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Cookie Broccoli Ready for School

Author : Bob McMahon
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The first in an early graphic novel series about outgoing Cookie and shy Broccoli as they navigate the ups and downs of starting school--perfect for fans of Narwhal and Jelly! New best friends Cookie and Broccoli are as different as peanut butter and cheese, but that doesn't stop them from helping each other through the first day of school! Together they find the classroom and and concoct silly secret greetings. When Broccoli discovers that Cookie is also nervous to meet new classmates, the two of them come up with the perfect solution--inviting everyone to join their Shy Friends Club!

Cookie and Broccoli Ready for School

Author : Bob McMahon
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A graphic novel series for early readers about the friendship between shy Broccoli and outgoing Cookie as they begin school.

Sesame Street Ready for School

Author : Rosemarie T. Truglio
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Sesame Street, the most trusted name in preschool education, offers a complete, user-friendly guide to help parents prepare their children, ages 2-5, for academic, physical, and social success. For the past 50 years, Sesame Street has stood at the forefront of child development, stimulating and nurturing the minds of preschoolers not only through the iconic TV show, but also through books, games, mobile apps, and community engagement initiatives. With Ready for School!, Senior VP of Curriculum and Content at Sesame Workshop Dr. Rosemarie Truglio shares all the research-based, curriculum-directed school readiness skills that have made Sesame Street the preeminent children's TV program, and that every parent needs in order to get their preschooler ready for lifelong learning. Each of the book's eight chapters focuses on a key area: language, literacy, math, science, logic & reasoning, social & emotional development, healthy habits, and the arts. An essential dynamic of Ready for School! is its emphasis on the importance of play in a child's learning process. To respond to that need, dozens of "Play & Learn" activities are included to aid parents in educating their children: at the kitchen table, on the bus, in the park, or in the preschool classroom while playing together. In addition, the book recommends scores of hints, tips, ideas for useful products, and deep-dives on more complex topics for parents, all designed to make preparing young kids for school easy and joyful.

Best Cookie Ever

Author : Bill Heinz
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Best. Cookie. Ever. A young person’s entrepreneurial story By: Bill Heinz Anna has a cookie recipe. And it’s a great recipe. Everyone who tastes one of her cookies remarks, “This is the best cookie I’ve ever tasted.” Her dream is to start a business selling her cookies. It doesn’t go well. After an initial failure, Anna chooses to try again. To do so, she has to process her disappointment, figure out what went wrong, and come up with a new plan. Who should she ask? What should she ask? What if she fails again? Though she’s only in middle school, Anna’s search leads her through her own business school experience, with guidance from her parents, the professor who lives down the street and her best friend, Morgan. With hard work and applying the lessons she learns, the Best. Cookie. Ever. business is born!

School Food Service Journal

Author :
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The Fortune Cookie Chronicles

Author : Jennifer B. Lee
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If you think McDonald's is the most ubiquitous restaurant experience in America, consider that there are more Chinese restaurants in America than McDonalds, Burger Kings, and Wendys combined. New York Times reporter and Chinese-American (or American-born Chinese). In her search, Jennifer 8 Lee traces the history of Chinese-American experience through the lens of the food. In a compelling blend of sociology and history, Jenny Lee exposes the indentured servitude Chinese restaurants expect from illegal immigrant chefs, investigates the relationship between Jews and Chinese food, and weaves a personal narrative about her own relationship with Chinese food. The Fortune Cookie Chronicles speaks to the immigrant experience as a whole, and the way it has shaped our country.

My Fat Dad

Author : Dawn Lerman
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From the author of the New York Times Well Blog series, My Fat Dad Every story and every memory from my childhood is attached to food… Dawn Lerman spent her childhood constantly hungry. She craved good food as her father, 450 pounds at his heaviest, pursued endless fad diets, from Atkins to Pritikin to all sorts of freeze-dried, saccharin-laced concoctions, and insisted the family do the same—even though no one else was overweight. Dawn’s mother, on the other hand, could barely be bothered to eat a can of tuna over the sink. She was too busy ferrying her other daughter to acting auditions and scolding Dawn for cleaning the house (“Whom are you trying to impress?”). It was chaotic and lonely, but Dawn had someone she could turn to: her grandmother Beauty. Those days spent with Beauty, learning to cook, breathing in the scents of fresh dill or sharing the comfort of a warm pot of chicken soup, made it all bearable. Even after Dawn’s father took a prestigious ad job in New York City and moved the family away, Beauty would send a card from Chicago every week—with a recipe, a shopping list, and a twenty-dollar bill. She continued to cultivate Dawn’s love of wholesome food, and ultimately taught her how to make her own way in the world—one recipe at a time. In My Fat Dad, Dawn reflects on her colorful family and culinary-centric upbringing, and how food shaped her connection to her family, her Jewish heritage, and herself. Humorous and compassionate, this memoir is an ode to the incomparable satisfaction that comes with feeding the ones you love.

Intriguing Illusions

Author : Stacey Ritz
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Would you take a second chance on first love, even at the cost of everything? Ellie Whitman has it all; a thriving career, beautiful twin daughters, and a loving husband. But behind the picturesque facade, Ellie's unexplained discontentment is quickly gaining traction. When her first love suddenly reemerges, Ellie has the chance to alter the trajectory of her life. Garrett Lindstrum has always kept close tabs on the girl he left behind. Older, wiser, and perhaps even more cunning than the high school boy who broke her heart, Garrett once again has his sights set on Ellie. Time materializes as the two reacquaint themselves and hastily resume long forgotten patterns. Garrett knows what he wants, the only question that remains is whether or not Ellie is as sure. *** This book is a FULL-LENGTH STANDALONE novel that can be read on its own OR in any order as part of the riveting Heirloom Series!*** EDITORIAL REVIEWS ☆☆☆☆☆ - "I am soooo glad this is a series as I wanted to know so much more about the characters at the salon. What a great start to a series!" ☆☆☆☆☆ - "Strong female characters and great writing. Loved this story and will definitely be reading the rest of the series." ☆☆☆☆☆ - "What a thought provoker! I can't wait to read the other books in this series!"

Cookie Broccoli Play It Cool

Author : Bob McMahon
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Best friends Cookie and Broccoli take on popularity and overcoming obstacles together through kindness and laughter in this cheerful early graphic novel that's perfect for fans of Narwhal and Jelly. Chatty Cookie and bashful Broccoli are best buddies, even if they're as different as peanut butter and cheese! Elementary school can be tough, but as long as they have each other, there's nothing they can't handle. Uh-oh, but what happens when Cool Cucumber and his loyal followers put Cookie's and Broccoli's coolness to the test, and Cookie's hokey pokey dance does NOT impress? And worse, when Broccoli's cool math trick propels him to be the new leader of the Cool Crowd? Can their friendship withstand this popularity contest? Will Cookie and Broccoli be able to come together and define for themselves what's truly cool? Join this adorable duo on their latest adventure and find out.

Fortune in Your Cookies

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