join Linda as she takes you on a guided tasting of todays most commonly used cooking saltsand spills the beans about why chefs have certain favorites.) Youll appreciate the authors warmth and expertise as a teacher as she takes you step by step through the preparation of classics like Roasted Stuffed Turkey with Pan Gravy, My Grandmothers Baked Stuffed Manicotti with Twenty-Minute Tomato Sauce, and Apple Crisp with Bourbon and SpIce Cream. And then its on to sensational show-stoppers such as Paella with Shellfish, Sausage, and Chicken; Double-Crusted Timpano with Fusilli, Ricotta, and Tender Little Meatballs; and White Chocolate Cheesecake with Oreo Crust and Raspberry Coulis.

Maybe You Need a More Dynamic System

Author : Ed Harris
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This story follows Coach B as he develops his coaching system based on developing responses to the game’s 13 Triggers. Coaches could read an interesting story about a coach’s journey in coaching, while learning about system basketball. Coach B, with the guidance of his personal “Yoda,” Gramps, helping him create the swarming, fast paced, constantly attacking, “Piranha System.” Coach B learns to help his players differentiate between the Magnificent 7 and the Covert 6 Triggers and how to use codes, cues, options, and essential keys to respond to each Trigger. This is a great book for High School Coaches.

The Anfield Man

Author : Peter Abrahams
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The Anfield Man is a transforming novel about the role of spirituality in overcoming troubles of life, where luck comes from and how to change our luck in certain walks of life.

Tasty Latest and Greatest

Author : Tasty
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Tasty, Buzzfeed's popular cooking brand, delivers both comforting and healthy weeknight dinners for meat-lovers, vegetarians, and vegans alike, plus treats like ice cream, chocolate desserts, and rainbow recipes galore. This is the international bestseller and first official cookbook from Tasty and Proper Tasty. Find all your favourite recipes to date, as voted by your likes, comments, shares, smiles and happy bellies, in one brilliant book. Here you’ll find over 80 amazing recipes with staying power, including ... Fried Mac 'n' Cheese Sticks, Chicken Satay Skewers, Barbecue Beer Can Chicken, Honey-Garlic Slow Cooked Ribs, Mexican-style Pork Tacos, Classic Tomato Lasagne, Cheesiest Garlic Bread Ever, Peanut Noodle Pasta Salad, Vegan Mac 'n' Cheese, Falafel, Giant Cinnamon Roll, White Chocolate Chip Truffles, Fudgiest Brownies Ever, Chewiest Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever, Unicorn Cheesecake, Emoji Fries, Fidget Spinner Cookies and Chocolate Galaxy Bark! BOOM!

Zone Meals in Seconds

Author : Barry Sears
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A quick, easy, family-friendly cookbook for the millions of Zone households around the world. Millions of people worldwide have discovered the incredible weight-loss and health benefits of living in the Zone. For almost 10 years, Lynn and Barry Sears have maintained a completely Zone-friendly kitchen. With two daughters - one a finicky first-grader and one a vegetarian teenager - Lynn has had to use all of her creative and culinary skills to keep her family healthy and happy. Zone Meals in Seconds combines Lynn's hard-won wisdom and valuable experience with Barry's Zone expertise and medical knowledge in the first-ever family-friendly Zone book. From quick and easy family dinner recipes and snack tips, to advice on packing school lunches and surviving backyard barbecues, this book is a must-have for people who want to experience the incredible benefits of the Zone but need help answering the all-important question, 'What do I eat?'Written with the help of an experienced chef and recipe developer, Zone Meals in Seconds offers more than 200 fast and family-tested recipes for Zone-approved breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.

The Many Shades of Indigo

Author : N. B. Edge
File Size : 77.37 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Raised by an abusive grandmother after his mother dies, Indigo Adams tries to find love and affection as he starts his senior year in high school.

Solution Focused Practice in Asia

Author : Debbie Hogan
File Size : 90.96 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book is a collection of solution focused practice across Asia, offering case examples from the fields of therapy, supervision, education, coaching and organisation consulting. It demonstrates the usefulness of the solution focused approach in the Asian context by providing practice based evidence, and highlights the diversity of application. By sharing real case examples in action across Asia, it is the aim of this book to stimulate the curious and inspire the converted. It gives readers a taste of what it is like to use this approach within an Asian context, in different areas of practice and within a broad spectrum of clinical issues. The examples offer exciting and creative ways in which solution focused practice can be used within the Asian context – with the hope that more practitioners will be curious enough to give solution focused practice serious consideration as a viable, evidence-based practice.

Raised on Old Time Country Cooking

Author : Bettye B. Burkhalter
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Sixteen generations later, the same old winding roads and blazed trails throughout the three novels lead us all back home to nostalgic dishes and the worlds from which they came. Upon arrival at the old home place, we quickly find our favorite room: Mama’s kitchen. The familiar sounds of pots and pans and aromas of old-time country cooking float in and out of our senses. Suddenly, visions of chocolate pies swirled high with meringues cooling on the kitchen window sill are as clear as yesterday. The sizzling sounds of Mama frying chicken on the old wood-stove remind us that her kitchen offered southern hospitality at its best. The trip down memory lane of days gone by rekindles the true meaning of Home Sweet Home. As we stop and reminisce, hot tears blur our vision and we ask ourselves — where did all the years go?


Author : Masha Ibeschitz
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Employee development isn't magic. With a few coaching fundamentals, which any executive can easily learn from this book, it is possible to develop employees into top performers who will effectively contribute to thebusiness success of their company. In her book, Masha Ibeschitz, an expert who is at home in C suites around the world, shows how coaching works in day-to-day business. Her book is not meant for consultants or professional coaches, but for anyone who wants to practice agile leadership and give employees positive, effective guidance. In 10 chapters, Impact sheds light on how coaching tools can be used to develop employees' potential. It answers questions such as: What is the value of coaching discussions? What exactly is coaching? What occasions are appropriate for coaching? Who is coachable? How does a coach trigger a solution? How does a coach make astute use of different types of questions? The starting point is always a story from the author's own coaching experience, anonymized and altered to disguise real-life details. The take-aways relevant to the topic of each chapter are presented as briefly as possible and as extensively as necessary; info boxes provide a quick overview of specific concepts. Each chapter concludes with a summary of key points.

Cooking with Mud

Author : David Trotter
File Size : 29.78 MB
Format : PDF
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Mess is age-old and universal, as phenomenon and as topic. The evidence collected in this book suggests, however, that the second half of the nineteenth century saw the first stirrings in Western culture of a primary interest in mess for its own sake. Messes, like modern identities, happen by accident; their representation in painting and fiction made it possible to think boldly and inventively about chance. Ranging widely--from Turner to Degas, and from Melville to Maupassant and the New Woman writers--this book outlines a style of commentary on modern life in which the ancient dichotomy of order and chaos was supplanted by a distinction between different kinds of mess.

The NLP Coach

Author : Ian McDermott
File Size : 82.41 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This is a comprehensive, practical and user-friendly guide to self-coaching using the powerful techniques of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming). The book provides a step-by-step programme to help you achieve success at work and at home. All the essential NLP coaching tools are clearly explained at the beginning of the book, with examples and case histories. The next six sections of the book show you how to coach yourself to success in six key aspects of your life. Enhance your self-esteem Build good relationships and improve your communication skills Maximise your brain power, accelerate your learning and improve your memory Generate health, wealth and happiness Manage yourself and others better and make your work more rewarding Reach your full potential and become spiritually alive

Humor for the Holidays

Author : Shari MacDonald
File Size : 41.67 MB
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Compilation of holiday stories --Provided by publisher.

Cooking Recipes Volume 1 Superfoods Raw Food Diet and Detox Diet Cookbook for Healthy Recipes

Author : Speedy Publishing
File Size : 30.16 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Cooking is a craft that not everyone can immediately perfect. Some learners need additional tools to enhance their knowledge of the craft and this is where cook books come in. Culinary reading material gives you a clear picture of what is being prepared along with the directions. Cook books are essential tools that help culinary students and amateurs progress in the trade.